Best Waterproof Outdoor Extension Leads 2020

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Electrical fires cause well over a thousand deaths and millions of pounds worth of damage to property in the UK every year. While these tragedies can occur for a wide variety of different causes, there is no doubt that a few basic safety precautions can help you to avoid becoming another hapless statistic.

High on the list of easy things you can do to protect your family and property is buying the best waterproof outdoor extension lead that you can find.

These simple but useful pieces of equipment will ensure that you get the power that you need anywhere in your garden without any fuss. Whether you want to dazzle passers-by with stunning Christmas decorations, work in the shed or do anything else that needs electricity, there is no need to take any risks anymore.

outdoor extension lead

There are a number of features to look for when choosing the right waterproof external extension for your needs.

Clearly, the very first thing that most people take into account is the distance that they need to cover from their nearest indoor socket. It is no good having an extension lead that is too short to reach the place where it is needed, while one that is too long can get messy and could possibly trip people up.

Apart from the length, you need one that is sturdily built and capable of handling the load that you put on it. An extension that gives you a high degree of confidence in its safety aspects will allow you to use it without any fears about it catching fire, cutting out or otherwise causing you problems.

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Given that rain isn’t exactly a rare phenomenon in the country, choosing the best waterproof outdoor extension lead that can handle downpours without any fuss is going to let you use electricity where you need it outdoors no matter what the sky throws down at us.

Our #1 Choicebrtbl2-table__image1. Masterplug HLP2013/2IP 20m Outdoor IP Rated Cable Reel
  • Has 2 weatherproof sockets
  • Ideal for use with DIY tools
  • Has thermal cut-out protection
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brtbl2-table__image2. Masterplug CT1513P/IPS 15 m Extension Lead
  • Has an inline weatherproof socket
  • Convenient and safe temporary outdoor power socket
  • Ideal for use with DIY tools
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brtbl2-table__image3. Masterplug BOG10OMS 1 Gang 10A Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Lead
  • Ideal for outdoor power applications
  • One safety shuttered socket
  • Comes in an orange colour
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brtbl2-table__image4. Masterplug LDCC2513/4BL Open Cable Reel
  • Ideal for all longer distance extension lead requirements
  • Open cable reel
  • 25 m lead
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brtbl2-table__image5. Masterplug WBX IP54 8 m Weatherproof Box
  • IP 54 rated enclosure Ideal for use with temporary outdoor power applications
  • Ideal for Christmas lighting decorations, gardening jobs and entertaining outdoors
  • Enclosure provides adequate space
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The Top 10 External Waterproof Extension Leads

1. Masterplug HLP2013/2IP 20m Outdoor IP Rated Cable Reel

This heavy duty option is the kind of outdoor extension that looks ready to handle anything that comes its way. As the name suggests, the tough Masterplug HLP2013/2IP 20m Outdoor IP Rated Cable Reel is an impressive 20 metres long and is 13 Amp IP rated too.

It has two weatherproof sockets for you to plug into and is recommended as being highly suitable for using DIY tools outdoors or for getting garden equipment up and running. The product includes thermal cut-out protection and comes with a handy instruction leaflet to clear up any doubts that you might have.

This isn’t the cheapest waterproof outdoor extension cable reel on the market but is does provide a very nice balance between price and quality of construction. If you are fed up using precarious and potentially dangerous ways of getting power outdoors then this is a smart way of getting a safe, solid option that won’t let you down.

  • High Quality Construction
  • Good Value
  • Long Cable
  • None


2. Masterplug CT1513P/IPS 15 m Extension Lead

If 15 metres of cable is long enough for your needs then the orange Masterplug CT1513P/IPS 15 m Extension Lead with In-Line weatherproof Socket is one of the top waterproof external extension leads around just now. This long and rugged external extension cable is designed to handle tough tasks and keep you safe even in bad weather.

It is a 13 amp model that provides a temporary outdoor power socket that is safe and waterproof. The manufacturer suggest that it is a good choice for using power tools or garden equipment, although you can obviously use it for a lot more than that. It is IP54 rated and it comes with an H frame that makes re-winding and storage really easy every single time.

This could be the best waterproof outdoor extension lead for you if you want one that is manufactured to BS1363/2 standard but doesn’t cost a fortune to buy. One particularly nice feature is the removable plug, which allows you to feed it through small gaps if necessary.

  • Range Of Thoughtful Features
  • Good Value
  • Long Cable
  • Some Quality Issues


3. Masterplug BOG10OMS 1 Gang 10A Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Lead

As a low cost option, this 10 metre extension cable is unlikely to disappoint you. However, it is worth pointing out that unlike many of the others we are looking at here it isn’t rated as waterproof and may be less robust over time too.

The Masterplug BOG10OMS 1 Gang 10A Heavy Duty Outdoor Power Socket comes in an orange colour for high visibility and is perfect for carrying out outdoor jobs or for setting up temporary light fittings. It has one safety shuttered socket and can handle most of the tools and equipment you might want to use in and around your property.

While it is fairly heavy duty and could do a terrific job in many situations, you won’t want to get it wet while in use. If you think you might need to occasionally expose your extension lead to rain or other water then it is a better idea to pay slightly more a fully waterproof extension instead.

  • Great Length For Average Gardens
  • Good Value
  • Not Waterproof


4. Masterplug LDCC2513/4BL Open Cable Reel

If you have a particularly big garden then you might find that the Masterplug LDCC2513/4BL Open Cable Reel with Thermal Cut-Out and Reset Button is a smart choice for your best waterproof outdoor extension lead. This option gives you an excellent length of 25 metres and a host of safety features that should give you a terrific sense of peace of mind when you use it.

It is 13 amp rated and has 4 sockets, so it is more than capable of handling a lot of heavy use with big, powerful tools or equipment. The open cable reel that it uses is a huge benefit when it comes to working safely and keeping the property safe for other people to walk in too.

This model has a very tough design and a safety thermal cut-out that stops over-heating from being a risk. With safety socket shutters and good instructions, this is a safe and sensible option for anyone who plans on doing a lot of fairly heavy work outdoors.

  • Durable Build
  • Range Of Features
  • Long Cable And Useful Reel
  • Can Tangle


5. Masterplug WBX IP54 8 m Weatherproof Box

This good value weatherproof outdoor extension could be the answer to your problems when it comes to working outdoors at any time of year. The sturdy Masterplug WBX IP54 8 m Weatherproof Box with 4-Gang 10 A Extension Lead comes in grey/black and provides a smart solution to a common problem.

Instead of struggling with a long cable that and sockets that are exposed to the elements, you can use this enclosed box for carrying out jobs with power tools or setting up festive decorations safely. It is IP54 rated and gives you a 4 gang, 8 metre extension lead that it rated for 10 amps.

This product comes with everything you need to set up a sturdy, temporary outdoor socket that could make life a whole lot easier for you from now on. You just need to mount it on an outdoor wall and you can then very easily start to use it to give you the electricity that you need outside your house.

  • High Quality Construction
  • Clever Design
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Box Is Small For Some Plugs


6. 25 Metre 13 Amp Orange Outdoor Extension Cable

Outdoor enthusiasts and DIY fans will be pleased to see how easily this product lets them work and enjoy their property from now on. The 25 Metre 13 Amp Orange Outdoor Extension Cable by Status is tough enough to handle a variety of uses, from powering your outdoor lighting to letting you cut the grass or trim the hedge safely.

The longer length of this cable makes it one of the best outdoor extension lead products for anyone who has a big garden or simply wants to make sure that they aren’t yanking at it to try and reach the furthest corners. However, it is fitted with normal sockets that aren’t fully waterproof, meaning that you won’t want to take any risks with it in bad weather.

With a 2 gang socket, rugged construction and a useful carry handle, this is a versatile way of getting power out of doors whenever and wherever you need it. In terms of useful safety features, there is a thermal over-heating trip that can be reset by hand and that gives you a high level of protection.

  • Safety Features
  • Easy To Use
  • Long Cable
  • Not Fully Waterproof


7. SIMBR 5M 1-Gang Extension Lead Cable

The fact that is just 5 metres long means that the SIMBR 5M 1-Gang Extension Lead Cable Heavy Duty Cords with 13A Plug Socket is one of the shorter outdoor leads that we are looking at here. This means that it is probably best suited to someone with a smallish garden who doesn’t want a big lead all coiled around their property and causing a hazard.

Among the big advantages offered by this product is an 18 months guarantee, which SIMBR say is backed up with professional customer service and with a 24 hour reply promised. This orange extensive cable is built to a high standard and can be used for many different reasons out and about in your property or further afield, even handling heavy construction jobs.

It is rated as 250V and 13 amps and is built out of high quality PVC and PC to give a combination of flexibility and durability.

This is the type of outdoor power supply solution that could be used to make life a whole lot easier for you in a number of different situations and for a long time to come.

  • High Quality Construction
  • 18 Month Guarantee
  • Versatile
  • Short Lead Compared To Others


8. SMJ CTH5013 – 4SKT 45MTR 13A Heavy Duty Cable Reel

For big jobs from a traditional indoor power socket, the massively long SMJ CTH5013 – 4SKT 45MTR 13A Heavy Duty Cable Reel with Thermal Cut-Out is a great purchase. This 45 metre long extension is big enough to make life simple when outdoors, although it can also be ordered in shorter lengths if needed.

This is one of the best waterproof outdoor extension lead products partly because of the extra length and partly because it is so well built. The open drum cable reel has a steel frame and carry handle, making it easy to move around. Having said that, the length of this cable means that winding it in can be time-consuming anyway.

Among the most important features is the thermal cut-out that stops it from overloading or overheating while you are working hard. It will immediately stop working if overloaded and you need to press the reel’s red reset button in order to get it back working again. In this way, you can work safely and without any fears.

  • One Of The Longest Cables On The Market
  • Good Value
  • Thermal Cut Out Feature
  • Some Users Disappointed With The Quality


9. Masterplug IP54 Orange Weatherproof Electric Box

The idea of using an enclosed, weatherproof proof as your outdoor power extension is certainly a smart move. If this sounds like what you need at home then the Masterplug IP54 Orange Weatherproof Electric Box with 4 Socket 8m Extension Lead and 24 Hour Timer is an option that is well worth considering. It comes with a fixing kit to make it easy to set up on the outside wall that best suits you.

This IP 54 rated enclosure comes in a bright orange colour to give you the security of high visibility. It is designed for giving you outdoor power on a temporary basis and this means that you can feel comfortable about using it for powering your Christmas lights display, for lighting up an outdoor dinner party or perhaps for carrying out those DIY jobs around the property. It shouldn’t be used underwater but the box is there to stop rain getting in.

The big enclosure is built with the space needed for chunky adaptor plugs, transformers and timers in mind, so it should be large enough for most people’s needs. The product has a 4 gang 8 metre waterproof outdoor extension lead. One nice feature that sets it apart from much of the competition is the 24 hour time control, which is very easy to use.

  • High Quality Construction
  • Safe Outdoor Power Solution
  • 24 Hour Time Feature
  • Temporary Solution, Not Permanent

How Does It Work

There is no doubt that a good, reliable outdoor extension lead can be incredibly useful in a number of situations. Whether it to provide lighting for entertaining friends in your garden or for working hard, this is a tool that is likely to pay for itself over the years.

In its simplest form, an extension lead is simply a cable with a plug on one end and a socket on the other end. This allows you to take your home’s power supply with you when you are in the garden.

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These extension leads can vary greatly in size, with 5 metres all the way up to 50 metres the most common range. It can be useful to think ahead and choose a bigger model that could come in handy in the future even if you don’t need the full length right now.

Features That Are Important

Apart from the length, the number of sockets and type of socket also vary, and this is an area you will want to take into account when choosing the best waterproof outdoor extension lead for your needs. Will you only use one socket or might there be occasions when you need to plug in more tools or equipment? Do you want a shuttered socket that increases your safety?

The vast majority of these cables are for strictly temporary use, even those that come with a sturdy enclosure and can be fitted to an outdoor wall. You certainly don’t want to set one up as a permanent power supply to a garage or summer house.

In terms of the all-weather suitability, this will also vary widely from one extension cable to the next. Typically, the rugged types that are designed for using on tough outdoor jobs will handle tough weather (as well as higher amp usage).

However, many outdoor cables will only have an insulated cable, leaving the socket open to the elements. This means that you will want to be very careful about what the weather is like when you use it.

Let’s Wrap It Up

At first sight, it might appear as though the only important aspect of your new waterproof extension lead is the length. While this is certainly the most visible difference between different models there are other factors to take into account, such as the amp rating, whether it is waterproof and how many sockets it has.

If you only need an outdoor power supply for very occasional, light jobs then you may be tempted to buy a cheap model. This will probably do the job for you but a better approach is to pay a little bit more for a tougher extension lead with a range of useful safety features.

Perhaps the most important point to bear in mind is that making a good choice will keep you safe and well-equipped for years to come. You simply never know what outdoor power needs you might have in the future, as your lifestyle changes over time.

By taking some time to make a smart and informed decision just now you can avoid the risk of having to buying several of these products over the years to replace broken or worn models that didn’t last long.

Above all else, making a good choice now will keep you and your family safe no matter what you use if for outdoors in the future.