Best Bathroom Scales for 2024

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Etekcity High Precision Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scales

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  • Immediate readings as soon as you step on the scale; Max weight capacity of 28st/180kg/400lb.
  • 4 latest-version high-precision sensors deliver results with a 100g/0.2lb accuracy resolution.
  • 3 Measuring units (st /kg /lb), White backlit LCD display, auto-power-off, auto-zero, low battery and overload indication.
  • 6mm thick tempered glass provides exceptional sturdiness; Large 12 inch x 12inch platform for your usability.
Salter Mechanical Bathroom Scales

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  • Dial features magnifying lens for easy reading - size: 12.5cm diameter.
  • Fine resolution scale for higher accuracy..
  • Cushioned white mat for comfort.
  • Max weight x resolutions: 133kg x 0.5kg, 21st x 1lb.
  • Product dimensions: 25.4 x 25.4 x 4.9cm.
Salter Ultra Slim Analyser Bathroom Scales

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  • Ultra slim bathroom scale with toughened glass platform (6mm thick).
  • Measures weight, body fat, body water and Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • 4 user memory
  • Easy to read LCD displays your choice of units (kg, st, lb).
  • Includes carpet feet; essential for accurate weighing.
BalanceFrom High Accuracy Plus Digital Bathroom

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  • Shows your current weight in a blue back light, but also remind you the last weight it registered in a green back light.
  • Runs on 4 AAA batteries (batteries INCLUDED)
  • Equipped with 4 latest version high precision sensors.
  • A body tape measure is included for free.
Accuweight Skidproof Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

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  • Reflect your actual weight as soon as you step on the scale through Sensitive sensors & Step-and-Read Technology
  • 3.5 inch LCD screen with blue backlight & large legible reading makes it easy to read even from a long distance.
  • Different from somewhat generic products on the market, skidproof design provides exceptional stability.
  • Measurement Range: 11-400lb (5-180kg), Units of Measurement: lb(oz), kg (g), st.
  • Run on 2 AAA batteries(included), Auto-power-off, Auto-zero, Low battery and overload indication.

Knowing how much you weigh can be vital in avoiding some of the worrying health problems that can arise from even mild obesity. Yet, some reports suggest that up to 90% of overweight people don’t think that they have a problem with their weight.

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Keeping an eye on your weight is a sensible way to monitor and fluctuations and understand whether things are moving in the right direction or going the opposite way. This can also allow you keep a close eye on your progress if you are trying to lose weight.

However, using poor quality bathroom scales could just confuse matters, as this is likely to make it difficult for you to get an accurate reading every time. To be fair, it would probably be best to not have a scale at all than to have one that give wrong readings and gives you a wrong impression of your weight.

Thankfully, the best bathroom scales out there give you reliable readings and are also sturdy enough to stand the test of time. Don’t forget that people who weight themselves regularly tend to do better as losing weight.

By making a smart choice in this matter you can get a handy device that makes it far easier to control your weight and take control of your future.

Best Bathroom Scales (Our Top 10 Picks)

1. Etekcity High Precision Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scales

These slim and sleek bathroom scales give fast and accurate reading right away when you step on them. The high-precision sensors use the latest German technology and give reading an accuracy of 100g / 0.2lb.

In terms of the maximum weight permitted, this goes up to 28st/180kg/400lb. The Etekcity High Precision Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scales with Step-On Technology uses all three of the measuring units mentioned and has a backlit LCD display to make the results easy to read.

Features includes auto power off, auto zero and a low battery indicator. It is also sturdily built with 6mm thick tempered glass and a big 12” x 12” platform that makes it comfortable and safe to use even slippery bathroom floors.

  • Fast reading and results
  • Sturdily built
  • Broad range of features
  • A few reviewers mention the readings varying too much

2. Salter Mechanical Bathroom Scales

This simple, mechanical bathroom scale gives an accurate reading without the need for batteries. The display uses a magnified lens and high resolution to make it easier to read no matter how far away from it you are.
With a cushioned platform, the Salter Mechanical Bathroom Scales help you to avoid that awkward moment of stepping on to a cold, hard surface to weight yourself. The overall size of the item is 25.4 x 25.4 x 4.9cm, meaning that it is comfortable to stand but also small enough to store away tidily when not in use.

The maximum weight accepted is 133kg / 21 stone. Best of all, it comes with a long, 15 year guarantee that should put your mind at ease when buying it.

  • 15 year guarantee
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to read display
  • Some problems in getting it to read accurately have been reported


3. Salter Ultra Slim Analyser Bathroom Scales, Measure Weight BMI Body Fat Percentage Body Water

These are among the best bathroom scales for getting a comprehensive look at a range of important figures in one go. The Salter Ultra Slim Analyser Bathroom Scales provide readings for weight, body fat percentage, body water percentage and body mass index.

It can also store the details for up to 4 different users in its memory. The ultra slim design uses toughened glass for a 6mm thick platform that is convenient and comfortable to use.

Carpet feet help provide greater accuracy on any type of floor suface, while the LCD display provides easy to read figures in stones, kgs and lbs. It is also worth pointing out these personal scales are easy to set up and start using right away.

  • Excellent looks
  • Range of useful readings
  • Sturdy comfortable to use
  • A few users report it breaking easily

4. BalanceFrom High Accuracy Plus Digital Bathroom

With a good mixture of modern technology and stylish looks, the BalanceFrom High Accuracy Plus Digital Bathroom Scale provides a classy weigh of keeping track of your weight without any fuss. As well as showing you your current weight, it also shows your weight from the last time in a different colour.

This model has been designed to give you an accurate as soon as you step on it, with no need to turn it on or do anything else to get started. The LCD display is 3.6” in size, bright and clear enough for most people to read from it with no problems.

This is one of the best bathroom scales in terms of modern looks as well as in providing a good level of accuracy. In addition, it has non-slip feet that won’t scratch or do damage of any sort to your floor.

  • Smart modern design
  • 2 year guarante
  • Fast start up and reading
  • None

5. Accuweight High Accuracy Skidproof Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

This person bathroom scale has a big 3.5” LCD screen with blue backlight and very easy to read figures. As is now common with scales like this, it works as soon as you step on it, giving a fast reading with no hanging around.

The broad measurement range goes up to 400lb (180kg) and it can be used to view weights in lb, kg and stones as required. This device runs off 2 AAA batteries and has a low battery warning that lets you know when it is time to change them for fresh batteries.

More good news comes with the 5 year warranty, which is longer than many rivals on the market just now. Perhaps more importantly, it is solidly built and gives highly accurate readings time after time.

  • Very easy to read display
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Good quality construction
  • None

6. 1byone Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale, 180kg/400lb

These highly attractive bathroom scales are a great match for a sleek, modern home. A lot of little touches and features have been incorporated to make the 1byone Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale and easy to use as possible.

For instance, it is auto-calibrated and turns itself off when not in use to save power. You can measure your weight in pounds or kilograms, with a maximum acceptable weight of 400lb / 180kg.

There are also among the best bathroom scales for getting precise readings, as they are said to be extremely accurate. A lifetime warranty means that you can make this purchase without any fear of being let down.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lovely modern looks
  • Simple to operate
  • Lack of reliable readings has been highlighted in a number of reviews


7. Etekcity High Precision Bathroom Scales, 28st/180kg/400lb

Described as being premium quality scales, these Etekcity High Precision Bathroom Scales offer a stable and sturdy platform. Part of the reason for this is the big size – 12” x 12” – while the 8mm thick tempered is thicker than on most rivals.

Most of the features are pretty much as you would expect from a good quality scale for your bathroom, with instant reading and a clear, backlit LCD display. The product includes a body measuring tape and a 2 year warranty.

Results can be read in stones, kilograms or pounds. With a maximum weight of 28 stone or 400lbs, this is a versatile and impressive set of personal scales that should suit a lot of people down to the ground.

  • Big and stable platform
  • Modern styling
  • Good range of features
  • None


8. Salter Razor Bathroom Scales – Digital Display Electronic Scale for Weighing with Precision

These Salter Razor Bathroom Scales are sleek and modern but also sturdy enough to do a good job for a long time. It uses an ultra-slim design that looks fantastic but is also practical at the same time.

A slim design featuring 8mm of ultra-slim tempered glass makse it easy to store away but also tough enough to use with any fear. To get started you just need to tap in the centre of the platform to activate it.

The clear LCD display measures 50mm and is easy to read even when it is get dark. Overall, it is a simple and attractive set of bathroom scales that do their job without any fuss.

  • Modern and practical
  • One tap to activate
  • Light and easy to store
  • None

9. Salter Ultra Slim Electronic Bathroom Scales, Toughened Glass Body

With a precision of 100g and a maximum load of 180kg, the Salter Ultra Slim Electronic Bathroom Scales offer a flexible and versatile way of controlling your weight. The platform is made from toughened glass and is big enough to be comfortable for most people.

This is one of the models that works instantly, giving you a reading as soon as you step on it. The dimensions are 30 x 30 x 1.5 cm, with maximum load of 180 kg / 28st / 400 lb.

A 15 year guarantee gives added peace of mind that this is going to last for a long time without any problems. It perhaps doesn’t look quite as sleek and modern as some other models but it is a solid choice for your regular health checks.

  • Decent range of features
  • Long warranty
  • Easy to operate
  • Some reviewers struggle to get a consistent reading

10. Salter Doctor Style Mechanical Bathroom Scales – Retro White + Black Accurate Weighing

For a more stylish bathroom you might be tempted by this classy-looking scale. It has a textured vinyl mat and chrome accents that set off the black and white design.

The platform is a good size at 357 x 483 mm, meaning that that there is sufficient room for most people to stand on here comfortably. The dial on the base of the Salter Doctor Style Mechanical Bathroom Scales makes it easy to reset to zero or adjust as necessary.

The maximum capacity is a bit lower than on some models, at 150kg / 23 stone. A 15 year guarantee and the powerful reputation of the manufacturer help to make this a solid choice for a lot of people, though.

  • Excellent guarantee
  • Good size of platform
  • Attractive looks
  • Lower maximum load than some bathroom scales

How Does It Work?

The idea of weighing objects using scales has been around for centuries. For instance, the earliest known weighing scale was found in the Indus River Valley and is believed to have been made in 2,000 BC. Carved stones recovered from ancient Egyptian site suggest that they were using scales there not much later than this date.

The earliest type of scale was typically a balance, with a couple of plates attached to a centre pole or beam. This system used counter-weights and was largely devised to aid commercial transactions by weighing goods fairly accurately.

It was the late 18th century before other type of scale were invented. British inventor Richard Salter used spring scales that measures the pressure applied to it in order to calculate the weight of the object.

It isn’t clear when the first person was able to weigh themselves conveniently, or when the idea of wanting to know our own weight become an issue. Certainly, this seems to be a modern idea, as there is little evidence of attempts being made to build scales to weight humans in the past.

Modern scales use electronics to weigh, with electrical resistance level showing how much pressure is being exerted. Some can also work out the body fat and other figures relating to person standing on it.

In some cases, modern bathroom scales use Wi-Fi connectivity to store data in the cloud or to interact with a smartphone app. Yet, for most of us it is enough to know how our weight is progressing, in order to understand whether we are on the right track or need to make some changes to our habits from now on.

Features That Are Important

  • Different measures. Are you an imperial or metric person? While some of us feel more comfortable working in stones, other automatically think in kilograms or pounds. The best bathroom scales will let you switch easily between these different measures.
  • Accuracy. Clearly, the most important aspect of any scale is its accuracy. Using one that doesn’t give a reliable figure could simply serve to confuse you or make it more difficult to reach your desired weight.
  • Maximum load. All good bathroom scales will advise of the maximum weight that they can measure. This means that if you need it to go up to a certain amount then you need to be sure that the one you are interested in does so.
  • Style. Many of the best scales for bathroom use now come in sleek, modern designs that look fabulous in a contemporary setting. Of course, other have more of a classic look that fits in better in other types of house. Therefore, it makes sense to find the right style for the room and house that it is going to be in.
  • Guarantee. The warranty period on bathroom scales varies widely from one to another. While some won’t give you any cover at all, others will run to 2, 5 or even 15 years. This is an important point as it will bring you peace of mind that you are getting a device that that has been built to last.
  • Comfortable to use. Cold or slippery scales are uncomfortable to use, as are models that are too small to stand on comfortably. On the other hand, good quality bathroom scales are comfortable to stand on and pleasant to use. Weighing yourself shouldn’t feel like a punishment or a pain.
  • Non slip. One thing you definitely want to avoid it the scales slipping all over a wet bathroom floor. This could be extremely dangerous. Therefore, they need to be non-slip and they shouldn’t scratch or otherwise damage the floor either.
  • Easy to read display. You don’t want to have to strain your eyes to make out the figures on the display. You will want a display that has numbers in a big, clear font and that is backlit too. In this way, you can easily see the numbers even in dim light or from a distance.
  • Simple to operate. Some of the best bathroom scales will automatically switch on as soon as you step on them. Others require you to press down in the centre of the platform to activate the system. Either way, it they are easy to operate then you will be able to use them at any time without any hassle.
  • Extra feature. Some of the more advanced models of scales can work out issue such as your body fat percentage and body mass index. These additional figures might not mean much to some people but they could come in handy for someone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • The power. They portable scales are typically run off batteries. Therefore, it makes sense to see what batteries are needed and how long they should last for. Most good scales will have a low battery indicator to help you out as well.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Most people have a set of scales in their bathroom these days. Yet, not everyone has scales that they can trust to give them an accurate reading every time.

If you are trying to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle then being able to see your exact weight at any time if a great bonus. It doesn’t matter whether you weigh yourself every morning or once a month, having the best bathrooms scales for the job will let you take control of your body in this respect.

This could be a small but vital step on the path towards achieving your ideal weight and a healthy lifestyle that you are proud of.

While many scales are similar in appearance and features, there are enough differences between the various models to make it worth checking them out. If you choose the right model for you then it will fit in seamlessly to your life and will no doubt be a great help over the years to come.

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