Best Guinea Pig Toys 2020

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Rosewood Naturals Trio of Fun Balls

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  • 100% natural materials
  • Wipe clean
  • Deep base with deep filling allowing pets to burrow and dig
Natural Wood Seesaw

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  • Made from natural wood
  • Suitable for both guinea pigs and rabbits
  • Well designed and constructed
Rosewood Maze-a-Log Treat Challenge

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  • A great way to challenge and stimulate small pets including guinea pigs and rabbits
  • Consists of only materials safe for pets and animals
  • Completely edible
  • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors
Trixie Guinea Pig Tent

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  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Internal lamb fur look for increased comfort and protection against cold ground or soil
  • Includes tent pegs
Rosewood 3D Nibble Stix

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  • Fruity flavoured
  • Coloured using pet-safe dyes
  • Pack of 5

Kids love pets, and adults too, but choosing the right pet for your child can be a minefield. All pets need a degree of care and attention – some more than others – so you need to choose a pet that is suitable for a child of the age you are buying for. That means finding one that is relatively easy to care for, inexpensive and not costly to keep. There are many options, but some make better pets than others.

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Let’s get one thing out there – a dog is not a pet for a child. Buy a dog by all means should you want one, but be aware that it will need a lot of attention, exercise and looking after, and that it should be carried out by adults. Cats may be a great pet for a child, but a cat is largely independent and will go about things its own way. So, we’re left with a few options that you might consider.

Fish are interesting to watch but don’t do much else; reptiles – while fascinating and increasingly popular – are also not particularly active. For many people – and especially for parents – the ideal pet for a child may well be the guinea pig. Small, inexpensive to buy and keep, and fun and friendly, guinea pigs – which hail from South America – are wonderful pets that come in a variety of different types and colours. In time they will happily be handled, become tame and are very enjoyable to have around.

You need a good-sized hutch for them to live in – we recommend getting two for company – and an outdoor area that can be enclosed as a run for them to exercise. You also need to invest in some quality toys for your new pets to keep them occupied – and that’s what this review is about. Before we tell you about the top 10 best guinea pig toys on the market today, let us give you an idea of the sort of items we are talking about.

Best Guinea Pig Toys

1: Rosewood Naturals Trio of Fun Balls

This choice of guinea pig toy falls into two categories: it’s a fun item – three, in fact – and also a practical one. This is a set of three ball-shaped objects, each of which is designed to keep the animal occupied and to be handy for chewing – great for the teeth as well as for fun. The balls are all made from 100% natural materials – there are no potentially poisonous glues or other substances here – and are around 8cm in diameter each, and are guaranteed fun for guinea pigs!

These cleverly designed balls are from Rosewood, a known maker of excellent pet toys, so are guaranteed quality items, and they feel the part as well as look it. Your guinea pigs will enjoy rolling them around and chewing them, and they are light yet strong so will last a long time. They are also wipe-clean, so you can wash them easily when used. For the price, which is simply amazing, we can’t recommend this item highly enough.

Key Features
  • Three balls
  • Natural materials
  • Washable
  • 8cm diameter

2: Natural Wood Seesaw

Guinea pigs, like all rodents, go through phases of being very lively – followed by periods of sleep. When awake and active they like to enjoy life, which is why many of the toys that we are featuring are designed for fun activities. This is a great item and one that will guarantee your guinea pig always has something to enjoy, and that is also suitable for rabbits, rats and other rodents. It’s a see-saw, and as we enjoy them as kids, why shouldn’t your guinea pig!

This one is made entirely from wood so is a natural product – there are no additives here in what is a simple design – and it really is a very nice product when you take a look at it. The see-saw measures 32cmx7cm, and is 14cm in height, so you will need quite a decent-sized hutch or enclosure if you are to buy one of these. Nevertheless, we recommend you take a look at it, at what is an excellent price.

Key Features
  • See-saw,
  • 32cm long
  • Nicely made
  • Fun for rodents

3: Rosewood Maze-a-Log Treat Challenge

Another product from the excellent Rosewood range, this is a great item that also serves more than one purpose. It is a maze, made from card – which is entirely edible – and with various compartments across it where you can put treats and food. The idea is you hide the treats in the sections, and the guinea pig works its way around, having fun and enjoying what it finds at the end.

The beauty of the Rosewood range of products is that each is designed for fun and stimulation, and all are made to be entirely pet-friendly and easy to use. They are also good-looking items that are nice to have around in your pet enclosure, and are surprisingly affordable too. We recommend you check out not only this product, but the rest of this collection too, as you may find everything you need in one place.

Key Features
  • Rosewood brand
  • Edible
  • Pet safe
  • Great fun

4: Trixie Guinea Pig Tent

We found some great items when we began researching guinea pig toys and accessories, many of which are truly excellent ideas. This is one: it’s a miniature tent, intended to be placed inside the guinea pig’s enclosure, and it’s a brilliant item at a very sensible price. Your guinea pig can use it as shelter or even a sleeping area, and it is made from pet-friendly material that will last a long time.

This tent, which has a lamb-wool look lining on the base that the rodent will find enticing – it can be used for rabbits, rats and other rodents too – measures 30x30x31cm, so is perhaps best used in outdoor runs, where it will provide more than adequate shelter from the sun, and larger internal hutches. It is a nylon item, is very light and easy to put together, and comes at a price that you will appreciate – certainly one for the shortlist if your pet needs somewhere to hide.

Key Features
  • Tent
  • 30cm square
  • Nylon
  • Pet friendly materials

5: Rosewood 3D Nibble Stix

We make no excuses for including a number of items from the Rosewood brand on our list – this is the third one so far and you will find some more to follow – as this is a maker that really does have an excellent collection of toys and accessories for rodents. This is a pack of five items, and at the price you really get your money’s worth, and it is one that is both fun and practical, so you get the best of both worlds.

It’s five chewable, pet-friendly and wooden items – all natural – in the shape of fruit and vegetables, ad coloured accordingly with pet-safe dyes. Your guinea pig can chew on them and play with them otherwise, thus keeping the teeth down and having fun at the same time, while you can sit back and watch, safe in the knowledge you have spent very little, and that another set will cost you next to nothing! A great item and well worth looking at.

Key Features
  • 5 item pack
  • Wooden
  • Colourful

6: Happy Pet Willow Tube

Guinea pigs do like to play, but they also like somewhere to hide away and get a bit of peace and quiet. This item, from Happypet, is a great example of an item that offers the best of both worlds. It’s a tube, lovingly made from entwined willow, which is perfectly safe for use with your pets, and is very decorative too. It’s also great for chewing on, so will help in keeping your guinea pigs’ troublesome teeth in healthy order.

The tube itself is a good size – it measures 32cm in length and is a sensible diameter so a guinea pig, rat, hamster or other rodent can fit in it quite snugly – and is designed to be a place to hide or sleep as well as a plaything. It’s a very nicely made item, with a touch of quality about it, and would make a great addition to an outdoor pen or to a larger indoor hutch. Worth a second look if you want shelter and fun in one go, at a great price for a quality item.

Key Features
  • Willow
  • Good size
  • Shelter and fun

7: Rosewood Boredom Breakers Carrot Toy

This very clever design, another from the Rosewood range of pet products, is a neat and fun item that offers many benefits. It comes in the form of a small, specially made wooden tray – it’s entirely pet-friendly with no chemical products – that will fit in the corner of a cage or enclosure, and that can be bolted securely to the side of the cage thanks to fixings for the wire. It’s very nice to look at, and comes with three carrot toys that go into slots on the top.

In the centre is a cavity for putting treats for your pet – great for encouraging it to have a look around and enjoy the new surroundings – and the idea is that it can take the carrots out, they are wooden too, and play with them or chew them as required. It’s great, then, for both stimulation and for keeping the guinea pig’s teeth in good order, and at the price we simply can’t believe how Rosewood can make such excellent products.

Key Features
  • Carrot toys
  • Treat cavity
  • Wood

8: Rosewood Boredom Breaker Chew Tube

Rosewood has mastered the market in terms of knowing what guinea pigs and their owners want, and this item from their extensive range is one of many excellent products designed with a dual purpose. It’s a tube, intended for fun and as somewhere for the animal to hide away, but with a difference: this one is made from vegetable parchment, which makes it very safe for the pet, as well as edible, yet strong enough for chewing on.

Furthermore, this item is available in four different sizes; these range from a very small one that would suit mice or hamsters, through larger versions for rats and guinea pigs, to a giant model that would be great for bigger pets such as rabbits. They can also be found in a series of very attractive colours, and the standard model measures 30x21cm. Great for outdoor use or in a larger hutch, this is a sensibly priced item that is worth looking at.

Key Features
  • Vegetable parchment
  • 30cm long
  • Four sizes
  • Great colours

9: Rosewood Naturals Forage Cube

Our final choice from the Rosewood range – you really should check them out for some of the greatest items for pets around – is this very wonderful and rather unique cube. For once, it’s not something for the guinea pig to get inside – although you will find that smaller rodents such as mice and hamsters will do so – but one for it to feast on, and to gradually take apart! The fun lies in that it is made from very tightly packed meadow hay and marigold flowers, which are both attractive to guinea pigs.

The cube itself measures 12.5cm all-round and has heart-shaped windows on each side for the animal to gain access to what is inside. It’s a very attractive item that is nicely made and cleverly thought out, and it will make a great addition to your hutch or outdoor enclosure. Like all Rosewood products, it is entirely pet-friendly with no artificial glues or other substances, and at the price simply cannot be faulted. Be warned, buy more than one, as your guinea pig will love pulling this apart!

Key Features
  • Meadow hay
  • Marigolds
  • Tightly packed
  • 12.5cm

10: Interpet Limited Superpet Igloo

Our investigations into the best guinea pig toys and accessories showed us there are two main types of item to look at: those that are for hiding or sleeping in, and those that are for playing with. There are those, also, that combine the two, and we think that this great igloo from Interpet is a really nice item. It is not a natural product, like those from Rosewood, but rather is made from plastic, and as such is not for chewing on (although beware, as your guinea pig doesn’t know that!)

It’s a moulded plastic item that you can buy in a range of colours, it’s designed and made to be odour and stain resistant, and it is very durable and easy to clean. Overall size is around 31x26x17cm, which gives your rodent ample room to move around and snuggle down, and it is durable too. If you are looking for somewhere as added sleeping space, this could be the choice for you at a sensible price.

Key Features
  • Igloo style
  • Durable
  • Good size

That’s our list of the 10 best toys for guinea pigs – and for other rodent pets – on the market right now, but which should you buy? Before we go on to try and give you a verdict, let’s have a quick reminder of things you need to look for when choosing from our list.

About Guinea Pig Toys

Guinea pigs are lively little creatures with a fun side to their personality. Toys serve more than one purpose with these charming rodents: they give the guinea pig something to do, to keep it occupied, and in many cases they also offer something they can chew at, in order to keep their teeth to a sensible level.

Guinea pig’s teeth grow very quickly and this can be a problem, but with the right toys you can give them something to chew on that will help. Other toys and accessories can include areas in which the animals can hide for shelter, mazes in which they can run and have fun, and much more. A guinea pig is, for its size, an intelligent animal that will very much benefit from stimulation, especially one that is in a social setting.

The choice of best guinea pig toys we have selected ranges from the practical to the fun and frivolous, and all are fun and inexpensive and will be things that your pets will enjoy. So, let’s have a look at the top 10 best guinea pig toys we found on the market today, and see if we can give you some ideas as to what you should buy for your pet.

Important Features

What do you want from your pet accessories? You need to make sure your guinea pig is able to keep suitably entertained and, if the item has other qualities that may help with its health, then you also need to look at those, too. Here’s a few pointers:

  • Fun and Practical – many of the items featured are dual-purpose in that they are fun for the animal, and they also serve a practical purpose. Those that are tubes, for example, mat provide shelter but can also be chewable. Check them out before you make your final choice.
  • Natural – any item you put in a run or hutch with a guinea pig needs to be made from natural materials, or at least be guaranteed pet-friendly. All of the above items are certified as safe for use with rodents and other pets, so you have no worries there.
  • Size – some of the items included are of a decent size, so you need to make sure that you have plenty of space in the hutch or enclosure you intend to put it in. Also, some are designed for just indoor use, and some for outdoor also, so make sure you have the right one if you are looking for an outdoor item.

That’s about it as a guide to what you need to look for, but we should stress that you need to check that every item – and not just those on our list – is entirely pet-friendly, in terms of what it is made from, and whether or not your guinea pig will be the right size for it. Some of the smaller items on offer may be suitable only for rodents such as mice and hamsters.

So, which of the above is for you? Let’s have a look and see if we can help you choose.

Let’s Wrap it Up!

There’s such a choice of accessories and toys for guinea pigs that we really are finding it hard to single any out to recommend. However, we will say that we think Rosewood has got the market cornered in terms of cheap, yet well-made and original items that will be welcomed by your little friend.

For example, if you want something that is simply for stimulation, you might choose number 3, the Maze-a-Log challenge. It is cheap, clever and will keep your pet occupied. Or, you could opt for number 9, the cube item that will engage your guinea pig with chewing and destruction that will be fun to watch! That you can buy both of these and still have change from a tenner is something to think about.

If you are looking for somewhere your guinea pig can hide when it needs to, the Trixie tent and Happypet Willow Tube are great ideas, and both are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with the latter being great to nibble on, too. Also, for fun, the Natural Wood SeeSaw, number 2 on the list, will never fail to amuse both you and the animal, and is also cheap to buy.

Indeed, we can only suggest you choose a selection of items from the list and have all the bases covered, such is the choice here. We hope we’ve helped you find the best guinea pig toys, so enjoy your guinea pigs – they do make excellent, fun pets for kids and adults alike.

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