Top 10 Best Scroll Saws 2024

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Record Power SS16V Scroll Saw

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  • Variable speeds
  • Tiltable worktable
  • Flexible work light
KATSU Electric Scroll Saw

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  • Quick release function
  • Robust cast iron housing
  • Adjustable Workbench
Einhell TC-SS 405E Scroll Saw

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  • Adjustable blade speed
  • Dust extractor
Dremel Moto Compact Scroll Saw

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  • Parallel guide attachment
  • Vacuum cleaner nozzle that ensures all your shavings and dust are collected efficiently.

Axminster Hobby AWFS16 Scroll Saw

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  • Cast iron base
  • Large throat

If you are planning to make beautiful, unique DIY cuts on your work piece, you have no option but to get a high-caliber scroll saw. Scrolling is an intriguing yet unique art form that literally transforms the way you carry about your woodwork. It is a perfect and must have tool for creative and artistic woodworkers who like making crafts.

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Initially used for scrollwork, a scroll saw is a small saw that is used for making intricate curves and cuts in various materials. They look quite similar to band saws but doesn’t use a continuous blade. Instead, blades of a scroll saw move up and down in a reciprocating mechanism.

If you want to make highly precise cuts, scroll saws give more control compared to jigsaws and make more progress than a hand coping saw. It is due to this versatility that you definitely need this invaluable tool. You will also certainly cut far more delicately, thanks to the saw’s ultra-fine blade.

When buying such high power tools, we know that many people often find it daunting to make the right choice. Since your choice determines the effectiveness and end-result of your work, we have outlined our list of the best scroll saws on the market. This will ease your search and provide some piece of mind as these products provide undoubtedly and satisfactory results.

The Top 10

1.    Record Power SS16V Scroll Saw

The Record Power SS16V Scroll Saw is an accurate, solid and versatile piece that comes in handy in any workshop. Its genuine benefit and feature highlight is the variable speed settings that offer utmost flexibility when cutting different materials. Faster speeds can cut wood up to 50mm thick while low speeds are ideal for plastic and non-ferrous materials.

Changing the blades of this saw is pretty easy and quick. This is exactly what you need when you have different materials to work on. Jumping from one work piece to another is a breeze and won’t interfere with your workflow. An integral safety feature is a hold-down clamp that holds the tool in pace making sure that the blade stays focused on the wood’s marked contours.

It also features a dust blower that eliminates work piece shavings giving you a clear view of the marked cutting area. Other features include the work light for enhanced visibility, tiltable table, and dust extraction outlet.

Key Features
  • Variable speeds
  • Tiltable worktable
  • 5-year warranty
  • Flexible work light

2.    KATSU Electric Scroll Saw

Hobbyist looking to buy their first scroll saw may find the KATSU Electric Scroll Saw an ideal choice. From various previous owners, this is a solid scroll with real vibrations that requires enthusiasts to use it in a solid surface or bolt it down.

Low speeds of the saw are fine with hardly present/minimal vibrations. However, higher speeds provide a lot of vibration. To avoid this, ensure that you fix the saw in a solid surface and strongly bolt it down. Switching between blades is pretty easy, thanks to its quick release function.

Precise cuts with the KATSU Electric Scroll Saw is provided by the parallel guide as the dust blowing system provides for a clear working surface. It features a robust cast iron housing with adjustable worktable for angled cuts.

Key Features
  • Quick release function
  • Robust cast iron housing
  • Adjustable Workbench
  • Dust blowing system

3.    Einhell TC-SS 405E Scroll Saw

If you are looking for an easy to operate tool that is safe and provides precise cuts, go for the Einhell TC-SS 405E Scroll Saw. To begin, it comes with a solid base that promotes stable placement. Note that this is very important if you want precise cuts. Its worktable is also tiltable from 45 to 90 degrees making it possible to make angled cuts and sharp edges.

The saw provides 2 blades, as it can work with T-shaft and coping saw blades. This makes it quite versatile as the coping blade provides precise, intricate and irregular cuts. Blades can be electronically controlled with variable speed settings for an accurate result.

To ensure this tool is held securely in pace, Einhell TC-SS 405E Scroll Saw comes with a work piece hold-down component. Even more, the blow-off function keeps your working area and the material free of chips providing a great view.

Key Features
  • Practical hold-down clamp
  • Adjustable blade speed
  • Dust extractor
  • Cuts various materials

4.    Dremel Moto Compact Scroll Saw

The Dremel Moto Compact Scroll Saw is a perfect scroll for small-scale and beginner craft enthusiasts. This easy to use and compact tool makes intricate cuts on various materials. It comes with different blades that makes it possible to cut various materials ranging from hardwood, laminate, soft sheet and softwood. Large blades are best for wood while the finest is best for metal.

The detachable fretsaw is perhaps an outstanding feature of this tool. This allows the tool to be used when stationary and in hand anywhere. It has a clamp that holds the scroll firmly on the bench. For straight cuts, worry not as its parallel guide attachment assists in making straight cuts.

Dremel Moto Compact Scroll Saw features variable speed control and a vacuum cleaner nozzle that ensures all your shavings and dust are collected efficiently.

Key Features
  • Easy setup
  • Parallel guide attachment
  • Dual functioning

5.    Axminster Hobby AWFS16 Scroll Saw

Vibration is among the key features that affect the quality of your work. Well, the Axminster Hobby AWFS16 Scroll Saw comes with a cast iron base and cast iron base that significantly minimizes the vibrations and its effect. The tool is powered by a 90W motor that powers its 50mm capacity.

It features a 16” throat size with an adjustable table ranging from 0 to 45 degrees. The saw’s two blades are independently pivoted and gives straight up and down motion for a better quality cut. It has a small blower tube that is positioned along the blade keeping the working area clear of dust. It also gives a clear view of the cutline.

This scroll works with both pinned blades for cutting longer lengths and pinless blades for fine work that can be replaced with much ease. It is generally a compact design that suits most hobby craftsmen.

Key Features
  • Cast iron base
  • Large throat
  • Smooth and quiet running
  • Independently pivoted blades

6.    Scheppach SD1600 Scroll Saw

The Scheppach SD1600 Scroll Saw is an extraordinary tool that provides extreme cutting precision. This tool comes with several accessories that make your carving ideas a reality. It comes with adapters for pinless blades clamping.

It also features an electronic speed control that enables you to match your working speed to the corresponding material. Its sturdy parallel arm alongside the large, polished aluminum table provides much convenience when working.

This scroll also comes with an adjustable work light that provides great visibility as the suction connection piece ensures a clean working environment. The product comes with a 2-year warranty.

Key Features
  • Solid construction
  • Angled cuts
  • Work light
  • Standard dust blower

7.    FERM-SSM 1005 Scroll Saw

The FERM-SSM 1005 Scroll Saw is a uniquely designed and easy to use scroll saw. Perhaps this product’s feature highlight is the quick release function that provides for an easy blade exchange. It also comes with a parallel guide for enhanced accuracy and precise working.

It comes with an adjustable working table, ranging from 0 to 45 degrees, giving you the benefit of curving your ideas on the work piece. For a clean working area, it has a dust blowing system that provides an assurance that you work on the contoured lines. This adds to the functionality of the parallel guide. It also has a robust cast iron housing that ascertains much durability.

Working on various materials is possible with this powerful scroll saw. so to say, it runs on a corded electric power source with a 90W powerful motor. With this and the variable speed settings, you can work on any material of your choice.

Key Features
  • Simple construction
  • Quick release function
  • Dust blowing system
  • Adjustable working table

8.    Lumberjack SS405 Bench Top Scroll Saw

The Lumberjack SS405 Bench Top Scroll Saw is one of the powerful scrolls for various craftsmanship escapades. This saw is powered by a 90W motor that boasts of 405mm throat capacity. It comes complete with a built-in work light that provides the much-needed visibility, especially when working on intricate projects.

To minimize shavings and dust accumulation, this unit has an air blower that keeps your contour clean, making it easy to follow the pre-marked lines. Additionally, the variable speed settings make this saw difficult to beat. You can adjust the speed of the blade depending on your needs – probably the material you are working on.

Like other best products on our list, it comes with an adjustable/tiltable table that makes it overly possible to make angled cuts. It can also work with pinned and pinless blades, providing extra versatility.

Key Features
  • Dust port
  • Cutting site blower
  • Pinned/pinless blades
  • Cast iron base

9.    Proxxon Micromot Professional Modelling Scroll Saw

The Proxxon Micromot Professional Modelling Scroll Saw is among the few versatile scroll saws available on the market currently. Its first impression is of a tool that is solidly built for the price. Setting up its workbench takes approximately five minutes and accepts both pinned and pinless blades.

This tool is well-known for its superior performance and a popular choice for many industrial setups and applications. It is a 2-speed scroll saw with much versatility, cutting on various materials such as plastic, wood, non-ferrous metals, foam, glass fibre, leather and many more.

Its cutting depth is 50mm for wood, 30mm for plastic and 10mm for non-ferrous metals. It features a slender arm made of die-cast aluminum that provides a clear view of the cutting line. An integral air blower blows off the sawdust to add on its visibility.

Key Features
  • Variable 2-speed operation
  • Accepts both pinned and pinless blades
  • Slender arm
  • Low vibration

10.Clarke CSS400B-16 Scroll Saw

The Clarke CSS400B-16 Scroll Saw is an ideal scrolling saw of choice for making precise cuts on woods. It features a 40mm thick throat size and a 50mm possible cutting height. The saw comes with an accurate tensioning enhancing knob at the right bottom back used for tightening and loosening the blade for better results.

With the various TPI blades of varying sizes, you can make cuts of different sizes on different materials. Changing the blades is similarly a breeze, requiring no tools. As such, you can perform delicate craftsmanship spotlessly. Like other top models, it comes with a tiltable table with a cast iron solid base that ascertains extreme stability.

Working on any material is possible with its variable speed control. Besides, it ascertains the utmost accuracy and quick performance. It offers efficient operation with much safety in mind. An adjustable blade guard that protects users from possible hand injuries backs this.

Key Features
  • Easy blade tensioning
  • Variable speed control
  • Varying blade sizes
  • Enhanced safety

How a Scroll Saw Works

In essence, a scroll saw is a powered fret or coping saw. It has a short blade that runs through a hole in its accompanying worktable. The blade is supported both at the top and at the bottom by an “arm.” To create sawing action, the arm moves up and down at high speed, powered by electricity.

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As the operator, you will have to guide the work piece as you feed it into the blade. This creates the intricate aesthetic cuts. Just to mention, initial scroll saws were foot powered and used a treadle system. However, modern saws have electric motors that make them more compact.

Features to Consider

As mentioned, scroll saws allow woodworkers to make intricate and detailed cuts in various materials. Despite being the best saws for craft, not all scroll saws are the same. There are plenty of models and designs on the market, making it quite daunting to pick the best. Well, this shouldn’t be a problem as you only need to check out the following crucial factors when shopping for one.

Scroll Saw Throat Size

Throat size is one of the terms that as a woodworker, you should have come across severally, especially when shopping for a scroll saw. Rightfully, this is one of the essential things to consider when looking to purchase these saws.

The throat size of a scroll saw describes the distance from the back of the saw’s blade to the back throat of the saw. Why is this of such importance though? Well, the throat size determines the size of the stock that the blade can cut. However, whatever the size you choose, you can cut a stock that is double the length of the throat.

For instance, a 16-inch saw can cut a 32-inch piece of wood. Small sized throats are basic and better suited for beginners. 20 to 21 – inch throat size scroll saws are best for experienced woodworkers.

Scroll Saw Worktable

A worktable is an essential component of any scroll saw. Otherwise, where would you place your work piece? The worktable holds the material being worked on, as well as provides a working surface for a woodworker when using the scroll saw. When it comes to worktables, there are three essential factors to consider. These are the size, durability, and material of the worktable.

As for the size, this may vary from one model/brand to another. However, the best table should provide enough room for you to work on your work piece comfortably. It should also be large enough to support the entire piece.

As for the worktable material, ensure that it is smooth enough so that it doesn’t cause resistance when moving the work piece. Too much resistance may affect the quality of the cut.

Thirdly, the durability of the worktable is overly important. Obviously, you wouldn’t entertain buying a worktable after every few months. Find something tough enough to hold your work piece. The best is to avoid wooden tables and consider aluminum or cast iron worktables.

Scroll Saw Speed

As mentioned before, older scroll saws were foot-powered. Due to this, they only featured one or two-speed settings, which limited their use. Modern saws are electric and have variable speed settings that make it possible to choose a speed within the ranges.

Varying speed settings is important, as different materials require different cutting speeds. Power saws have speed ranging from 400 spm to 180 spm or more. The best scroll saw should be one with variable speed settings.

Scroll Saw Blade Type

The blade of any saw is of immense importance as it is what makes the actual cuts. Besides, it is the only part of the scroll saw you would consider changing with time. There are two main classifications of scroll saw blades. They all come in varying sizes thus can be quite confusing to choose the right one, especially for beginner woodworkers.

Scroll saws can either have pinned or pinless or unpinned blades. Pined end blades are thicker and best suited for cutting thick woods. However, they don’t allow for a fine detailing of the work piece. On the other hand, pinless blades are the most common type and provide more cutting options. They are best for tighter, intricate and detailed cuts.

Pined end or pinless, blades come in various makes. Some of the common blades make include the following;

  • Standard blades – these blades have teeth of the same size and distance apart. They are available in the metal version with smaller teeth and less space between them and large teeth with more space between them in wood version.
  • Skip tooth blades – as the name suggests they are blades that skip a tooth and have a gullet. Gullet is a space between the teeth. These are blades whose gullet is wider than those of standard blades. Apart from the spacing, every other aspect is similar to standard tooth blades.
  • Double tooth blades – the highlighting feature of double tooth blades is the larger space between the teeth and skip a tooth. They are slow cutting and produce super smooth cuts.
  • Precision ground blades – this is a version of skip tooth blade that has smaller teeth that are ground to shape, instead of being filed. These teeth are sharper and cut in straight lines with very smooth cuts.
  • Spiral blades – these teeth allows users to cut in all direction. They encompass a bunch of blades that are twisted together to provide teeth that cut all way around. With such blades, it is possible to cut in all directions without the hassle of turning the work piece.

Motor Power and Vibrations

Despite scroll saws not being the most powerful saws, they do need a lot of power to accomplish the little task they do. Therefore, what is of immense importance is to ensure that the saw’s motor delivers enough power to the blade to enable it to make detailed cuts into various materials. That said, a saw with at least 1.2-amp motor power is powerful enough to meet most cutting needs.

As for the vibrations, a scroll saw with intense vibrations may greatly disrupt the functionality of the saw. This is why getting one with minimal should be your primary concern. Note that the more powerful the motor is, the greater the vibrations are. Nonetheless, some brands have powerful motors with reduced vibrations. Besides, vibrations can be canceled out by having a sufficiently heavy working table.

Dust Port

The end products of scroll sawing are finely cut wood and sawdust. Sawdust are not only a serious threat to your health but will also require that you do a lot of cleaning afterwards. Therefore, it is worth making sure that your scroll saw of choice comes with an efficient sawdust management system.

Purchasing a scroll saw with a dust port is a great addition to any tool. It will be additionally beneficial if you can connect the saw to a vac of other dust collection systems.

Final Thoughts

Well, we have outlined our list of the best scroll saws to look at, each with its own attributes. Which one do you think will work exceptionally for you? We understand that this depends on individual needs and intended use. Find one that suits your needs, and you will enjoy your woodworking experience.

If you are still a beginner, consider the Dremel Moto Compact Scroll Saw that provides much action for small-scale acts and beginners. Experts who need a solid and versatile tool will find the Record Power SS16V Scroll Saw much satisfactory. If you have some extra bucks to spend, you can try the Proxxon Micromot Professional Modelling Scroll Saw. It is an expensive model, but professionally functional.

That’s our wrap-up of the best scroll saws for you. Read between the models and find one that will enable you to work on your work pieces like never before.

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