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Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock – Chrome

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  • Key-less - gives you the freedom to secure your home without the need for a key.
  • Simple to fit - suitable for most PVC and Composite doors, only a screwdriver required
  • Four methods of entry - Smartphone App, Key Card, Key Tag, Phone Tag.
  • Security as standard - built in tamper alarm, bank level encryption and incorrect PIN code features.
  • Connects to Yale Smart Alarm, CCTV range and other leading Smart Home systems.
Yale Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock

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  • Key-less - gives you the freedom to secure your home without the need for a key.
  • Four methods of entry - Key Card, Key Tag, Phone Tag and Smartphone App when connected to a Smart Home system using Z-Wave protocol
  • Security as standard - built in tamper alarm and incorrect PIN code features.
  • Retrofit - compatible with 60mm nightlatches.
  • Battery operated - 4x AA batteries included and an alert is given when the batteries are running low..
Nuki Smart Lock and Bridge Combo

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  • Lock connect fully controllable via smartphone with Bluetooth.
  • Allows you to secure a door opening up the lock occasionally when needed.
  • Create permanent or on pages of limited access to your family, friends, baby sitter.
  • Using the nuki Bridge provided in the pack and access the journal of activity in real time and manage your lock from anywhere.
Indoor Connected Electronic Padlock

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  • No key or combination, your smartphone opens your connected padlock.
  • The connected padlock has Bluetooth Smart technology: your padlock communicates with your phone via the free Master Lock Vault app.
  • Remotely manage users and access: add and remove users, control and limit access permissions.
  • The connected padlock combines technology and security: boron alloy shackle for a better resistance to bolt cutters.
Fingerprint SAMSUNG SHS-H700

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  • Touch-screen based.
  • Dual-way security through magic number.
  • Access method(Password, KeyTag, Credit Card etc).
  • Fingerprint verification technology.
  • Only one password(4~12 digits).

It is no surprise to see that keys are the items that we most commonly lose. Of course, discovering that your house keys are no longer in your pocket is a huge problem, especially when you consider how expensive it is to call out a locksmith to let you in.

It is also horribly inconvenient to get locked out of your home at any time of day. This is particularly stressful at night or when you have a ton of urgent things to do that are waiting for you inside.

There are some decent tips around that might help you to find your lost keys eventually if you lost them. However, in many cases keys that are lost outside the house simply never re-appear and need to be replaced as quickly as possible.

This is why many people now like the idea of using a smart lock instead of carrying out a bunch of keys. This sort of keyless entry system makes it easier to enter your home without any hassle or fear.

Naturally, there are a number of good options on the market for electronic locks that you might be interested in. The following are some of the best smart, keyless locks that could make your key ring a thing of the past.

Top 10 Best Smart Locks For Doors and Other Uses

Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock – Chrome

Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock – Chrome

This key-less door lock gives users freedom to forget all about carrying around keys with them from now. It can be opened in 4 different ways once fitted; through the smartphone app, with a key card, using a key tag or with a phone tag.

Thankfully, it is also easy to fit this lock to just about any type of PC or Composite door. Only a screwdriver is needed to get it up and running in very little time. It is battery operated and needs 4 x AA batteries, with an alert that tells you when the batteries need to be replaced soon.

The Twist & Go feature means that you can open the door just by twisting your phone by 90 degrees. You can connect this Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock to an alarm, CCTV or other type of smart home systems. Built-in security features include tamper alarm, incorrect PIN function and bank level encryption.

  • Highly flexible system
  • Easy to install
  • Very secure
  • Some people have had a few problems installing the app

Yale Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock

This key-less door lock allows a high level of freedom for going out and about without the hassle of carrying keys. Entry methods include smartphone app, key card, key tag and phone tag, giving a good degree of flexibility in its use.

Good security features that give a great deal of peace of mind are the tamper alarm that is built in to it and the incorrect PIN code feature. It is also worth pointing out that it is compatible with 60mm night latches thanks to its retrofit feature. The Yale Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock with Z-Wave Module runs off 4 x AA batteries and advises when they are running low.

An extra benefit with this key-less lock is the fact that it can be controlled by certain Alexa devices when it is being used with a Smarthub. In addition, users can unlock the door remotely, add user credentials from anywhere and set entry schedules.

  • Compatible with different home security systems
  • Simple to use
  • Attractive looks
  • Not everyone finds it easy to work

Nuki Smart Lock and Bridge Combo


The Nuki Smart Lock and Bridge Combo is designed to give you smart access to your home with just a single swipe of your phone. It works with Android and iOS devices and allows for remote unlocking of the door using the bespoke mobile app.

Access permissions can be managed for anyone who needs to enter the home on either a regular or one-off basis. This smart lock uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to communicate with other devices.

It can be used on existing door locks to turn a retro lock into a modern, smart door entry system. This lock is clever enough that it recognises your phone and unlocks the door without you even doing it, while it then locks it again seconds afterwards. The activity log also lets you see who has locked and unlocked your door recently.

  • Recognises the owner’s phone and unlocks the door automatically
  • Easy to control the list of authorised users
  • Fits most types of door without any fuss
  • Can be difficult to set up

Indoor Connected Electronic Padlock 

This connected padlock allows you to use your smartphone instead of carrying about keys or trying to remember a combination of numbers. It works using Bluetooth technology that communicates with the smart padlock using the Master Lock Vault app that is free to download.

It is easy to control every aspect of this smart lock remotely. You can add and remove users as well as control their access permission no matter how near or far from the house you are. As well as the technological aspect, it comes with a powerful boron alloy shackle to stop people being able to cut through it with bolt cutters.

This connected electronic padlock is ideal for using in a variety of settings such as car parks, meeting rooms etc. It is designed for purely indoor use and runs on batteries, with a warning signal when the batteries are running low.

  • Useful in a variety of settings
  • Easy remote settings
  • Strong and secure
  • None

Fingerprint SAMSUNG SHS-H700

This touch-screen based lock offers keyless touchpad security without the need for keys. It provides dual-way security through a magic number and access methods such as password, key tag and credit card.

The SAMSUNG SHS-H700 uses fingerprint verification technology that uses just one 4 to 12 digits. A fire detection sensor that is fitted to the device detects when the temperature rises about 60 degree and sounds an alarm.

The crime setting feature sounds an alarm if the lock is operated from inside the house to prevent intrusion. The manual switchgear allows for the door to be opened using a manual level when needed.

  • Fast and secure access
  • Good range of features
  • Range of access options
  • Can be tricky to install

SAMSUNG SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock

This touch-screen based digital door lock gives dual-way security through a magic number and a good selection of different access methods. It is able to withstand high-voltage electric shock and has a fire detection sensor for added security.

The SAMSUNG SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock can form a vital part of the security of any connected home by giving a door lock that is easy to use and secure. This is a solid option that gives the user a great deal of flexibility in terms of who enters their home even when they aren’t there.

With just one password to control everything and no keys, this can make life a lot easier for anyone who finds that life gets very complicated with lots of different passwords to remember and keys to carry about.

  • Makes life easier
  • One password to control the system
  • A number of different users can be added
  • None

SAMSUNG SHS-2320 digital door lock


With the SAMSUNG SHS-2320 digital door lock, you get touch-screen based access to your house. Access methods include password, key tag and credit card.

This smart lock uses an enhanced lock with double claw bolt and also has fire detection sensor that detects temperatures of 60 degrees and above. Features include a crime setting function and an intrusion detection alarm sound.

The inclusion of an automatic lock/lockout feature means that the door is automatically locked as soon as you close it. All in all, this is a smart lock that is designed to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your home while giving you freedom from carrying about keys every time that you go out.

  • Makes life easier
  • One password to control the system
  • A number of different users can be added
  • None

Keyless Door Lock, TURBOLOCK 

The extremely easy to use Turbolock keyless door system is can be used to replace the standard locks on most front doors in the UK. This is a product that can be fitted very quickly and easily, while it is worth pointing out that it works equally well on both left and right handed doors.

You can program your keyless door locks with a master code and a standard entry code, while it can also accept up to a maximum of 8 users specific codes as well. There is even a code camouflage that lets you keep your code safe from anyone looking on, as you can insert random digits in the middle of your code.

This model is built out of weather-proof stainless steel and can stand up to even tough weather conditions. In addition, the smart battery back-up port is there in case it runs out of battery power at some point. There is no fear of leaving the door open, as it locks automatically behind you 3 seconds after you have opened it.

  • Good level of security
  • Great flexibility with the codes and operating features
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • None

Yale Smart Door Lock Remote Fob & Module Kit

Thanks to this Yale Smart Door Lock Remote Fob & Module Kit you can now unlock your door from up to 10 metres of distance. It is classed as a DIY friendly product, as it is so easy to hook up to your Yale Connected Smart Door Lock.

Another useful feature is that you can add up to 5 remote fobs to your security system in order to allow more people to enter your home as required. In this way, no-one in your family ever needs to worry about taking out keys again.

Just a single click on the fob is enough to open the door. It comes in a sleek black design and weighs just 32g, with dimensions of 4.9 x 1.6 x 1.8 cm.

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Works at up to 10m away from the door
  • System can be expanded to allow for a number of users
  • None

Outdoor connected electronic padlock

Life is that little bit easier when you use this outdoor connected electronic padlock instead of a conventional padlock. It is now possible to keep a range of different places secure without the hassle of keys or awkward codes.

This smart padlock uses Bluetooth technology and the free to download app to communicate with your phone. In this way, it is possible to add and remove users even when you are far from home. The padlock itself is made of boron alloy to keep potential intruders at bay.

The fact that it is designed to stand up to outdoor use means that it is a good option for the likes of garages and summer houses. It also has an attractive, modern look that should fit in well with most properties.

How Does It Work?

People have been protecting their homes and their possessions for centuries. Indeed, the very first key operating locking device discovered was made in 704 BC and was used to secure the Assyrian palace of Khorasabad.

After that, more advanced models were created in places such as Egypt, Rome and pretty much everywhere else that people had possessions to take care of. In terms of the modern type of lock that we are used to, it was work by Linus Yale Sr and his son in the 19th century that introduced the pin tumbler lock and flat keys that are easy to cut.

People all over the world have been using this style of lock and key since then. The grooves on each key mean that they can only fit in and operate the lock that they were cut to work with.

In recent years, the use of modern technology has allowed to use a more practical approach than that of carrying around keys. This type of device first appeared in the mid-1970s with the introduction of programmable locks.

Manufacturers have tried out a range of different access methods since then. From programmable code to biometric fingerprint scanning and other access methods, each approach has its pros and cons.

One of the popular ways of activating smart locks now is what a mobile phone app. Since most of us carry around a phone all the time it is easy enough to use this device to open your doors.

Others give you a smart or tag fob that can be used to open the door. What they all have in common is that they let you forget all about using keys from now on and forever.

Features That Are Important

  • A free app. Since most of these electronic locks operate using your mobile phone, you should expect to be able to use a free app to control them with. This is the most convenient approach for many of us and lets you forget all about the matter while you are out. Some models also automatically recognise your phone and open it for you without you doing anything.
  • A remote fob. Other models let you open your door using a fob that comes with the lock. This is easy to use but, of course, it means that you need to carry the fob out with you instead of a key. It is normal for a system like this to allow you to add several fobs so that various people can use them.
  • Remote access. Life is a lot easier when you can open and close your door no matter where you are. This is the case with smart locks that you can use remotely using your phone. This function is especially useful for someone who sometimes needs to let their children or visitors such as tradespeople into the home when they aren’t there.
  • Automatic locking after use. Do you sometimes leave home and then worry because you can’t remember if you have locked the door behind you or not? In this case, you may like to look for an electronic lock that automatically locks itself a few seconds after you use it.
  • Remote user management. If you also need to add other users then a locking system that lets you add and remove people from anywhere is ideal.
  • Activity logs. An extra feature that you can look out for on this kind of smart lock is the ability to check through activity logs. This lets you see who has used the lock recently.
  • Battery warning levels. Since most of these devices run on batteries, it is worth looking out for a model that warns when the levels are running low and the batteries need replaced.
  • Easy to install. Finding a new door lock might seem like a huge job but it is actually fairly simple with some of the best electronic models around. If you take a look at the instruction you should how easy this process is. As well as the fitting, the configuration process needs to be taken into account.
  • Fits most doors. It is important to bear in mind that not every smart locking device can be fitted to every type. Therefore, you should look for smart door locks that work with your doors.

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Let’s Wrap It Up

Being able to get in and out of your home easily shouldn’t be a major concern for anyone. Yet, if you forget or lose your keys than can easily escalate into a big problem that costs you a lot of time and money.

The best smart locks that we have looked at give you an easier life in this respect, as you can just open your doors very easily and without any fuss. This small but crucial change to your habits could mean that you have one less worry on your mind to concern yourself with.

By finding the locks that work best for you, it is possible to make this aspect of your daily routine easier to deal with. It might not seem like a huge chance to your lifestyle but anything like this that can take a weight off your mind has got to be worth the effort.

Therefore, a good choice of smart lock can be an easy way of making your house that little but smarter and easier to run with very little effort

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