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OLEBR Solar Charger Power Bank 24000mAh

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  • 24000mAh battery charger. Provides large battery backup for usage during outdoor activities like camping or hiking. Ideal for use after dusk while outdoors.
  • 3 Charging ports which offer 2A high speed charging and it allows charging of up to 3 devices simultaneously.
  • The power bank is fully compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • 2 bright LED Lights for camping or use in the dark especially when other light sources are not available.
  • Auto-stop when the phone is full charged.
UKEY Solar Power Bank 12000mAh Dual USB Port

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  • Charges via SunPower Solar Panels with power conversion efficiency of up to 23.5% or via Micro-USB input at up to 5V 2A.
  • 12000mAh Capacity, enough to charge an iPhone 7 Plus 2.5 times, a Nexus 6P over twice or a 9.7-inch iPad Pro once.
  • Splash-proof design ensures accessibility to power even in light rain or river side conditions.
  • Package Contents: AUKEY PB-P8 12000mAh Solar Charger, 3.3ft Micro-USB Cable,.
Solar Charger Power Bank 24000mAh OLEBR

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  • 24000mAh battery charger. Provides large battery backup for usage during outdoor activities like camping or hiking. Ideal for use after dusk while outdoors.
  • 3 Charging ports which offer 2A high speed charging and it allows charging of up to 3 devices simultaneously.
  • The power bank is fully compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Auto-stop when the phone is full charged.
Solar Charger Hiluckey Solar Power Bank 8600 mAh

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  • Equipped with two foldable solar panels, which could highly effective improve solar absorption and transformation.
  • It takes about 25 hours to fully charged under full sunlight, faster about 2 times compare to other solar charger on the market.
  • 2 USB ports for charging two devices at the same time
  • Shock-proof feature ensures the device work properly even it crashes or drops.
  • Super Bright 9 LEDs Flashlight:To provide you with the maximum brightness of the lighting when you need.With 3 working modes( Steady-SOS-Strobe),making it suitable for more occasions.
Solar Charger 16000mAh Power Bank

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  • High Capacity & Lightweight.
  • Solar panel of durable and reliable material to convert sunlight into energy in emergency situations.
  • Built-in intelligent protection system provides protection against overcurrent, short circuit protection, discharge protection, overcurrent protection and overload protection
  • Perfect for outside activity or emergency use,and it could easily hang on backpack by using a hook.

Three quarters of American smartphone users never switch off their phones at any time. Given how important these gadgets now are to us, keeping the battery topped up is a vital concern that we simply can’t leave to chance.

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This is where solar chargers come in. They allow you to take advantage of the sun’s immense power to charge your mobile devices even when you are away from your regular charger. Choosing the right one might just save the day at some point by letting you get in touch when you most need to do so.

So, what solar phone charger should you choose to keep the symptoms of Nomophobia at bay in the future?

Top 10 Best Solar Power Banks 2018

1. OLEBR Solar Charger Power Bank 24000mAh

If you enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors on thrilling activities such as hiking or camping then this solar charger power bank could be perfect for you. It is a big capacity power bank that has 3 charging ports that give 2A high speed charging on up to 3 different devices at the same time.

You can use it with iOS or Android devices. In fact, the official figures state that this OLEBR portable charger can charge up the iPhone 6 about 8 times, the Samsung S6 about 6 times and iPad Air maybe twice on a fill recharge. These are impressive figures when compared to rivals.

Features include a USB fan, a couple of bright LED lights for use after dark and protection against over-charging or over-voltage. It provides a relatively modest 8% conversion rate and it is worth pointing out that it should only really be used in emergencies when far from home.

  • Quick charging on multiple devices
  • Useful range of features
  • Suitable for night-time use thanks to LED lights
  • Relatively low conversion rate

2. UKEY Solar Power Bank 12000mAh Dual USB Port

With the promise of giving you clean energy in your pocket, the UKEY Solar Power Bank gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility for travelling away from home as part of an active lifestyle. The power conversion efficiency of this device is given as being up to a very decent 23.5%.

The big 12000mAh capacity is sufficient to charge and iPhone Plus 2.5 times, while you can use it on a Nexus 6P two times or an iPad Pro once. A clever splash proof design means that you can use it even when it is raining lightly or if you are camping near the river.

Of course, even the best solar power banks only tend to give you limited power and are restricted by the intensity of the sunlight, so it is basically an emergency solution and not for everyday use. The product comes with a 3.3ft micro USB cable, a user manual and a warranty card for the 24 month warranty.

  • Rugged build
  • 24 month warranty
  • Highly versatile
  • A few reviewers mention it stopping working

3. Solar Charger Power Bank 24000mAh , OLEBR

With attractive looks and an impressive capacity, this OLEBR portable charger is an excellent accessory for anyone who plans to spend a lot of time away from home but doesn’t want to feel completely cut off from the rest of the world.

This is a 24000mAh battery charger with USB fan and LED lights. Thanks to its 3 charging ports you can top up the battery on a number of different devices at the same time.

This is an 8% conversion rate solar power bank that is best used for camping, fishing or hiking trips and isn’t suitable for everyday use. With a range of safety features, you can use this solar charger with confidence wherever you go.

  • Multi-device charging
  • Good safety features
  • Attractive looks
  • None

4. Solar Charger Hiluckey Solar Power Bank 8600 mAh

This 2 panel solar charger provides an effective way of charging mobile devices away from home. It takes around 25 hours to get fully charged when in strong sunlight, which is half the time needed by many other chargers of this type.

The maximum output with this outdoor charger is 2.1A, giving it a fast charging capability that can turn out to be extremely useful. It comes with 2 USB ports so that you can charge two phones or tablets at the same time if you want to.

In addition, a built in smart chip means that it automatically identifies the right amount of current each time that you use it. In terms of the build, it is a rugged device that is both waterproof (in rain) and shockproof too, with an 18 month warranty. The lighting has 3 different modes so that you can adapt it to any sort of situation.

  • 3 lighting modes
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Not particularly fast at charging according to some users

5. Moniko Solar Charger 16000mAh Power Bank

A smart looking outdoor solar charger, this is a convenient way of keeping your devices alive while you are enjoying some outdoor activities or just travelling. It has a decent charging capacity but is also small and light enough to go anywhere with you.

This is a Polymer battery pack that can hold up to 1600mAh of power or those moments when you most need it. As with many of the best solar power banks, you get 2 USB ports so that you can charge up more than one device at any time.

It is compatible with iOS and Android devices and is sturdily built to handle whatever outdoor adventures you go on. Useful features include the LED flashlight and integrated intelligent protection system to protect against overloads and short circuits among other issues.

  • Intelligent protection system
  • Nice design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Not everyone is able to charge it fully

6. Solar Charger X-DRAGON 15000mAh Solar Power Bank

The Solar Charger X-DRAGON 15000mAh Solar Power Bank with Cigarette Lighter is a versatile option for keeping your mobile devices in good working order while you get out and about for some adventures. It has a good capacity of 15000mAh and can charge an iPhone 6 up to 5 times.

You get two USB ports for mobile phones and tablets. This outdoor phone charger automatically adjusts the current to give you faster charging times, with a maximum of 2A output.

On the outside, it is a tough and rugged look that inspires confidence in its ability to stand up to rigorous use in a variety of settings. A neat touch is the way that it comes with a hanger so that you can hang it anywhere convenient while you are out. With a bright light and a cigarette lighter, this is the sort of outdoor tool that could help you in more ways than just charging your phone.

  • Good capacity
  • Range of outdoor features
  • Seems built to last
  • None

7. X-DNENG Solar Charger 15000mAh

With a solid look and a 12 month warranty, this Solar Charger 15000mAh, X-DNENG External Battery Backup is the ideal solution for a nature lover who also likes their technology. It uses modern solar panels to give an impressive conversion rate of up to 25%.

As an eco-friendly option, this is a great option for taking away on trips far from the stress of the big city. Its range of features mean that it is anti-slip, waterproof, shockproof and easy to carry around.

The fact that it comes with a carabiner means that it is easy to hang on your backpack while you get on with your adventures in the way that best suits you. This solar power bank gives you the ability to charge an iPhone 6 over 4 times.

  • Fast charging
  • Ideal for an outdoor lifestyle
  • Smart design
  • None

8. Hiluckey Solar Charger 10000 mAh Power Bank

The Hiluckey Solar Charger 10000 is a device that takes around 20 to 22 hours to fully charge under the sun. The 10000 mAh isn’t the biggest on the market but is probably enough for most people on reasonably short trips away from home.

It features 3 solar panels with a good conversion efficiency that lets you charge your phone more effectively on the move. You can fold it up to carry it more easily and use the dual USB ports to charge up a couple of devices at the same time.

As it common with the best solar power bank models, you get a good LED flashlight and a solid, shockproof build. A 12 month warranty gives added peace of mind that this is going to add an extra degree of convenience to your travelling for a good length of time.

  • Easy to transport
  • 12 month warranty
  • Practical design
  • None

9. Soluser 10000mAh Portable Solar Charger External Backup Battery Pack Charger

This decent capacity solar charger gives you 10000mAh of power for charging while you are outdoors. It comes with a couple of USB charging ports with 2.1A output.

Among the features worth highlighting on the Soluser 10000mAh Portable Solar Charger is the fact that it is IP67 water-resistant as well as shock-resistant and dust-proof. Also, it has been cleverly designed so that you can hang it off your backpack on outdoor hikes.

With 4 LED indicators and 2 LED lights with 3 modes, this is the sort of solar charger that you can use comfortably even in the middle of a pitch black night out in the fields or up a mountain. You get an 18 month warranty and should expect it to last for over 500 recharges.

  • Designed for an active lifestyle
  • Good quality build
  • Easy to use in the dark
  • None

10. Hiluckey Waterproof Solar Power Bank 2 Solar Panels

The design with 2 foldable solar panels makes this an effective way of charging your mobile devices wherever you go. It takes around 25 hours under full sunlight to get charged, which is reasonable when compared to the competition.

The maximum output is 2.1A and the capacity is 8600mAh, which is a little bit more modest than some other solar chargers around just now. However, it is still enough to charge an iPhone 6 up to 4 times and a Galaxy S5 3 or so times.

As you would expect for an outdoor power bank like this, it is sturdily built and waterproof as well as shockproof. A powerful LED flashlight and a sleek help to make it an attractive overall package for anyone who wants to feel more freedom without losing the technology that they love.

  • 12 month warranty
  • Good looks
  • Highly portable
  • A few problems noted with charging

How It Works

With people around the world more dependent than ever before on their mobile devices, mobile solar power banks help us to enjoy more time outdoors without running out of juice.

Naturally, it was the boom in mobile phone use around the turn of the century that led to a lot of research being carried out in this field. While people loved the freedom of new mobile phone technology, they found it frustrating to run out of power when away from home for long periods of time.

The addition of solar chargers brought us forward another step by giving us complete freedom to charge while far from home. The fact that they are so environmentally friendly is another benefit that helps to make them a smart way of keeping your power topped up while out of the house for long periods.

These devices are often marketed at outdoors sports fans who go on long fishing, hiking or camping trips. However, they can also be of great use to anyone who goes on lengthy business trips.

What they aren’t are everyday phone chargers that you should use on a regular basis at home. That is what your main phone charger is for.

Solar power banks work by capturing the sun’s power in the built-in solar panels. This energy is stored there, waiting for you to connect your phone or tablet and charge it up.

Features That Are Important

There are extremely handy gadgets that can make life a lot easier for you when they come with all of the best features that you most need. Keep an eyes out for the following features in order to make a smart decision on which model is best for your lifestyle.

  • Capacity. The capacity of your solar phone charger will determine how many times it can charge your mobile devices once fully charged. The bigger the capacity the more you can use it without charging it again.
  • Speed of charging. Not all solar power banks charge up at the same rate, although they will typically take the best part of a full day in strong sunlight to do this. If you don’t want to hang about for too long waiting for it to charge then look for one that works speedily with a good number of high quality solar panels.
  • Compatibility. You will find that good, modern solar chargers work perfectly with most iOS and Android devices, both phones and tablets. However, be sure to check this matter and also roughly how long it should take to charge up your own device.
  • Number of USB ports. Since each USB port can be used to charge a device, you may want one with several ports if you plan on taking away a few phones or sharing it with a friend. Some come with several ports while others only have one or two of them.
  • Flashlight. A highly convenient feature on many of these gadgets is the powerful flashlight that allows you to use it comfortably even in the middle of the darkest of nights. You may also find that one with different lighting modes gives you added flexibility.
  • Security features. A good range of security features will ensure that your phone isn’t damaged through the likes of over-charging or a short circuit. The more security features a solar power bank has the more comfortable you should feel about using it regularly.
  • Rugged build. Since these chargers are aimed mainly at people with an outdoor lifestyle, it is no surprise to see that they tend to be rugged and sturdy. If you plan to go on adventurous trips with then look for the toughest model that you can find.
  • Easy portability. A number of the best solar power banks have a carabiner hook so that you can attach it to your backpack very easily. Others can be folded up for easy portability.
  • Warranty. As is normal with gadgets like this, a lengthy warranty will help to give you extra peace of mind. Expect at least a year’s guarantee on a good model, although cheaper devices may not give you this degree of protection.
  • Waterproof and shockproof. Getting caught out in the rain with your electronic devices is no laughing matter but a waterproof portable charger will help you to feel more protected. In the same way, a shockproof device won’t let you down after getting dropped or bumped.

Let’s Wrap It Up

There is no denying that getting a solar power bank is a good idea if you have an outdoor lifestyle or travel a lot. These gadgets can be incredibly handy for staying connected to the world no matter how far from the nearest power outlet you are.

The fact that there are convenient, environmentally friendly devices in robust casing means that a solid choice of solar phone charger should make you feel good about your decision on a number of levels. It may only be a practical way of charging your mobile devices but getting the right one can also be a way of making a statement about the lifestyle that you choose to live.

Don’t let flat phone batteries restrict you from now on. By choosing the best solar power bank for your needs you can look forward to enjoying the best of both worlds; outdoor activities and a reliable phone battery.

After you have made your choice then it is just down to you to put it to good use in a variety of situations.

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