Top 10 Best Donut Makers 2021

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Giles and Posner Flip-Over Donut Maker

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  • Cool touch handle enables you to safely flip the doughnut maker 180° halfway through cooking, to ensure an even bake on each side.
  • The plates are wonderfully non-stick to release the doughnuts without tearing or crumbling and to make cleaning easy with no scrubbing.
  • With 700W power, this fabulous doughnut maker can bake 6 delicious doughnuts in just 10 minutes - perfect for a fast dessert or snack.
Giles & Posner 3-in-1 Dessert Maker

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  • The dessert maker has 3 sets of changeable plates, giving you the option of baking 7 cupcakes, 7 mini doughnuts or 12 cake pops.
  • With 700W power, this fantastic dessert maker can bake your treats in less than 10 minutes, perfect for fast party preparation.
Nopro Donut Maker

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  • Dispenses batter quickly and evenly.
  • Ideal for making delicious old-fashioned doughnuts.
  • Designed for easy storage.
  • Easily wipeable.
Ariete Party Time Donut Maker

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  • Power: 700 W.
  • Power/Ready light indicator.
  • Special designed plates non stick coating for doughnuts.
  • Cord wrap.
  • Safety lock system.
Elgento Donut Maker

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  • Effortlessly make up to seven doughnuts at a time the fun way.
  • Non-stick cooking plates to ensure easy cleaning and a minimum of mess.
  • Cool touch handle and non-slip feet for your safety.
  • Thermostatically controlled and stands up for easy storage.

What is it about donuts that makes everybody love them? I like them best warm, just made, and coated in sugary goodness! The donut is a favourite with young and old alike, and whether you make them with a traditional hole in the middle or not, or pack them with jam, they make for a fun, tasty snack. They’re great for parties, too, as they are quick and easy to make. However you make donuts we are sure you will like our review of dedicated donut machines, and we have picked ten of the best that you can buy right now.

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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make perfect donuts, evenly cooked and ready to eat in no time at all, whenever you want? That’s what a donut machine will allow you to do! These devices are a great addition to the kitchen, and will be widely used by all the family. You will never have tasted perfect donuts like this before, and you can experiment with recipes to get the best result. We searched through many different models to find the ten that are considered the best donut makers in the business.


Best Donut Makers UK

1: Giles & Posner Flip-Over Donut Maker

Giles & Posner is, apparently, one of the top brands in donut makers – and other kitchen equipment – so we thought it best to include a few of their products in our top ten. This one is a very clever machine, and is well-built and clearly of a high quality. It has a 700watt heating element, so is suitably powerful, and comes with many safety features that we appreciate. After all, hot plates such as those on which you make the donuts can cause burns, so we recommend that children are always supervised if they are making donuts.

This model can make six perfectly formed donuts in a mere ten minutes; that’s perfect for parties or for a quick treat. Non-stick plates also make for easy cleaning and well-formed donuts, and the cool to touch handle is a neat thought. We also like the fact that machine can be flipped over half-way through baking, so you get an evenly cooked donut every time. It is suitably compact for cupboard storage – let it cool down before you put it away – and a good all-round machine. Perhaps the only downside is that you only get six donuts! At under £20 we think it is decent value, too.

  • Quality
  • Fast cooking time
  • Flip over feature
  • We want more donuts

2: Giles & Posner 3-in-1 Dessert Maker

This is another very clever design from the Giles & Posner brand, and one we included because it is very versatile. The machine itself is a neat and good quality design with a powerful 700watt heating element, but it’s what you get with the machine that impressed us. This one comes with three interchangeable plates, designed for individual use. You can choose to cook seven donuts, seven cupcakes, or a dozen cake pops – whatever they may be – so you have the perfect device for catering for sudden pangs of hunger or for parties.

The plates are non-stick and are easy to clean, plus you can get your donuts off them easily without damage, and the element heats up quickly so you can have your donuts in minutes. It’s very versatile, small enough to tuck away in a cupboard, and would make an ideal addition to your kitchen equipment. There are recipes with it, too, so children will be able to have fun making donuts or cakes and decorating them (but please remember to keep an eye on them). It’s a little more expensive than the one above at a shade less than £30, but it is a good device to have around.

  • 3 in 1 function
  • Quality Device
  • Powerful
  • Perhaps the price

3: Nopro Donut Maker

We were not sure whether to include this one or not, as it is not a donut maker as such. Instead, it is a neatly designed device dedicated for mixing batter and other ingredients, so you can use it for donuts, cakes or whatever you wish to bake. It’s also an interesting and quite elegant design, so will look good on your kitchen bench. It works by hand so you have complete control, and will dispense the batter evenly onto your plates, for cooking on your electric donut maker.

The main advantage of this device is that it makes it far easier to mix the perfect donut ingredients – you get a recipe book with it – and it will be safe for kids to use if they are supervised. No more mashing the mix with a wooden spoon – this machine does it for you. It’s not the highest quality device we’ve seen, but it is perfectly adequate, but at under £10 it is one that will be used a lot. The downside is you need a donut machine to complete your donuts!

  • Neat
  • Cheap
  • Makes life easier
  • You also need an electric donut maker

4: Ariete Party Time Donut Maker

This model, from Ariete – a known brand in kitchen implements – is a clever one that comes with many fine features. It’s finished in white so will likely match many of your other kitchen devices, and is designed for making perfect donuts and cookies. The hot plate is specially designed for the purpose, and is also a fully coated, non-stick design. You will get perfectly formed donuts with this machine, and in a very short time, too. The heating element is 700watts – which seems to be the standard for these devices – and heats up quickly for easy cooking.

This quality machine is an up-market donut maker – if there can be such a thing – and is cleverly designed to be easy to hide away in a cupboard. The cord also slots away neatly, so you can make sure it will fit into a very small space. There is a light indicator to tell you when it’s on – a great feature for preventing accidental burns – and it also has a safety lock feature so is safe around kids. The younger generation will enjoy making donuts with this, but as always, we advise you to supervise them. The only problem is the price: this one is around £35, so more expensive than those above, and with little added capability.

  • Quality
  • Neat design
  • Safety features
  • Expensive for a donut maker

5: Elgento Donut Maker

This model, from Elgento, follows the regular fashion of being a circular design, with a plate fashioned for seven donuts at a time. It’s a well-made model with many fine features, and with a 750watt heating element is a little more powerful than those we have seen so far. The plate, with its neat holes for the donut mix, is non-stick so will deliver perfect results and is easy to clean, and the element heats up quickly for fast cooking. There is a thermostat for selecting the perfect heat, and the feet are also non-slip so you won’t find it moving around!

We like the typical – but excellent – cool to touch handle, which is perfect for when the kids are having fun under your watchful eye making their donuts for decoration, and it has a handy feature in which it can be stored vertically so it will take up very little space when put away in the cupboard. You get a full 2-year manufacturer guarantee, plus instructions on how to correctly use the machine, and it’s very easy to use. At less than £20 it’s also one of the better-value donut machines, so needs to go on your shortlist.

  • 750watt
  • Quick cooking
  • Non-slip feet
  • None

6: Party Time Flip-Over Donut Maker

This is another clever design, and very similar to the first one on the list. It is built for six donuts, and is a flip-over model for evenly cooked results. The cooking plate is hinged so it can be turned over 180degrees – a very clever feature that really does make a difference – and a cool touch handle means you can do it safely without risk of burns. We recommend that the flip-over is performed by an adult, rather than allowing the children to do it, for basic safety purposes. It does provide excellent results, so is a great model for parties or just for quick tasty snacks.

You get a non-stick base plate that will deliver six perfectly formed donuts, and is also easy to clean, and the machine is surprisingly compact so will not take up too much space in your cupboard when put away. The 700watt heating element is more than sufficient to allow you to cook your donuts in ten minutes, and it heats up quickly for instant use. There’s little not to like about this model except that at around £25 it is more expensive than some, but not by enough to put us off.

  • Flip Design
  • Cooks quickly
  • Perhaps the price

7: Tristar Sweet Roll Maker

While this one looks pretty much like most of the others in this review, and does essentially the same job, it comes with one impressive feature: a massive 1200watt heating element! That’s by far the most powerful we’ve seen so far, and enables very fast and even cooking. The tray is non-stick so your seven freshly cooked donuts will be easy to remove, and it makes for easy cleaning, too. We also like the thermostat control, allowing you to select the perfect heat for cooking the perfect donuts.

The housing itself is heat-resistant for added safety and the cool touch handle is a further neat touch; once more, keep an eye on the kids who will have great fun cooking with this device. It’s perfect for parties and for those times when you simply crave a snack, and is easy to clean and put away. In fact, it’s another one that can be stored vertically so as to take up less space in the cupboard. Two indicator lights leave you in no doubt that the device is operating, and at a little more than £20 it is very good value.

  • Powerful 1200watts
  • Easy to use
  • Safety features
  • None – very good value

8: TKG NYC Donut Maker

This is a typical model in many ways, yet it does come with some impressive features, especially in the safety area. It’s a circular design – like some of the others here – that produces seven donuts, and has the standard 700watt heating element for quick cooking. The plates are non-stick so you can remove your cooked donuts easily, and also for easy cleaning, and you will find the concealed hinges prevent the donut mix from dripping beneath the trays and causing a mess. It’s neat and tidy, and has a well-made feel about it.

The machine has non-slip feet for safety purposes and to keep it in place, and the heat resistant housing is also very effective, although we don’t encourage you – or the children – to test its efficiency! The indicator light glows red when the plates are heating up, and switches to green when the optimum cooking heat has been reached, so you can spread your mixture in and close the lid. This is a very nice donut machine with many fine features, but it’s also one of the more expensive at £30. There are others equally capable – or more so – at a lesser price.

  • Cooks quickly
  • Safety features
  • The price

9: SMART Donut Bakery Kit

This interesting take on the donut machine is a neat gift pack, and while it is more expensive than any of the others on here, it would make an impressive gift for the donut lover! What you get is a pretty standard donut maker; with seven donuts each time and the usual safety features and functions. It’s a 700watt model with indicator lights so you know when it is ready to cook, and the non-stick hot plates are easy to clean and will provide perfectly formed donuts every time.

You also get a handy shaker for adding sprinkles, and a very neat stacker for displaying your donuts once they are done! Plus, the kit comes with a very attractive tin for storage, making this an excellent gift set that would be much welcomed. Is it worth the extra money – bear in mind it will cost more than £40? Well, yes and no, in equal measures; it’s a perfectly good donut maker, with all the necessary features, and a neatly put together gift set that looks pretty, but the addition of a shaker, stacker and the tin doesn’t really make it a choice over any of the others here.

  • Gift set
  • Expensive

10: Clatronic Donut Maker

Our final selection in this top 10 of donut makers is this neat design from Clatronic, which comes with many excellent features and can deliver the standard seven donuts at a time. It’s a modern design in white, a round model that is compact and easy to stack away, and it features the usual red and green lights for heating up and optimal cooking heat. The rubberised non-slip feat are a good touch, and the non-stick plates are easy to clean and will allow you to present perfect donuts every time.

The handle is a cool touch design for added safety, and it shuts firmly with no leaks from the seal. One of its major plus points is the heating element this is a 900watt model, so will cook your donuts perfectly and quickly every time. It’s suitably compact and easy to store – remember to let it cool down before you try and move it – and great fun for kids, who should be supervised when making fun donuts with this machine. All in all, a good model, although at a little more than £30 it is also one of the most expensive.

  • Neat design
  • Full features
  • The price

That’s ten donut makers reviewed for you, and now we’re feeling very hungry! Let’s recap some of the important points to look out for.

How It Works

So, what’s a donut maker all about? It’s about making donuts, of course! The fact is, there are many different designs available, and all offer their own take on the perfect donut. Some of these are electric donut machines, akin to grills that you might make sandwiches with, while others are primarily for mixing the ingredients and dispensing the batter, so you can go on and cook them on your donut maker. The trick is to get the size and shape just right, and there are some clever tricks to these devices.

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A few have the ability to be flipped over, so that you get a perfectly cooked donut, evenly finished and ready to eat! They heat up quickly and operate efficiently, using very little power, and will save you money by not having to use your regular oven, which will be less efficient. They are also small, so you can tuck it away in a cupboard when it’s not in use, and you’ll find them very easy to use. Indeed, if supervised, children will have a lot of fun making their own donuts! So, let’s have a look at the top 10 best donut makers – we’re getting hungry already!

Important Features to Consider

Choosing the right donut maker is clearly going to be difficult, given the sheer variety on offer above, so let’s have a quick look at some of the important features to look out for before you make your choice.

Power – you have a choice of 700, 900 or 1200watt models among the above, with the former being the standard power. The more variable the heat, the better your donuts will be.

Non-stick – each of these has coated, non-stick heating plates, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Safety features – these devices do get hot, so it is important you have heat resistant handles and casing, and a light to let people know when the hot plate is on. Also, remember to keep kids away when it’s cooking, just in case!

Price – this is always a concern, and there is a wide spread of prices among the models we have listed. Buy the best you can afford, and you will enjoy its use for a long time.

The above are just a few of the features we have described in our review, and we hope we have helped you understand the right model for you. All that remains now is for us to wrap this up, so let’s do it!

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Now that we’ve given you all those reviews of the best donut makers you want donuts, don’t you? They make the most wonderful treat and are great for parties, especially with a quick heating donut maker that can turn out perfect donuts in a matter of minutes. The most influential factor in recommending the best one here has to be the price, as they all do pretty much the same thing. Each operates in the same way, and all will be able to provide you with excellent donuts in no time at all.

One that impressed us, not just with its excellent features, was the Tristar Sweet Roll Maker, number seven. Not only is it a very good price at around £20, but it features by far the most powerful heating element of all these at 1200watts. This means excellent cooking, and as it comes with thermostat control, you are free to choose the heat you want. Each of these would make a decent purchase, but that particular model stands out to us as the best value of the ten.

There you have it, then: 10 great donut makers that will make an ideal addition to your kitchen, so off you go and buy one, and enjoy delicious fresh donuts whenever you want!

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