Top 10 Best MIG Welders 2024

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Welding is, in every way, shape and form, an art. It takes skill to get it right, to make it neat and tidy and effective, and it is very satisfying when you do!

Welding is everywhere around you; you may not realize it, but it is very commonplace indeed. It is in your cars, in your home, and in many other objects that you may not think about – both in large forms and in very small examples.

What is it about welding that makes it essential?

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Welding is the act of joining together two metal items using heat. It’s a simple concept that has been around a long, long time, but only recently have we been able to produce affordable DIY welding equipment, such as the machines we are going to be reviewing for you here.

The process uses a metal that is easy to melt, which acts as a sort of glue between the two other metal objects, which is heated to extreme levels. This is why welding is to be performed only by those who have been taught how to do it, and who are wearing and using the right equipment.

Sealey MIghtyMIG 100 Professional No Gas

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  • No gas - but it can be converted
  • This is a 100amp machine
  • Has a Euro torch connection system
Sealey MightyMIG 90

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  • This is a no gsa model and can't be converted
  • 90 amp machine
  • Small and compact
Draper Tools 32728 Gasless

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  • No gas
  • Comes with accessories
  • Weighs 14kg
R-Tech 180A MIG Welder

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  • Heavy duty machine
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • Very powerful at 180 amps
Sealey SuperMIG 140

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  • Has wheels so that its easy to move around
  • 140 amp machine
  • Comes with accessories

If you want to weld in your home workshop or garage, the item you will probably use is the best MIG welder UK. This stands for Metal Inert Gas, and it is one of the standard types of welding processes used widely in the industry today.

We won’t go into too much detail, but before we go on to give you the low-down on the top 10 models available, let’s have a bit more about how MIG welding works, and why it is important.

Best Mig Welders UK

1: Sealey MIghtyMIG 100 Professional No Gas

Sealey MIghtyMIG 100 Professional No Gas

We mentioned above, in our rather brief explanation of how these things work, that a MIG welder needs an inert gas as part of its operating procedure. In fact, this is not always the case, which makes things more complicated!

This model – from the Sealey brand, which offers a wide range of welding equipment and a full selection of welders – can be used without the gas, by way of using flux-cored wire. There are those who prefer this method, and those who don’t, and it is notable that this machine can be altered to run with gas by way of adjustment and the purchase of a kit.

This is a middle of the range model in the Sealey selection and offers great performance for what is compact and easy to handle the device. It runs from simple 230v mains power and is a 100amp machine, and it comes with full instructions and all the safety features you need.

It has an efficient cooling system for added effectiveness and features the ‘Euro Torch’ connection system for ease of use. It’s a quality item, maybe not of the power needed for commercial use, but at a great price for a DIY model.

Key Features
  • No gas (can be converted)
  • Euro Torch
  • Mains power

2: Sealey MightyMIG 90

Sealey MightyMIG 90

Whereas the above model – this is another from Sealey – offers 100amps of power (hence the name) this is its little brother from the same range.

It’s a 90amp model and offers similar attributes to the one above in terms of quality, operation, and ability. It’s also a non-gas model, and it is worth bearing in mind that unlike the 100 models, it cannot be converted to run with gas – if you want a gas MIG welder, then, this one is not for you.

This is a basic model in the Sealey selection and offers great performance for what is compact and easy to handle the device. It runs from simple 230v mains power and is a 90amp machine, and it comes with full instructions and all the safety features you need.

It has an efficient cooling system for added effectiveness and features the ‘Euro Torch’ connection system for ease of use. It’s a quality item, maybe not of the power needed for commercial use, but at a great price for a DIY model.

Key Features
  • 90amp
  • no gas model
  • Compact

3: Draper Tools 32728 Gasless

Draper Tools 32728 Gasless

The modern take on the MIG welder is to offer gasless models alongside those that work in traditional fashion.

The non-gas models are more convenient for DIY use as they require fewer components, and this little model from Draper – one of the giants in this sector of the market and favored by professionals – is a great example of a no-gas MIG welder.

It’s compact, easy to use and comes with everything you need to get going – including the wire and a face mask.

One of the benefits of the no-gas models – remember the gas is used as a sort of shielding gas– is that they are perfect for use in outdoor conditions where wind may play a part. This one is indeed ideal for such, and weighing in at a little more than 14kg, it’s also easy to move around.

You get four power settings, a neat and quick to fit torch, and variable wire speed, and it is very simple to set up and use. At the price, it’s certainly worth looking at from a great brand.

Key Features
  • No gas
  • Comes with accessories

4: R-Tech 180A MIG Welder

R-Tech 180A MIG Welder

We’re into the realms of the big boys with this model from R-Tech – another great brand with an impressive line up of models of this ilk – and it is a very nice welder with some impressive attributes.

This one is a gas model, it is designed solely for use with inert gas and has all the fittings including the hose – and it is larger than those we have reviewed so far. It’s also more powerful at 180 amps, so it is worth looking at if you are in the market for a commercial level device or might want to trade up in future years – where this could save you having to do so!

It comes with all the accessories you need, including the spool gun for aluminum welding and the torch, hose, and regulator, and it’s easy to set up and use. It’s a very high-quality build, as you would expect from the maker, and durable in terms of its casing, and it will last a long time.

If you’re in the market for a pro-type welder this is certainly worth looking at. It’s a fair bit more expensive than those listed above, but it is a top-quality machine.

Key Features
  • Heavy duty
  • Powerful
  • All the accessories

5: Sealey SuperMIG 140

Sealey SuperMIG 140

As we have already mentioned, Sealey is a name to be reckoned with when talking about MIG welders – and many other types of welding equipment. We have already included two from their range, but this one comes from the ‘SuperMIG’ selection and is a little more powerful as a result.

It’s a nice little machine with wheels so it’s easier to move around, and it comes with all the accessories for you to get up and going pretty much straight away.

This one is gas only, so you need to be aware you have to supply your own gas bottles to get the job done, but many people prefer the gas option. It’s a 140amp machine so while not the most powerful is quite capable.

It works from the standard mains supply and is a very effective machine with impressive customer testimonies to back it up. All in all, worth a look at the price which is very reasonable.

Key Features
  • Gas welder
  • Ready to go
  • Wheels

6: DJM Professional No-Gas MIG Welder

DJM Professional No-Gas MIG Welder

This is another of the smaller models, designed for DIY use perhaps in your garage or workshop, and weighing in at just 13kg is very light and portable, as well as being surprisingly compact.

It’s a no-gas welder for added convenience, so is very simple to use, and it works from standard 13-amp mains socket supply. It’s from DJM, who offer a range of these devices and have a reputation for quality welding devices at sensible prices.

This is a 100amp model so it is perfectly suitable for use in home and workshop projects – great for car body repairs of a lighter nature – and it is easy to use and has all the safety cut-out features you could possibly need in such a machine.

It comes with a quality welding mask and torch, a contact tip and a spool of flux-cored wire, so it is pretty much ready to go out of the box. It also has a forced-air cooling feature for added performance. Overall, a decent basic model at a very good price.

Key Features
  • Light
  • No-gas
  • Accessories

7: Autojack MIG100

Autojack MIG100

When it comes to bargains, we’re always on the lookout, and this little MIG welder might just be one of those. It’s a neat model that revels in simplicity.

Be aware this is a no-gas design so you can use it outdoors without concern, and it comes with variable speed control for the wires, and an internal fan system that provides powerful and adequate cooling. The heavy-duty casing is also a welcome factor, although the unit itself weighs under 7kg so it is very light and very portable.

Clearly, then, this is not a model for heavy-duty jobs, but that does not stop it being adequate for workshop and garage work in the DIY sphere. It is a 100amp design so it is perfectly capable of serious welding, and comes with a spool of wire, quality and very usable mask, and other accessories.

As the price goes, we reckon this one will be very hard to beat for anyone wanting a simple, basic home MIG welder for occasion use.

Key Features
  • No-gas
  • Speed control
  • Air cooled

8: Stanley SW58905 130A

Stanley SW58905 130A

If there is one brand in the tools market that can easily be called a household name, it’s Stanley. Famed especially for the effective and simple knife that is not referred to by the brand name, they also offer a full range of quality power tools and other items, including some very nice welding equipment.

This MIG welder is a 130Amp model, which makes it easily capable enough for any work you might want to do on a DIY basis and also appealing to professionals, and is of a typical high quality in terms of build.

It’s a gas or no-gas model, and comes complete with the hoses required if you do want to use the gas option, and is supplied with a mask, wire, regulator and other accessories, and it has a variable speed control for the wire.

It can weld up to 3mm thickness and is a surprisingly portable machine weighing under 12kg, so it is easy to move around. This is a typical Stanley item in every way possible and comes with a lengthy warranty, and while not the cheapest, it is sensibly priced for a top-brand item.

Key Features
  • Gas or no-gas
  • Hoses supplied
  • Mask

9: MV Power MIG 120A

MV Power MIG 120A

Our penultimate model is this smaller-type device from MV Power, and it’s a perfectly good MIG welder of the no-gas type. It’s nicely made, comes with all the accessories, and is well-equipped to deal with large and smaller jobs around the workshop and garage.

This is a 120amp model – at the price, with that power, it’s hard to beat – and you get a nice mask, the tip, some flu-core wire and a few more bits and pieces that make it worth a second look.

Like all of these, this one operates from a standard 13-amp plug socket and is therefore versatile for use around the house, it is light and compact, so it is easy to move around, and it is simple to set up and use.

Indeed, there is little to fault about this particular example, and it is certainly one for the shortlist if what you need is a simple, easy to use and cheap MIG welder that will be useful in and around the home and workshop.

Key Features
  • 120amp power
  • All accessories
  • Ready to go

10: GYS NovoMIG 160A

GYS NovoMIG 160A

Our final example of MIG welder is a bigger model than most and with 160amp capability is clearly one that is intended for commercial use as well as more in-depth DIY.

This is a well-made, substantial welder with both gas and no-gas options, and comes with all of the accessories and parts needed to facilitate both, including the hoses and a roll of flux-core wire so you can get welding pretty much as soon as you get it plugged in.

This model is designed with a panel for electing the different modes of operation – it is very easy to use and gives you a direct selection of all options – and it is sturdy and durable in construction. It’s also equipped with wheels at both front and back so it can be more easily moved around the workshop.

It works from a standard mains plug so can be used anywhere, and while not the cheapest is sensibly priced for a high-end MIG welder with both options.

Key Features
  • 160amp power
  • Wheels
  • Heavy-duty

That’s our selection of 10 best MIG welders, some non-gas models and some with variable options, but which is for you? Let’s check out some of the important features before we try and come to a conclusion.

Best MIG Welder UK How It Works

How does MIG welding work? Well, it’s all a little startling and potentially dangerous in the wrong hands! We’re not talking nuclear explosion dangerous, but there are explosions involved.

Exciting isn’t it? Put simply, what happens is this: you get the two bits of metal that you want to join – say two parts of a car floor, for example – and you take your MIG welding device. Now, the welding gun, as we shall call it, will feed a continuous line of ‘consumable metal’; it also creates an electrical current that, when in contact with this metal, creates an arc.

It’s here we get into the potentially dangerous territory, for an electrical arc can heat to very, very high temperatures. The arc from your MIG welder is controlled in that it is guarded by an inert gas that is also provided by the welding machine; this in effect cloaks the arc so that it does not get contaminated.

Small fragments of dust could, at this point, cause an explosion. The heat from the arc, meanwhile, melts the consumable metal and the two parts you want to join, and when they cool they join together.

If that all sounds terrifying, it’s not really; we just made it more so than it really is! However, it’s worth remembering that welding can be dangerous – there are extreme heat, light, and electricity involved – so it’s not something you should do without adequate training.

You also need to wear a mask or have a hand-held one to shield you against the heat and light. If you’re looking at buying a MIG welder, you know all this, so without any more delay, let’s look at the top 10 MIG welders you can buy right now.

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MIG Welder Reviews - Features to Consider

What should you look for when you are choosing the best MIG welder from the list of 10 we have provided? There are a number of features that may be important to you, so let’s have a look at some of the most important.

Gas or No Gas – most of these models are either no-gas operation or come with the option of adding a gas bottle. This is a personal choice as either method is preferable, depending upon the user.

Power – the models we have featured offer between 90 and 180amp power. This is a considerable difference and will influence the type and scope of welding you will be able to undertake with your new MIG welder, so make sure you talk to people with experience and check the manufacturer's specifications in detail before you make your choice.

Size – all of these models are relatively compact, but some are smaller – by quite a margin – than others, and it will be easier to move around and use in limited space. Also, some are rather heavy, and a few come with the wheel attached so it’s worth re-reading our reviews.

Accessories – what do you get with the package? Some come with a mask and all the stuff you need to start welding, others don’t so read carefully to see what you get with the deal.

Price – we don’t always include the cost in this section, but it’s worth mentioning that the price range across all of these is something like £400 difference, yet you should be aware there are many reasons for this and don’t choose on price alone.

That’s our advice, so is there one for you? It’s time to wrap things up!

Let’s Wrap It Up!

So, we have given you 10 best MIG welders  UK to look at, each of which has its own attributes, but which one is for you?

We reckon this depends upon what you need: if you want a simple, cheap MIG welder for occasional use or lightweight jobs in your workshop, then you should have a look at the MV Power model, number 9 on our list. It is very cheap, very compact, offers a decent power level at 130amp, and at the price is difficult to beat.

If you want a heavy-duty model for more robust use, or for commercial-standard jobs in the workshop or garage, we recommend you take a look at either the R-Tech, at number 4 on the list, or the last one from GYS. Both are suitably powerful, each comes at a sensible price for the capability, and you can choose between gas or no gas operation.

That’s our review of the top 10 best MIG welders for you, so have another look and see which one is for you, and get welding like you never did before!

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