How To Use a Pressure Washer Without an Outside Tap

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How To Use a Pressure Washer Without an Outside Tap

Are you thinking about getting yourself a pressure washer, but do not have a functional outside tap to connect it to? It’s worth exploring the different possibilities, because pressure washers are so fast, fun, and effective for cleaning. 

In minutes, you can hose off your car, patio furniture, deck, walkway, or anything else that will stand still for the job. 

That is a joke, folks. 

Don’t ever hit someone with this spray of water.  Pressure washers pack a powerful punch. 

Never aim them at any living thing, including your own limbs. They can be powerful enough to cut flesh and cause serious damage.  

Wear protective equipment, including goggles and gloves to keep body parts covered, especially eyes, feet, and other sensitive areas. 

Keep children away from the cleaning process. Warn them that the pressure cleaner is not a toy.  

But all this safety is moot if you don’t have an outdoor tap.  You may wonder whether it is possible to enjoy the sheer cleaning power of a pressure washer without one. Well, it is certainly not as easy as screwing in your power washer to an outdoor tap.  

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We have researched the options for you. There are a few ways to make it work. 

First of all, a word about the pressure washer. The pressure washer works by converting the normal flow of water from a tap into a high-speed water force.  This force of pure water will neutralize any dirt.

The water shoots through a spray gun that allows you to clean larger, very dirty surfaces fast and effectively.  You won’t need cleaning products and harsh chemicals that can negatively affect your soil, and the environment. 

Keep in mind that pressure washers use between one to two gallons of water PER MINUTE. That’s a considerable amount of water. 

Keep in mind that when you plan your spray cleaning time you want to prepare for drainage for all of that water. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a swamp. 

Without proper planning for drainage and water sources, your power washing will create a muddy swamp.  People traffic, like kids, dogs and other creatures will tramp mud to your door and counteract all of your cleaning.

Suggestion 1: Install an Outdoor Tap

Suggestion 1: Install an Outdoor Tap

Sorry folks, but there is no such thing as a free lunch. The best way to use a power washer is to connect it to an outdoor tap. 

Set it up and save yourself from many hours of reading and researching other suggestions that follow.

Suggestion 2: Use a Bucket

Some pressure washers feature a suction hose.  This allows you to suck water from a bucket into a power washer. However, this is not a good long term solution.  

The pressure washer uses many gallons of water and your bucket will be empty in no time.

Suggestion 3: Get a bigger water receptacle

Go old school and collect rainwater in large containers, and then use the water to feed your pressure washer. 

Use a filter so that debris and other bits don’t lodge themselves in your pressure washer, as that will be the end of it. 

The water that goes into the device needs to be clean and bit free, or your washer could get jammed or permanently damaged. 

Suggestion 3: Get a bigger water receptacle

Suggestion 4: Use an Indoor Tap

With a long enough hose and a faucet adaptor, you can connect to an indoor tap to run your pressure washer. If you connect to a washing machine faucet, you will not even need an adaptor. 

As you have probably noticed that they are identical to outdoor hose faucet taps. Obviously, this is not as comfortable as an outdoor tap, as you will need to run the hose through a window, 

You will also be more limited in how far and where you can blast your clean water. It can be a temporary solution until you break down and get a new outdoor tap. 

This is also good in a pinch if you are using your pressure washer at a vacation home or someone else’s house, as a one time thing. 

Suggestion 5: Use a Portable Pressure Washer

Some pressure washers are portable. There are a few conveniences with this item.

They have on-board water tanks that are free functioning.  That means they don’t require being connected to a water supply.  

These pressure washers have an easy-to-fill tank that they draw water from, and the tank and washer are integrated into a single device, often on wheels. 

Just fill the tank at your water supply point, and then carry or wheel it to wherever you want to spray. 

With this solution, you don’t have to carry full buckets or containers of water to the pressure washer.  You still need to find a way to fill the tank, which may mean running a hose from an indoor tap for speed and convenience.

This is a great choice for someone who wants a long-term pressure washing solution, like people who live in apartments and condos, without available outdoor taps. 

It’s also a good solution for people who need portable pressure washing that can go anywhere they go.

Do not, I repeat, do not run your pressure washer without water. It will surely damage your equipment in numerous ways. 

In Conclusion

Power washers are fast and effective, and using one without an outdoor hose is challenging but not impossible. Good luck, take care, and happy cleaning!


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