Top 10 Best Adjustable Ladders in 2024

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best adjustable ladder

Songmics 3.56m Multi-Purpose Ladder

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  • Maximum load capacity is 150 kg.
  • Connected by six security locks, which can be opened and locked for changing the shape of ladder easily while guaranteeing the security.
  • This aluminium ladder can be used as scaffolding, leaning ladder, stepladder and also can be changed into many different shapes to meet different height requirements and working needs
  • Folds up to 97 x 25.5 x 79.5 cm for easy storing.
Abbey Aluminium Multi-Purpose Ladder

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  • New Platforms with improved under rung latches & new safety stopper to prevent platform movement.
  • Stabilisers for added stability.
  • 9 % thicker side stiles than most Competitors Models for added safety.
  • Collapsible making it easy to transport and store.
  • Closed: 1.24m, Platform: 1.24m, Step Ladder: 2.3m, Extension Ladder: 4.7m
Adjustable Ladder Stand-Off

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  • Flat-packed and assembled easily in minutes.
  • Makes access for guttering and window maintenance much easier.
  • Robust aluminium device.
  • Comes complete with paint can holder.
  • Will hold your ladder 17-24 inches clear of any wall.
Homcom 4.7m 4-Section Multi-Purpose

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  • Lightweight and strong with a load capacity of 150kg. Compact and easy to store.
  • It can be changed into different shapes to meet different height requirements and working needs.
  • Manufactured to EN131.
  • Size: 371L x 38W (cm).
Hailo Superior Quality Combination Ladder

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  • Aluminium - 2 x 9 + 1 x 8 rungs Combination ladder to 560 cm.
  • Extra wide & adjustable ground stability bar.
  • Stability bar compensates for uneven ground up to 15cm.
  • Extremely sturdy - Made in Germany.

We’re willing to be that everybody who reads this has used a ladder at some point; from the small portable ones used by gardeners to the long telescopic fireman’s version – a life-saver in many different situations – the ladder is a vital part of hardware in both the home and commercially. Ladders come in many different shapes and sizes – not to mention lengths – and mow serve many more purposes than you might ever have imagined. The most popular versions these days are aluminium, a light and durable material that is widely used for many different items.

Ladders are, in fact, ancient technology; they have been recorded in use in cave paintings from as much as 10,000 years ago, depicted in cave complexes in Spain. Not much has changed in the basic idea of the ladder since then, but the modern style of adjustable ladder is a very versatile device that makes things much easier in many instances. Interestingly, it is believed this ancient Spanish ladder – depicted being used by people to harvest honey from a hive – was made of grass, which is an intriguing prospect!

So, the modern ladder; what can we say about it? To be honest, we thought there would not be much that could be done to elaborate on the humble ladder, but in fact there are many variations on theme. The models we are talking about today are the most up to date and impressive ladders available, and often come as combination items with more than one actual use. We have picked the ten best adjustable ladders, so let’s have a closer look at what they are all about, what you can use them for, and how they stand the test of time!


Best Adjustable Ladders

1: Songmics 3.56m Multi-Purpose Ladder

Now, if you are picturing a ladder as a ladder – the traditional version that simply goes up and down – you need to rethink thinks wildly with this one. Yes, it can be used to climb, but it can also do lots of other clever tricks. This one comes with two aluminium panels; what are they for? Well, say you want to have a way of standing over something when you are working on it, or spanning a ditch. The ladder can be constructed in an ‘n’ shape, and the panels dropped in over the top to give a solid base for standing on or walking over.

In fact, this very versatile model can be used in six different shapes, and is easy to lock into position with clever safety features. It complies to all necessary regulations, and is very simple to use. What you have is not only a ladder, but a platform from which to work, which makes this a popular buy for many different tradesmen. It weighs only 19kg and can take a weight of up to 150kg, folds down to a very compact size for storage, and is a very effective device with many uses. We like this one, and at a shade less than £70, we don’t think it costly for what it can do.

  • Clever design
  • Versatile
  • light
  • Compact when stored
  • None that we can see

2: Abbey Aluminium Multi-Purpose Ladder

The second model on our list is similar to the above, but does have some notable difference. It also comes with many different possible shapes, and is also usable as a working platform. It’s light and made from sturdy aluminium – 20kg in weight with a 150kg capacity – and is easy to set up and use with the usual safety locks for added stability. It comes with slip-free feet, too, and also with the aluminium panels for versatility. In fact, there’s not much these things can’t do, and this one is pretty impressive.

What makes this model stand out over the above? It can extend, when fully assemble, to a massive 4.7m; that really is a very long reach for a ladder, and one that makes this model particularly useful and versatile. Like we said, it’s well-made and durable, and is from a well-known brand, so you are getting a quality item that will serve you well. If you need a ladder with a long reach, this could be the one for you, and it’s a little under £90 for you to buy.

  • 4.7m reach
  • Versatile
  • light
  • Many positions
  • It’s hard to see any

3: Adjustable Ladder Stand-Off

Quite often in our reviews we include an item that is not actually what we are reviewing – in this case adjustable ladders – but that is relevant as it is a vital accessory. This is just such an item, and we have put it here because it will be something you use. Now, unsafe use of a ladder can be very dangerous, so this stand-off – which allows you to position the ladder a safe way from the surface you are perhaps painting – is a great little item that you will use whenever you get your ladder out to do some home maintenance.

How do we describe it? It’s a very simple, yet very clever, aluminium device that is placed against the wall, for example, and that you stand your ladder against; it provides safe usage when painting or cleaning gutters, and it is very usable. It even comes with built-in hook for hanging a paint tin, so is a great tool for house painters! At around £25 we think it an excellent investment, especially if you use your ladder often for this kind of work.

  • Very useful
  • Durable
  • Safety impact
  • Affordable
  • Not a ladder

4: Homcom 4.7m 4-Section Multi-Purpose

Once we got into researching this review, we became surprisingly impressed by what these very useful and surprisingly versatile adjustable ladders can do. This one, for example, comes with many different configurations and is very impressive; we never thought a ladder could be fashioned into a ‘W’ shape (and still haven’t worked out why anyone would want one too. This is a four-section design that has all the usual safety features; it’s made from durable aluminium for long life, and is easy to use.

A couple of very impressive factors about this one: it can be extended to 4.7m, which is more than enough for most uses, and weighs in at just 10.5kg. Believe us when we say this one is very, very light indeed for such a device. However, unlike some others that come with the work platform format, this one is not supplied with aluminium panels, so you will be balance on the rungs if using it for overhead work. Nevertheless, at just £55 it is very good value for a ladder of this length and versatility.

  • 4.7m
  • Very Light
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • No platform floor

5: Hailo Superior Quality Combination Ladder

After reviewing the above models, we come to this one, which is a combination of two ladders. Now, the claims for superior quality come from the fact this one is very well made – and it is – and that it is made in Germany. We are not sure whether its nationality gives it an edge, but we must say it does feel strong and durable. We will come to the price later, but we have some concerns; this is two ladders – one adjustable with 2×9-rung ladders, the other standard with 1×8-rungs. These can be combined to make a long ladder, or put together to make a regular step ladder.

That’s all very well, and we like the quality of the build, but when compared to some of those above, it simply doesn’t offer the same versatility. It has a clever footing system that will compensate for uneven ground, and is easy to assemble and move around, and is very useful in the home for, say, painting and decorating – but: it’s around £190, and we think that while that does indeed reflect the quality, it is let down by a lack of versatility.

  • Quality
  • German built
  • Two ladder combination
  • Extends to sensible length
  • No platform floor

6: TB Davies Industrial 12-Way

This is a very clever piece of kit, whichever way you look at it. However, bear in mind it is an industrial-level design, so is a pretty hefty piece of kit, too! Having said that, it weighs in at just 15kg, which is adequate proof that a sturdy, clever design does not have to mean excessive weight. That is down in no small part to the use of quality materials, and to excellent design. This one is a 12-position design, so is extremely versatile and very useful, and will fold down to a compact size for easy storage.

The overall design features square rungs and box design for added durability, and it is finished in black – unusually. It has many possible uses and will find itself much in-demand in factory situations. It can be used as a step or extension ladder, but does not come with aluminium boards for overhead or scaffolding use. All in all, this is a very neat design, but we can’t help thinking that at around £160, there may be better value models on the market.

  • Industrial use
  • Durable
  • Well-made
  • Black finish
  • Light
  • No platform fitments
  • not the greatest value

7. Myifan Telescopic Ladder

The telescopic form of extendable ladder, as seen here, is among the most popular thanks to the compact size it achieves when not in use. Unlike standard ladders, you do not need a great deal of space to store this model in, as it measures just 82x46x7.5cm when not in use. It extends to a maximum of 2.9m (9.5ft) which gives you great reach, and for safety, the ladder locks into place so it cannot be collapsed when in use. This is a very convenient item, and one that is very popular with buyers.

A maximum load weight of 330lbs is more than adequate, aluminium construction means it is light enough to move around easily, and it is easy to extend with a one-touch automatic mechanism. All in all, it’s a very clever design that allows for a tall ladder to be presented in a very compact package. This review is for the 2.9m version; note that you can get shorter ladders in this range, or you can also buy one that extends up to a massive 5 metres. Price wise this is not a cheap item, but it is a very clever, convenient and useful item to have among your tools and kit.

  • 2.9m
  • Compact when collapsed
  • Aluminium
  • Locking mechanism
  • Expensive!

8: Henry’s Tripod Garden Ladder

Since ladders were first used, one of the problems with the traditional design has been their safety – or lack of it – on uneven ground. With only two feet, a ladder will inevitably lean on a slope, and this results in possible balance problems. This model, the Henry’s Tripod, attempts to overcome that problem by having three feet, and in many ways it succeeds. It is a clever design that is well-made and durable, and one that comes with some clever features, yet we feel there are some drawbacks when compared to others.

It extends to 2.4m, which is perfect for garden work but a little light for anything else, and weighs a mere 7kg which is very light indeed and makes it easy to move around. It also has a clever built-in platform that enables excellent stability when pruning bushes, for example, or trimming high hedges. It is, therefore, a very good garden step ladder, but at around £250, you really have to want one of these especially to buy it.

  • Tripod design
  • Very light
  • Well made
  • Stability
  • Platform
  • Only a ladder, and nothing more!

9: Miscellaneous Telescopic Ladder

This is an unbranded version of number 7, so we can only say it’s a clever telescopic design that has many benefits around the home, not least that it is very compact when not in use, and very light too. It is useful for when carrying out home maintenance, and the overall design is very good.

It can extend to 3.8m so if perfectly useful for outdoor use, and it is made from durable aluminium so will withstand the elements. It is easy to carry around and to extend to usable length, and is designed to be portable at only 11kg, so achieves that effectively. There is no platform capability with this one – it is purely a ladder – so if that is what you are looking for then this is not for you, but if you want a ladder that is portable and usable – and that is well-made and durable – this clever design might be worth a look at around £60.

  • Clever design
  • Compact
  • Long reach
  • Light
  • Well made
  • Only a ladder, and nothing more!

10: Sealy AFPL3 Telescopic Ladder

Sealy is a name with many years of experience in the business, so you can expect quality when you buy their products. This is no exception, and is atypical telescopic ladder that can be used as steps or as an extended climb ladder. That it can extend to 4.5m is very much to its advantage, and it is a four-section ladder with all the safety features you would expect, plus many clever design touches that are typical of a name brand. It four different possible standards, is only 16gk so is not heavy, and would be useful around the home.

We knew by the time we reached the later stages of the review that we would be finding it hard to find something fresh to say, and that is evident now. This is a very neat design, make no mistake, but there is nothing special about it, and it is just a ladder. Despite the name brand – and we acknowledge the quality that brings as being evident in this model -we think it might have a lot of competition at a price of around £180.

  • Name brand
  • Sturdy
  • Well made
  • Light
  • Only ladder and steps
  • Expensive compared to some competition

So, ten of the best adjustable ladders to choose from, with a wide variety of possible options, prices and more; before we go on to sum up, let’s have a quick reminder of the important features to look for when choosing one of these.

How It Works

What is there to say about how a ladder works? It’s two parallel sides and a load of rungs and you climb up it to get somewhere! Well, that’s the long and short of it to be honest, but that only applies to standard ladders, your common and garden variety. We’re going to be looking at some very clever ladders in this review, those that do more than just get you from down to up. These devices can be changed in shape to allow you to go over things in some case, and fold down to a very portable size so can be easily stored away.

What’s more, they are affordable and well-made, and will last a long time. A ladder is an essential item around the home – we’re willing to bet you have one already – but that old wooden step-ladder is a cumbersome thing to move around. It’s heavy, it’s liable to decay and it might not be safe any longer, so what you need is a brand new, all singing, all dancing, adjustable ladder like the one’s we are going to review.

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Really, you do; there’s a world of usefulness to these inexpensive and hugely versatile items, and we’re pretty sure that there will be one to suit your needs. This is one item that you may not use all the time, but that you will use when you need it. And think of all those times you need a ladder: painting the ceiling, pruning trees, hanging pictures, cleaning cobwebs – the list is endless, and that’s just a few! So, let’s take a look at the top 10 best adjustable ladders on the market right now, and see if we can find the model that suits your needs and budget.

Important Features to Consider

You might have thought a ladder was just a ladder, but having read this review, we hope you have revised your opinion! Indeed, we were amazed at the sheer variety of ladders on the market, so here’s a quick look at what you need to consider.

Versatility – what are you going to use your ladder for? If it’s just quick jobs around the home some of these may be a little too complex for you; if you need a platform to work from then there are models here especially for you! Consider what you want and need, and choose carefully as there are many options.

Weight – if you are going to be moving your ladders around a lot you need them to be light enough to carry; check the weight of the model you like before you buy, although most of those reviewed are suitably lightweight.

Price – we were very surprised at the price range covering the ten best ladders, so make sure you work out your budget first and stick to it.

That’s the main points to look out for, so check over our review for more info, and all that remains is for us to wrap things up.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

So you need a ladder? You’re reading the right review, and to be absolutely fair, it’s difficult for us to recommend any one of the above as they are all good. However, if you want one to have in the house for occasional use, the telescopic designs are very portable and versatile, so may be worth having a second look at.

Have another read of our review and make a note of the models that fit your requirements and budget, and we hope we have gone some way to helping you find a ladder for you!

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