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Sex! Don’t you just love it? It makes the world go round! Even as you read this, hundreds of thousands of people are having sex! They are probably using lube, too.

That’s what we’re talking about today: the best lube, an essential accessory for enjoyable sex. Think about it: how many times have you rushed into having sex without lubrication, and found it to be a disappointing uncomfortable experience?

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It’s much better when made easier, and that’s what lube is all about. So, that’s it, off you go and buy some lube, yes?

Lubido Paraben-Free

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  • 250ml Water Based Formula.
  • Paraben Free and Long Lasting.
  • Easy lock and Unlock Pump with Clip.
  • Non-staining and Odourless.
  • Hygiene Wrapped Pump and Latex Safe.
Durex Play Lubricant Feel

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  • Pump action, water based stimulating personal lubricant.
  • Warming sensation lubricant.
  • Enhances stimulation for both.
  • Safe to use with condoms & vibrators.
Liquid Silk Personal Lubricant

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  • Liquid Silk is a luxury, non-tacky water-based personal lubricant.
  • One of the best lubes for use with sex toys
  • Use with a partner (it's a great skin conditioner!) for intimate massage, foreplay or intercourse.
  • Water-Based Lube. 250ml Pump Bottle.
  • Liquid silk has a touch of Silicone making it last longer than regular water based lubricants.
Durex Play Lube Cheeky Cherry

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  • Feels smooth, tastes sweet and deliciously fruity.
  • Condom friendly.
  • Creates an intensely sensual experience.
  • Non greasy or staining.

Well, no, because despite what you may think, there are many different products on the market, from a variety of manufacturers, with individual attributes, and while they all do what is essentially the same thing, they sometimes do it using different ingredients.

What works for one person – well, two in most cases – may not for others, so it is vital you find a product that you are happy with, and that does the job you want it to do.

Before we go on to tell you about the top 10 lube products in 2022, let’s talk a little bit more about why it is necessary, and what it does.

The Top 10 Best Lube – 2022

1: Super Silk Water Based Lubricant

Super Silk Water Based LubricantWe start with a nice simple product, one that is popular, cheap and effective. The Super Silk lubricant comes in a 250ml bottle with a handy squeeze top so it is easy to apply, and 250ml is plenty for several uses.

As the name says it is water-based, so there are no potentially troublesome ingredients, and it is suitable for men and women. Designed to be washable and not to stain, Super Silk is a very impressive product at the price, which is considerably less than a tenner.

The easy to use bottle design is also a bonus if you need to reapply!

The product is designed to be hypo-allergenic so if you do have reactions to certain other products, you will not with Super Silk. This is a bonus of water-based products, after all.

The liquid is not greasy and non-sticky, and is suitable for use with condoms – some lubes are not – and also with a variety of sex toys. For maximum enjoyment, during sex, we can’t find a reason not to recommend this affordable, tried and tested the product, so it’s one for your shortlist.

  • Water-based
  • Cheap
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • None that we can find

Pros: Water-based, cheap, hypo-allergenic

Cons: None that we can find

2: Lubido Paraben-Free

Lubido Paraben-FreeIt may get difficult to not be repetitive with these products, so please bear with us while we try to be creative! This product, Lubido Paraben-free Lube, is another water-based product.

The name says a lot: Parabens are chemicals that are widely used in cosmetics – and also in lubricants- and there is some minor concern as to the side-effects that may come with them.

We should say, however, that they are known as an excellent preservative and there is no known danger, but as this one is paraben-free, that doesn’t matter!

This water-based lubricant – again, this is great for anyone who may have allergic reactions to certain chemicals (paraben, perhaps) – comes in a 250ml pump-action bottle for ease of application and repeat use, and is long-lasting.

It is a condom and sex toy safe and suitable for anyone and is a popular choice. It is, in fact, very similar in every way to the Super Silk reviewed above, and is similarly priced.

If you want cheap, no-nonsense lube, this could be the one for you.

  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Water-based
  • None

3: Durex Play Lubricant Feel

Durex Play Lubricant FeelWe knew it couldn’t be long before we came to a Durex product. The leading name in condoms and lubes, Durex is a high street brand so you know you are getting a quality product when you choose this one.

Again, it’s water-based, and it is designed to be very comfortable to use and light to apply, and it’s non-sticky and grease-free properties mean it is easy to use and to wash away. This is a very popular product with plenty to recommend it.

It’s called Feel for a reason; the makers claim it not only makes sex more comfortable but also enhances the experience and makes it more pleasurable. It is carefully researched and created and contains no potentially harmful ingredients.

If there is one gripe we have with this Durex product it’s that you will pay for the name. It is a similar price to the above two, but it is only a 50ml bottle, a fifth of what you get from those.

Nevertheless, it’s a great product from an excellent brand, so you are getting quality.

  • Durex brand
  • Quality
  • Easy to use
  • Only 50ml

4: Liquid Silk Lube – Personal Lubricant

Liquid Silk Personal LubricantAnother fine water-based product, Liquid Silk is a known brand product, so you are again guaranteed quality results. This one also comes in a pump-action bottle for ease of use and is again a 250ml product.

Interestingly, it makes claim to be one of the best lubricants for use with sex toys, so if that is your thing this one could be for you. It also lays claim to being a great skin conditioner – never thought of it that way – so you will feel great while enjoying your sexual activity more!

It could be described as a typical lube, as it follows the usual practices.

We’re beginning to see a pattern here: Liquid Silk is non-sticky, non-greasy and easy to apply, feels great on the skin and does not stain. It’s also easy to wash off after the event and is suitable for massages as well as for sex.

Put simply, it does what it says on the bottle. As for price, it weighs in at the usual level for a 250ml bottle, so you have a choice. A good, simple no-frills product that we can only suggest you consider.

  • 250ml
  • Cheap
  • Water-based
  • None that we can see

5: Durex Play Lube Cheeky Cherry

Durex Play Lube Cheeky CherryHere’s one with a neat difference: if you like to spice up your sex life with a little playfulness, what about a lubricant that has a great taste? This is one of many such products available from Durex, and it’s a very popular one.

The cherry flavour is sweet and tasty, and this water-based lubricant comes with all the properties of a regular item. It is very smooth and easy to apply and washes away no problem, too.

You’ll find it adds to the excitement of sex, with little effort.

What you get with Durex, the leading brand in terms of sex aids is a guarantee of quality, and also the promise of no potentially harmful additives or other problematic ingredients.

It doesn’t stain and is soft and sensual on the skin, so you get the benefit of both smoothness and tastiness! Seriously, it’s a fun product that we’re happy to recommend, even if it is only a 50ml bottle, but it’s Durex, and it’s a name that says a lot.

  • Durex brand
  • Cherry flavour
  • Water-based
  • Only 50ml

6: Durex Feel Play Lube

Durex Feel Play LubeAnother item from the Durex Play range, this one is a combination of the Feel item we reviewed earlier, and the Play version.

One benefit of the Play range is that it can help with vaginal dryness, and this lubricant is designed to give you the right level of comfort for sensual, satisfactory sex every time.

The specially formulated recipe of ingredients is designed to increase the sense of touch between you and your partner, and it’s also water-based for added safety.

This is, typically of the brand, an excellent product, and one that brings out the best in sex. It is suitable for use with condoms, great for sex toys and excellent for any sexual activity, and perfectly healthy, too.

Durex is, without doubt, the leading name in the business, so you are bound to consider its products. The Fee Play Lube is an excellent combination of two Durex ranges, and although a little more expensive than most, and only a 100ml bottle, it is a worthy one for your shortlist.

  • Durex
  • Great fun
  • Only 100ml

7: Durex Play Feel/Tingle/Warming Package

Durex Play Feel/Tingle/Warming PackageThis is a great package deal involving three lubes from the Durex Play range. We’ve reviewed this above so you know what it’s all about, but suffice to say it is one of the most popular of all Durex products.

Of course, we don’t need to remind you of the quality assured by this leading brand, but there is more to it with this set of products. First, the Feel item is as described above, and designed to add a sensual touch to your lovemaking.

It’s one of the most popular of all Durex lubrication products, so you know you are getting the goods.

Tingle is another excellent item designed to enhance arousal and adds a special feeling to your sexual encounter. It gives the skin a more exciting feeling and helps to add spice to the procedure, and is a welcome addition if you like to add spice to your sex.

Warming will add even more to the routine and leaves a very warm and satisfactory feeling, so you can enjoy each other more readily.

All three of these are water-based and guaranteed to include none of the potentially harmful ingredients others may use, and you get the benefit of excellent performance and a name brand.

This set of three 50ml bottles costs a little over a tenner; while comparatively more expensive than some of those above, it is a good deal considering what you are getting, and we reckon it makes a great gift set, too!

  • Three products
  • Excellent results
  • Durex
  • Only 50ml bottles

8: Durex Play Sweet Strawberry Intimate

Durex Play Sweet Strawberry IntimateThe last of our selection from Durex – we promise, really – is this fun and very special product. Why is it special? Because not only do you get a strawberry flavoured lube, a great idea for some serious additional fun in your sex life, you also get a more intimate feel from this specially created lube.

This is a condom-friendly product, so it gets the thumbs up from us there and is also great for use with sex toys. It won’t stain, is not greasy or sticky, and is easy to wash away thanks to being water-based, as with all of the Durex range.

We like the fun Play range and should add that there are many more flavours and products to choose from in the Durex collection, and each one is a quality product.

We admire their stance in continually developing quality products and it’s no surprise they have garnered a reputation as the leading brand in the market, but if there is one minor complaint it is, again, that this is only a 50ml bottle.

Still, it is so good that we recommend you give it – or one of the many other flavours – a try for some sexy, good-natured fun.

  • Great flavour
  • Durex
  • Sensuous feel
  • Only 50ml

9: Super Silk 100ml Lube

Super Silk 100ml LubeThis is an interesting choice and a popular one. Super Silk has a strong reputation for quality, effective products in what is known as the ‘light lube’ arena, and this is certainly no exception.

It comes in an easy to use, a squeezable tube that is designed for those who want to take lube with them on their travels – perfect to have handy for parties where you might get lucky – and is lightweight and compact too.

It’s water-based yet a clever concoction that will not dry out and will last a long time and has a non-greasy, non-sticky feel that will only add to the sensuality of your lovemaking and create a more enjoyable experience.

Super Silk is hypo-allergenic so you should have no problems there, plus it’s fully condom safe and recommended for use with sex toys for added comfort and enjoyment.

The light feel of the lube is very sensuous, and you will get added enjoyment and feeling whether using on your own or with a partner.

Although only a 100ml tube this is perfect for those occasions when you need to lay your hands on some lube, and comes in at a very good price, so we recommend it for a shortlist without hesitation.

  • Effective
  • Compact packaging
  • Great for parties
  • None we can find

10: Just Glide Anal Lubricant

Just Glide Anal LubricantThis is a very special choice with a specific purpose: it is intended for anal sex especially, having been blended with a carefully created formula to protect the rectum during sex.

It’s suitable for gay couples or heterosexuals, and also for use with sex toys. So, if anal sex is not your thing, this is not the product for you!

If it is, it’s a great deal more effective than the many other standards lubes on the market, and is a proven and effective product with many attributes. It’s been developed by a company with great credentials and is widely used.

Just Glide uses a special blend of seven herbs to provide its effective and noticeable results, and is water-based so will be easy to apply and to wash away after the event.

It comes in a squeezable tube for added simplicity, and is very cheap, too. It may only be a 50ml bottle, but it is worth the money if you want to enjoy safe, exciting anal sex whenever you want.

  • Great product for anal sex
  • Only for anal sex

How It Works

Really? How does lube work? Surely you just slap it on the right bits and that’s it done? Well, in many ways, yes, but why does it work is the question we are asking.

Bear in mind that when two people have sex, it causes friction. The skin isn’t completely smooth, after all, and this is where discomfort comes into the picture.

The addition of a condom can also exaggerate the problem, so a touch of lube makes everything smoother and easier.

You’ll find a variety of brands among our selection, all at sensible prices, and we are confident there will be one among the following ten that will be effective for you.

Many lube products are water-based, with other ingredients in there too, and they are all carefully researched to be safe and effective. Whether you use a particular brand already or are looking for advice, we’re here to help with all the information we can.

So, let’s get down to it and tell you about the best lube products in 2022, so you can get down to it and enjoy pleasurable, comfortable sex!

Important Features to Look Out For

So there you are 10 products that promise to enhance your sex life and give you a better experience all-round, each with its own attributes.

Of course, we recognise that there are great similarities between many – if not all – of these, but that’s only to be expected when it comes to standardised products such as this.

What do you need to look out for when considering a brand or type of lube? Let’s recap a few of the most important aspects:

Water-Based – we recommend that you use water-based lube for many reasons, and most of the above are water-based concoctions. They will be less sticky, will not be greasy, will be easy to apply and wash off, and will add performance.

Also, they will most likely be free of any chemical ingredients that may cause allergic or other reactions.

Flavoured or Not – a number of these lubricants are flavoured, so as to make oral sex more enjoyable and unique! There are many more flavours than those reviewed above, so we recommend that you check out the range, particularly from Durex. Which brings us to…

Durex or Other Brands – for many people, Durex is the only brand; it is synonymous with sex products and therefore is a great choice. There are others, so look around.

Condom and Toy Friendly – make sure your choice is condom friendly and is recommended for use with sex toys.

The above is, of course, just a few of the many features we look for in sex lubes, and there are many more to consider. We hope our guide goes some way to helping you decide which is right for you.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Sex! Don’t you just love it? We reckon it’s even better when you use one of the many lubes reviewed above!

When we set out to write this review we thought we’d have difficulty finding things to write about on the subject of lubrication, but we were soon proven wrong. There’s so much variety out there that anyone not experimenting with the best lube is really missing out.

The personal choice always plays a part in making decisions on intimate products such as this, and there are many reasons we could recommend either of those reviewed.

If you want to enjoy oral sex to the full we recommend you try one of the Durex flavoured items from the Play range, as they really do add an element of fun and excitement to your sex life.

The sensations added to touch by some of these products is also worth mentioning, and there are many that are particularly light and sensuous. There’s a great deal to be said for the comfort provided by quality lube, too, as it will prevent chafing which can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing for both parties.

Well, that just about wraps up our reviews of the top 10 best lubes, and we believe we’ve given you a good cross-section of the available items.

Use our guide for advice and pick the one you want – these are cheap products so you can always try more than one – and remember, for added safety and protection, always use a condom and you will enjoy healthy sex life to the full!
Use our guide for advice and pick the one you want – these are cheap products so you can always try more than one – and remember, for added safety and protection, always use a condom and you will enjoy healthy sex life to the full!

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