The Best Bottle Warmers for 2024

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Tommee Tippee Electric Bottle and Food Warmer

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  • Closer to Nature Electric Bottle and Food Warmer heats bottles and baby food quickly.
  • Warms bottles of breast milk or formula, and food jars in about four minutes
  • Temperature control dial to adjust temperature.
  • Easy-to-use, simply add water.
  • Temperature control dial to adjust temperature.
  • Fits all Closer to Nature and Ultra Bottles.
Philips AVENT Fast Bottle Warmer

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  • Warm evenly, preserve the quality of your milk.
  • Your milk ready in 3 minutes.
  • Gently defrost your milk.
  • Warm also baby food.
Nuby Natural Touch Bottle Warmer

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  • Safely warms breastmilk, formula and baby food, retains vital nutrients unlike microwave warming.
  • Fits ALL sizes, shapes and brands of bottles.
  • Hassle-free One-TouchTMoperation.
  • Compact design is ideal for travel.
  • Perfect for busy parents and modern day living.
Tommee Tippee Travel Food Warmer

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  • Securely stores hot water for warming bottles and food on the go.
  • Specially designed to hold Closer to Nature Bottles.
  • No electricity required, so convenient for using while travelling.
  • Thermal flask keeps water warm and doesn’t require external warming source.
  • Portable and convenient, ideal for travel.
Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine (White)

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  • Makes a fresh bottle, at correct temperature, in less than 2 minutes.
  • Filter system removes impurities present in water.
  • Initial hot shot of water kills bacteria that may be present in formula.
  • Dispenses correct amount of water for a more accurate and consistent dilution.
  • The Perfect Prep machine works with any powdered formula milk.

Every parent loves seeing their little one settle down with a bottle of warm milk at feeding time. Yet, finding the perfect temperature for their milk every single time can be a real hassle if you don’t have one of the best bottle warmers to rely on.

While it is easy to think that giving your baby milk that is too hot is the only problem that you need to be aware of, giving him cold milk is also to be avoided. General advice here is that about 37°C (98.5°F) is the perfect temperature, although you should always test the temperature on your own skin before handing over the bottle of milk to your hungry little baby.

A mistake that many parents make is to heat up the milk in a microwave. This will certainly get it warm very quickly but the problem is that microwaves don’t heat things up evenly. Therefore, your baby could be happily drinking his milk when he comes across a hotter spot in it that burns or frightens him.

The best bottle warming appliances heat the milk up gradually and evenly every time without fail. They will ensure that none of the essential nutrients in the milk are lost.

An issue that many new parents come across is that of having too many appliances cluttered around the place. Between baby monitors, food preparation tools, thermometers and other gadgets, you might wonder whether you even have enough space to fit in a bottle warmer as well.

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Yet, the usefulness of the very best bottle warmers means that it is definitely worth making some space for one. Finding a compact design makes this easier, of course, as you can then use it even in a crowded family home

Like all of the best gadgets for parents, this is a product that is designed to make life easier for you rather than complicating it. With that in mind, you should look to find a great bottle warmer that is easy to use and that you can start using right from the very first minute without any fears.

Best Bottle Warmer Reviews for 2018

1. Tommee Tippee Electric Bottle and Food Warmer

One of the good things about this Tommee Tippee electric bottle warmer is that it can also be used very easily to warm up food as well. It comes with a set of instructions but it is so simple to use that you will be up and running almost as soon as you get it out of the box.

This device takes around 4 minutes to heat up breast milk, formula milk or jars of food, based on 150 ml of milk at room temperature. Just add water, set the temperature on the dial at 1, 2 or 3 and get it started.

This model fits all sizes of Closer to Nature bottles from Tommee Tippe and can also handle the majority of other types of milk bottle. The design is small and attractive.

Some parents have commented on the fact that it is easy to leave it on without realising, as there is no off switch and the temperature dial isn’t the clearest to read if you just glance at it.

  • Fast and Efficient
  • Fits Many Different Types Of Bottle and Jar
  • Attractive Design
  • No Off Switch
  • Temperature Control Dial Not The Clearest


2. Philips AVENT Fast Bottle Warmer

One of the most popular and best bottle warmers for 2017, the Philips AVENT Fast Bottle Warmer is a great choice for parents in a hurry. As the name suggests, speed is one of this model’s big advantages and you can expect it get your baby’s milk ready in just 3 minutes.

It can be used to heat up baby food as well as to gently defrost chilled milk when necessary. As you would expect, this milk warming device works perfectly with bottles from the Philips AVENT range, and you will discover that many other types of bottle slot into it perfectly as well.

To get started, you just need to twist the product’s knob to the right setting. The warmer comes with a handy temperature table that gives you an idea of how long you should expect it to take to warm up the milk for you.

It is a small appliance so it can be used for travel purposes, although it doesn’t have in-car accessories. Perhaps the biggest drawback mentioned by users is the lack of a timer, meaning that the parent has to pay attention to when they put it on in order to get the exact temperature that they need.

As with all good bottle warmers, it will warm the milk gently so that none if its valuable properties are lost in the process.

  • Fast and Efficient
  • Useful For Travel Purposes
  • Can Defrost If Needed
  • No Built In-Timer


3. Nuby Natural Touch Bottle Warmer

This Nuby Natural Touch Bottle Water is a great value option that has some clever touches to make life easier for hard-pressed parents and hungry babies. For a start, it fits all shapes, sizes and brands of milk bottles and food jars, which is great news for anyone who has a varied collection of bottles at home.

It also has an incredibly simple design that makes it one of the best bottle warmers on the market for anyone who just wants to heat up milk without any hassle. You just need to fill it with water and press it once to start.

The compact design of this milk bottle warmer makes it convenient to travel with. In addition, a handy lift-out basket makes it very easy to get the bottle in and out safely and hygienically.

As is common with many bottle warmers, there is no off switch. However, unlike some it does switch itself off eventually if you leave it until the water has evaporated.

The average time for heating up a bottle of milk with this appliance is 3 minutes. With any type of bottle warmer it takes a little bit of experience to work out exactly how long to use it for, but the one touch operation of this device means that you can very easily get to grips with it.

  • Easy To Use
  • Fits Many Different Types Of Bottle and Jar
  • Fast and Uniform Heating
  • No Off Switch
  • Poor Quality Construction


4. Tommee Tippee Travel Food Warmer

Parents who are out and about a lot may find that this Tommee Tippee Travel Food Warmer is perfect for letting them serve the perfect bottle of milk even when far from home. It is a convenient, portable system that has been designed to handle the firm’s Closer to Nature bottles but that also fits other brands.

The idea is that you fill the stainless steel flask with boiled water that you have allowed to cool to the ideal temperature. This flask will keep the water at the right temperature for up to 4 hours.

When feeding time comes around you then pour this water into the upturned frosted container to warm the bottle. Unlike some travel food and milk warmers, you don’t need to look for a power source to use it, as you have the hot water right there beside you.

Of course, since it is a travel bottle warmer the compact and sturdy design is an important benefit. With so many other things to carry out with you, you will be pleased to see that this is a small product that can be easily carried about.

The whole process is very simple and can save a lot of mess or headaches when travelling with a young baby.

  • Incredibly Easy
  • Compact Design
  • No Need For Power Source
  • Poor Quality
  • Difficult To Use In Moving Vehicle


5. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine (White)

The popular Tommee Tippee brand has some of the best bottle warmers around, so how does the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine (White) option stack up? A more expensive device than many other milk warming machines, it also offers a more comprehensive service.

This gadget can be used to make a fresh bottle of milk at the right temperature, rather simply heat up one that has already been prepared. If can be used with any type of powered formula milk and fits most bottles as well as those from the same brand.

The machine delivers an initial shot of hot milk to kill off bacteria and to dissolve the milk. It then adds cooler milk in order to get the ideal temperature at the end of the process. The manufacturer points out that it is important to use their Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Antibacterial Replacement Filters to stop any bacteria getting into the bottle of milk.

While some parents may feel that the price is a bit steep for what is essentially a very simple process, others will be delighted at the time and effort that it saves them when the little one gets hungry in the middle of the night.

  • Perfect Temperature Every Time
  • No Hassle Operation
  • Attractive Design
  • Fairly Expensive
  • Prone To Breaking Fairly Quickly


6. Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer

The benefits of this excellent Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer include the presence of an adjustable inner basket that makes it suitable for even smaller milk bottles and food jars. This is a very safe and convenient steam heating machine for warming milk bottles.

It has a handy LCD control panel and also features visual and audio alerts when it is finished, which not many models offer. The auto power off feature kicks in after 10 minutes of use and it has a memory function so that you can use the same programme every time.

This is a gadget that takes a lot of the stress out of warming bottle of milk, especially in the middle of the night when the baby is hungry and it is easy for a parent to make a mistake when heating up milk.

You can use a number of different sizes and brands of bottle in here and there is no need to empty out the water after each use. The design also makes it easy to see the current water level.

  • LCD Control Panel
  • Fits Many Different Types Of Bottle and Jar
  • Stress-Free Operation
  • Has Been Known To Cut Out


7. König KN BW10 3 in 1 Bottle Warmer

With this classy König KN BW10 3 in 1 Bottle Warmer it is possible to carry out a range of the mundane and repetitive tasks that most parents dread. Apart from heating milk bottles, this device also has sterilising and juicing functions.

The temperature can be adjusted all the way from 0 up to 100 degrees Celsius, providing a great deal of flexibility of use. It includes an auto shut down function and overall is just very simple to operate, even when it is the middle of the night and your eyes just want to close again.

The design is attractive and the whole thing is compact enough to not cause any sort of problem when using it or storing it away afterwards.

  • Good Range Of Functions
  • Smart Design
  • Great Value
  • Awkward To Get The Ideal Temperature
  • Some Users Complained Of Non-UK Plugs


8. Tommee Tippee Express and Go Bottle and Pouch Warmer

One of a wide range of products from this popular brand, the Tommee Tippee Express and Go Bottle and Pouch Warmer is among the best bottle warmers on the market for busy parents who wants to avoid some of the annoying, repetitive tasks that can drain a lot of the fun out of having a baby.

This model includes a basket to warm the milk bottle gently and evenly while ensuring that it retains all of the essential nutrients that every baby needs. It is classed as an intelligent milk warmer as it has 3 setting that allow for accuracy and ease of use at the same time.

Most brands of milk bottles and pouches will fit in here easily. It is also equally useful formula milk and breast milk. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this milk warming device is that it uses the Express and Go system with a single pouch for every stage of the milk preparation process, so it easier and less messy than other methods.

As with all of the top bottle warmers these days, it is BPA-free for greater peace of mind. The one big disadvantage is that it is fairly slow, so anyone with a demanding baby who has irregular feeding times may find it more difficult to keep the little one happy.

  • Fast and Efficient
  • Fits Many Different Types Of Bottle and Jar
  • Slower Than Many Of Its Rivals


9. DomireMilk Warmers Baby Milk

For a good range of function this DomireMilk Warmers Baby device is a smart choice. It comes complete with the likes of automatic constant temperature, automatic heating and over temperature protection all included.

This is a very low cost option that could make a lot of sense for many parents who want to make life that bit easier for themselves. However, it is worth bearing in mind that this model comes with its own milk bottle and that many branded bottles won’t fit it.

As with all good milk warmers, it works well in terms of saving parents from one of the most common chores of the day. In this respect, it is a useful product that is going to come in very handy when the little one wakes up hungry and it is still dark outside.

This is a fairly simple device that does its job well and without any fuss, even if it perhaps looks a little bit more basic than some of the more expensive models of bottle warmer for sale.

  • Very Cheap
  • Simple And Effective
  • Decent Range Of Features
  • Basic Design


10. Chicco Digital Bottle Warmer

The smart looking and feature packed Chicco Digital Bottle Warmer is one of the best bottle warmers for 2017 in terms of value for money and flexibility. It can be used to warm up most sizes of milk bottles and baby food jars.

Among the reasons for choosing this product is the fact that it has 12 different programming options that allow for customised warming levels depending upon the quantity of milk and current temperature. The addition of a classy digital countdown display is another nice touch that sets it apart from many other milk warmers of this type.

The timer delay has options of 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes for greater flexibility. There is also an automatic safety shut-off just in case you get caught up in other chores and forget about it for a while.

Expect an average of just under 4 minutes to heat up 150 ml from room temperature.

  • Terrific Range Of Functions
  • Fits Many Different Types Of Bottle and Jar
  • Attractive Design
  • Some Users Feel It Heats Too Aggressively

How Does It Work?

The best bottle warmers around tend to be electric. This means that you can use one to safely and conveniently warm milk anywhere in the house.

In fact, some of them have been designed to be easy to travel with too, meaning that you can take it away on trips and always ensure that your little treasure never has to suffer from milk that is either too cold or too hot.

Every new parent knows that time becomes a scarce commodity once there is a baby at home, so you should also expect to find a fast and efficient milk bottle warmer that you can use without any fuss or messing about.

Typically, you will have some form of temperature control dial that you can use to set the temperature of the milk to the perfect level for your little one. You then place the bottle in the central section and fill the device up with water where indicated.

Once your baby’s bottle warmer is switched on the water will heat up and warm the milk. Expect it to take around 4 minutes to reach the right temperature and advise you that the milk is ready

If you have a few babies at home then you will know by now that making milk for all of them can be a huge hassle. To help do this more efficiently you look for feeding system bottle warmers, which sometimes have a cooling section where you can put the milk that you are going to look up later.

Those families who travel a lot can opt for a portable milk warmer, which sometimes come with a special connection that you hook up to a car’s cigarette lighter or power socket to use on the go.

Let’s Wrap It Up

While choosing the best bottle warmer for your needs might seem like a somewhat daunting task, it doesn’t have to be as difficult or time-consuming as you might think. The starting point is to understand more about the different models that are available, such as the 10 that we have covered here.

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After that, it is a question of thinking about your own needs. Do you want a milk warming device that is fast and efficient or do you value the likes of flexibility and portability just as highly?

You might initially be tempted to go with the same brand as the milk bottles that you currently use. This is a good idea if you are happy with the brand but it is worth remembering that the best models tend to work with most of the baby milk bottles on the market just now.

If you want to make life a little bit simpler then this is a cheap and hugely effective approach provided that you make the right decision and choose the model that best suits your lifestyle and your baby’s feeding habits.

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