Top 10 Best Electric Heaters 2024

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2kW Home & Office Convector Radiator

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  • 3 Heat Settings For Simple Control With Adjustable Thermostat.
  • Free-Standing Or Wall Mounted (fixings not supplied).
Fine Elements Portable Silent Fan Heater

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  • Compact lightweight design - Instant heat - blow out fan assisted flow.
  • Dual heat settings - Thermostatic control.
  • Safety cut out over heat protection - Built in carry handle.
  • Cable length 53 inches - Instruction manual.
  • Dimension: Product L 25.5cm x W 12.5cm x H 25cm Weight: 1.1 kg.
Oypla 2kW Convector Heater

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  • 3 Heat Settings For Simple Control With Adjustable Thermostat.
  • Free Standing Or Wall Mounted (Fixings Supplied).
  • Powder Coated White Mesh Safety Guard.
Warmlite WL43002Y Mini Oil-Filled Radiator

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  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Carry handle for easy transportation.
  • Suitable for homes, caravans, conservatories and office environments.
  • Five heated fins.

The cold winter months are here, and no matter how high you set your central heating, you just can’t get warm enough! What do you do? Put on more jumpers? No, you buy yourself an efficient, portable electric heater! These devices are great for having around the home for use whenever needed. Most are small and light so you can move them around – take them with you when you are in the lounge, in the office, kitchen or bedroom – so you can be warm wherever you are.

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So, how do you find out which heater you need to buy, and what features you need to look for? Well, fortunately for you, we have gone to great trouble to review the ten best electric heaters available now, so you’ve got some reading to do! Before we get into the details, let’s check out more about the best electric heaters in the UK.

Top 10 Best Electric Heaters

1: Lloytron F2003WH

best electric heaterTo be honest, we don’t know why manufacturers give products such as this confusing names! Why not call it ‘Heater 1’, or ‘Fred’? Anyway, this compact and popular model from Lloytron is a 2000watt fan heater. It is small enough to be moved from room to room, yet powerful enough to provide more than adequate heat whenever needed. It comes with two heat settings so you can choose how warm you want to be, and also offers a choice of upright positioning or lying flat.

The F2003WH also incorporates an automatic cut off and variable thermostat, so is safe to use when you’re not around, and it is fitted with a 1.5metre cord that is fully BS approved. Indeed, the heater itself is BEAB approved for added peace of mind. A well-designed carry-handle makes this heater easy to transport, and it operates surprisingly quietly. As for price, it’s not much more than ten quid, so is good value for money.

All in all, this is a neat little heater that would be perfect for office or home, and one that is sensibly priced in a competitive market.

  • Compact
  • Powerful
  • Cheap
  • Difficult to find any

2: 2kW Home & Office Convector Radiator

This model is not as small as that reviewed above, and is designed to be either free standing or wall-mounted. Thus, if you want it to be moved around, use the stand-alone option, but if you need it in a permanent place you can site it out of the way where it will not take up space. At 2kW it is suitably powerful to provide sufficient amounts of heat, and as it uses the convection method it is perfect for smaller rooms in the home or office.

This heater is fitted with three heat settings so you can choose how warm you want to be, and features an adjustable thermostat for energy efficiency. It’s an attractive design that, finished in white, will blend in with surroundings, and is one that will not look out of place wherever you choose to site it. Designed to comply with all relevant and required British Standards for such equipment, it is also safe for use in the home.

Did we find any problems with this one? Not really; it’s not as compact as some, but it comes with wall fittings so you can put it where you want. At the price, gain not much more than a tenner, it is certainly worth considering.

  • Stand alone or wall mounted
  • Cheap
  • None unless you want something more compact

3: Fine Elements Portable Silent Fan Heater

best electric heaterWe always take claims that devices such as this are silent with a pinch of salt. Having said that, while it is not truly silent, it is very, very quiet, so we’ll let them off! This compact design is another 20002watt model – that appears to be a standard power for electric heaters – so is adequate for your home, and it is also very small so will not take up unnecessary space. It is light in weight and designed to be portable, hence you can take it with you as you move around the house.

The heater comes with dual heat controls and the essential auto-cut out function – essential as it makes it safe to use unsupervised – and has thermostatic control too. It is designed with a clever carry-handle so will be easy to transport, and comes with a cable length of just over 50 inches. This model promises instant heat, and complies to all the necessary British Standards, so you are guaranteed a quality product.

One more thing to add: you’ll actually get change from your tenner with this one, so we can’t say it isn’t great value for money, but perhaps it feels a little ‘cheap’ compared to some others. Still worthy of consideration for your short list.

  • Very cheap/li>
  • Adequate power
  • Easy to move
  • Perhaps lacking in certain quality

4: Oypla 2kW Convector Heater

best electric heaterOK, here’s a little hint for you: this model, branded for Oypla, looks exactly like number 2! Now, we’re not saying it is the same, but there remains the possibility it is very, very similar! It even offers the same wall or free standing use, is also 2kW, and is finished in white. It is compact – but not the smallest of these – and offers more than adequate heat output at sensible energy usage levels.

What more can we say? Not a lot, bar that it has a powder coated white mesh safety guard (!) and it complies to the usual required standards. Oddly, it’s a little more expensive than its similar counterpart, but not by much. That’s all for this one, folks!

  • See number 2
  • See number 2

5: Warmlite WL43002Y Mini Oil-Filled Radiator

best electric heaterNow for something a little bit different! While those above are all examples of fan heaters, this one is not. It is a portable version of the sort of radiator you may have seen around, as it is filled with oil that is heated to provide the results. If this sounds dangerous to you, don’t worry: this clever little radiator is pressure-tested and complies to all safety requirements. Oil-filled radiators are not the most popular types, but they have been around a long time and do provide a sensible amount of heat. However, unlike the blow-heater in which the heat is instant, this sort of radiator requires time to warm up, like those for your central heating system.

This model comes with a fully adjustable thermostat for accurate temperature regulation, and the manufacturers guarantee that the oil is environmentally friendly. It is only 650watts, which means it is for use in smaller rooms (as recommended by the manufacturer) although it is worth noting that other models are available up to as much as 2500watts. It has the usual protection against overheating so will shut down if it exceeds the required levels, and is surprisingly lightweight.

So, why would you choose this over one of the fan heaters? We’re not entirely sure, as it does not offer instant heat and is not as powerful. It is also notably more expensive. However, if you really want an oil-filled radiator, at least you have the option.

  • Not that many
  • Not instant heat
  • Low power

6: Portable Fan Heater

When you think of portable electric fan heaters, it is probably a design such as this that comes to mind. The Status is entirely typical of the breed and, while it doesn’t do anything special, it is a decent item. What can you expect from it? All the usual features, to be frank. It has two heat settings, a thermostat, and it creates heat within and disperses it via a fan. A power indicator light lets you know when it is on, and it has an automatic shut-off feature as you should require.

One thing we do like about this model from Status is its tip-over off switch; it is small and very light so, if it is knocked, it will likely fall over. This can, of course, be dangerous, but with this model, should it tip over, it will automatically shut down. It’s done by a small pressure pad on the feet, which activates if it leaves the ground.

This is a very light, very small model so will be easy to move around. It’s also very cheap, at around the ten quid mark (again!). If you need no-frills, cheap heater with 2000watt capability, this could be the one for you. This is probably our favourite portable electric heater out of the 10, thats based just on portability because its so small.

  • Cheap
  • Powerful
  • Good safety features
  • None specific

7: Dimplex OFRC20C Oil-Free Heater

best electric heaterThis is an interesting model; it looks somewhat like the oil-filled heater we reviewed earlier, and works on the same principle. That is, it’s a conventional type radiator as you would find with your central heating system. The unique selling point is that, while it operates as an oil-filled one, this model has no oil. Instead, it has a unique system that offers many benefits. It’s a 2000watt heater, for a start and it doesn’t require time to heat up, so you get the benefit of instant heat. Also, it sits on smooth-running wheels for ease of mobility.

You get the benefit of a choice of two heat settings plus the regular thermostat, and it has a cable tidy to prevent those occasional accidents. Indeed, the manufacturers provide information stating this model is 30% more efficient than an equivalent oil filled version, so you get added value for money.

Well, you would, but for the price. This is undoubtedly a quality item – it’s well built and uses modern technology – but it costs more than three times that of any of the 2000watt blow heaters we have covered above. Even we consider that to be a major cost hike, so is it worth it? We say it’s not, as it appears vastly overpriced, if very efficient and effective.

  • Efficent
  • Effective
  • Very sturdy
  • Compares badly on price

8: Glen GF30TSN Electric Flat Fan Heater

best electric heaterThis is the first one of our heaters to exceed the 2kW output level; this model from Glen, a flat design that is very compact and lightweight, produces 3kW, making it the most powerful so far. This allows it to be suitable for larger rooms. It is conventional fan heater in every way, with the usual heat generated within dispersed by the fan, and it is a very popular model too. You get the usual features – various heat settings, automatic cut off, thermostat – and a very compact design that is easy to move and takes up little space.

Like a few of the models reviewed here, this Glen model can also be set to blow cool air – perfect for those hot summer days – and is presented in white. It is a very neat design, and makes a sensible choice for frequent use. You also get an LCD screen that monitors the climate, so you can see how warm you are!

We like this model for its simplicity and its added power, and as for the price, it’s more than £20, but not expensive given its added capability. This is definitely one for the short list.

  • Powerful
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • None that we can see

9: HOMCOM Free Standing Electric Fireplace

best electric heaterHere’s another different one! This is not an electric heater in the context we have been talking about so far, but something far more interesting. It is a very decorative and attractive stand-alone fire, emulating a wood burner, that would not look out of place in a very plush living room. It is an 1850watt mode so is very capable, looks the part and offers full temperature control. A thermostat is used to keep the temperature at a set level, so you have constant heat throughout.

You can adjust the power level down to 950watts for increased efficiency, and the fire is lit by lights that look like flames for increased decoration, with the brightness able to be set to different levels. There is a thermal cut off for added protection, as expected with all such devices, and the fire is fully certified and meets all required standards.

Now, the question is, is this what you want? If you are looking for a simple heater that is cheap and can help you add warmth when you need it, it is not. However, if you want something more permanent, that may be a feature for the room as well as providing heat, this could be a good choice. It is attractive, and effective, and although it costs more than £60, we don’t think it expensive for what it is. After all, it is different!

  • Attractive
  • Different
  • Effective
  • Is it what you want?

10: Duronic HV120 Convector Heater

best electric heaterThis model is a typical design upright convector heater, with three power settings up to 2000watts. It’s neat and tidy – if not as compact as some – and can either be floor-standing or mounted on the wall. Of course, the latter option makes it a permanent fixture, but if that’s what you want it may be your best choice. What is interesting is the Turbo Fan feature; this allows you to boost the heat dispersal in any of the three settings, so you get the room warmer in less time.

Duronic is a well-known brand with an emphasis on safety, so this model not only complies to all standards, but also includes the safety features you would expect. A thermostat allows energy efficiency – it will automatically switch off when desired temperature is reached, and then back on again when it goes below. It’s a simple design that does everything you could want, and priced in the mid-20’s is not expensive for a quality model.

  • Turbo boost feature
  • Quality brand
  • Compact
  • A touch more expensive than some

How it Works

It’s important to know that there are many different types of electric heater suitable for home use. Each uses electricity as a power source (you didn’t know that, did you?) and they all have their merits. As we’re dealing with portable heaters, we’ll ignore storage heaters which tend to be fixed, and concentrate on those that can be moved around.

Let’s talk about fan heaters: this is the most common type of electric heater, and uses a fan to distribute warmth around the room. Some of these use filaments to create the heat that is then pushed out into the room, others use the convection method, which is best suited for small areas. The thing is, you really don’t need to know the complex details, you just want to know about the different models we have reviewed, how they rate against each other, and which is best for you.

Important Features to Look For

There you go: ten electric heaters reviewed for you, each with its own attributes, many very similar and some very different. The price range is small – bar a couple of more expensive items that are different to the rest – and the features included tend to be somewhat standard, again with a couple of exceptions. So, when looking for an electric room heater, what features do you need to consider?

Power – the standard seems to be 2000watts; this is said to be adequate for an average sized room. Anything less will be too little to heat larger rooms, so you will not be getting efficient operation. There is one 3000watt model here which we recommend if you have larger rooms. You want to make sure that the one you pick is the most efficent electric heater for the job.

Size – If you are planning on using your heater in more than one room you need to be able to move it around. Many of the models listed are small, light and unobtrusive, so are perfect for picking up and carrying to the next room, while a couple come on castors for ease of movement.

Wall Mounted – if you are looking for a heater for a permanent position, you may wish to choose one of the models that can be mounted on the wall. This takes up less space, and is more attractive.

Safety – all electric heaters should come with a thermostat providing cut off when the temperature is reached, some come with a device that turns them off if they fall over, others have automatic cut off in other circumstances. All should comply with the relevant British Standards for this type of device.

Price – the price range ranges between £10 and around £25, with two exceptions that are far more expensive as they do not fit the standard description.

That’s a few of the important points to consider when choosing an electric heater; use our reviews, and you’ll find one that suits.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

So, there you have it, another fine set of reviews from us, and we hope they have been helpful to you so you can choose the best electric heater for you. Remember, these are just a few of the many electric heaters from various brands, and there may be more that you wish to check out before you make a decision.

The choice is yours as to whether you want a small, compact device or one of the larger, upright models, or perhaps the quirky oil-filled model or the stand-alone electric fire. If we had to recommend one of the standard fan heaters it would probably be the last one, Number 10 from Duronic, for its turbo boost feature, or perhaps the 3000watt model from Glen, with its increased power output.

Whatever you choose, with most of these you can ensure that wherever you are in the home or office, you can have extra heat delivered quickly and safely, and with little added energy use, at very little cost. Get searching now, and make sure you beat the winter blues with a handy electric heater!

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