Best Juicers in the UK for 2021

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Senston N80 Graphite

[ Our #1 Choice ]

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  • With durable stainless steel cutting disc and micro-mesh filters, extract up to 20% more juice and 30% more vitamins and minerals than other juicers.
  • Comes with a little white brush which has strong bristles which really helped clean the blades inside the juicer.
  • Provided with a safety lock arm which helps keep it in position especially when its on.
  • Removable, dishwasher safe parts makes for easy assembly and cleaning
Breville VBL062 Blend Active Personal Blender

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  • Personal blender with portable bottle.
  • Features 600 ml BPA free eastman tritan copolyester blender bottle.
  • One-touch blending action with angled stainless steel blades.
  • Includes additional 600 ml bottle with one lockable lid.
  • Bottles are portable and leak-proof; fits most car drinks holders and bicycle bottle cages.
Philips HR1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer

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  • With only half the size, this juicer takes limited space. You can leave it on your kitchen counter top or store it easily.
  • This juicer allows you to use your own glass (Max 12cm height). Place it directly under the integrated tap and you are ready to juice.
  • Juices up to 1.5L in one go without needing to empty the pulp container.
  • Cleaning can now be done within 1 minute using the integrated pulp container and smooth surfaces.
Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

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  • Extract various of vegetables and fruits, such as celery, ginger, wheatgrass, leafy greens, carrot, apples, oranges, etc
  • As a masticating juicer, the auger spins at 80 RPM that preserves the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace minerals and nutrients from being destroyed as opposed to centrifugal juicers.
  • Slow juicer is higher juice yield compared to centrifugal juicers by the auger squeezing and reverse function.
  • Easy to assemble, operate, and clean, dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a breeze. Runs quietly - less than 60 decibels.
Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer

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  • his high quality fruit and vegetable juicer can help you stay healthy, lose weight and detox.
  • Powerful, quiet running 850W motor ensures high juice yield and less waste.
  • Sharp stainless steel blades blitz food and centrifugal force quickly filters, giving you a glass of fresh juice in just a few seconds.
  • Save time on prep: large 7.5cm chute takes whole fruit and veg, all parts are easy to clean and take apart. Includes juice collecting jug and cleaning brush.

Deeply worrying figures show that around half of British adults between 16 and 24 are overweight. Of course, many people try to stick to diets to lose some of their excess weight but the sad truth is that 90% of all diets end in failure for one reason or another.

Why is this and what can be done to stop it? Well, one of the most effective ways of losing weight and getting healthier in the long term is to add more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet. Yet, not everyone is comfortable doing or know how to do it.

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The truth is that three quarters of Brits fail to eat the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day. In many cases, people simply don’t how to add these vital ingredients to their diets in a tasty, sensible way.

This is why juicers have become so massively popular in recent years. These machines offer a very simple way of consuming more of the healthy food that we should be eating. Making a good choice of juicer could be perfect next step on your path to feeling healthier and living longer.

Best Juicers in the UK 2018

1. Aicok Juicer High Speed 400 Watt with Juice Jug and Cleaning Brush

If you want to live more healthily from now on then this high power Aicok Juicer is a good choice. It is a centrifugal juice extractor and promises a pure juice drink quickly and with no fuss.

Among the features worth mentioning here are the stainless steel cutting disc and the micro-mesh filters, with the promise that these feature help it to produce as much as 20% more juice and 30% more vitamins and minerals than you would get from other juicers. It is easy to operate and looks pretty good as well.

The inclusion of a cleaning brush is a nice touch, while you can easily store all of the parts inside it when not in use. This is a two speed juicer than you can set to fast or low speed depending upon the ingredients to be use. The safety locking arm is designed to keep it safe and firmly in place while working.

  • Fast and efficient
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to use
  • A few complaints about poor quality build

2. Breville VBL062 Blend Active Personal Blender, 300 W, 50Hz – White/Green

This personal juicer and blender is ideal for anyone who finds that many blending machines are just too big for them. With this purchase you get a BPA free blender bottle that can contain up to 600ml and which you can take out and about with you.

The device delivers a simple, one-touch blending action that uses angled steel blades to quickly chop through fruit, vegetables and even ice. The blades and are all dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

This white and green Breville VBL062 Blend Active Personal Blender, looks good and could be the ideal solution for someone who wants to make healthy drinks to take to work or to the gym. The lid is leak-proof, so it can be taken anywhere without any fear of the smoothie or shake spilling out on the way.

  • Attractive looks
  • Comes with portable bottle
  • One-touch blending action
  • None

3. Philips HR1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer, 1.5 Litre, 500 Watt – Black

The switch to a healthier lifestyle could be a lot easier with the help of the Philips HR1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer, 1.5 Litre, 500 Watt – Black. This is one of the best juicers around just now in terms of efficient performance and sleek good looks.

It a modern, black design and it can make up to 1.5 litres is one sitting without any hassle. The pulp container is transparent, which is great news for those of us who love to out fruits and vegetables getting turned into delicious juice in front of our eyes.

You can also cleaned up simply in just a minute thanks to this blender’s QuickClean technology. The device weighs 1.9kg and with dimensions of 15 x 17 x 31 cm it is fairly compact too. It only has one speed but it capable of handling a wide variety of ingredients.

  • Smooth blending operation
  • Powerful and quiet
  • Very easy to clean
  • Not all reviewers were impressed by the quality

4. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

With this Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer you get a juicing process that is said to extract more of the valuable vitamins, enzymes, minerals and trace minerals than you would get with a centrifugal juicer. The fact that it runs at a slower speed means that it is also less prone to clogging, foaming or heat build-up.

Part of process involves automatic pulp ejection so that is carries on running smoothly and continuously even on tough jobs. Everything about this juicer has been designed with smooth operation and easy cleaning in mind.

The parts that need cleaned are dishwasher safe and it runs as lower than 60 decibels. You can blend together a wide range of foods in here, with a 2 year warranty to give you peace of mind.

  • Slow blending for better quality juice
  • 2 year warranty
  • Cool looks
  • None

5. Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer 850W with Cleaning Brush and Jug

This powerful red juicer is a good quality kitchen appliance for a healthier lifestyle. The 850W motor is fast and effective, driving stainless steel blades for a fast performance.

The Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer 850W with Cleaning Brush and Jug comes with a big 7.5cm chute that can handle big, chunky fruit and vegetables. With a 2 year warranty it is designed to give an excellent performance over a long time.

This juicer has a 2 litre containers and filters out the pulp with centrifugal force. The inclusion of a special cleaning brush and the fact that it can be used in many dishwashers means that washing up is fast and simple after making juice. The non-slip feet also mean that it is safe and stable to use.

  • Powerful blender
  • Good warranty
  • Filters out pulp effectively
  • A few reviews complain of it breaking

6. Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer Black 850W with Cleaning Brush and Jug

With the Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer in your kitchen a whole new world of healthy drinks will open up for you. This is a classy looking juicing machine that uses an 850W motor to project high quality juice with little waste.

The fact that it comes with a big chute, a juice collecting jug and a cleaning brush means that it is highly versatile and easy to use. You get a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty with this product, which has a stylish design that should fit in well in most kitchens.

It always a good idea to check out the safety features in any of the juicers that you are considering buying. In this case, you get a machine with non-slip feet and a safety locking bar that keeps the blade safely out of harm’s way while it is blitzing its way through food and vegetables.

  • Good range of safety features
  • Powerful motor
  • No mess
  • None

7. VonShef Whole Fruit Juicer Professional

This highly rated juice extractor is a great choice for anyone who wants to lose weight or just live a healthier lifestyle. With a handy, detachable pulp container that holds up to 2 litres, this is the sort of juicer that make greats drinks without leaving any mess behind.

The VonShef Whole Fruit Juicer Professional Centrifugal Juice Extractor has a sleek black and silver look with a stainless steel finish. This is a centrifugal juicer that works powerfully even on chunky pieces of fruit and vegetables.

It is driven by a 990W motor but remains impressively quiet while hard at work. You get to choose from two different juicing speeds, with the 15000rpm and 18000rpm options letting you get through both hard and soft foods easily enough.

  • Two different juicing speed
  • Quiet motor
  • Handles chunky pieces of fruit and vegetables
  • Construction not as high quality as on more expensive juicers

8. Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer 850 Watts with Cleaning Brush and Jug

The addition of the Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer 850 Watts with Cleaning Brush and Jug to any kitchen is going to make it far easier to produce healthy smoothies and shakes effortlessly. It runs off an 850W motor and makes light work of even tough fruit and vegetables with stainless steel blades.

There are two speed settings for greater versatility and a big 7. 5cm chute that fits large chunks and is easy to clean. The manufacturer’s 2 year warranty is good news for those of us who like to buy products that we can depend upon.

This is one of the best juicer models around in terms of the balance of quality and value for money. It weighs 3.3kg and has a cool chrome finish that should fit into many different styles of home with little fuss.

  • Works smoothly and efficiently
  • Big capacity
  • Choice of two juicing speeds
  • Some comments about it stopping working after a while

9. Philips HR1867/21 Viva Collection Quick Clean Juicer – Brushed Aluminium

If you are happy paying a bit more to get a high quality juicer then this Philips HR1867/21 Viva Collection Quick Clean Juicer – Brushed Aluminium is a recommended choice. Those of us who live a busy lifestyle well be pleased to see that it doesn’t make a mess and can be quickly rinsed using QuickClean technology.

The extra-large feeding tube also helps to make it quick and effortless to use, with up to 2 litres of juice at a time. The 700W motor and brushed aluminium finish give it a look and feel of a high quality juicer.

This compact Philips juicer has just one speed but is tough enough to handle a wide variety of fruit and vegetable. The pulp container is see-through, meaning that you can clearly see when it is time to clear it out.

  • High quality juicer
  • Big feeding tube
  • Simple to clean after use
  • Fairly expensive

10. Duronic JE10 Powerful 1000W Large Vegetable Juicer with Jug


With a 2 year warranty and a range of useful functions, this Duronic JE10 Juicer is a sound choice for a move towards a healthier lifestyle without it being difficult to do. There are two speeds to choose from with this juicing machine and a motor that delivers 1000W of power.

The big stainless steel feeding tube allows giant chunks of up to 85mm to be processed smoothly, meaning less time needs to be spent cutting and chopping your fruit and vegetables. This is a sturdy, high quality machine that can be easily dismounted to clean.

The juicer comes with metal locking arms to ensure that it remains sturdy and safe while in use. In addition, the overheat protector on the motor keeps it from burnout problems. Overall, it is a powerful and good quality juicer that should let you make deliciously healthy drinks time and time again.

  • Wide feeding tube
  • Lots of power
  • Good safety features
  • None

How It Works

Squeezing the healthy, tasty juice out of fresh fruit and vegetables is something that people have been doing for centuries. Some of the oldest juice recipes known to us come from ancient Polynesia, Peru and the Middle East. These drinks were often used to cure illnesses as well for refreshment.

In the olden days, our ancestors had to manually squeeze out the fresh juice that they craved in any way that they could. That all changed in the 1930s, when Dr Norman Walker invented the first reliable, mechanical juicing machine.

As you can imagine, this first model was nothing like as efficient or attractive as the best juicers UK residents can now buy. Yet, over the following decades the design was altered and enhanced to come up with the terrific, practical machines that we can now buy.

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For example, the very first masticating juicer came along in the 1950s and went by the name of the Champion juicer. By the end of the 20th century we had a big selection of different juicing machines that worked to give us more juice and less waste while retaining more of the healthy properties of the products used.

There are basically two types of common juicers around now that work in different ways; masticating juicers and centrifugal juicers. Masticating juicers are also known as cold press juicers. They crush and press the fruit in them.

Centrifugal juicers are most common. These models used a sharp blade that spins around rapidly, shredding the fruit and separating the juice from the pulp.

Features That Are Important

While the best juicers in the UK will all give you a great glass of juice, there are a number of differences in how they are made that will affect the quality of the end product and how easy that they are to use.

  • Masticating or centrifugal. As we saw above, these are two most common types of juicer. The centrifugal approach is typically faster while masticating machines conserve more nutrients. Many people who love to drink juice have a strong preference for one over the other.
  • How easy it is to clean. The last thing that you want is to have a huge mess to clear up every time that you fancy getting something to drink. Many modern juicers are easy to clean up as they are dishwasher proof, can be quickly disassembled or can be rinsed clean in no time.
  • Capacity. If you are just going to be making fresh juices for your own consumption then you may not be too bothered about how much capacity the machine. However, if you are planning of introducing your whole family to the benefits of freshly made drinks then you may want to make sure that you choose a big juicer with sufficient capacity.
  • Safety features. The sharp blades on centrifugal juicing machines mean that you will want to be very careful how you use them. Thankfully, most have clever designs with the likes of locking arms and non-slip feet to keep you from any dangers while using them.
  • Warranty. A good juicer should last you for years give you countless glasses of healthy juice for you to enjoy. However, buying one that comes with a long warranty will let you feel that little bit more relaxed about the chances of it lasting a long time.
  • Size of the feeding tube. A feature to bear in mind when choosing the size of the feeding tube. If this is too small then you will need to spend time chopping up the fruit and vegetable in tiny pieces. On the other hand, a big tube will allow you to very quickly add even chunky pieces.
  • How the pulp is separated. Ideally, you will end up with a smooth drink that contains all juice and no pulp. However, if the juicing machine doesn’t do such a good job of this then you may end up with a lumpy and nasty drink.
  • Size. With many of us now having a number of appliances in our kitchens, the size of each one is important. A compact juicer that sits neatly on your countertop will give you an attractive and unobtrusive addition that you love.
  • Durability. Of course, once you discover the benefits of juicers you won’t ever want to be without one. Therefore, choosing a highly durable model will allow you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle long into the future.

Let’s Wrap It Up

The decision to buy a juicer is a small but important step towards better health and an improved lifestyle. If you made a good choice of juicing machine then you will soon be enjoying great drinks whenever it suits you.

There any many different juicers for sale now, so finding the perfect one for your needs shouldn’t be a problem. By taking some time and making a solid choice you will open up some wonderful possibilities for adding healthy fruit and vegetables to your diet without any fuss.

With this handy kitchen appliance in your home you will then be able to make tremendous, fresh drinks whenever it suits you to do so. This makes it one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to lose weight and to increase your overall wellbeing.

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