10 Best Weather Stations 2024

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best weather station

We in the UK are obsessed with the weather. In fact, it’s a national tradition to moan about it! It’s always too hot, or too cold, and never just right, and what has happened to our seasons? Then there’s the rain; it’s ALWAYS raining here! There’s a forecast on every news bulletin, and when you turn on your computer, there’s often a weather forecast there, too! You see, we are obsessed with it, and we can’t get over it!

The truth is, knowing how the weather is going to pan out is more important than we might at first believe. It influences what we choose to wear, and where we aim to go on a particular day. For those who use public transport, it also means looking forward to standing in the rain, waiting for the bus.

The problem is we rely on weather forecasts that can be, as we all know, rather unreliable: remember the ‘there’s no hurricane coming’ fiasco, or the ‘barbecue summer’ we were promised a couple of years back, that never came? This is because the weather is not 100% predictable, as nature chooses its own path. There are, however, certain things we can predict, and you can have your own, personal weather station, telling you what is going on. Let’s take a look at the best home weather stations.

Our #1 Pickbrtbl2-table__image1. Think Gizmos Wireless Weather Station
  • Approx size: 19 x 13 x 4.5cm
  • Barometric pressure measurement
  • LED back light
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brtbl2-table__image2. Youshiko Wireless Weather Station
  • Displays weather trend
  • Comes with frost alarm
  • Up to 3 sensors can be displayed
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brtbl2-table__image3. ClimeMET Wireless Weather Station
  • Sunrise & Sunset times
  • Graphical moon phase display
  • Measures indoor & outdoor temperature
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brtbl2-table__image4. Technoline Digital Weather Station
  • Displays indoor & outdoor temperature
  • Weather forecast
  • Outdoor sensor included
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brtbl2-table__image5. WS3083 Digital Weather Station
  • Comprehensive weather data
  • Easy to setup
  • Stores 3 months data
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The Top 10 Weather Stations

1: Think Gizmos Wireless Weather Station

best weather stationWe start with this one, and let us say it is quite typical of the breed. It’s from Think Gizmos, a brand with a wide range of interesting products, and it’s a pretty neat little device. The range of information to be gained from this clever little item is impressive, and it comes with a mains power supply for the main screen and weather centre, plus an outdoor sensor that delivers your information wirelessly to the main hub. The screen is large and clear, with a handy backlight, and it’s designed to be mounted vertically for easy reading.

What can it tell you? Quite a lot, and we were rather surprised! You get a full barometric pressure measurement, with a graph that predicts probable upcoming weather trends, plus an outdoor temperature reading. It also reads the temperature indoors for you. It has a hygrometer function, so you can read the moisture content in the air, plus a sunset and sunrise time indicator, a moon phase calendar, and a standard day and date calendar function. It also comes with 24-hour alarm clock, complete with snooze.

  • Full range of features
  • Handy alarm clock
  • Perhaps the price
  • Batteries not included

2: Youshiko Wireless Weather Station

best weather stationThis one, from Youshiko, comes with a clever little gadget that you will be able to brag to your friends about: it includes a radio-controlled clock, from a UK time controlled transmitter, for absolute accuracy, and also changes to fit in with daylight saving time at both times of the year. What about the weather, then? It has a full range of weather functions, including temperature – in centigrade and Fahrenheit – and also offers humidity measurement. The ranges of both are perfectly adequate for the UK.

The clock is also an alarm, with a handy snooze button, and the screen is a simple, large LCD one that is clear and easy to read. It’s a compact device so will not take up unnecessary room, and we like the animated weather forecast indicator, which is easy to understand at a glance. One thing that is different about this one is that it includes a frost alarm. You can buy extra sensors for this if you wish (one is included) too, but there is no mains power option.

  • Radio controlled clock
  • Frost alarm
  • Not mains power
  • Batteries not included

3: ClimeMET Wireless Weather Station

best weather stationThere is a lot of information displayed all at once with this model from ClimeMET, which can make reading the display a little confusing, but it is a very capable device, and one with many interesting attributes. It is a popular model that has been upgraded recently with some new features, and is able to give you a wealth of detail about current and upcoming weather conditions. It’s great for gardeners, for example, who want to know whether it is suitable for planting or tending the garden.

You get information on indoor and outdoor temperatures, plus humidity and pressure, plus it can tell you about sunrise and sunset times, and also the phases of the moon. It also includes a clock and date function. With this one, you can not only store historical highs and lows, but you can also set several alarms that will indicate certain levels have been reached, a useful feature that is also good fun. It’s worth noting that ClimeMET also produce professional versions, so they have a strong reputation. It’s a similar price to the above, so decent value.

  • Plenty of information
  • Alarm settings
  • Confusing display

4: Technoline Digital Weather Station

best weather stationThis model is an interesting one, but somewhat lacking in some areas. It is, however, worthy of inclusion on our list. It features a large, portrait feature screen with plenty of information – temperature, pressure and the usual weather predictions – plus a high and low forecast for the day, which is handy. We like the animations as they clearly indicate what to expect outside, and it gives a good indication of upcoming weather trends, too.

There is, however, a strange flaw to this one: it has a great radio-controlled clock, for excellent accuracy and also an alarm with snooze, but there’s a flaw – it’s a German time signal, from Frankfurt! This is a German market model being sold in the UK; this means that the time has to be manually set to the UK time zone, which renders the automatic time-check functions obsolete. Still, it is a good design with some nice features included, but it makes more sense – if you want a radio-controlled clock function – to buy one that is intended for the UK market.

  • Neat design
  • Many functions
  • German market model

5: WS3083 Digital Weather Station

best weather stationThis is a different animal to those above and, while it offers much of the same in terms of information and capability, it also offers a whole lot more. This model is bordering on the professional level, so is a very impressive device in every way. The display is nice and clear, with the primary information easy to read, and it comes with a full user guide. The outdoor sensor brings you the usual temperature, humidity and pressure readings, but with this model you also get wind speed, rainfall, dew point, wind chill and more. It has an impressive clock, too, with a full alarm included, and it claims to be the first in the UK to include a UV measurement and light meter. There’s not much more you could get from one of these!

But there is: the clever thing about this device is that you can access the information it is displaying from anywhere you are, using any browser on any smartphone. This is a very handy function that we like a lot, and is useful for travelling to and from work, or anywhere in the locality. You can also set various alarms so you know when levels of temperature or other weather conditions have been reached. Is there anything not to like about this weather station? Well, yes, there is one distinct thing that is off-putting: it is expensive. It is, however, a much more impressive device than those above, so if you’re happy paying that much, it might be worth it. This is the best outdoor weather station.

  • Technically advanced
  • Access from anywhere
  • The price

6: Bresser 5-in-1 Weather Station

best weather stationThis is another comprehensive, close to professional level weather station, and it is very impressive as such. It comes with a fully-functioning outdoor measurement system, which includes a sensor for the usual range of weather features, plus a wind speed indicator. When assembled and mounted in place, that alone is impressive! You get a full, clear display that can be mounted wherever you want, and it is easy to read with the primary information to the fore. The thing is, the amount of information delivered by this weather station is simply amazing.

You get the usual temperature, pressure and humidity readings, plus weather trends and predictions, as well as a radio time signal for accuracy. You also get access to wind speed, wind direction and precipitation, plus sunrise and sunset times and moon phases, as well as a full calendar function. All in all the display shows ten measurement values at any time, and you can store highs and lows as well as being able to set a variety of alarms. This is a very clever device that does the job it is designed for very well, but if you are looking for a budget weather station, this one is not it.

  • Very capable
  • Impressive features
  • Perhaps the price

7: Watson Wireless Weather Station

best weather stationIn keeping with the above pair, this one is a complete and comprehensive weather station, including a very impressive-looking outdoor sensor, with various functions and a wind speed measurement device. It is easy to set up and use, and comes with a complete wireless capability so you don’t have a direct link between the sensor and the base unit. The amount of different information presented here is very impressive; you get the usual temperature and pressure, plus rainfall and wind speed and direction, and it’s all presented neatly on a clear and easy to read screen.

It’s easy to set up and use, and comes complete with everything you need to get going, including the batteries. However, you do need to supply a suitable mast for it to be mounted on, but that should not be much of a problem. The clock is the usual radio linked version, and it offers a variety of alarm options, plus you get a full calendar as you would expect. With all of these features, and more that we haven’t the room to mention, you would expect this to be expensive as with the two above.

  • Full range of features
  • Great price
  • None that we can see

8: WeatherSleuth Professional Weather Station

best weather stationThis very clever weather station is one of the most impressive we have seen, and is a full professional kit that has man superb features. Before we tell you more about it, be warned: it will cost you, but if you want a truly brilliant and comprehensive home weather station, this may be it. The outdoor sensor, which updates at a rate of every 16 seconds for greater accuracy, is extremely capable, and brings you information on the following: temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction, plus rainfall, UV levels and light. You also get full calendar features and a solar panel to extend battery life of the outdoor sensor.

Now, all that is great – and it really is a very impressive piece of kit – but it gets better; this one uploads your information to the internet, so you can view the information wherever you are in the world. What’s even better is it sends its information direct to your modem, so you don’t even have to keep your home computer switched on. This is a really neat trick that makes this one worthy of inclusion on this list, and if you want a professional-standard home weather centre, we think that this one is the pick of the bunch – but we remind you once more, it’s £139, so make your choice carefully.

  • Super capability
  • Internet upload
  • The price

9: Blooming Weather Digital Weather Station

best weather stationBack to reality with this one, and it’s great fun! Like most of these, it features an LCD display screen with the usual information, but it has a clever twist. The animation featured is not of clouds, rainfall or sunshine as with others; it’s a man, dressed in appropriate clothing! For example, if rain is forecast, you’ll see him with an umbrella, and so on. There are 15 different clothing variations, so it covers a wide range of possible weather conditions. The information provided is not as comprehensive as the above, but you still get what you need.

You can access temperature, both indoors and out, and the same for humidity, plus time from a radio controlled clock with alarm and various settings, and you also have a full date function on a very easy to read, clear and neatly designed screen. It’s a handy device that would make a fun gift, and will bring a smile to your face even on the gloomiest of days!

  • Cheap
  • Fun graphics
  • Not as much fun as some

10: Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphone

best weather stationOur final choice is a little different as it doesn’t come with a display screen. So, how do you use it, we hear you ask? It’s simple: it directs its information to your smartphone or tablet, so you can pick it up easily. The great thing about this one is that it gives you access to the information anywhere, and at any time, so you can see what’s going on from wherever you may be. You can also connect additional sensors to the system, and view weather from different locations in real time.

It gives you information on temperature, humidity, pressure, indoor co2 concentration and also has a handy sound meter, all in real time with five minute updates, and you can record and display historical data too. It’s a really neat device that is both practical and fun, and one that gives you accurate weather and also possible future trends.

  • Very clever
  • Access from anywhere
  • Perhaps the price

So there you have it; ten great weather stations, each with its own attributes and features. Before we sum things up, let’s have a look at the main features to look out for.

How Weather Stations Work

The current breed of weather station can be viewed as a modern take on the traditional barometer. You may have seen these devices: generally wall-mounted, they have a dial that tells you about the pressure and what to expect, and they have been around since the 1600’s! You can still buy a traditional barometer today, and if you have an older one lying around the house, be aware they are very collectible.

The weather station today usually relies on digital technology to provide the information we are looking for. Temperature is easily measured by sensors, and pressure can also be measured quite accurately. Like barometers, they generally provide a short-term indication of what sort of weather you can expect, and can be very useful for deciding on what to do with your day.

So, we took a look at the top 10 home weather stations on sale right now, and we found some excellent models. There is plenty of variety to be found among these models, and some clever technology involved.

Important Features to Consider

If you are looking to buy a weather centre, you need to make sure it has all the features you require. Let us remind you of some of the best features you need to consider.

  • Features – temperature is a must, as are air pressure and humidity, and all of these give you that information. However, there are other features to consider, such as wind speed, and not all of these give you that option, so look for the one that gives you the most at the best price.
  • Clock – you need a clock for many reasons, and with these weather stations, it’s often one that is linked to a local official time signal. This is the most accurate type of clock you can find, so it is always a sensible option. Make sure it has an alarm, for added capability.
  • Internet – if you want to be able to access your information remotely, you need a weather station with internet upload, and only a few of these have that capability. They also tend to be the more expensive ones, so be careful if you are on a budget.

These are just a few of the points to look out for, and we should say that most of these offer very similar functions, so all we need to do now is wrap things up!

Let’s Wrap It Up!

That’s ten of the best weather stations to choose from, each with many excellent features, and some that are close to professional level devices. Your choice depends on what it is you are looking for: if you want a fun model that tells you the basics, we recommend number 9, from Blooming Weather, with the clever animated costume picture. If, however, you are a weather freak and want to know everything, you might want to shell out for the very impressive WeatherSleuth, number 8 on this list, which really is a very impressive device.

The choice is yours, and all that remains is for us to say we hope you found this review of use, and we also hope the weather is fine wherever you are!

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