10 Best Pasta Pots 2024

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best pasta pots

Kitchen Craft Italian Pasta Pot Set

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  • Stockpot base, riveted side handles, a vented and toughened glass lid and two inserts.
  • Ideal for cooking pasta and for steaming vegetables.
  • The pot to cook pasta is 20cm and the insert for steaming vegetables has a capacity of four litres.
  • Suitable for all cooker tops, including induction.
Judge Pasta Pot 20cm

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  • Made out of good quality material.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Designed to be easy to use.
Lagostina Pasta Pot

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  • Ideal to cook vegetables.
  • Made up of a pot, a basket with holes in it and a lid, all in 18/10 stainless steel with high level finish.
Frabosk Pasta Pot Strainer Lid

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  • Pasta Pot made of stainless steel.
  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • Suitable for all heat sources (induction too).

The Italians have a lot to answer for; fast cars, fine wine and wonderful food spring to mind, and pasta, loved the world over! Pasta is one of the most versatile foods available; you can have it on its own with sauces, and in a variety of dishes, and it comes in many shapes and forms. If you have the patience, you can even make your own, but when it is so cheap in the shops there’s little incentive to do so! Pasta is also a very healthy food – indeed, the Mediterranean diet is very healthy indeed, hence Italians live to 150 years old (only joking) – so is great for kids, and there are many recipes to try.

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Whether you like a lasagne or a good old spaghetti Bolognese, the staple of many a student house, or perhaps just a bowl of cannelloni with a few herbs and a knob of butter, pasta always comes in useful. We’re willing to bet you have at least one packet in your kitchen right now! In fact, you may well put a pan on to cook while reading this, and why not? If you haven’t got one, you should consider buying a dedicated pasta pot, as they really are excellent items, and that’s why we’re going to review the top 10 best pasta pots for you right here, right now! Before we get into detail, let’s talk about what they do, and why you need one.

The Top 10 Pasta Pots

1: Kitchen Craft Italian Pasta Pot Set

We start our reviews with one of the most popular types of pasta pot; this set comes with a beautifully made stainless steel pan, 4litres in capacity, plus the necessary inserts. You get a steamer insert that fits inside the pan, and is perfect for steaming vegetables or cooking paste with its small holes for ventilation and draining. You also get a handy colander, which is great for if you wish to drain straight from the pan; the colander will simply let the water drain, and keep the food intact.

This an attractive set, finished as it is in quality stainless steel with strong riveted handles for ease of carrying, and it has a vented glass lid. At 20cm diameter it’s big enough for steaming veg for the Sunday roast, or equally usable for cooking a quick bowl of spaghetti. The stainless steel construction conducts heat well, so it cooks in the right time. It is suitable for use on all cooker tops, and is also dishwasher friendly. At a little more than £30 we think this is a good value, attractive and usable pasta pot set.

  • Stainless steel
  • Well made
  • Full set
  • None that we can see

2: Judge Pasta Pot 20cm

best pasta potsThis tall and attractive pasta pot is a slightly different concept to the above; it’s the same diameter – at 20cm – and features the usual vented glass lid, and is finished in beautiful, high quality stainless steel. It comes with one insert, complete with holes for drainage, and both the pot and the insert are fitted with strong carry handles. The pot is tall enough to cool full-lengths of spaghetti, and is a very impressive quality construction.

You can take the insert out and use it as a stockpot, too, or you can leave the insert in and cook your pasta or vegetable, and simply lift it out, leaving the water behind. The water can then be drained away easily, and your food delivered to the table in the insert. One warning we will repeat is that, with stainless steel pans that have metal handles, the handle itself can become very hot, so it is essential you have protection when handling them. This one is a quality item, but it’s £50, which may put some people off.

  • Quality
  • Size
  • Perhaps the price

3: Lagostina Pasta Pot

This very wonderful authentic Italian pasta pot is a supremely high quality item, and would make a very impressive and attractive addition to any kitchen. It is, however, expensive, but we’ll come back to that later. This is a 22cm pasta pot, and has a 5litre capacity, and it is another of the tall design theme so is perfect for cooking spaghetti. The insert is a clever design that lifts out easily, and the pan doubles as a stock pot if required. A glass lid is included, and the insert fits perfectly.

Be aware that, at 2.5kg, this is not a lightweight item, but then it is not designed to be. It’s for function, and it cooks beautifully. You can use it for steaming fruit and veg, or even for making broth, and the capacity makes it very versatile indeed. It also has cool to touch handles for added safety. Back to the question of price: we’ve covered a wide variety of items in this review, so there are big differences in price, but we should say that the sheer quality of this item is reflected in a price of a little more than £70.

Pros: High quality, excellent design, cool handles

Cons: The price

4: Frabosk Pasta Pot Strainer Lid

best pasta potsThis is a different take on the pasta pot to all of the above, and is one that will be popular with people on a budget. It is basically a saucepan with a vented lid; the lid has a segment with small holes in to not only release the steam, but to pour away the water without losing any of the pasta you have just cooked. It’s a stylish design with a modern, clean Scandinavian look, and it will fit in nicely in a modern kitchen setting.

Unlike a conventional saucepan it has twin handles, designed to remain cool, and it is made from quality stainless steel, so conducts heat very well. We like the fact it is a 22cm design and, as it has no internal fitment, has a capacity of 6litres. It can be used on all types of hob – including induction – and is dishwasher safe, too. We did have an initial concern that the lid could fall off when draining, but in fact it locks neatly onto the pan. Our only concern is that some may find it awkward to drain this way. However, at under £25 it is very good value indeed.

  • 6 litre
  • Locking lid
  • Great price
  • Perhaps awkward to drain

5: Durastone 4L Cooking Pot

best pasta potsThis one follows the style of the above in that it has a vented, locking lid, but we like it’s overall design even more. It’s available in two colours – we love the bright red as it is very attractive – and has a number of interesting features. First, it is made not from steel, but from aluminium. On top of this it is marble-coated for added effect, and it is very impressive. The lid locks neatly, and it cooks quickly; you can use it for pasta, or for vegetables or rice.

The makers have paid attention to safety with the use of silicone handles – a pair for ease of handling – and a silicone knob on the lid, both of which reduce the chances of burns considerably. It can be used on all types of hob – and also in the oven, with a temperature limit off 200 – and is suitable for washing in the dishwasher. Our only concerns are that, as with the one above, some people may find this method of draining to be awkward, plus capacity is less than some at 4L. However, at £25, it is very good value for such an attractive item.

  • Attractive
  • Affordable
  • Safety features
  • Only 4 litres
  • Awkward features

6: WMF Two Piece Pasta Pot

best pasta potsWe like this one as it is designed for use in smaller kitchens. It’s a quality item, made from stainless steel and beautifully designed, in the style of the traditional pasta pot: an outer pan, and an insert with the holes for drainage. This one is just 18cm across, so is a portable version if you like, and has a 3-litre capacity, so is more than capable of cooking pasta – or steaming vegetables – for one. It’s small size also makes it easy to store, so you get further versatility out of this very neat design.

WMF is a very famous brand with a long history, and this pasta pot features various patented features that you won’t find elsewhere. It’s designed to provide an even cooking surface, thanks to clever heat absorption, and is made from high quality stainless steel. It can be used on any hob surface, is dishwasher safe, and is easy to handle. All in all, this is a top quality, small sized pasta pot that will do the job very well, from one of the top brands in the business. The only problem we can see is that, at a shade more than £50, there are other, good quality, bigger pasta pots you can buy.

  • Superb quality
  • Top brand
  • Price

7: Premier Pasta Pot Black

best pasta potsThis is one for those who don’t want a stainless steel look, as it is finished in a retro-look speckled black enamel. It is steel, however, so cooks well, and it is designed very much in the traditional style. It’s a very nice item, which would look great in an older type of kitchen set up, and it comes with all the usual pasta pot features, such as the capable insert and the twin handles on both parts of the item.

This one is very large, so would be great for cooking pasta, or steaming vegetables or fruit for families or groups, and is a well-built, sturdy and reassuring item. It comes with a well designed insert so you will find it very easy to drain, and it is simple to use. We can’t really fault this one at all, apart from perhaps the black finish not being to everyone’s liking, as at not much more than £20 it really is very good value indeed. Add it to your shortlist, as it is a winner in many ways.

  • Big
  • Sturdy
  • Well made
  • Perhaps the black finish

8: Home Salt ‘n’ Pepper Pasta Pot

best pasta potsThis is an interesting one, as it is finished in a style unlike any of the other candidates. It’s a round pasta pot, with a vented lid that locks in place for easy drainage, and it is 20cm diameter with a 4litre capacity. The finish is an unusual – but surprisingly attractive – grey with black speckles, and while it does look good, perhaps the downside is that it also looks very different to everything else in the kitchen. It is well made, with clever design features, and feels very sturdy and stable.

This pasta pot comes with several safety features, including handles and a lid knob that are made of a plastic material so as not to get hot, and is relatively easy to move around. We must say that we still prefer the designs with the separate insert, as they offer a more practical solution to the drainage problem. If, however, you are looking for something different to the norm, and want a pasta pot that is practical too, this could be one for you, and at a shade less than £25, it is also very good value.

  • Interesting design
  • Great price
  • Perhaps too different

9: Kitchen Craft 7.5ltr Multi Cooker

best pasta potsNow this is a big one, and it’s also very impressive! The Kitchen Craft Multi Cooker is a massive 25cm diameter, and 7.5litre capacity pasta pot, in the traditional style of a stock pot – you can use it on its own – with two interchangeable inserts. The inserts are as usual, with handles so you can lift the pasta – of steamed vegetables – out of the water, leaving it easy to drain. A vented glass lid is a perfect accompaniment, and the handles are riveted for extra strength.

This one cooks evenly thanks to its high quality stainless steel construction, and is finished in a polished stainless steel so looks the part. You get two inserts, one full size and the other a smaller colander style, so you have added versatility with what is a very neat and well made item. Are there any downsides to this one? Not really, although for some it may be a bit too big but if you’re looking for a full-size pasta pot, which is superbly put together and versatile, this one could be great value at not much more than £40.

  • Big
  • Well made
  • Big

10: Alessi Mami Pasta Pot

best pasta potsWhen it comes to kitchen implements there is one brand that stands head and shoulders above the rest, and it’s this one, Alessi. Make no mistake, Alessi is the leader when it comes to outright style, as this stunning, and very beautiful, pasta pot confirms. It looks like no other, with its superbly styled curves, and is designed by a leading name, Stefano Giovannoni. Now, if none of that interests you, and you simply want a pasta pot, this might not be for you, but if you are into design, and want to wow your friends, this is the only one to go for.

It’s a fully functioning pasta pot with insert and lid, is 20cm in diameter, and is suitable for all heating surfaces plus it’s dishwasher safe. But, and we have to say it, it is much more than that: for a pasta pot, this really is a work of art, and its stunning stainless steel finish simply adds to the beauty. Seriously, if you were to buy this and never use it, it would still be an amazing addition to your kitchen. Of course, as with all works of art, there is a price to pay, and in this case it is a massive £180! If you can afford it, there is no other option; if not, just look at it!

  • Work of art
  • Stunning quality
  • That price

So, there you have it; ten pasta pots ranging from the sublime to the merely practical, and we hope this review has helped you to find the pasta pot for you. Before we sun up, let’s have a quick reminder of the features to look for.

How Pasta Pots Works

One of the problems with cooking pasta is that you need to drain the water away when it’s ready. This involves tipping your pan over the sink, and holding a plate or other item on the edge to stop the spaghetti or pasta shapes falling out. But they do fall out, no matter how hard you try, so you end up with a sink full of hot pasta! You also get scalded by the boiling water, which is very unpleasant! This is where pasta pots come into the picture. Unlike regular pans, they come with special straining holes; these can be in the lid or, in some cases, you get a special insert for cooking pasta, which you then lift out and the water remains in the pan itself, so you can simply pour it away.

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A clever trick, and it’s one that makes life much easier when serving up pasta to your family or guests. Furthermore, pasta needs to get to the plate quickly, so being able to serve straight out of the pan is a bonus! Many of these pasta pot designs are very attractive, and some can also be used to steam vegetables – another cooking method involving hot water and the possibility of scalding – so are very versatile, and we think an essential item for any kitchen. You want to know more? Of course you do, so let’s have a look at the top 10 best pasta pots available today!

Important Features to Consider

There are many different pasta pots to consider, as our review confirms, but what do you need to look out for when choosing the one that is right for you? Here we recap some of the essential considerations when choosing the right one.

  • Style – as the above shows, there are two distinct styles of pasta pot: the traditional version with a perforated insert that you can take out, leaving the water behind, or the pan-style, which has a perforated lid, usually one that locks in place. Both have their advantages, so choose carefully for the very best in practicality.
  • Finish – you want your pasta pot to look good, so choose one with a finish you like. Most are stainless steel with a polished finish, but we’ve also included some rather neat coloured ones with enamel finishes.
  • Size – the pasta pots reviewed here cover a range of sizes; if there’s just one of you, then you can find a small model, but for families – or larger groups – there are many options.
  • Safety – pasta pots, by their nature, get hot, so you need to make sure you find one with insulated handles for preventing potential burns.
  • Price – if you want to pay a fortune for the Alessia, that’s up to you, but otherwise the price range covered here should suit any budget!

There you go, the points to remember; all that remains now is to wrap it up!

Let’s Wrap It Up

So, are you hungry? You are, and you want a bowl of pasta, perhaps a Bolognese or a lasagne. These pasta pots cover all the bases, from the sublime beauty of the Alessi, to the bargain basement versions elsewhere. It’s not really possible to single out any one of these as the best, as each would be suitable for someone, so we give this advice: buy the one that is the right size for you, at the right price, and you really can’t go wrong!

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