Best Potato Peelers in 2021

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OXO Good Grips Y Peeler

[ Our #1 Choice ]

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  • Oversize handle absorbs strain from hands and wrist.
  • Comfortable to use, even with repetitive strokes.
  • Sharp stainless-steel blade.
  • Built-in potato eye remover.
Victorinox Double Blade Peeler

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  • Blade Length: 4 cm.
  • Double bladed peeler
  • Suitable for Left and Right handers.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Handle Material: Polypropylene.
Master Class Heavy Duty Peeler

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  • Master Class heavy duty y shaped peeler.
  • Deluxe mirror polished swivel headed design.
  • Elegant and stylish.
Elgento E010 Potato Peeler

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  • Six durable and efficient stainless steel peeling blades
  • Powerful 70 W motor, peels up to 1 kg of potatoes in minutes.
  • Salad spinner removes excess water from salads, enhancing texture and taste.
  • Easy to dismantle for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.
  • Rubber feet ensure stability.
ParaCity Electric Peeler

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  • Peels potatoes,fruits and vegetables instantly at the push of a button.
  • The Robotized arm adjusts to every thickness, shape and textures: From potatoes to tomatoes to rutabaga and avocados, also zests citrus fruits.
  • Includes a hand thumb knife to scoop out the potato eyes.
  • The bottom holder can fix vegetable & fruit in its rotation process. No need to hold the vegetable during peeling, safe to hands!
  • No more messing with manual peelers.

The potato: a humble vegetable, but a very versatile one. How do you like yours? Do you prefer boiled new potatoes, or – like many – traditional chips? There’s little better than crispy, beautifully done chips, with or without fish! Also, do you peel or not? We’ll come back to that question before we begin our review of potato peelers, but for now, a little bit of potato history!

The potato originated in South America and was brought back to Europe by the Spanish after they conquered that part of the world in the 16th century. It has since become one of the most ubiquitous of vegetables and is the fourth most widely grown crop in the world today. There is, of course, the famous story of how Walter Raleigh, the great explorer, first brought the potato to the UK, but unfortunately, it is believed to be a myth. Millions of schoolchildren, then, have been lied to! What we do know is that they have been around for a very long time; archaeologists have uncovered potato tuber remains dating back to 2500BC!

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Anyhow, back to eating them: there are few foods more versatile than the potato, as we have already hinted at. Boiled, roasted, mashed, all are popular and tasty dishes, and can be partnered with many different other foods to make a wonderful meal. What, for example, would a Sunday roast be without the roast potatoes? There’s also the satisfaction of growing your own: fill a few black bags with compost, plant a potato in and keep an eye on it, and in a few months when you tip it out, you’ll have a fresh crop! Or, you can pop to your local supermarket, and buy a bag of them! Now, back to peeling; it’s often best to peel your potatoes, so what do you use? A potato peeler, of course, and we’re about to give you a review of the 10 best potato peelers on the market. Here’s a bit more about these wonderful implements.

Best Potato Peelers

1: OXO Good Grips Y Peeler

No, this isn’t made by the people who give us the famous beef stock cubes, buy by another OXO. They are a kitchen implements company with a strong and varied range of affordable, simple designs, and this is one of the most popular potato peeler designs you will find anywhere. It’s called the Y Peeler because it is that shape; a straight handle, a blade across the top, and it does the job. We have to say, it does it rather well, too, but remember – if you are getting the kids to do the peeling, make sure you are close by as it is a sharp blade.

So, what’s great about this one? Well, it comes with a deliberately wide plastic handle with grooves for added grip; you simply hold the potato in one hand, and stroke the peeler down it with the other. It takes the outer skin off easily, and is dishwasher safe. It’s a very simple, very basic design that is a modern take on the peelers we’ve known for decades, and does the job much better than a knife. Do you need one? At a little more than a fiver, why not?

  • Simple
  • Cheap
  • Manual operation

2: Victorinox Double Blade Peeler

Now, if you are visualizing a traditional potato peeler, you’re likely thinking of something like this. It’s a very simple design, one that has been tried and tested across many decades, and this one comes from Victorinox, a brand with a reputation for making high quality knives and other bladed implements, so you are getting a guaranteed top level item. The pointed, curved metal part has the blade on top, and is designed for use by right or left-handed people – you might not have considered that – while the point is for taking the hard ‘eye’ out of the potato in one simple action.

This is a light and easy to use model that does the job it’s designed for, and it feels like a quality item in the hand. The black handle will fit in with most kitchen sets, and it is good to grip easily. Again, youngsters should be supervised thanks to the sharp parts. It is dishwasher safe, so can go on with your other knives and forks, and will last a long time thanks to durable finish. Not the cheapest of the basic sort at around a tenner, but it is a quality brand so you get that reassurance.

  • Brand name
  • Quality
  • Not cheap for what it is

3: Master Class Heavy Duty Peeler

Who thought a potato peeler could actually be an attractive item? This one, from Master Class, really is a very pretty one, finished in stainless steel and clearly with some thought put into the design. If classy, sleek and modern implements are what make up your kitchen collection, you may well want to have a look at this little beauty. It is neat to hold, and the stainless steel is a single cast body for added durability, plus it has swivelling blades for claimed added efficiency.

In fact, it’s that last feature that may divide opinion on this one: some people prefer blades that swivel as you peel – much in the manner of a hand-held razor – while others like a fixed blade model. It’s up to you, but the quality of this one, and its genuinely great looks, make it a contender for us. The blades are stainless steel, too, and promise excellent peeling prowess, while the peeler is also dishwasher safe. Furthermore, this one comes with a ten-year guarantee – that in itself is impressive! At a few pennies more than six pounds, this is certainly worth a look.

  • Great design
  • Cheap
  • Long guarantee
  • Swivelling blades depending on your preference

4: Elgento Electric Potato Peeler

And now for something completely different! This is the first of our automatic potato peeler models, and gives us an opportunity to introduce the concept, and its pros and cons. What is it, then? Well, essentially, it’s a large bowl with mechanised blades inside, powered by an electric motor. You put the potatoes in, switch it on and the blades do the peeling for you. This one can peel 1kg of potatoes in a matter of a few minutes, so it is a very impressive device. It also dismantles easily for cleaning, and it is very easy to clean.

But, there is a downside to these, and that is they peel rather vigorously! By this we mean they chop, in a fashion, so you tend to lose more of the potato than you would with a manual peeler. Is this a problem? That depends on the individual user; potatoes are not expensive, so if you don’t mind more waste, this could be the model for you. In its favour, it also works as an automated salad spinner, so you get two functions for the price, which is a little less than £30. Is it worth it? If you’re looking for an automatic potato peeler, yes – but check out the one below first!

  • Automatic potato peeler
  • Dual-purpose
  • Perhaps the price

5: ParaCity Electric Peeler

This is the sort of innovation we like to see in kitchen implements; it’s a very clever device, but perhaps a little time-consuming to use. Whereas with the above electric potato peeler model you chuck a load of potatoes in the bowl and they all get peeled, this one does them one at a time. Now that’s great if you want to peel an apple or other fruit – which it also does – but if you’re doing a load of potatoes for a Sunday roast, it might be a bit of a chore. Nonetheless, it’s a neat gadget, so you might want to take a closer look.

How does it work? You place the potato on the holder, and it is kept in place by an upper arm; adjust the cutting blade to the thickness you want, and switch on. The potato rotates, the skin comes off, all done. Then you put another one on. Clearly, it’s going to take some time to skin a kilo of potatoes, which will probably be different shapes and sizes, but we have to say it’s a fun appliance to have around the kitchen! You can buy one of these for around £16 so it’s not expensive, but you might perhaps want it as a talking point rather than a practical appliance.

  • Clever
  • Innovative
  • Affordable
  • One potato, two potato…only one at a time!

6: DOTO Premium Swivel Peeler

Back to earth with this one, although we must say it is a somewhat futuristic take on the traditional manual peeler. Interestingly, the maker advises that this one (and in fact all manual peelers) is suitable not just for potatoes, but for the following: swede, carrot, butternut, courgette, cucumber, beetroot, apple and more. Now, I have to say, I see no reason why anyone would want to peel a cucumber; I mean, what’s the point? Still, if that’s your thing!

This model is small, neat and tidy, and has a swivelling blade – which might not appeal to everyone – and has a cleverly designed plastic, curved handle for the best grip when peeling. It has a hole in the handle for hanging (can you tell we’re struggling for things to say?) and is dishwasher safe. Anything else to say? You get a lifetime guarantee, and it will cost you less than a fiver, so is recommended if you want this type of peeler.

  • Cheap
  • Simple
  • Manual operation

7: Judge Potato Peeler

Back to the world of automatic potatopeelers, and this one is very similar to the one we reviewed at number four on this list. It follows the same design – a bowl with six sharp stainless-steel blades operated by an electric motor – and can also do up to 1kg at a time? Is it the same thing with a different badge? We think it most likely is. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take a look at it; if you are in the market for this type of peeler then it is certainly one for the shortlist. What else is there to say about it?

It’s a three-piece model that comes apart so it is easy to clean, and can also be used as a salad spinner. It’s finished in white, has a lockable lid and automatic cut-off for safety, and is a one-touch model so is easy to use. There are people who would prefer this model over other designs, and it has proven to be popular. At a touch under £40, however, it is an expensive item compared to others on this list that do the same job.

  • Automatic
  • Capacity
  • Expensive in comparison

8: Turbo Peeler Original

This one is another of the popular Y shape designs, and is an attractive item in its own right. It is finished in stainless-steel and looks great, and it has strong steel blades that are sharp and peel efficiently. It really is of a very high quality – the makers even point out you are buying ‘German engineering’ – and is designed to make a simple job, well, even more simple!

It offers a well-designed handle with excellent grip, cuts nicely when drawn across a potato – or any one of many other vegetables – and has been favourably reviewed by many users. In short, if you are looking for a manual, traditional type of peeler, there is little doubt that this one should be on your shortlist, especially if you like quality goods that look as good as this. It’s around £10 so not the cheapest of these, but we like it.

  • Quality
  • Looks
  • Manual model

9: Toechmo Ultra Sharp

There is something rather attractive about this very neat and stylish potato peeler – indeed it has many more uses than this – and it looks great in stainless steel. It’s described as a julienne peeler, an accurate description, and works via very sharp stainless steel blades that simply glide across any vegetable you should want to peel. The comfortable non-slip handle is a bonus, and it is designed to be ergonomic to hold, and that shines through in the design.

It comes with a hanging loop so you can store it easily, and is compact enough to fit in any suitable drawer or tray. It’s nicely made, and is guaranteed dishwasher-safe so you can keep it clean easily. There’s not a lot more to add to the description of what is a basic but very nice manual peeler, except that it has many satisfied users, and comes at a price that is very sensible. Definitely one for the shortlist.

  • Stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safe grip handle
  • None

10: Arsuk Automatic Peeler

We arrive at our final potato peeler, and it’s another automatic model. In fact, it’s very, very similar to number 5, and comes with all the pros and cons that came with that one. Namely, it is not very practical, as it peels one potato – or any of many other fruits or vegetables – one at a time. We really can’t see that the time taken up setting the thing – you have to adjust the holder each time and set the peeling blade – makes it worthwhile, so it really is a device you would buy for a fun talking point at parties or whatever!

Indeed, one of the manufacturer selling points is that it is ‘entertaining to watch’, which while true is a bizarre thing to say about a vegetable peeler! This is a very clever item, no doubt at all, but peeling potatoes one by one is something you already do by hand, so why buy an electric machine to do the same thing? At around £15 it might be worth buying as a party piece.

  • Clever
  • Entertaining
  • One at a time

There you go; that’s ten great potato peelers, over a number of different designs, for you to consider. Before we go on, to sum up, let’s look at the important features to consider.

How It Works

How do you peel a potato? You get your potato, grab your peeler, and get the job done! That might be the case if you have a manual peeler – there are many different types on the market, and you’re probably familiar with the traditional wooden-handled one, that seems to appear miraculously in kitchen drawers across the land as if they live there. But, as you will find when you read on, there are more interesting designs – yes, we did refer to a potato peeler as interesting – that make life a lot easier.

After all, peeling potatoes is something of a chore; as a child, I was routinely given a pot of potatoes to peel – carrots, too – and it was eternally boring. That’s why we think you will like some of the mechanised models that we have reviewed, and you may find them useful for other jobs in the kitchen, too.

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Now, we know that many of you reading this will be thinking ‘well, I just use a knife’; that’s great, but what if there was an inexpensive implement – we’re talking just a few quid – that could do the job better as it is designed to do it? That’s what we’re going to look at in our review below, and we reckon that once you read this, you’ll want a potato peeler more than you might ever have known! So, here we go: our potentially life-changing review of potato peelers is next, so read on!

Important Features to Look For

Do you want a potato peeler? Join the club, they’re great! Here’s a summary of the important points you need to look for when choosing one of these devices:

Auto or Manual – there are pros and cons to both, but when it comes down to it, peeling a potato by hand, with a traditional peeler, isn’t exactly difficult, so it comes down to what you want to pay.

Swivel or Fixed – this is an individual choice, as some prefer the fixed head blade, while others like a blade that swivels as it is used.

Steel or Plastic – stainless steel looks good, plastic is cheaper (or it may not be as it happens) and steel will also last longer, so it’s up to you.

There are just a few ideas as to what you should look for when choosing the peeler that is right for you, so all we need to so now is wrap things up.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

You never knew there were so many different types of potato peeler, did you? Neither did we, but there they all are! So, which would we recommend as the best potato peeler?

Let’s start by saying that, for efficient peeling of potatoes and fruits, the two clever electric potato peeler models – numbers 5 and 10 – are not the best choice as they do the job one by one. They are, however, great to watch and not that expensive, so you might want to consider them as a fun and entertaining item for the kitchen.

The bigger automatic potato peeler models – at 4 and 7 – are great for peeling large quantities quickly, so if you have a large family, you might find one of these indispensable. If a manual peeler is your choice, and you don’t want to pay much, there are several options here, but we like the double pack at number 9, for both value and looks.

There you are then, off you go, buy the best potato peeler, and get those spuds ready for the roast!

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