Best Illuminated Makeup Mirror 2021

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Illuminated Wall Mounted Chrome Mirror (3x Magnification) by Famego

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  • Wall mounted illuminated mirror with 3x magnification mirror.
  • Powerful 25w bulb illumination.
  • Cord to switch the illumination on and off.
  • Swivel arm allows for different postioning of mirror.
  • Mirror Diameter: 19 cm, Overall Extension: 33 cm, Base Diameter: 12 cm.
Tweezermate 10x Lighted Mirror

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  • Identify and isolate even the smallest or finest hairs for precise tweezing.
  • Illuminated with two LED lights to help you see anything you might normally have missed.
  • Features a large, easy to turn on and off side mounted power button.
  • Built-in suction cups slide in and out of the back of the mirror making this the perfect travel companion.
x3 Magnification Wall Mounted Retro Illuminated LED Mirror

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  • Wall mounted illuminated mirror.
  • Can be tilted up, down and right to left.
  • Mirror Height: 20cm, Mirror Width: 20cm.
  • Overall Extension: 31cm.
  • Base Dimensions: 11.5cm x 11.5cm.
HoMedics Illuminated Mirror

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  • This Beauty Mirror is both elegant and practical, it is double sided to provide a choice of a natural reflection or magnified for precision and detail.
  • The LED illumination is fully adjustable to create the ideal level of light for any time of day.
  • As it is battery operated it is fully portable so that you can use it wherever is most convenient.
  • Features both 1x and 7x magnification. With a fully dimmable LED light for extra long life and low energy consumption.
  • Stable, non-slip base - Satin Nickel Finish.
Bornku Bathroom Mirror Makeup Mirror with Lights

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  • The brightness can be dimmable and lights turned on/off.
  • Designed for makeup application and precise tweezing, allows you to focus on a specific section of your face.
  • It can be easily attached to your wall or mirror surface.
  • Easy lock suction base allows you to detach and store the mirror.
  • You can take it conveniently when you travel.

Finding and using the right makeup can be a real test for anyone these days. The fact that only 37% of us shop online for cosmetics shows how much importance we place on the task of finding the perfect look.

Yet, no matter how much care you take over the purchase of our cosmetics, using the wrong mirror can lead to some of the most horrifying makeup mistakes that go on to haunt you for months or even years to come. This is why the use of illuminated makeup mirrors is something that has grown amazingly in recent years.

Thanks to the combination of modern technology and classic design you can get a quality personal grooming mirror that is convenient and very easy to use in any sort of light. This means that the fear or smudged and smeared makeup will soon be a thing of the past.

Of course, the versatility of these mirrors means that they are also perfect for tasks such as shaving, putting in contact lenses and tweezering out those nasty, unwanted hairs that you don’t always notice in normal bathroom mirrors.

The Top 10 Best Makeup Mirrors

1. Illuminated Wall Mounted Chrome Mirror (3x Magnification) by Famego

This powerful, wall mounted mirror is perfect for getting the finish on your makeup that you need every single time without fail. It offers 3x magnification, which should enough for most makeup jobs for the majority of users, although there are many alternatives out there that that are stronger in this sense.

This Illuminated Wall Mounted Chrome Mirror by Famego benefits from having powerful 25w bulb illumination, which is switched on and off with a cord whenever you want to use it or turn it off. To get the perfect position and angle that you want just use the swivel arm to try out a few different positions very easily and swiftly.

The diameter of this mirror is a healthy 19cm, with a base diameter of 12 cm an overall extension that measures in 33cm, so it should be fine for average sized bathrooms. This is a stylish and easy to use illuminated makeup mirror that will do a good job in making life that bit easier for you in the morning or before you head out in the evening.

  • Good, clear light
  • Reasonable size
  • Smooth extending and swivelling motions
  • Some reviewers feel that the magnification is too strong

2. Tweezermate 10x Lighted Mirror

With this Tweezermate 10x Lighted Mirror you get a potent 10x magnification factor, which makes it ideal for finding and then removing stray facial hairs without any fuss. The fact that it has such a high level of magnification means that it may take you a few tries to get the perfect distance and position to work with, though.

Of course, it can also be used for applying makeup with the highest possible level of care and with less risk of overlooking any area or leaving smears. This model from Tweezerman comes complete with the suction cup style of fitting, so that you can very simply attach it to whatever surface suits you and then move it elsewhere when it suits you.

You get a nice clear light with this mirror that makes it so much easier to use in all sorts of places and in differing lighting conditions. It may take you some time to get used to the powerful magnification but once you do you will love using it.

  • A good size
  • Strong maginifcation
  • Sucker cups make it very portable and versatile
  • The light button can be tricky to use

3. x3 Magnification Wall Mounted ‘Retro’ Illuminated LED Mirror

The vaguely retro style of this x3 Magnification Wall Mounted ‘Retro’ Illuminated LED Mirror by Famego makes it a fun addition to any bathroom. It comes with a strong x3 magnification and is also handily illuminated so that even poor lighting in the room isn’t going to cause you any problems from now on.

The dimensions of this illuminated makeup mirror are as follows; height 20cm, width 20cm, overall extension 31 cm, base 11cm x 11cm. You can find the right position to use it in by tilting in any direction until you can clearly see the area of your face that you want to work on.

A clever design means that you can store this mirror virtually flush against the wall, which saves spaces and stops it getting in your way when you aren’t using it. When the time comes to put it to use then you just need to switch on the light and smoothly extend it out as far as you want to. This means that putting on makeup in the morning will become less of a time-consuming task.

  • Stores away neatly against the wall
  • Clear, crisp light
  • Good size
  • Fairly pricey when compare to others

4. HoMedics Illuminated Mirror

The HoMedics Illuminated Mirror is a free-standing, two sided mirror that gives you a great deal of flexibility in where and how you use it. One side offers a simple 1x magnification for everyday use, while the other side gives you a far more intense 7x view for those times when you really need to see up close with a lot more precision.

This makeup mirror uses a low energy LED illumination with a handy dimmer switch that you can use to get the exact lighting that you need at any time of day. This mirror promises to give you no glare or shadow, which is a terrific advantage as there are problems that would make it so much more difficult for you to put your makeup on.

Among the benefits with this HoMedics mirror is the fact that it doesn’t get hot when in use, even if you use it for long periods of time. The low energy use also makes it eco-friendly and the smart design means that you won’t feel the need to hide it away out of sight when not in use.

  • Two sided mirror
  • Low energy use
  • Portable
  • Can be tricky to work with such strong magnification

5. Bornku Bathroom Mirror B60 7X Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Lights

This bathroom mirror is great value and works really well for anyone who is used to struggling with their makeup in a room with little or no natural light. The Bornku Bathroom Mirror B60 7X Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Lights has dimmable LED lights that makes it easy to choose the ideal setting every time.

The 7x magnification may seem just too intense at first but for most users it is basically a question of finding the right distance to work on a section of your face at a time. It is also easy to attach to most surfaces thanks to a lockable suction base that gives you a tremendous sense of portability and convenience.

This illuminated mirror for makeup, shaving and tweezering also has 360 degree adjustable rotation to make it even easier to get the position and angle just right. It even comes with the option of using batteries or else charging with a USB cable, meaning that this is a travel mirror you can take anywhere with you.

  • Great for taking on holiday
  • Useful suction cups
  • Can be charged with USB cord
  • Some problems with suction noted

6. eBasic Illuminated 1X/5X Magnifying Cosmetics LED Makeup Vanity Mirror

This round and stylish illuminated makeup mirror gives a versatile and useful way of getting yourself ready for any occasion and in any kind of light. The attractive eBasic Illuminated 1X/5X Magnifying Cosmetics LED Makeup Vanity Mirror is two sided, with 1x magnifying power on one side and an impressive 5x waiting for you to use on the other side.

It can be spun around and adjusted in just about any way imaginable, thanks to the 360 degree movement that it features. The LED light that is built in to the mirror gives you the illumination that you need to ensure a great makeup finish or shave no matter how much or how little natural light your room gets.

If you plan on moving this portable makeup mirror around then you will be pleased to see that is has built-in anti-slip mats to keep it steady and stable. The light runs off rechargeable batteries that are included in the package, so it is that bit more environmentally friendly as well as convenient.

  • Includes rechargeable batteries
  • Stylish look
  • Two sides for more versatility
  • None

7. Q9D – Clearview 5″ LED Illuminated Makeup Vanity Table Top Mirror 5X Magnifyng

If you are after a clear illuminated mirror that doesn’t cast a shadow on your face then the Q9D – CLEARVIEW 5″ LED ILLUMINATED MAKEUP VANITY TABLE TOP MIRROR 5X MAGNIFYING is a smart choice. With a focusing ring light and super bright LED this is a mirror you can rely upon for even the trickiest little jobs in difficult lighting conditions.

The design is also highly attractive too, with a steel and chrome finish that should blend in well in any sort of room. You can rotate and tilt this bathroom mirror any way that you need to, thanks to its clever design. In this way, you will find that it helps you out in a wide variety of grooming tasks that perhaps normally cause you a lot of problems.

In terms of the size, the diameter of this mirror is 13cm and the height measures up at 18cm. It gives you 5x magnification and you can simply switch off the battery operated light whenever you don’t need it.

  • Attractive steel and chrome design
  • Ideal size for many bathrooms
  • Strong light with no shadow
  • Some reviewers found it to be too small

8. Clearview 9.5″ Round Double Sided LED Tabletop Illuminated Magnifying Mirror 1X/5X Magnified MLMIR108

This is a sound choice of illuminated makeup mirror for anyone looking for decent value and good performance in the one package. The Clearview 9.5″ Round Double Sided LED mirror is a table top model that looks good as well as being highly practical for a busy lifestyle.

This is a battery powered mirror and it also offers you two different sides to choose from. In this way, you can choose either 1x or 5x magnification depending upon the makeup, tweezering or shaving that you need to carry out.

The powerful magnification also makes it extremely useful for helping you to insert or remove contact lenses safely and quickly with less risk of getting it wrong because you can’t see clearly enough. The light be dimmed using the control knob as necessary and the whole thing has a good size thanks to the 24 cm diameter mirror and the 38.5cm of height.

  • Extremely portable
  • Simple to operate
  • Dimmer switch
  • Not everyone is happy with the clarity provided

9. Relaxdays Illuminated Cosmetic Mirror Double-Sided Standard/Magnifying Ø: 15 cm

The Relaxdays Illuminated Cosmetic Mirror Double-Sided Standard/Magnifying mirror is a simple, budget makeup mirror that is extremely portable and versatile. With a strong, stable base you can take it virtually anywhere with you and carry out those personal grooming tasks that need extra care and attention.

It weighs 621g, so it is light enough to move around yet heavy enough to stay stable on top of any flat surface. The silver finish gives this grooming mirror a classic look that is suitable for just about kind of bathroom.

Overall, it isn’t the biggest mirror around or the strongest in terms of the lighting that is built into it. Yet, it does its job well in helping you to apply makeup or to carry out some of the other tasks that you need a close up view and good lighting for.

  • Good value for money
  • Classic design
  • Extremely portable
  • Not the strongest light

10. HoMedics Compact Mirror

This compact and good looking mirror could turn out to be one of the best purchases that you make for helping you with your everyday grooming tasks. The HoMedics Compact Mirror comes with two mirrors, one on each side, one which gives 1x magnification while the other has a 2x strength.

The addition of LED lights means that you can use this personal grooming mirror in any sort of lighting conditions without straining your eyes. It is battery powered, meaning that you can use it in different parts of the house or even use it as a travel mirror whenever you go away.

It should fit in most handbags and can also be of great use if left in the car for whenever needed in the move. Overall, it is a good price for a mirror that could come in very useful over the years in a number of different ways.

  • Fits in most handbags
  • Strong lights
  • Choice of two mirrors
  • Some complaints that it perhaps feels a lit cheaply made

How It Works

The best illuminated cosmetics mirror can be a Godsend for anyone who sometimes struggles to find the right lighting for their daily grooming tasks or for getting ready for special occasions. It can be especially useful if you have a dark bathroom with no natural light, although you might also want to look into other ways of adding light to this room as well.

At the heart of every good illuminated mirror is a basic bathroom mirror like the one that people have been using for centuries. However, it will typically have a few extra, modern touches that makes it a lot easier to use with care and attention.

For a start, and as the name suggests, this type of mirror uses a built-in light to make it easier to use at night or in a dark room. It will also typically give you a powerful magnification that makes it easier to see your face up close with all of the details clear to you.

For all that this is a very simple and inexpensive type of purchase, there is no doubt that it is something that could completely transform your grooming time and make it more of a pleasure as well as simplifying it immensely.

Features That Are Important

Most of these grooming mirrors are kind of similar to look at. Yet, when we look at the list of features we can see that there are numerous issues that you need to be aware of.

Which of the following are the most important features for you?

  • The strength of the light. As you would expect, an illuminated makeup mirror comes with a built-in light. This is one of the key features, so you need it to be a strong and clear light. Look out for the promise of a light that casts no shadow, as this is far easier to work with without any problems.
  • A dimmer switch or knob. Some of the best makeup mirrors come with a dimmer switch or knob that lets you adjust the light to suit the current conditions perfectly. This can be especially important if you are planning on using it in different rooms or at different times of day, as you won’t always need exactly the same level of light every time.
  • The magnification. It is easy to think that the more powerful the magnification on a bathroom mirror the better it is. However, the truth is that some people find extremely powerful mirrors to be difficult to use, as they can make it more difficult see any more than just one part of the face at any one time. These models will generally start at 2x or 3x and can run all the way up to 10x magnification.
  • Two sided. A two sided makeup mirror can be a great purchase, as it will give you added flexibility of use. One side is usually a standard mirror with 1x magnification, while the other will allow you to see up close. This is a great idea if you need it for a number of varied tasks at different times, as it saves you from buying two mirrors.
  • Suction cups, free standing or fixed. The next issue to consider is around where you plan to use this mirror. Do you want it to be fixed in the bathroom permanently or not? If you aren’t sure then the models that have suction cups can be useful in letting you move it around from one wall to another. Other makeup mirrors are free standing and can, therefore, be placed anywhere that you want to use it.
  • Size and weight. The most compact and lightest illuminated mirrors are useful for carrying in a handbag or using in the car while travelling. If you think that you may use it in different situations and places then a highly portable model is a good choice.

How it is powered. If you are planning on moving the mirror around then you may decide that a battery powered model is the best bet for you. In fact, some of the best travel makeup mirrors even come with a USB cable to make it easier to power them when you are far from home.

Let’s Wrap It Up

The purchase of the best illuminated makeup mirror can make your life far easier when it comes to getting ready for the day without any hassle or delays. If you never used one before then you might be pleasantly surprised to see just how easy it is to use and how it helps you carry out your personal grooming effortlessly.

By taking just a short time to think about the features that matter to you it should be possible to get a terrific model of personal grooming mirror that you love using. This is something that is typically a bit more expensive than a conventional mirror but that offers a lot more features for the price.

Putting on cosmetics, putting in contact lenses and carrying out many other types of daily task can be done with more confidence when you use a mirror that gives you the perfect lighting and magnification every time.

Don’t suffer with your personal grooming anymore when making the switch to an illuminated mirror can make it all so much easier from now on. The benefits of using this kind of mirror are such that you are likely to consider it as money well spent before too long.

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