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What is your least favorite household chore? If it’s not top of your list, cleaning the oven has to come close! Let’s be honest, it’s a right royal pain in the backside, but it is also a job that simply has to be done.

With regular usage your oven will gather grease and other debris – there’s nothing you can do to stop it happening – and the walls of the oven, plus any racks, trays and the glass on the door, will become dirty and contaminated. That’s when you have to get down to it, apply a bit of elbow grease, and tackle this truly nasty job!

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Oven Brite 500ml

[ Our #1 Choice ]

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  • 500ml capacity.
  • Bottle bag & gloves included.
  • Cleans inside the oven transforms racks & grills.
  • Fume free composition.
  • Kit contains: bag, bottle, gloves.
Lakeland Oven Mate Cleaning Gel

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  • Perfect for the most dreaded chore in the home - brush it on - wait - and wipe it off.
  • No scrubbing required - sparkling results without the elbow grease - quick and simple.
  • Does a fantastic job and there's no nasty, acrid smell to contend with whilst the gel does it's work.
  • The full package - gel, brush and protective gloves are all included in the pack.
Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner

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  • Heavy duty oven cleaner.
  • Uses a unique self-scouring formula.
  • Effectively removes burnt on grease, food and spills.
  • No need for strenuous scrubbing.
  • Make your oven sparkle.
JML Doktor Power

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  • The quickest and easiest way to clean your Oven & BBQ.
  • Easy cleaning process, mess stays inside the bag.
  • Can be used on surfaces if soaked for approximately 4-6 hours.
  • Kit includes: 500ml of Cleaning Gel, 1 x Rack Cleaning Bag, 2 x Nitrile Gloves and 1 x Operation Instructions.
  • Suitable for use on all stainless steel and enamel coated surfaces.
Oven Mate Just for Racks Plus Deep Clean Package

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  • Suitable for use on all stainless steel and enamel coated surfaces, non-coated baking trays, BBQ grills.
  • Oven gel kit suitable for use on oven interiors, trays and glass, wire shelves and BBQ racks, grill pans and pyrex dishes.
  • Works in minutes -- No Scrubbing - just paint on and wipe off; Quickly remove baked on grease, oil and fat.
  • Kit contains: 2 x Powerful cleaning gel (500ml) -- 2 x Zip lock rack bags -- 2 x Arm protectors -- 1 x Sponge -- 4 x Disposable impermeable gloves -- 1 x Applicator brush.

Of course, you’ll have your oven cleaner to hand, but are you using the best and most effective brand? There are many different options on the market, some promising amazing results!

Then there’s safety: what chemicals are in the solution you apply to your oven?

After all, it has to do some serious work to remove all that grime! We took a look at the top 10 choices of oven cleaner on the market right now so that you can make your choice safe in the knowledge you have chosen the best oven cleaner.

Before we go on, let’s have a closer look at what oven cleaners are, and how they work.

Best Oven Cleaner

1: Oven Brite 500ml

Oven Brite 500mlThis well-known brand comes highly recommended by many users and is a very popular choice. At 500ml it is plenty enough, and it follows the usual routine of being a put-on, leave for a while and wipe off.

It does include some rather nasty ingredients – it’s far from alone in that respect – but it is very effective. You get a quite fancy box, we must say, and it is a full package. It’s not expensive, either, so you get quite a lot of bang for your buck!

We like the fact it comes as a full package: the solution itself is in a handy bottle for added safety, and in the box, you will find a pair of gloves, plus a bag for disposal after use. This is a neat touch that adds value for money, and one that makes it more attractive than some.

One other plus point is that, unlike many rival products, this one has been carefully concocted to be fume-free, so it is not as hazardous as some.

It does, however, come with a rather worrying 12 safety warnings, but that could be considered a plus point as they have taken the trouble to tell us! All in all, a good deal for an effective oven cleaner.

  • Gloves and bag part of the deal
  • Good price
  • No fumes
  • Quite extensive safety warnings

2: Lakeland Oven Mate Cleaning Gel

Lakeland Oven Mate Cleaning GelLakeland offers a range of oven cleaning products, and this gel version is one of its most popular. It comes in a 500ml bottle and is a paint-on product rather than a spray. As with all of these, it contains some nasty stuff, so the usual safety advice applies.

There is a pair of gloves and a brush included and it does promise many fine properties. One of the most impressive claims is that there is no scrubbing required – welcome news for housewives across the country – as you simply leave it to work and then wipe it away.

The gel does not create an acrid smell as many such products do, but there are certain concerns. For example, it is not suitable for some stainless steel products, so they recommend a patch test to see if it can be used.

It’s also not suitable for use where some other brands have been used, as they say, the chemicals may react (worrying)! However, it has many fine reviews and is widely used. As usual, it’s important to follow the instructions, use gloves, and take care not to get it on your skin. Price is a little higher than the above but still less than a tenner.

  • No smell
  • No scrubbing
  • Gloves and brush supplied
  • May not be suitable for some stainless steel products

3: Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner

Mr Muscle Oven CleanerOne of the most recognizable brands, Mr. Muscle is a popular choice of oven cleaner. This is a spray version and comes in a pressurized can, so you need to keep it away from heat.

It works in the usual way – spray it on, leave it to do its stuff and wipe it off – and carries a warning that it includes sodium hydroxide, which is pretty much standard practice for such products.

It is promoted as a heavy-duty cleaner and uses a unique self-scouring method which is very effective at cleaning all areas of the oven.

As there is no scrubbing involved this one is another popular choice, and it sells in great quantities. It’s around the same price as those above but is smaller than them at just 300ml.

Furthermore, it carries the usual extensive safety advice, but if you follow the instructions you will be fine. No gloves with this one so you will need to find your own, but the spray-on technique is the easiest to use so far. A good product from a known brand, at a sensible price.

  • Spray on
  • Effective
  • Unique action
  • No gloves provided
  • Only 300ml

4: JML Doktor Power

JML Doktor PowerJML is a brand associated with affordable yet quality products for the home and the Doktor Power oven cleaner are just one of many such items. A 500ml package with bag included, it’s billed as the ‘quickest and easiest way to clean your oven and BBQ’, and is a heavy-duty, powerful solution.

You get a bag for cleaning the racks, plus a pair of strong gloves and a full set of instructions. It’s a very easy cleaning process as the bag is used throughout to contain the mess.

It can also be used on services other than the oven if it is soaked beforehand – the instructions cover the details – so is a versatile cleaning agent, and as is the trend with JML products, it is very cheap. Of course, it contains the usual nasty substances so you get the usual safety instructions, but the detailed usage guide is comprehensive and will help. Very cheap, and with some innovative touches.

  • Cheap
  • Full kit with gloves
  • Mess contained in the bag
  • Usual safety concerns

5: Oven Mate Just for Racks Plus Deep Clean Package

Oven Mate Just for Racks Plus Deep Clean PackageHere’s a package that makes a lot of sense: with this deal from Oven Mate you get a special kit designed for specifically cleaning racks. As with the JMP model above, it comes with a bag into which you place the rack for the cleaning process, so the mess is contained throughout.

There’s no scrubbing as it works and then gets wiped away, and it is very simple to use. The great thing about this deal is that you also get their Deep Clean product too, suitable for the interior of the oven plus enameled surfaces. It can also be used on Pyrex dishes and many other products, and there is no smell.

It’s quick, too, as it takes only minutes, and you will find it to be effective every time. This comprehensive package comes with two pairs of gloves and two bags, and special arm protectors for added safety.

You also get an applicator brush, plus two 500ml cleaning solutions, so you are ready to have a spotless oven once again. We like this package because you get everything you need for effective oven cleaning, and while the usual safety concerns are present, you get a good set of accessories for protection.

Note that this is a little more expensive than those reviewed so far, but we think it well worth the extra few quid.

  • Full package
  • Great safety accessories
  • Suitable for more than just ovens
  • Perhaps the price

6: 3 x Astonish Oven and Cookware Cleaner

3 x Astonish Oven and Cookware CleanerHere’s a deal we think you’ll like: three for the price of one with Astonish cleaning paste. That’s three 500ml packs of what claims to be the best and most effective product of its kind, and a very popular one at that.

It also offers versatility, as it is not only suitable for ovens, but also for cookware, cooker tops, pans, tiles, and sinks, and is suitable for use on enamel surfaces. It’s that versatile, it can even remove rust from chrome!

One thing we like about Astonish paste is that it is a non-acidic formula. This doesn’t mean it contains none of the nasty stuff, but that it does not contain any acids, and uses a unique process to clean the required surface.

There are few such products as impressive as this, and we can’t get over the fact this offer is for three of them. When it comes to price, little can beat this offer at three 500ml packets for less than a tenner. Grab it while you can!

  • Three for one
  • Effective
  • None-acidic
  • None

7: HG Oven Grill and Barbecue Cleaner

HG Oven Grill and Barbecue CleanerFrom the well-known HG brand, we have this 500ml spray bottle cleaner. It is a quick-acting cleaning solution with a strong reputation and is easy to apply and use.

This one requires the surface of the oven or grill to be warm before use for better results, but that’s not really a problem. It works in as little as five minutes, and it is recommended to repeat the performance a few times for particularly dirty items. You will also need to wash down the surface after use.

The HG cleaner comes with safety warnings as it includes the usual suspects, but with proper and careful use will be an effective cleaner at a sensible price. You don’t get gloves with this one so you will need to buy your own.

Apart from the usual concerns, there is little wrong with this product, which you can buy for less than a fiver.

  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • No gloves provided

8: Oven Mate Mesh Filter Cleaner

Oven Mate Mesh Filter CleanerOne of the often-overlooked areas of cleaning an oven is that of the mesh filter in the cooker hob. These can become blocked with grease and dirt over time, and when they do, this impedes the efficient operation of the filter, resulting in a kitchen full of fumes!

Cleaning this part needs doing regularly, and this product from Oven Mate is specially formulated for this specific purpose. It’s designed for regular use and will keep your hood filter clean and effective all the time.

Also, the product is formulated to protect against grease and dirt on the filter hood, so is even more effective a cleaning agent. Another benefit of this deal is that you get two for the price of one, so you can keep your filter working for much longer, and you get change from a tenner.

Don’t overlook the cooker hood when cleaning your kitchen appliances as it also needs attention, so we recommend this excellent deal as a way of ensuring efficient extraction of those smells and fumes.

  • 2 for 1
  • Clean mesh filters
  • aids efficiency
  • None

9: Pro-Kleen Oven Blitz Cleaner

Pro-Kleen Oven Blitz CleanerThis is a bulk-buy deal that makes a lot of sense and comes from a known brand. This product is a little different from the rest; it is a bag system like some of the others, so it restricts mess and is very easy to use. The product itself is super-concentrated, and as you get 5litres you can clean up to 20 times.

There are 10 bags supplied too, so you get a very efficient purchase. Suitable for grease, oil, fat and other burnt on materials, this is a very effective cleaning agent and one that we like a lot. It does contain the usual potentially hazardous ingredients but comes with full usage instructions as well as a pair of gloves.

Oven Blitz can be used on stainless steel and enamel surfaces, unlike some rivals, and is suitable for barbecue racks too. It’s easy to use and cleans efficiently and quickly, and regular use will extend the life of your oven and appliances.

It’s an all in one solution that is very popular, and we can’t find any problems with it. For less than twenty pounds you get 5litres of this concentrated cleaning solution, so it makes for a sensible purchase.

  • Bulk buy at a great price
  • Super concentrated
  • Efficient
  • None bar the usual safety concerns

10: Oven Mate Cleaning Gel and Brush

Oven Mate Cleaning Gel and BrushAnother one from the popular Oven Mate range, this is a cleaning gel product that offers industrial strength cleaning properties.

It comes with an applicator brush and a scrubbing brush; now, we know you don’t like scrubbing – and in fact, the manufacturer says it is not necessary – but they supply the scrubbing brush because a little buffing can bring up your oven to look as good as new.

There is no acrid smell as the formula is concocted to avoid it, and the result is a very impressive surface, free of grease, oil and burnt materials.

This one is simple to use as you apply it with the applicator brush and then leave it to do its job. Once ready, you simply wipe it away and you have an oven ready for use. It’s a 500ml bottle, too, and at little more than a fiver is a good value for money.

We can’t find anything wrong with this one, so put it on your shortlist!

  • Powerful industrial strength cleaner
  • Cheap
  • None

How it Works

Now, before we get into the details, it’s important to state that many of the best oven cleaners DO include some potentially hazardous substances. However, if used correctly, they will not cause any harm. This is, of course, just basic common sense, but accidents do happen.

There’s no point in going too deeply into the ingredients concerned, but let’s say that the likes of sodium hydroxide – a common ingredient – can be corrosive. This is part of the reason they are in the stuff in the first place, but you don’t want to get it onto your skin. So, wear gloves at all times when using an oven cleaner.

How does it work? With most, you spray it onto the surfaces and leave it to get to work. The various ingredients work to dilute and free up the grease and dirt, so you can easily wipe it away once done.

Remember, take great care when using these products as they may cause unpleasantness if you get it on your skin, so if you do come into contact, wash it away straight away. One more thing: ALWAYS follow the manufacturer instructions; this is not only good advice health-wise, but it will give you the best results.

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Best Oven Cleaner UK Important Features

That’s 10 oven cleaning products reviewed for you, and we hope you have an idea which might do the trick in your kitchen. As a recap, here are some important features to look out for looking for the best oven cleaner.

  • Ingredients – each of these cleaning products will include some chemical products which, if they are ingested or come into contact with the skin, can cause irritation or worse. There can also be allergic reactions to some of the products, so please check in advance. There is advice on the products as to what to do if you do have an accident, so follow the instructions and you will be safe.
  • Gloves – save money on your oven cleaning by buying one of the products that come with a pair of protective gloves. These are a vital accessory when cleaning the oven – see above.
  • Bag or Not – some of these cleaners use the bag system, which is efficient for cleaning racks and other accessories, while others do not. You should check out the benefits before you choose the product you want, as some people prefer the bag system while others do not.
  • Spray or Brush – there are two standard methods of application, spray or brush. The former is quicker while the latter can provide better results. Whichever you choose, make sure you follow the instructions carefully and to the full.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

We hope that the information provided above has gone at least some way towards helping you find the best oven cleaner product for your requirements, so you can go ahead and have a sparkling clean oven in no time at all.

Of course, the above are just a few of the many best oven cleaner products available, but we believe this list represents a good cross-section of the best on the market.

Which do we recommend? It is difficult to single one product out there, so we’d like to suggest a few, and each is for similar reasons. The Pro-Kleen product, number nine of the list, is worthy of consideration as it is a bulk product that will save you money, while the Astonish deal, the three for one package, is amazing value for money, too.

We can also recommend each of the Oven Mate products, as they come with a very good reputation.

Whichever you choose, please remember what we said about safety; all of these products will include chemicals that can cause harm to you to come into contact, so make sure you wear gloves even if they are not protected, and avoid inhalation as best you can.

Try and keep a window open for ventilation, too. Regular cleaning of your oven and its shelves – and don’t forget the cooker hood – means you will get longer out of it and also more efficient running, and as you don’t have to scrub with these products – they all wipe clean – your job becomes easier!

That’s it from us, so consider your options carefully, and we hope you find the best over cleaner to keep your oven clean and shiny!

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