How To Program A Sureflap Cat Flap

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How To Program A Sureflap Cat Flap

SureFlap is a longtime leader in the field of pet doors, with models for nearly every size of cat and dog.  This company has pioneered several important advances that make life easier for both you and your furry friend. 

Pets are part of our household, and we want them to be able to go in and out of our home just like anyone else.  SureFlap pet doors, as well as several other brands, have taken that concept and given it a computerized boost that brings it on the level with other modern pet care practices. 

The basic concept of a programmable cat flap is that you can select what times the door will open, planning ahead of time when you want your cat inside or out. 

Some models will do this by means of a manual selector that physically restricts the hinges.  Others will use an electronic lock and timer to open and close on a preset schedule. 

More recently, pet doors can also be set to only open in a certain direction at certain times, giving an added level of control over your pet’s routine with little additional effort. These doors can be set for the simple settings in-only or out-only, or you can customize the settings based on your pet’s habits. 

On the leading edge of this development is the combination of the pet door with another important piece of pet care technology, the identification microchip. This device is becoming increasingly common in the pet-owning community.

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The microchip is generally less than two cubic centimeters and can be easily implanted with no side effects in your pet’s outer tissue. 

A microchip carries a preprogrammed identification number that can be read by the same near-field communication now in use to process credit card payments by simply tapping a reader. This allows the pet to be easily identified should it be lost or injured.  

An additional convenience is that the microchip can easily store all treatments, procedures and conditions relevant to your pet.  Chip readers are totally non-invasive and are increasingly common among veterinary practitioners. 

Some countries or localities will also maintain a governmental database of microchips within their jurisdiction, and may regulate the nature of the identification codes or the model of chip allowed for use. Consult your veterinarian to make sure that your pet’s chip conforms to all local regulations.

A SureFlap pet door makes use of all of these technologies to allow only approved animals into your house.  These pet doors contain an integrated chip reader that scans the pet as it approaches and opens only for chip numbers previously entered. 

Many such doors can link to a mobile application that will allow you to program exactly what times you want each pet in and out.  This is exceptionally useful for those keeping several pets in their home. This allows the owner to decide how much exercise each pet gets or to quarantine one for sickness or injury. 

Entering a pet for approval is generally a simple process, and is best executed prior to actually installing the door.  Once the door is connected to its power supply, the chip reader should begin to work automatically. 

All that remains to do is place some kitty kibble in the door frame and wait for the cat to come to investigate. As your cat approaches, pressing the button near the battery compartment will prime the device to receive a new chip entry.  



Bringing your pet near the device will trigger the reader and enter the chip as an approved pet, allowing the door to automatically allow that pet to enter or exit in the future. 

Many leading brands of pet doors include a mobile application that allows you to manage permitted pets from anywhere.  You can program in an exact schedule of when a specific pet will be allowed to pass in either direction. 

At the same time, you can now be rest assured that neighborhood pets or strays are not making themselves at home in your house or attacking your pet.  The microchip cat flap will allow your pet a safe place to escape if attacked and lock out hostile animals. 

In some models, the programming button will be in an alternate place on the device, or the power supply may be positioned elsewhere.  The general principle of programming remains the same across most models and any deviation is likely to be exceptionally well marked to avoid confusion. 

The convenience afforded by an implanted microchip in your pet can easily be extended to other pet-related appliances that are readily available to the modern pet owner.  Prominent among them are such things as the automated feeder. When this device is programmed it can read your cat’s microchip and dispense the amount and type of food programmed for that pet. This allows you to carefully control and monitor your pet’s diet, adding to their overall health and happiness. 

Obviously, these devices will have a significant impact on your cat’s health, safety, and enjoyment. Take particular care to check that they are in good working order on a regular and frequent basis. A malfunctioning cat door should be repaired or replaced immediately, as it could easily endanger your cat and allow unwanted animals free access to your house. 

As mentioned above, some jurisdictions have passed legislation standardizing microchips in their region, and these standards may be different from one another.  Some chips have fewer characters than others, or may only take numerals and not letters.  

When selecting pet care devices, make certain that they are compatible with the microchip implanted in your pet.  In some cases, it may be easier to see a veterinarian about changing microchips instead of importing compatible devices.

A last precaution is in the form of several test runs performed under your careful supervision to make sure that the door opens for your cat and check that it closes without catching any tail or paws. These checks take only a few minutes and are critical to making sure that SureFlap is the right choice for your cat. 

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