Top 10 Best Wood Chippers 2024

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Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Shredder

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  • High powered fast Bosch Powerdrive motor, highest in class torque
  • 2200 Watts
  • Approximate 90 kg per hour throughput
  • Fast and effective hopper
  • Practical plunger design
Bosch AXT25TC Shredder

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  • 2500 Watts motor
  • 650 Nm torque
  • Capable of shredding material of 45 mm in diameter
  • Block Release System - patented
  • Collection box
Forest Master 6.5hp Petrol Wood Chipper

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  • LCT Maxx Series 4-Stroke 6.5hp 208cc engine.
  • Twin blades, reversible
  • 2400 rpm roller speed
  • Emergency stop brake
T-Mech 6.5hp Wood Chipper

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  • 4-stroke powerful 196cc engine
  • Cutting speed of 2400 to 3600 rpm
  • 6.5 horsepower
  • 3.6 litre fuel capacity
Einhell GH-KS 2440

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  • 2000 Watts electric powered
  • Special steel blades, that can be turned
  • Safety interlock with swing down funnel
  • Handle for easier transportation
  • Prodder included

Getting rid of garden waste can be a chore, especially if you have been pruning shrubs or trees, or getting rid of plants that you no longer want. Those heavy loads you need to take to the rubbish dump take a lot of handling, and also take up a lot of your time. If you could cut the branches, for example, down into smaller pieces it would be easier – but that means rigorous sawing of many bit of wood, which is also time-consuming.

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Would a wood chipper or garden shredder come in useful? You’ve probably seen these machines used commercially, but never considered that one may be handy in the garden. In recent years they have become more popular with domestic users, and for many very good reasons. In the section below we will talk about how they work – as well as outlining the important difference between a large, commercial-grade wood chipper and a garden waste shredder – but to begin with, consider the benefits.

You can have all those branches, twigs and old bit of wood turned to small pieces or even sawdust in no time at all, put into bags ready to take to the dump. Or you can use the sawdust in the garden or for pets – it’s up to you! If you are using a machine commercially – perhaps you run a tree management service or simply get rid of people’s waste for them – you will find a wood chipper invaluable, so it’s certainly worth looking at.

Here’s a little bit more about these very useful and practical machines.

So, let’s have a look at the top ten best wood chippers, and see if we can find a model that will do the job you require.

Best Wood Chippers and Shredders

1: Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Shredder

Our first model is from Bosch, a manufacturer with a vast range of garden tools, power tools and other equipment, and one with a reputation for quality machinery and sensible prices. This is a garden shredder; as such, it is suitable for most of your garden waste, but will not be able to handle large branches, for example. It has a cutting capacity of 40mm – anything larger than that will not be dealt with by this machine, so bear that in mind when considering your options.

This is a very capable machine however, when used for the purpose it is built for. It comes with a powerful 2200watt electric motor – you need a mains electricity socket for this one – that will handle most shredding jobs, and is very simple to use. It has a fast-feed function so will do the job quickly, and it is on a sturdy stand with wheels so can be easily moved around. The machine will handle 90kg/h so is more than capable in garden use, and it comes at a decent price.

Key Features
  • 24-55inch
  • VESA compatible
  • HDMI cable and spirit level
  • tilt and swivel

Key Features – electric, garden shredder, 2200W, trolley with wheels, 40mm capacity

2: Bosch AXT25TC Shredder

We stay with Bosch for this one, which is another garden shredder example but a more capable one than the above. This one is powered by a 2500watt electric motor, again a mains connection is needed for use, and is said to be the first such machine to be able to handle both soft and hard materials. This means you can put wood through it – up to a diameter of 45mm – and it will also shred cardboard, which is a very useful feature that will win it many fans.

It also has a neat feature they call ‘Block Release’; these machines can become blocked on occasions, and it often means removing the hopper. That’s not necessary with this one as the function means it can be cleared without removal. It comes with an attached 53litre collection box – make a note that the model above does not, but you can buy one – which is enough for any garden use, and can clear 230kg/h, which is some going! It’s also surprisingly quiet, so you won’t annoy your neighbours. It’s not cheap – it’s considerably more expensive than the one above – but it is very capable and very good.

Key Features
  • 230kg/h
  • 2500w motor
  • 53l box
  • 45mm cut diameter

3: Forest Master 6.5hp Petrol Wood Chipper

The first of our professional-standard wood chipper models is this one, and it’s a mighty piece of kit! If you have serious trees you need to keep on top of, or if you need a chipper for commercial purposes, then this one needs to go on your shortlist. It’s well-made, capable and powerful, and yet is compact enough to be taken through a standard gate into a garden. This is a durable model that is designed for heavy-duty use, and one that offers an excellent level of performance.

A 208cc four-stroke petrol motor gives you 6.5hp of power – more than enough for capable wood chipping – and it can handle a cutting width of as much as 80mm, which means some of those large branches can be dealt with. Safety features include a brake which stops the machine immediately. The powerful blades are reversible, it can turn at up to 2400rpm, and it is easy to use. All in all, it does what it’s designed to do and does it well, but be aware you are buying a commercial machine at the price you would expect for one.

Key Features
  • 6.5hp
  • 2400rpm
  • 80mm cut width
  • Powerful blades

4: T-Mech 6.5hp Wood Chipper

The second of our petrol models is this one, from T-Mech – a brand who offer a wide range of such products and other garden equipment – and it’s another 6.5hp model, so is very capable. This one is powered by a 196cc petrol engine, a four-stroke that can handle up to 3600rpm, is sturdily built and is on a wheeled trolley stand so it can be moved around. The blade speed is 2400rpm – similar to that above – and it is intended for either commercial or domestic use, whichever is your need.

The cutting width this one can handle is up to 76mm; that’s a touch tighter than the model above but easily enough to handle some of the larger branches. It’s easy to use and comes with a long warranty, and you also get accessories with it including protection equipment – glasses, gloves and ear protectors which really should be worn at all times the machine is in operation – and a tool kit for maintenance. At the price, which is not much more than the Bosch model that is number 2 on this list, we think this one is well worth a second look.

Key Features
  • 6.5hp petrol motor
  • 2400rpm blade speed
  • 76mm cut width

5: Einhell GH-KS 2440

This model is a compact garden shredder that comes at a very affordable price, so if you do not need a wood chipper on the lines of the two above, it could be worth your while checking it out. It’s a nicely made device that can cut up to 40mm diameter items – so great for your usual garden waste materials – and is easy to use. It’s electrically powered with a mains cable, and a 2000watt electric motor will give you plenty of shredding power.

It is fitted with very strong stainless steel blades and comes with a bag that hooks on for filling, is fitted on a trolley-type frame with wheels for ease of movement, and the funnel is fitted with a safety lock. This one is designed for basic garden use so if you do need something more it may not be the one for you, but it is compact, light – at only 13kg – and portable, and at the price is a cheap model that does a decent job.

Key Features
  • 40mm cut
  • Compact and light
  • Electric power
  • Garden shredder

6: Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder

This is a very similar model to the above, and comes with a 50 litre collection box that is enough to hold a good amount of garden waste. This model is a compact garden shredder that comes at a very affordable price, so if you do not need a wood chipper on the lines of the two above, it could be worth your while checking it out. It’s a nicely made device that can cut up to 40mm diameter items and is easy to use. It’s electrically powered with a mains cable, and a 2500watt electric motor is more than powerful enough.

It is fitted with very strong stainless steel blades and comes with 6-metre cable, and is fitted on a trolley-type frame with wheels for ease of movement. This one is designed for basic garden use so if you do need something more it may not be the one for you, but it is compact, light at only 15kg and portable, and at the price is a cheap model that does a decent job.

Key Features
  • 40mm cut
  • Large collection box
  • 2500watt
  • Long cable

7: Varan Motors 93022 Petrol

Returning to the petrol powered type of wood chipper with this one from Varan, a brand that has a wide variety of gardening equipment in its range, and it is an impressive model with some very nice features. To begin with, this is a 13hp model – that is an engine of twice the power of the petrol ones we have already featured – and it is capable of chewing up branches as wide as 85mm. That’s plenty of scope, and it will also shred leaves for compost.

It is powered by a single cylinder 389cc engine that is easy to start and promises reliability, comes complete with a sturdy frame on wheels for movement – but bear in mind it weighs more than 100kg so will need some moving – and is compact for what it is. It also has a safety switch that will stop it instantly if required. This is a heavy-duty machine with all the credentials, and one for commercial or serious domestic use. It’s very well priced, too.

Key Features
  • 85mm cut
  • Petrol
  • 13hp
  • Wheels

8: Hyundai HYCH1500E

We think of Hyundai primarily as a car manufacturer these days, but in fact they are a massive company with a huge range of products, not least some of the best garden and forestry equipment available. This petrol wood chipper is the real deal, offers amazing capacity, and is as powerful as they come. Beautifully made to last and withstand heavy-duty use, it is suitable for professional or domestic purposes, and is easy to use and versatile.

This model is powered by a 420cc 4-stroke petrol engine that provides 14hp, and has its own battery and electric start. It can handle branches up to 100cm in diameter – that’s a very decent size indeed – and will get rid of them easily. You can angle the chute to deliver into a trailer or onto the ground. Very strong blades, a removeable towing bar and a safety cut-off switch are further features, and it is built with wheels for moving around. It’s very good indeed, and though the most expensive of these, is worth looking at if you need a heavy-duty machine.

Key Features
  • Hyundai brand
  • VESA compatible420cc 14hp engine
  • Electric start
  • 100mm cut capacity

9: Titan TTB353SHR Shredder

This electric model, the first of two from Titan, is perfectly decent if you need a simple, easy to use garden shredder that is mains operated and doesn’t need to handle anything that is too heavy-duty. It’s compact, easy to use and capable of cutting branches up to 45mm diameter, and the 2500watt motor is powerful enough for home and garden use. It’s also on wheels, and is surprisingly light at 20kg, so you can move it from place to place.

A 3-metre power cord is perhaps a little small but you can add an extension, it can churn through 80kg/h of wood at a time, and the blades are suitably strong for the purpose. A sound level of 108dB is quite noisy – but you expect that with one of these budget models – and it has a cut-off switch for safety. If you want a cheap, simple garden shredder, this could be the one for you.

Key Features
  • Electric
  • 45mm cut
  • 80kg/h

10: Titan Pro 15hp Wood Chipper

At the other end of the Titan range is this model, a petrol model that offers 15hp power from a neat motor that offers a choice of pull or electric start. It’s a heavy-duty machine, and clearly well-built with ongoing regular use in mind, and one that is said to be for professional or garden use. There is one point we are concerned about and that is a maximum of 75mm cut diameter; this means it may be less capable than some much cheaper models, but it’s still worth checking out.

This one also has a moveable chute so you can choose to send the chippings to a trailer or onto the ground, and is equipped with wheels and a tow bar for pulling behind, for example, a ride-on mower. It’s a very nice design that comes with the quality of the brand, and would do a great job in a large garden where there is plenty of debris to clear. At the price, however, we think there may be better choices available, so check it out thoroughly before you make your decision.

Key Features
  • 15hp
  • 75mm cut diameter
  • Moveable chute

That’s ten of the best wood chippers and garden shredders for you, but which one is the right model for you? Let’s have a look at a few things you need to consider before we give you our verdict.

Important Features

There are some things you need to look at carefully when choosing one of these, so here’s our advice:

Chipper or Shredder – we’ve decided it’s best to separate the two types by this criteria, but we could easily have done so by either electric or petrol. The heavy-duty wood chippers are the more powerful, larger and professional-standard models, while the portable, electric versions are garden shredders, generally with a lower capacity and power. If you need a full-on model, you need a petrol chipper; for one that you use every now and again to get rid of garden waste, an electric shredder will do.

Cut Diameter – this is the maximum size of – for example – a branch that the machine will cut, and among the ten this figure ranges from 40mm – small branches or large shrubs – to 100mm, which is a much larger branch.

Power – you want enough power to do a decent job, so for the electric models look for in excess of 2000watts from the motor. For petrol models the choice is from 6.5hp to 15hp, and the price and capability rises accordingly.

How It Works

As we said above there are two different types of machine that we have covered in our reviews: one is the commercial-standard wood chipper, and the other is a more portable and domestic garden waste shredder.

The first is a large and powerful machine, a type used by tree surgeons to dispose of waste, and by forestry workers for the same reason. These are not usually found in use in gardens, but there is no reason why – if you have mature trees that need regular maintenance – you should not have one to make things easier.

These best wood chipper have powerful electric or petrol motors, and very strong and durable blades. Some can handle many different materials, but primarily are designed for wood. They also need to be used with great care, as they can be dangerous if operated incorrectly.

The more popular garden waste shredders are very handy to have in the garage for use as and when needed. These models can handle most garden waste – including plant stalks and small branches – but may struggle with larger pieces of wood. They are recommended for lighter use, yet are still powerful and with strong blades, and tend to be electrically powered.

These are quite simple machines to use – you feed the wood into a hopper and the blades take care of it, and it is fed out of the other end shredded or as sawdust. You do, however, need to wear the appropriate safety equipment when using these, and never let children or people who have not been shown how to use the machine near them.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Let’s start with the petrol models; there is no doubt at all the Hyundai is the cream of the crop. It is powerful, capable and comes from a top brand, and offers the largest cutting diameter and best performance. However, for a lot less money – several hundred pounds in fact – you can have the T-Mech model; it’s not as powerful at 6.5hp, and cuts only to 76mm, but if this is adequate for you the cost savings cannot be overlooked.

For an electric, portable model, it’s a buyer’s market. There are several here that do a very good job at a sensible price, and we reckon that the Einhell model, number 5 on the list, would be perfect for general garden waste use at what is very much a bargain price.

So, that’s our list of ten best wood chippers and garden shredders, have another look, and here’s hoping you find the one that makes your life a lot easier!

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