Top 10 Best Electric Scooter 2021

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There are some of us, of a certain age, who remember the days of the push-along scooter. They are still around today, with children of all ages propelling themselves with one foot while balancing and steering somewhat precariously. It’s a great fun way of getting out and about and makes for good exercise. Scooters are low-maintenance as they have few moving parts, and are usually robustly made so you get a long life. However, the kids of today want more, and that’s why electrically powered scooters are all the rage.

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There are some great choices in scooters for kids on the market right now, but when we got into our reviews we discovered the market for adult scooters is also thriving. We’ll get to the bit about why you need one in a minute, but let’s just consider the fun involved in whizzing along on a self-powered scooter whenever you want. Ok, less of that, but they are fun – and very practical too.

So, scooters, you want one, right? Or your kids do! Either way, we took a look at the best electric scooters available right now – there are other types of powered scooter around, but the electric one is by far the most practical – so before we go on to give you further details about the various options, here’s a bit about why you need one, and what they are used for.

Best Electric Scooters UK

1: HOMCOM Kids E-Scooter

If you want a typical-looking kids scooter, this model is probably what you are thinking about. It is very small, with a lightweight aluminium frame, and is suitable for children between 7 to 14 years of age. You can have it in pink or in black, so it’s suitable for both boys and girls. There is a very neat power-off switch placed on the handle grip, so the user can shut it down very quickly if necessary.

This one takes between 5 to 7 hours to charge and will give you as much as 6-miles distance, which is enough for taking on walks with the family, and it can reach up to 5mph, more than adequate for the intended users. Very durable, it also folds into a package that is small and light enough to carry, so can be taken on the bus. A bit more than a toy, it’s great value for kids at around £50.

Key Features – kids size, 5mph, 6-miles, pink or black


2: Razor Power Core E100

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Back to Razor for this one, and it is an upgraded version of the first on our list, the E100. It uses what they call ‘Power Core’ technology, which has been developed by Razor for added efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The main benefits of this are a lack of chains or belts – this means fewer moving parts – and longer riding time, which is of interest to all users. You can get as much as an hour out of one full charge with this model.

It comes in a variety of colours and is designed specifically for kids, so a maximum weight of 54kg makes it suitable for ages eight and above. This one can reach 18km/h on a full charge, so is perfectly quick enough for fun. This one is really a kids model so is perhaps not suitable for the commute, and doesn’t fold as some do, but it is a quality item and at around £240 is fairly priced for this brand.

Key Features – Power Core, one-hour time, for kids, no chains or belts, 18km/h


3: Partu Electric Scooter

This one is designed specifically with adults in mind and is recommended for those who want to use a small, capable scooter for commuting or other journeys. It is a very neat and able design, stylish, sleek and modern, and is offered with a wealth of impressive features. This one is a geared model, and can reach 27km/h – that is very quick for a vehicle of this type – so is perhaps best treated with the greatest care!

A three-hour charge time will give you 15miles of distance, and it folds very neatly with a clever mechanism into a surprisingly small package, so is perfect for the bus or train. The frame is fully adjustable for height, so anyone can have a go, and it has a fool-proof accelerator and brake system, with one lever controlling each. You also get a full instrument display so you can check your speed and how much charge you have left, and a bright headlight. This is a top-end model that, at around £300, is surprisingly good value.

Key Features – neat design, folds flat, 15-miles, headlight, safety features


4: WeSkate Electric Scooter

This model takes the scooter concept to another level. Immediately you see it, you notice it has a full seat, so is designed not for standing on but using as a seated vehicle. This has its advantages, but also makes it heavier and not as portable. It’s not easy to see this one being used on and off the bus, but rather as a way of completing the whole journey. It has a large deck – the seat is comfortable and adjustable and can be removed – and can handle fully sized adults with ease.

Large wheels make this one a very comfortable ride and it is nicely made, plus it exudes quality in all areas including the braking, instrument panel and front light. You will get as much as 25km out of this model on one charge, so it is ideal for those trips to the shops. Make no mistake, this is a top-quality vehicle that is another class to some of these, and you will pay around £450 for one.

Key Features – comfortable seat, wide platform, powerful motor, 25km range


5: Airwave Electric Scooter

While the above is a fancy vehicle with all the mod-cons, this one is a more basic model, but that has its advantages, too. It is designed for ages 14 and up, so is great for kids, yet it is also suitable for adults and might just be the perfect one for taking on the bus or train. This is thanks to a simple and very effective folding mechanism that allows it to become a very compact package in no time at all and is very easy to reassemble.

It weighs just 10kg, has a very handy side-stand for when you need to park it, and is available in a range of colours so there’s plenty of variety. It has an effective rear drum-brake and easy operation, too, and is very neatly positioned as a commuter item as well as a fun scooter for kids. A five-hour charge can give you 15km and 12km/h, so it’s not the fastest but is perfectly good. Also, it’s a very nice price at around £75, so well worth a look if you want a simple, standard scooter for fun or practical use.

Key Features – simple design, easy to use, adults or kids, great commuting, price


6: Xiaomi Ninebot M365

Our final choice of the electric scooter is at the very top of the tree when it comes to style and function – and price. This is a sophisticated and very nicely designed commuter scooter that is brim-full of clever features, not least a kinetic energy recovery system that gives it a far longer battery life than other models on the list. It looks superb, is minimalist in design, and is a very neat and clever bit of equipment.

You get dual brakes, for added safety, plus an LED display system for battery life, and it can be folded flat in a few seconds making it perfect for hopping onto the train. It is also very compact when folded so won’t get in anyone’s way. You won’t look out of place riding one of these in the city, and it can be charged ready to go in a few hours. There’s no doubt that, in terms of style, function and technology, this is the best one here, but you don’t get much change from £600 for a quality design such as this.

Key Features – design, folding mechanism, energy recovery, very stylish

That’s our list of the top 10 best electric scooters complete, so which is for you? Before we have a go at recommending, let’s recap a few of the important features you need to look for when choosing one of these very useful machines.

Important Features to Consider

There are two main reasons for buying the best electric scooter – fun or practicality. The former tends to be where kids are concerned, and the latter for people who want to make the commute a little easier. If you want a fun scooter – for the kids – you need to consider only the price and range, but for the commute, there may be other considerations, such as:

Size – do you need one you can take on the bus? If so, you need to make sure it folds into a neat and small package, so you don’t take up too much space. Also, it needs to be very easy to fold both ways – down and up.

Speed – if you are using your scooter on city streets, you need to consider your speed; some of these go rather quickly at the top end, and others not so.

Range – how far does it go on one charge? There’s no point having one of these if it won’t make the distance to where you want to be, so make sure you know that it can get you there and back on a single charge, or you might get stranded!

Weight – for carrying purposes, you need your scooter to be light enough to carry around with you, and those that fold are designed to be very light indeed.

That’s our handy list of things to look for, so which one is for you? Let’s see if we can wrap things up!

How It Works

We all know the basic premise of a scooter; it’s a simple frame with a platform, plus two or more wheels. The old push-along version is still around, but we are talking here about those that are powered by usually small electric motors. They are surprisingly portable, which brings us to why you might need one.

If you commute to work by train or on the bus, you may have some distance to go at either end to get to and from your point of transport and place of work. Taking a bike on the bus is not an option, but taking a scooter may be, especially if it is designed to fold down, very cleverly, into a compact and easy to carry package that you can have up and running in a matter of seconds.

Some of the models featured here offer that option, and are very clever as a result, and they can easily cut the time it takes you to get from your train to the office by a considerable margin. They can be used – with care, of course – in many places, but please be aware that there are certain areas in very crowded towns and cities where they may be discouraged or even forbidden.

So, a small, foldable, lightweight form of transport that can also be used for fun, for a quick trip to the shops, or for a ride around with the kids on their own scooters – what’s not to like? Let’s get down to business, and talk in a little more detail about the best electric scooters on the market right now.

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Let’s Wrap It Up!

Our list of the best electric scooters easily covers all the bases, so there will most likely be one here for you. For kids, we recommend the smaller Razor models, which come with the added assurance of a quality brand that is the market leader. If you just want a basic, simple scooter – for children or adults – look at the Airwave model, although be aware that while it is an excellent price, it is limited in range and top speed.

There’s no doubt that the final one on the list is the best here, but we still think that the BEBK – number four on the list – is the best one for commuters, thanks to its neat design and price. So, there you have it, ten to choose from, so off you go, read again, and enjoy your scooting!

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