Best Belt Sander for 2024

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Bosch PBS 75 A Belt Sander

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  • Powerful and robust for a high material removal rate on large surfaces.
  • Easy to control with improved ergonomics and compact design.
  • High quality and stability due to aluminium components.
  • Automatic belt system holds the belt in the right position during sanding.
  • Has belt tensioning system for convenient and easy sanding belt changes..

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  • Angled belt design to sand 2 x closer to the edge of adjoining surfaces.
  • Lever action belt change mechanism for quick and easy accessory changing.
  • Dust extraction bag for a cleaner working environment.
  • Ideal for sanding floor boards, decking and other large surfaces.
  • Automatic belt tracking to keep the sanding belt in place.
Silverline730W 76mm DIY Belt Sander 230V

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  • Adjustable tracking mechanism and easy belt-change.
  • Ergonomic main and front handles.
  • On/off trigger switch & lock-on button.
  • Sanding belt and detachable dust bag.
  • Belt size 75 x 457mm.
Einhell 800 W Belt Sander With Dust Bag

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  • Easy and quick sanding belt change.
  • Exact belt position with precision adjustment.
  • Dust extraction system, sanding belt and dust bag..
  • Electronic Speed Control
Lumberjack Electric Belt Sander 1010W

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  • Ergonomically designed handles for comfort.
  • Belt sanding has a flappable front cover to access hard to reach areas.
  • Equipped with a dust bag.
  • Quick and easy to replace sanding belts.
  • Powerful 1010W motor.

Carrying out DIY jobs at home is a noble idea but sometimes it can end in disaster. In fact, statistics show that in the UK alone there are 2 million DIY disasters every weekend.

The reasons for this shocking statistic are varied. From underestimating the work needing done to over-estimating their own ability, there are many way that people find to botch DIY jobs.

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Of course, having the right tools available is the very first step towards doing a good job. If you try to do something using the wrong equipment then the chances are that it will go horribly wrong sooner or later.

One job that can be made a whole lot easier by using the right tools is sanding. Indeed, by getting the best belt sander that you can find this will turn into a swift and painless task that gives great results effortlessly.

Given that manually sanding a floor or some other big surface is one of the most tedious and time-consuming jobs known to man, doing it more quickly and easily with a sanding machine is a fantastic way of making life easier for yourself.

Check out some of the best belt sanders we have reviewed to see which one could be right for you.

Best Belt Sander 

1. Bosch PBS 75 A Belt Sander

This corded Bosch Belt Sander is a solid choice for a reliable and versatile tool that won’t let you down. Among the most noteworthy features on here is the fact that it is fitted with the Bosch microfilter system, which ensures highly efficient dust extraction.

Another good piece of good news is that it features automatic belt tensioning so that changing the belt is a fast and simple job that anyone can carry out. Indeed, no manual belt alignment is needed as it is automatically hold in the right position for you while you sand with it.

The Bosch PBS 75 A Belt Sander is one of the best belt sander models due to its clever design and high degree of manageability. It can also be used for stationary work as well and it weighs in at a decent 4.4kg.

  • Automatic belt tensioning
  • Highly manouverable
  • Smart design
  • None

2. BLACK+DECKER KA86 Belt Sander, 75 x 457 mm

For a reliable tool from a big name manufacturer you don’t need to look much further than the powerful BLACK+DECKER KA86 Belt Sander. This device has an angled belt design that allows you to sand twice as close to the edge when working on adjoining surfaces than would normally be the case.

This model is billed as being one of the best sanders for dealing with floor boards, decking and other big surfaces that need sanded to a high standard. In addition, it uses automatic belt tracking that keeps the sanding belt exactly where you need it to be all the time.

Another feature worth mentioning is the dust extraction bag that help you to keep the working environment clean and tidy. You also get lever action belt change mechanism that keeps the job of changing accessories as easy as you could possibly hope for.

  • Great range of features
  • Easy to use
  • Great for working on big jobs
  • A few reviewers mention it stopping working after a while

3. Silverline 261792 – 730W 76mm (3″) DIY Belt Sander 230V

With the Silverline 261792 – 730W 76mm (3″) DIY Belt Sander 230V by your side there will be no reason to fear any sanding job, no matter how big or tough it looks. This tool has a sanding belt that measures in at 76 x 457 mm and a load speed of 260m/min.

It has an adjustable tracking mechanism, dust extraction port and detachable dust bag included in its enviable list of features. You will also find it very easy to use thanks to the ergonomic front and main handles that let you control it comfortably and confidently.

You can control this Silverline sander using an on/off trigger switch, while a lock-on button is also present. As with all of the top belt sanders, you can change the belt very simply and without any time delays.

  • Clean and easy to use
  • Simple controls
  • Belt can be changed without any fuss
  • Some reviewers weren’t happy with the quality of the product

4. Einhell TC-BC 8038 800 W Belt Sander with Electronic Speed Control Complete with Dust Bag – Red

There are some interesting, useful features on this Einhell TC-BC 8038 800 W Belt Sander that make it a terrific choice of tool for many different types of job. For instance, it comes with electronic speed control for a smooth, consistent performance every time that you use it.

As usual with these tools, it is easy to change the belt, and you certainly shouldn’t ever choose a belt sander that it is tough to change the belt on. Unlike some other popular models, you can set the exact belt position with its precision adjustment feature.

You get 1 sanding belt with this sander, together with a dust bag that works in harmony with the built-in dust extraction system for a tidy finish. The extra handle and the ceramic guard mean that it is safe and convenient to use for a range of awkward jobs in any situation or setting.

  • 2 year warranty
  • Precision adjustment
  • Dust extraction system and bag
  • None

5. Lumberjack EBS76 3″ Electric Belt Sander 1010W inc Dust Bag & Sanding Belts 230V

This is a powerful 3 inch belt sander that includes an extremely efficient dust collector and dust bag. The Lumberjack EBS76 3″ Belt Sander is fitted with a 1010w motor that makes it suitable for tough jobs, but is still pretty light at 3.3kg.

Among the features worth looking out for are the electronic variable speed control and the 3 fold adjustable position handle. You can also use it to sand those difficult to reach places thanks to the ledge sanding function that allows you lift up the front cover easily.

You can very easily change the belt without any need to use tools to do this. The product comes with sanding belts 40, 80 and 120, so you can carry out a varied range of sanding jobs with it.

  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Useful features
  • None

6. MAKITA 9911 75mm Belt Sander 240V

Lightweight and well-balanced, the MAKITA 9911 75mm Belt Sander is a good choice for a tool that you can just pick and start using right away with no hassle. It has a power input of 650 watts and gives a belt speed of 75 – 270 m/min.

The belt size is a fairly standard 75 x 457 mm and the devices uses an auto tracking system that means you don’t need to make any adjustments to it once you get started. The clever design means that this could be the best belt sander for you if you need to sand flush against the wall.

Another advantage with this MAKITA sander is that is operates very quietly, with a reported 8dB output. A speed adjustment dial lets you chose the appropriate speed each time, while the dust collection system keeps everything neat and tidy while you work away.

  • Good for flush sanding
  • Adjustable speed
  • Simple and quiet operation
  • None

7. Makita 9404/2 Belt Sander 240V

With variable speed control and plenty of power for stock removal, the Makita 9404/2 Belt Sander 240V option is tool that isn’t going to let you down. It also has a flat top for inverted applications.

You will see the benefit of the long cable when you have to do a length sanding run over a big area, which could be a problem with some of the other models around. The belt size is 100 x 610 mm and the speed that it offers is 210 – 440 m/min.

This Makita sander has a nice design that lets you carry out flush sanding easily and safely with the side of the sander. You get a belt, cord/carbon pad and dust bag with this product. The 1,010 watt motor runs smoothly with low noise levels of just 85 dB.

  • Low noise level but plenty of power
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to start using right away
  • None

8. Evolution Multi-Purpose Mini Belt Sander, 280 W (230V) [Energy Class A]

Feature likes a soft, comfortable grip and adjustable belt tracking make the Evolution Multi-Purpose Mini Belt Sander a great option for carrying out sanding jobs around the house or elsewhere. It is a lightweight and ergonomic tool that is easy to use in a variety of different settings.

It is also worth bearing in mind that this belt sander comes with a 2 year warranty when purchased in the UK. The whole thing is neatly designed to fit into the palm of a hand so that it can be used with just one hand.

You can use this device to remove or smooth materials such as wood and plastic. You get three sanding belts with it, giving you a variety of coarseness levels for different jobs and varying surfaces.

  • Comes with 3 different belts
  • Easy to use with just one hand
  • 2 year warranty
  • Some users find that it gets hot too quickly

9. Einhell EINRTBS75 240V Belt Sander with Variable Speed Control

This is one of the best belt sander deals around for both DIY fans and tradesmen. It is a powerful yet lightweight tool that weighs in at just 3.75kgs so is easy to carry round from place to place.

The Einhell EINRTBS75 240V Belt Sander with Variable Speed Control has electronic speed control and a high speed sanding belt to make any job simple and safe. The motor gives 850w of power and the belt speed goes at 300 to 400 m/min.

You get 1 sanding belt with this device, which has a folding front cover and an adjustable second handle. As is normal with all good belt sanders these days, it comes with easy belt changing function and a dust bag.

  • Powerful yet lightweight
  • Comfortable to head
  • Easy to control
  • In a few cases it has stopped working after some use


10. Ryobi R18BS-0 ONE+ 18V Cordless Belt Sander (Body Only)

This cordless sander is tough enough to handle even big jobs comfortably. It has a 76mmx 457mm sanding belt and the cordless aspect makes it extremely flexible.

The belt speed is 250 m/min and it provides a superb removal rate that lets you glide through big jobs effortlessly. The multi-position top handle lets you sand flush against the wall as bring very comfortable to operate.

This Ryobi R18BS-0 ONE+ 18V Cordless Belt Sander comes with 3 belts and it includes a dust bag for easy dust collection. It is important to know that it comes without a battery of charger but that it is compatible with all of the manufacturer’s 18v one+ batteries and chargers.

  • Part of the manufacturer’s one+ system
  • Cordless for greater manouverability and freedom
  • Excellent removal
  • Comes without battery or charger

How Does It Work?

We will never know when the first person sanded a piece of wood or stone and realised that it led to a far more impressive finish. Equally, there is no way of knowing what the first materials and techniques used were.

However, we do know that by the 13th century the Chinese were using sand, shells, crushed seeds and even shark skin to get smoother and more appealing surfaces. Indeed, once they moved on to sticking these onto parchment then it began to look like modern sandpaper.

Of course, regardless of the material used sanding manually has always been a tiring and time-consuming process. This means that creating a machine to sand with was a big priority once it was carried out on an industrial scale in factories.

The first sanding machines were operated by a human pressing a pedal to make a drill spin round. The arrival of small but powerful electric motors made it far easier to produce sanders that could be used at home or anywhere else.

As mass production grew in popularity in the 20th century it became even more important to be able to sand quickly and professionally with reliable machines. After this, it became clear that there was also a huge market for smaller, portable sanders that people could use safely at home.

Modern belt sanders are made up an enclosed motor that drives round a circular belt. The belt has a long strip of sandpaper fitted tightly over it and this is what does the actual sanding work, reducing the time greatly when compared to manual sanding work.

This is a simple sort of device but it is one that has made a tiring and boring job a whole lot easier for us to do than was the case in the past.

Features That Are Important

  • The power. Even the smallest of the best belt sanders around these days will give you enough power to handle most DIY jobs at home. However, if you need it to handle big, tough jobs then you might think that you need to find the most powerful motor that fits in your budget.
  • The speed. Again, the speed that is offered by most good sanders will be enough for most people who only need to work occasionally on modest-sized jobs around their home. The speed of a sander is measured in the distance covered per minute and you should be comfortable enough with the speed any good sander from a reputable manufacturer.
  • The removal rate. The removal rate of a sander tells you how effectively is clear away the wood, plastic or whatever material you are sanding. The bigger the job the more important this will be to you.
  • The dust collection. Keeping a clean and tidy working environment is vital on a job such as sanding. This is why most good best belt sanders will now have a solid dust collection system that includes a dust bag.
  • The portability. Most people who buy a quality belt sander will want to use it in a variety of locations and settings. This means that getting a high portable tool that can be taken just about anywhere is a huge bonus.
  • Whether it is cordless. Following on from the following point, you might also feel that a cordless sander will give you the convenience that you need. There aren’t too many cordless models around just now but they are certainly worth checking out.
  • How many belts are supplied? Many best belt sander models will come with just 1 belt, while others come with 3. The advantage of getting various belts is that you can then use the right belt with the right level of coarseness for each job.
  • How easy it is to use. Belt sanders are very simple tools that should be easy enough for even a complete beginners to pick up and use. Some of them even have automatic belt adjustment system so that you can work away without having to change anything.
  • How easy it is to change the belt. At some point you will need to change the belt on your sander. This shouldn’t be a particularly demanding job and in some cases it is incredibly easy to do. Therefore, you will want to check this aspect before you go ahead and buy one.
  • Whether it can sand flush against the wall. In some jobs you may need to sand flush against the wall to get the finish you are after. The god news is that some of these tools are cleverly designed so that you can do this without any fuss.
  • The warranty. As with any tool you are thinking of buying, you will get a great deal of peace of mind if you find one that comes with a decent warranty period. This will let you use it confidently, knowing that if it has any problems you are fully covered in the event of any problems.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Getting the belt sander is going to make life a lot easier for you when carrying out a variety of sanding jobs. This tool should be easy to use right from the first moment that you take it out the box.

There are a few factors to take into account in order to make sure that you make a smart choice of sander. If you take a little bit of time to get it right then you will get a terrific, versatile tool that comes in handy for years to come.

You certainly don’t want to rush in and end up with a belt sander that doesn’t fit your needs in the long run. By taking your time and getting a sander that is perfect for you then you can enjoy using it while knowing that it will do a terrific job every single time.

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