Top 10 Best Herb Grinders 2024

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Anpro Premium Aluminium Grinder
Topelek Portable Zinc Alloy
H&S Pocket Grinder
HiGrade London Herb Grinder
Cheeky One Rolling Station
Cooking is a major pastime these days – for both men and women – and cooking from fresh ingredients is the norm where possible. Visit any single man or woman’s home, for example, and you will likely see a kitchen that is equipped to the hilt, with gadgets and appliances designed to do every trick in the book. Shelves lined with cookery books, cupboards with all the ingredients and additives you could wish for, it’s what the modern kitchen looks like, and not just for single people!

This is all, of course, the fault of the rise of the celebrity chef. Turn on the TV now and you will undoubtedly find a cooking programme – or even a competition – that draws in vast amounts of viewers. Cooking has become the in-thing not just at home, but on the TV too. It’s fair to say that it’s cost effective, too; after all, eating out is not cheap, and for a family it is far more affordable to cook a meal in the home.

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Whether you do on a Sunday for a family gathering, or are partial to cooking for yourself and trying out new recipes and ideas, you will want the best gear to work with. Or, it could be that you are looking for a great gift for a foodie friend, and don’t know what to look for? We have the answer on both counts, for everybody who loves to cook needs a herb grinder! Also, they are not just favoured by cooks; people who like to roll their own cigarettes and use fresh tobacco – or other products – also like these small and very neat grinders, so we took a look at ten of the best for you. Before we tell you about them, here’s a brief explanation of what they do.

The Top 10

1: Anpro Premium Aluminium Grinder

This very attractive model is an aluminium one, and looks great in the metal finish. It comes in 4 parts – the lid, the grinder itself, a mesh filter and the lower compartment. The latter is to catch the finely filtered grounds of whatever it is you’re grinding – we won’t ask- and the grinder itself does a very good job of reducing dry herbs to a fine powder. It’s a very neat little device indeed.

This one has a magnetic top which helps for ease of use, it’s designed for best use with dry herbs, and it is great for tobacco. It’s simple to use too, as are most of these with just a light twisting motion, and as it measures only 5.8×3.8cm, and weighs just under 120g, you’ll hardy notice it’s in your pocket or purse. A good choice at a great price, and a great starting point!

Key Features
  • Compact
  • Aluminium
  • Filter
  • Nice design

2: Topelek Portable Zinc Alloy

This is another all-metal model, this time in a quite fetching zinc alloy, and one that has many rave reviews from satisfied customers. It has a two-stage grinding plate with 30 teeth upper and 24 lower, and a magnetic lid that helps you get a tight seal – essential for perfect grinding. The result is, after a few twists, your herbs or tobacco are ground to a very fine powder and left for you to use in the handy lower compartment.

Now, this one is described as having ‘moderate’ capacity; as it measures just 5 x 3.7cim we can see why, but it’s still enough to make it useful. It’s easy to use, nicely made and has a grooved lid for better grinding ability. It would make a great gift for a smoker or a cook, as would most of these rather handy little items, and at the price we can only say this one is right in the ballpark, and it’s very nice indeed.

Key Features
  • Zinc alloy
  • Plenty of teeth
  • Magnetic lid
  • Filter

3: H&S Pocket Grinder

As you may have already gathered, there’s not much difference between most of these herb grinders, so we will concentrate on telling what each one does that is perhaps unique, and the sizes. What does this one do differently? Nothing! But that’s not a bad thing as it is pointless changing a design that is this simple and, to be frank, that works and doesn’t need fixing.

This one is aluminium alloy, has very sharp teeth to shred your herbs with ease, and has a magnetic lid to seal the hold – so far, so good. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with it all, as it also has a very fine filter for catching the bits you don’t want, and also a micro screen that acts as a pollen filter. It measures 55x40mm and weighs next to nothing, so is ideal as a neat pocket gift for someone or for yourself.

Key Features
  • 55x40mm
  • Aluminium alloy
  • Magnetic lid
  • Sharp teeth

4: HiGrade London Herb Grinder

This one takes an interesting approach in being marketed as a tobacco grinder, and comes as a set with packs of rolling papers! It’s a neat little package and a quality item, too. This one does have something else different too – it’s made from wood. It’s a very nicely made item from quality wood that will not warp, but don’t worry, the very sharp grinding teeth are made from quality and specially sharpened zinc alloy.

Make no mistake, if you want a herb grinder – or tobacco grinder – to be seen with, this could be the one as it is in fact very stylish and great to look at. It does a good job, too, and is a decent capacity grinder. Measurements are 55x32mm, so it’s small enough not to be noticeable in a pocket or purse, and it has a magnetic closure too thanks to metal additions in the lid and base. It’s nice, and while not the cheapest you still get plenty change from a tenner.

Key Features
  • Wooden grinder
  • Magnetic
  • 55x32mm

5: Cheeky One Rolling Station

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who rolls their own, then this could be exactly what you are looking for. It’s an all in one rolling station that comes as a nice package in a small yet attractive box. The box may be plastic but it’s well-made and has quality fittings, and you get within it a few compartments, including one with removeable mesh that is great for collecting those particles that slip through.

It comes with a nice grinder – a 3-part metal model that is rather attractive and measures 40mm, so not the largest but still usable – and you also get a metal poker, for making your roll-ups as neat and well-packed as they possibly can be. This is a nice package that would make an excellent present, and while you are paying more than you would for just a grinder, we don’t think it at all expensive at the price, so it’s worth a look.

Key Features
  • plastic box
  • metal grinder
  • metal poker
  • 40mm grinder

6: Tiger Trading Herb Grinder

If you want to be seen when out and about grinding your tobacco, or in your kitchen powdering your herbs, this could be the one for you, and it is incredibly cheap, too. Indeed, as it costs so little it is worth taking advantage of the supplier offer to get a discount when buying several, and get a few to give to your friends as gifts. This is, we should say, a promotion at the time of writing, but at the price you really can’t go wrong.

Also, it’s made from zinc alloy, but finished in gold for added effect. It’s the usual circular style with metal grinding teeth, a filter and a lower compartment. It’s very light, the usual compact size and will fit nicely in a purse, bag or pocket, and we can’t see anything wrong with it all . Indeed, such is the price of this one, we think it is perhaps the ideal one to buy as a gift, so check it out right away.

Key Features
  • Zinc alloy
  • Metal teeth
  • Gold finish
  • Compact

7: Topelek Dry Grinder

This model from Topolek is designed with a startling yet impressive skull design on the lid, so we reckon it’s not really a kitchen item! It has a two-stage grinding plate with 30 teeth upper and 24 lower, and a magnetic lid that helps you get a tight seal – essential for perfect grinding. The result is, after a few twists, your herbs or tobacco are ground to a very fine powder and left for you to use in the handy lower compartment.

Now, this one is larger than the other we featured from the brand, as it measures 5 x 4.4cm which gives it a useful capacity. It’s easy to use, nicely made and has a grooved lid for better grinding ability. It would make a great gift for a smoker or a cook, as would most of these rather handy little items, and at the price we can only say this one is right in the ballpark, and it’s very nice indeed, but only for someone who likes such designs!

Key Features
  • 5×4.4cm
  • Skull design
  • Zinc alloy
  • Sharp grinding action

8: Nalitare Premium Aluminium Grinder

We said earlier that we were hoping for something a little different in at least one of these; so far we’ve found a wooden grinder, and one that comes as part of a box set, but this one really is different. Designed – the makers claim – for tobacco and most herbs, it differs in that rather than turning the lid as is the norm, it has a handle that you turn to grind the contents. It’s a neat touch that makes it stand out from the crowd.

It’s made from high grade aluminium alloy and to a very high standard, and is precision machined for accuracy, too. It has a pollen filter and is highly effective as it will grind your tobacco or herbs with just a couple of turns of the handle. It’s a bit bigger than some at around 60x50mm, and with the handle will not be as pocket-friendly as some of the others, but it’s very nice, if a touch more costly than some. Worth a look as it would make a very nice gift.

Key Features
  • Handle grinder
  • Quality item
  • Metal body
  • Includes electrics

9: YTH Star Wars Death Star Grinder

Now if you’re looking for a novelty item, this one is a very neat idea. It’s a replica of the famous Death Star from Star Wars, yet it’s also a 55mm herb and tobacco grinder that does a great job. It really looks the part, and is made from zinc alloy with sharp grinding teeth, a twist action operation and has a nice compartment within to catch the freshly ground herbs or tobacco just as a standard type of herb grinder would do.

If you are looking for a great gift for a Star Wars loving cook or smoker, then this is an ideal choice as it also comes in a rather nice gift presentation box. It’s nicely made and is a quality item, it’s a 3-part grinder as per normal, and it is that little bit different that we like it a lot. Also, given that it’s Star Wars gear, it’s not expensive either, so worth a look as a gift idea.

Key Features
  • zinc alloy
  • Death Star shape
  • 3-part grinder

10: Official Volcano Vaporizer Orange

Apparently, this is the one that the ‘celebs’ use, and has been featured in music videos and in films, or so we’re told! It’s a very neat little grinder – a touch smaller than most in fact – and comes in a nice orange plastic finish. Don’t be put off by the fact it’s plastic, as it is a high quality moulding, and it looks pretty good anyway. The teeth are metal, and it grinds to a fine powder as the legend on the lid says ‘the world’s finest vaporizers’ – so we’ll take their word.

What else to say about it? Well, the customers love it and it does look great, it’s small and light and does the job, and it can be gift wrapped if you wish or supplied in plain packaging – some people don’t like the postman to know what they’re getting! All in all, as a celebrity item it’s going to be popular, and while it’s a little more expensive than some on here – and plastic – it’s still one for the shortlist.

Key Features
  • Plastic
  • Very neat

How It Works

What is a herb grinder? It’s a small item, usually in two or more parts, into which you put your dried herbs, tobacco or whatever, and you use it to grind the herbs into the powder you need. That’s basically it. Some are made from metal, some from plastic, and they come in a variety of sizes and types. There’s not a lot more to say about them except they are compact and affordable, and pocket sized in general so great for when you’re out and about, so here’s the top 10 herb grinders for you, right now!

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That’s ten of the best herb and tobacco grinders on the market right now, but which is for you? Before we see if we can come to a verdict, a few words on what to look for when buying one of these.

Important Features to Consider

Here’s the thing: are you looking for a grinder for your kitchen? Or is it for when you are rolling your own cigarettes? That’s the first consideration because some of these are better at one than the other. And, what size do you need? These are all a similar size, but they do vary in shape and depth. Do you want plastic or metal, or perhaps a novelty design? In short, those are the few things you need to think about when you look for a grinder, but we reckon you’ve got them covered so…let’s wrap it up!

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Do we have a favourite among the above 10 herb and tobacco grinders? Indeed we do, but that does not necessarily mean it will be the one you choose. We in fact like two: the last one, because it is bright and breezy and slightly different, and – conversely – the first, as it is simple understated and exactly what a herb grinder should be.

However, there are a couple of others you should also consider: the Star Wars one if you want a novelty item, as it’s a great design, and the Nalitare Premium – no. 8 – as it has the handle grinding action which is rather nice.

If we’re to be honest, there’s not one on the list that we would dismiss outright, as all of them do the job they are designed for and the price range covers just a few pounds, so it’s up to you – have another read, and pick the herb grinder that suits you, or that you think would make a great gift.

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