Best Handheld Hoover 2020

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Vax H85-GA-B10 Gator Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner that’s designed for lightweight, easy cleaning.
  • Includes Gator mouth technology so it’s easy to empty the container without getting your hands dirty.
  • The 10.8V battery provides reasonable power for a budget handheld model.
  • The battery can last up to 15 minutes on a single charge.
  • A crevice tool is built into the Vax H85-GA-B10 Gator for vacuuming those tricky areas.
  • Useful as a car vacuum.
Holife 2nd Gen Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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  • 90W powerful motor & dual-action filtration system provides 6000 Pa strong suction to clean up rubbish in seconds, great for cleaning dust, crumbs and pet hair.
  • Battery offers 25-30 minutes no-fade running time of optimal cleaning after 4 hours fully charging.
  • 3 serviceable attachments for added versatility: Crevice tool for reaching debris in tight corners & spaces with ease; Dusting brush for easily picking up hair or dirt on delicate surfaces & upholstery; Liquid nozzle for cleaning unexpected liquid spills effortlessly.
  • Extra-large & click-off dirt bin can hold more debris and allow you to empty debris without stress. Washable & reusable filter is detachable and easy to be cleaned.
Vax H90-GA-B Gator Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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  • 10.8 V handheld vacuum cleaner ideal for life's little spills or cleaning your car.
  • Cordless for ease of use.
  • Flip-open mouth for easy emptying straight into the bin or a rubbish bag.
  • Light weight (1.24 kg) so you can carry it anywhere.
VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner 1000W Corded

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  • Stick Vacuum Cleaner. Can be used at full length or without the extension tube for handheld cleaning.
  • 1.3L Tank - Easy to remove dust container, simply detach and empty the contents straight into the bin.
  • Sponge Filtration can lock in small particles that other vacuums would simply re-circulate back into the air of your home; this prevents the spread of allergies and bacteria.
  • Easily glides over surfaces. 6m Quick Release Power Cord, crevice tools and extension tube.
Meyoung Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Vacs 12V

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  • Multi-layer HEPA Filter, and Radial Cyclones, its powerful suctioning feature has the ability to vacuum up more dust,It's easy to use with up to 15 minutes run time.
  • Manufactured by firm plastic material, passed a variety of anti-broken test, increase the vacuum lifetime.
  • Compact Vacuum Only 0.5kg with silent design with 0.5L dustbin capacity.
  • Environmentally friendly washable hygeian filter, can be reused after washing.
  • Packaging includes different suction nozzles.

Keeping the house hygienically clean is one of the most important challenges in any home, especially if there are kids and pets around. In fact, there is a good chance that your house has about 9,000 types of germ in it right now.

Of course, this problem is made worse by the fact that many of us simply don’t have the time necessary to tidy up our houses in the in-depth way we would like to. Reports suggest that half of Millenials hire cleaners because they don’t have the time to do it themselves.

So, what if you can’t afford to hire a cleaner or simply don’t want to have someone tidying up your home on your behalf? Well, getting the right tools will allow you to clean in a quicker and more convenient way.

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One gadget that can be particularly useful is the handheld hoover. This is a portable hoover that is small and light, as it has been designed to be carried around the house to tidy up those little problems that can be so annoying to sort out.
You can typically use these devices on any type of surface in the house or in your car. Some also give you the option of cleaning up wet or dry spills. Which model will suit your lifestyle best of all? Let’s take a look at the best handheld hoovers.

Bets Handheld Hoovers 2018

1. Vax H85-GA-B10 Gator Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This compact and lightweight handheld hoover is ideal for carrying out those little tidying up jobs that can sometimes seem a lot more awkward if you don’t have the right tools for them. It weighs just 1.24kg and has tidy dimensions of 38.5 x 9.5 x 14 cm.

Perhaps more surprising is the fact that this Vax H85-GA-B10 Gator Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner looks attractive, with a smart orange and white design. More important is the fact that it can be used very easily, and is perfect for carrying about the house or out to the car.

Given the fact that it has been created to be so portable it is no surprise to see that this compact hoover is cordless. It has 10.8 V of rechargeable power and offers a decent 15 minutes of run time once fully charged.

  • Highly practical
  • Attractive design
  • Easy to use in a variety of settings
  • Some reviewers feel that it lacks power

2. Holife 2nd Gen Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping your home clean and tidy is going to be a lot easier from now if you use the Holife Handheld Cordless hoover. This little hoover has a 90W motor and includes a dual-action filtration system.

These specifications mean that it should be powerful enough to pick up dust and rubbish wherever you choose to use it. It comes with a durable, rechargeable Li-Ion battery that gives a dependable 25 to 30 minutes of running times after being charged for 4 hours or so.

This handheld, cordless hoover also has 3 attachments that can be used to help out with certain awkward jobs as needed. These are; a crevice tool for reaching into tight spaces, a dusting brush for delicate surfaces and a liquid nozzle for cleaning up ant liquid spillages that occur.

  • Simple to use, empty and clean as required
  • Decent amount of power
  • Convenient rechargeable battery that gives good running time
  • None

3. Vax H90-GA-B Gator Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This orange hoover cleaner provides a stylish and extremely practical way of tidying up those little disasters and everyday rubbish that could otherwise be a real pain to deal with. It measures just 15 x 13 x 37 cm and weighs 1.24kg but has a respectable 10.8 V of power to help you out when you need it.

As with the vast majority of handheld hoover, the Vax H90-GA-B Gator is a cordless model that is highly portable, so that you can use it wherever in the house you need to tidy up effortlessly.

Among the features worth mentioning is the fact that it has a flip open mouth that makes it incredibly simple to empty the contents directly into a bin or bag with no mess or fuss. It also has a crevice tool built into it that can be fully retracted when you want to store it away neatly.

  • Smart design features
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Recommended for people with busy lifestyles
  • Not everyone is impressed by the power on offer

4. VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner 1000W Corded

Measuring 15 x 23 x 97 cm and weighing in at 2.9kg, this appears at first sight to be too big and heavy to make sense as a handheld hoover. However, those figures hide the fact that this is a cleverly designed 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner that can be used as both an upright model and a handheld hoover.

The VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner 1000W Corded – 2 in 1 Upright & Handheld Vac with Lightweight Design offers more power than most handheld cleaners, as it gives you 1000W of power as its maximum output.

The easy to remove dust container can hold up to 1.3 litres and can be simply emptied straight into a bin when full. Another useful feature is the sponge filtration, which locks in the smallest particle, meaning that they can’t get back out and circulate in the home’s air.

  • Versatile and adaptable
  • Good range of useful features
  • Decent amount of power on offer
  • None

5. Car Vacuum Cleaner, Meyoung Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Vacs 12V

Keeping your vehicle clean and hygienic is now easier than ever before, thanks to the handy Meyoung Portable Handheld hoover. This little device measures 28 x 10 x 12 cm and weighs a tiny 0.5kg but gives out a respectable 2800pa of suction power.

Some of the top features on this model include the multi-layer HEPA filter and radial cyclones. In terms of the run time, once it is recharged it runs for up to 15 minutes.

A big advantage for any type of car hoover like this is the fact that it is so solidly built that it is said to be virtually unbreakable. In addition, the silent operation means that it can be used without any annoying noises.

  • Small but powerful
  • Tough construction
  • Silent operation
  • A few reviewers mention that it doesn’t offer enough power

6. Rechargeable Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This handheld hoover offers an excellent variety of ways of keeping your home clean without too much effort. It is a multi-functional device that can pick up dry dirt and dust from just about any type of surface.

As with all of the best handheld hoovers on the market just now, this is a light and easily portable gadget. It weighs some 0.6kg and is also extremely compact, meaning that using it around the house or out in the car is simple to do.

It can be charged in about 5 hours, with a USB included for convenient charging. It can then run for up to 25 minutes giving more or less 1.2Kpa of suction power.

  • Light and easy to move around
  • Good build
  • Fast charging
  • The suction power is a bit low for some reviewers’ liking

7. LESHP Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Car Hoover Dustbuster, Portable & Lightweight

Quiet efficiency is the order of the day with the LESHP Cordless Handheld hoovers. It has a noise output of 900pa that makes it pleasant to use even in small spaces.

This handheld hoover has built in crevice tools that make it a lot simpler to reach into awkward areas and clean them well. It also has a couple of different nozzles that make it more useful in a variety of uses.

This easy to empty portable hoover features a 5V rechargeable battery that means it can be used for up to 15 minutes between charges. It weighs 558g and has modest dimensions of just 34 x 9.5 x 10.5 cm.

  • Good variety of useful features
  • Easy to clean
  • Silent operation
  • Shorter run time that some rivals

8. VonHaus 7.2V Wet & Dry Rechargeable Handheld Cordless Hoover

With a 2 year manufacturer warranty and a sturdy build, this VonHaus 7.2V Wet & Dry Rechargeable Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a device that you can trust. It has a 7.2V battery and 8W of suction power, meaning that it can be used for both dry and liquid messes.

You can use it to pick up a variety of dirt and rubbish – from hairs to dust – from just about any type of surface. Once it is filled up then the 0.5 litre dust collector can simply be emptied straight into a bin.

This hoover has a 14 hour charge time and offers 12 minutes of constant use once charged up fully. The accessories you would expect are included here, with a rubber nozzle and crevice tool helping to make tidying up in tough to access spaces.

  • Simple operation
  • Good accessories
  • Handles a variety of messes
  • Relatively short running time

9. HoLife 2-in-1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 2-Speed Setting Rechargeable Cordless Vac Bagless Stick & Handheld Vacuum with LED Light

With this 2 in 1 hoover you get the option of switching between an upright cleaner and the sort of portable hoover that is easy to move about. The HoLife 2-in-1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner is especially good for cleaning on stairs and floors but can be quickly converted to a handheld model for other surfaces.

The 90W motor and dual-action filtration system help to make it a powerful cleaning tool. It can be used on either one of 2 speed settings and works find on thick carpets.

This is a nice, quiet hoover that offers good features such as 180° flexible rotation and LED headlights. All in all, it is a very versatile hoover that can be used to keep even a big house tidy and hygienic.


  • Excellent versatility
  • Useful features such as rotation and headlights
  • Quiet operation
  • None

10. Ryobi CHV182M ONE+ Cordless Hand Vac, 18 V

The Ryobi CHV182M ONE+ Cordless Hand Vac, 18 V is a cleaner that can be used to tidy up in a quick and organised way. This model is just for dry spills, so it can’t be used for sucking up liquid spills.

The quick-change replacement filter and easy to clean dust cup make it simple to use and then get ready for future use afterwards. The collection capacity is 173ml and the maximum airflow of 0.85 m3/minute.

It is powered by Lithium Ion batteries but it is worth bearing in mind that they aren’t included with this product. This means that it is a decent option for good performance but that you need to take a little bit of extra expense into account.

  • Good performance
  • Built-in features such as crevice nozzle
  • Comfortable to use
  • Batteries not included

How Does It Work?

Cleaning up was undoubtedly a messy and time-consuming business in the past. While civilizations such as the Roman Empire had reputations for being clean and neat, can you imagine the work involved in keeping a home tidy with no electricity or running water to help. Not to mention the time needed to keep a giant medieval castle spotless.

Surprisingly, it was the end of the 18th century before the broom was invented. Vacuum cleaners were a natural evolution from this and from the likes of carpet sweepers and other types of manual cleaner. Manual vacuum cleaners first appeared in the 19th century. They used bellows to power them and a rotating brush to pick up dirt.

Shortly after that, a hand-cranked cleaner soon become popular. The world changed when powered vacuum cleaners appeared nearer the end of the 19th century, blowing dust into a receiving chamber using an electric motor.

At the start of the 20th century the suction vacuum cleaner appeared, with Hubert Cecil Booth and David T. Kenney apparently creating one independently of each other at the same time on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

A large number of enhancements since then have left us with powerful, portable devices that are now used in homes all over the world. It is worth pointing out that a lot of people use the brand name Hoover as a generic name for these devices, due to the overwhelming popularity of this brand for a while, particularly in the UK.

For a long time, these were all big, heavy machines. As technology has improved they have got lighter and easier to move around, though. The appearance of small, highly portable devices has come in more recent time and they give us a higher degree of flexibility when it comes to keeping the place tidy with little fuss.

Features That Are Important When Choosing The Best Handheld Hoover

  • Cordless. It is unlikely that you will ever have used a corded portable hoover. By their very nature these devices need to be cordless and highly portable. If you ever see a model with a cord then it is definitely best avoided as these will defeat the object of making it the best handheld hoover.
  • Charging time. Since these cleaners are cordless they have batteries that need to be charged. How long they need to be charged for will determine how often you can use them. For example, if they need to be charged most of the day after use then this is going to severely limit the amount of time you can clean up in this way.
  • Operation time. Once it is fully charged how long will it run for? This is a big point, as you don’t want to run out of power while tidying up. The size of your house is likely to be the crucial factor in deciding how important this is to you.
  • Accessories. It is worth choosing a portable hoover cleaning device with a good range of accessories, even if they don’t appear to be especially important right now. The likes of crevice attachments and wet spillage tools can turn out to be essential from time to time. The more accessories it has then the more different situations you will be able to use it in.
  • Size and weight. You will want a handheld hoover that is small and light enough for you to carry it about the home as needed. Of course, it also needs to be sturdy enough to last a long time and powerful enough to do a good job.
  • Easy to clean. You shouldn’t forget that when you clean the house your hoover cleaner can end up dirty. Therefore, it is important get a model that you can easily empty and clean, so that it is ready for the next time that you use it.
  • Dust capacity. Although these are small devices, they need to be able to hold enough dirt and rubbish to make tidying up easy. If you need to empty it every few minutes then it is going to take you ages to get the whole house clean.
  • Suction power. One of the main complaints that people have using these gadgets is that they don’t get enough suction power from them. The problem is that it can be very difficult for such a small device to give you a high level of power. However, some models are more powerful than others and it should be possible to find one that does a solid job in keeping your home in order.
  • Wet and dry spillage cleaning. Not all handheld hoovers can handle both wet and dry spillages. Some models have an accessory for cleaning up spillages while others might simply not be able to handle wet spills at all, which is a major drawback.
  • 2 in 1 models. Some hoover cleaners come with 2 in 1 designs that are meant to give you the best of best worlds. This means that they can be used as a conventional, upright cleaner or converted easily into a handheld model.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Keeping your home spotlessly clean and hygienic is a big challenge but that doesn’t have to mean that it is impossible to do. By choosing the right portable hoover you can get around the place and clean up all of those awkward messes a lot more easily.

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It isn’t the sort of purchase that is going to radically change your life but it could be something that frees up some spare time. Of course, it will also make it easier to get a house you are proud of and that is healthy to live in, so perhaps it is a bit of a big deal after all.

By taking the time to find the best handheld cleaner for your needs you will be able to carry out your chores in a way that suits you better. Therefore, you will want to take some time to make the right decision.

Most of these gadgets are fairly long-lasting and durable, so if you choose well then you can expect one to help you out with your housework for years to come.