Top 10 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs 2018

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Mini Comparison TableInflated Size 
Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami1.80m x 65cm CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Vegas196cm x 61cm CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Intex Octagonal Bubble Spa201cm x 71cm CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs195cm x 71cm CLICK HERE FOR PRICE
Life Floating Spa BarSide table for Spa CLICK HERE FOR PRICE

Wouldn’t it be a dream to have your own hot tub in your garden, ready for use for you and your family whenever you want? Of course, such things are only available to the very rich, right? Wrong! There is an alternative to the permanent, expensive hot tub – an inflatable hot tub jacuzzi! Stay with us, because this is real – you can afford a hot tub, and as it is not permanent, it won’t take up valuable space you might want to use in other ways. These are great additions to any home, and make for fun and frolics whenever you want.

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Of course, you need to know what you are getting when you buy an inflatable hot tub, so we have put together a buyer’s guide of the top 10 best inflatable hot tubs available right now. Before we tell you about them, we’d like to have a closer look at what these fantastic devices are all about, as we want to make sure you know as much as you can before you decide that one of these is for you. We’ve covered a variety of models from the best makers, at a range of prices that should include one for you. So let’s take a look at 10 of the best inflatable hot tubs on the market today.

Best Hot Tubs

1: Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami

The first on our list claims to be the best-selling inflatable hot tub in the UK, and having seen the specifications and price, we can quite believe it. The Lay-Z-Spa follows a format that will become familiar to you as you read on: it’s portable so when not in use will not take up a great amount of room, and it inflates quickly thanks to the pump and heater that is part of the package. It is big enough for up to four people, and can be used anywhere there is a flat surface – even indoors! You get a full filter system and chemical package, and a DVD that instructs you fully on set-up.

This inflatable hot tub comes highly recommended from many satisfied users, and is a quality, well-made item that will serve the purpose very well indeed. It comes with all the fittings and features a massage system that will blast jets of water into the tub for a wonderfully relaxing water massage, making this a full spa set-up. The rapid heating system can heat up to 40C so you will be comfortable in all weather, and it is easy to take down and store away. 800litres of water is enough to accommodate four adults, too. The price – around £400 new – not bad at all for a hot tub in your home!

  • Full set up
  • All accessories
  • Sensible price
  • None that we can see

2: Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Vegas

From the same maker as the one above comes the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas, so what’s the difference? The Vegas is bigger than the Miami at almost two metres across, and can easily fit six adults, so it really is fun for all the family! You get the usual pump and heater, with the highly regarded Bestway rapid heating system and fast inflating time, and it’s all easy to put together and use. You also get the spa system for massage, with a digital controller so you can set the rate how you like it.

The Vegas model also comes with an inflatable lid; this will help keep the temperature at a sensible level between uses, so heating it up for the next one uses less energy. There is a filter system so you have clean water, and you also get the chemical floater package. If you are going to leave this inflated for long periods, you also get a good-looking leather-look cover that will protect it from debris when not in use. This is a popular and impressive inflatable hot tub, and at less than £500 is very good value given its capacity.

  • Spa feature
  • Fits six people
  • Covers and accessories
  • Is there a downside to a hot tub? We think not

3: Intex Octagonal Bubble Spa

This one differs from the two above not only in its shape, but also in concept. The Intex is intended as a more permanent fixture than the portable models from Bestway, and as such needs careful consideration before you decide to buy it. You get the full package – all the hoses, inflation equipment, pumps and heater – plus a full lid for added protection. You can fit four adults in this one, and it comes with filter system and a built in hard water treatment system, which will ensure that the water in your tub is soft on your skin and also on the equipment.

Where this one becomes interesting is in its party piece: the patented PureSpa Bubble Therapy function. This consists of 120 water jets, each heated, that can be programmed via a separate control unit to send soothing, hot jets of water into the tub, giving a full spa experience like no other hot tub. It’s a wonderful feeling, and one that does make this a stand-out model. We feel that the set-up of this one, not as simple as those above, means it is most likely to be left in place permanently, but if that’s OK by you, we can’t help but recommend it. Oh, and it’s around £500, so not bad at all.

  • Bubble therapy function
  • Fully equipped
  • Quality build
  • Perhaps too permanent

4: Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs

It’s back to Bestway and their Lay-Z-Spa range for this model, the Palm Springs (and we have more from them to come, too). This could be considered a deluxe model, and comes with a variety of impressive features and clever, useful accessories. It accommodates as many as six adults with well over 900litres of water capacity, uses the tried and tested rapid inflation and heating system for energy saving, and is made from special material that gives it added strength and a lovely, comfortable cushioned floor for added luxury.

You also get, along with the full filtration system and all such features, a handy clip on lid for protection and heat retention, so this is a great model for when you want to leave it outside for a long time. It heats quickly to 40C, so you will be comfortable, and more than 100 water jets provide the massage spa function for added fun and relaxation. This one is big, at almost two metres, but it comes with everything you need for many weeks of summer fun. At less than £500 it’s also very good value.

  • Top quality item
  • Lid and accessories
  • Spa feature
  • Rapid heat
  • Very big, so needs plenty of space

Pros: Top quality item, lid and accessories, spa feature, rapid heat

Cons: Very big, so needs plenty of space

5: Life Floating Spa Bar

OK, so we’ve cheated a little as this is not a tub, but what we consider to be a vital accessory! Here’s the thing: you’ve set your tub up, it’s at the right temperature, in you get with your drink in hand, and then you want another drink. So, you have to get out, go indoors, pour another drink and get back in the tub. Now, that’s not right, is it? You want to be able to pour another drink without having to get out of the tub, of course! That’s where the Life Floating Spa Bar comes into the picture!

It’s simple: you get an inflatable, 28inch wide caddy, with two stabilising air chambers so it won’t tip over, with compartments for a bottle, glasses, snacks and whatever you want close at hand in your hot tub. You can leave it to float free, or you can anchor it to the side of the tub – the choice is yours. No more getting out to pour the drinks – they’re right with you in the water! We think it’s a great buy – no, an essential one – for anyone with a hot tub, and at around ten quid can you afford not to have one?

  • Convenient
  • Drinks at hand
  • Floats free
  • None – you need one

6: MSPA Luxury Inflatable Jacuzzi Hot Tub

This one is a very impressive inflatable hot tub model that can fit up to six people, and comes highly recommended by many satisfied users. It’s big, though, so you will need plenty of space, although it is easy to inflate and fill, with an impressive energy efficient heating system. It can heat up to 42C so you will be very comfortable, and comes with a full accessory pack including filters, a cover and more, so is perfect for leaving outside for long periods. Amazingly, you can have this inflated in two minutes, and filled and heated within an hour!

You also get a fun and relaxing 132 water jets, controlled from an independent control board so you can set them as you want, for the full spa massage experience, making it great for parties or families. This is a perfect choice for erecting in the spring for many months of outdoor fun, and is a quality item made to a high standard. Put it on your shortlist if you are not concerned about limited space.

  • Quality
  • 132 water jets
  • Fits 6 adults
  • Perhaps the size

7: Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Paris

Another one from the popular Bestway brand, this one – the Paris – is a luxury model with many excellent attributes and features, and easily fits six people. Where it stands out, though, is in its fun features. Start with the 87 water jets that are designed to create thousands of soothing bubbles, controlled by an individual unit to your desire. This gives you the full spa inflatable jacuzzi experience, whenever you want it! It’s fun for all the family, and also great for parties.

Also, this one comes with an independently controlled LED lighting system for added fun in the evenings; the remote is waterproof, so you can use it in the tub, and the multi-coloured lights add another dimension. You can set the heating via a timer, and the rapid heating system gets you to as much as 40C very quickly and with little energy used. This one is ready to fill after just ten minutes set up, so you’re ready to go very quickly indeed. We can’t recommend this one highly enough – or indeed the rest of the range – and it can be yours for around 500 quid.

  • Top brand
  • Massage feature
  • LED lights for added fun
  • None that we can see

8: Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Monaco

Brace yourselves people, because this is a big one! It’s the Lay-Z-Spa Monaco from Bestway, and it is a very, very impressive beast indeed! For a start, you can fit as many as eight people in this inflatable rigid hot tub, and it’s ideal if you want a semi-permanent fixture. You do need some space, however, as it is more than two metres across! You get the full accessory pack including the heater, pumps and controllers – your control panel programs the heating and the water jet system which provides the massage function – plus filter cartridges and the chemical floater.

The Monaco is a luxury model that will be perfect for permanent use, yet it can be packed away conveniently and takes up little space when not in use. Set up is quick and simple – there is a DVD included with full instructions – and it provides hours of fun for all the family. You also get a sturdy lid for protection and heat retention, making it perfect for all-weather use. If you want a full function spa in the garden that will accommodate eight, this is the one to get, and at less than £700 it is a good buy.

  • Luxury spa and hot tub
  • Fits eight people
  • It’s big

9: MSPA Glow Luxury Hot Tub

This is a great model from the MSPA brand, makers of quality inflatable hot tubs and accessories, and comes with many fine features. It’s big enough for six and is fully portable for use either indoors or outside. We reckon outdoors is the best place for a hot tub, if you want to get the full experience! The built-in pump is designed to inflate the tub very quickly and also very quiet, and advanced heating elements mean you can heat the water very quickly to 40C for added comfort.

For added fun you have 118 water jets providing the spa massage experience – as usual, controlled by you to your desired frequency and heat – and it comes with an extra fun feature, the LED light strip. This makes the water appear to glow when lit, and is a great fun idea for parties in the dark. The lid for the tub also features a digital lock, so nobody can get in it if you don’t want them to! A quality model with many satisfied users, this one is available for less than £500, and we reckon it’s good value at the price.

  • Spa feature
  • LED light system
  • Rapid heating
  • Hard to find any

10: Tubble Inflatable Bathtub

This one is a bit of a novelty; it’s a bathtub, not a hot tub! We included it because it’s interesting; it says it’s ‘ideal for everyone without a bath’, but we reckon that’s a very small customer base! Nevertheless, it’s fun, and comes with some fun features. It’s fully portable, inflates in minutes, and we reckon would be great to take to the caravan, on a boat or anywhere you want a bath but won’t find a tub. A zip cover keeps the water warmer for longer, too, so if you need to get out in the middle of your bath, simply zip it up and it will be warm when you come back.

There’s no doubt this is a handy item – it deflates to a very small size and is easy to carry around – and even has a built-in cup holder. It can also take bath oils, salt water, and can withstand heat up to 45C. Would we buy one? Well, it’s not an obvious purchase if you have a bath tub already, but for holiday use, it could be very convenient.

  • Compact
  • Great if you want a bath but only have a shower
  • Just a bath

Important Features to Look Out For

There you go, ten inflatable hot tubs – well, eight, plus a bath tub and a handy bar accessory – reviewed for your pleasure, and we hope there’s one for you among the choices. Buying a hot tub is not a decision to take lightly as this is quite an investment, so there are some features that are important when looking for a hot tub. Let’s recap on the important factors you need to think about when buying one of these.

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Size – choose one that fits as many people as will likely use it as you will find that it is very popular with visitors. Also make sure that you choose a hot tub that will actually fit in your available space – it is so easy to measure the area wrong and find you have an expensive item that will not fit!

Weight – this is a factor that is very often overlooked. A hot tub, when filled to capacity, will be a very heavy item. Have a look at where you are intending to put your hot tub; is it in a summer house or other outdoor building, or on decking? If so, these will be raised from the ground itself and you need to be certain that the floor will take the weight. If you are in doubt, get someone in to check it for you, a builder perhaps, who has experience and knowledge of this kind of project.

Spa – you want one with a good spa system; the more water jets, the better, and make sure you have full control of the system. You also want to look at the difference between hydro jets – where the water provides the effect – and air jets, which are perhaps not as effective. For the record, hydro jet tubs are generally more expensive than air jet models, so choose wisely.

Heat – all of these can heat to 40C, so that’s more than adequate for a comfortable bath, but check how much energy they use to heat, as some can be considerably more expensive than others and you need to remember the budget you are working to.

Portable – if you don’t want a hot tub as a permanent fixture, you need one that will deflate to a small size. Check the dimensions before you choose.

Illumination – you want to be able to use your hot tub on warm summer nights – or if you are very daring in the winter – and what better way to enhance the effect than by having it lit? There are two ways you can do this: you can mount outdoor lights around the hot tub, flooding it with light for ease of use, or you can buy lights that actually drop in the water. These are safe and designed for such use, and come in a range of types, sizes and colours, and are great fun!

Maintenance – one of the great things about inflatable hot tubs is that they are low maintenance. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can just leave it standing all year and do nothing! You will need to have available water treatment solutions. These keep the water clean, and sometimes a first batch is supplied with the hot tub. If not, you need to check with the supplier which products they recommend. Rest assured these chemicals are safe, and if you don’t put them in the water, it will start to be rather unpleasant very quickly. Also, check the regular filter cleaning routine, as this can be required often if the hot tub is used regularly. It’s not a difficult job, and is usually a simple rinse out with a hose, but it does need to be done regularly.

Those are the main points you need to consider when you’re looking for an inflatable hot tub, so take your time and make sure you find one that will fit in your chosen area. So, is there one here for you?

How It Works

The concept behind an inflatable hot tub is simple: think of it as a grown-up version of the child’s paddling pool, but bigger and with heated water. With most models, you get the pool plus a pump and heater, and all you need to do is connect the pump which inflates the tub, and then fill it with water and wait for it to heat up. There are many different sizes of inflatable hot tub so you will be able to find one big enough for all the family, or small enough to fit in even the most restricted spaces.

So, are you ready to be convinced? Before you read on, beware: you will be convinced, as these fantastic items will enchant you and offer you a wealth of fun at your fingertips that you will find difficult to resist! Here are, then, the top 10 best inflatable hot tubs on the market in the UK right now – so get your credit card out, you’re going to need it!

How to Care for Your Hot Tub

A hot tub is likely to be a major investment, even those that can be bought on a budget, and you want it to be in use for the longest possible time. While these are low-maintenance items, that does not mean no maintenance! There are some routines you need to get into if you are to get the best out of your hot tub. Here’s our guide to caring for your hot tub, as easily as you can.

Choose Location Carefully

There are a few factors you need to consider before buying your hot tub the main one being where you are going to put it. If you have a space in mind, then you need to consider the following points before you make it certain:

  • Will it fit? All too often people buy these items – which can be quite large – having measured the space incorrectly, so double check your dimensions. Also, remember to leave space around the sides for getting in and out!
  • Is it on a raised floor? If so, will the floor take the weight? The hot tub will weight a great deal when filled to capacity, so you need to know how much weight the intended floor can carry.
  • Is the floor level? You need any surface you are putting your hot tub on to be perfectly level, or the sheer weight and inflatable construction may render it unstable.
  • Could it be punctured? Be certain not to put it close to hedges or shrubs that grow quickly in the summer, especially those with thorns or sharp branches. It is inflatable, and anything that punctures it may ruin your hot tub.
  • Clean the floor thoroughly before erecting your hot tub, as any small items may cause damage when the weight of the full tub presses down on them.

These are all essential points to consider when choosing and preparing your location, so let’s talk about regular maintenance tips.

Regular Routines

There are some regular cleaning and maintenance tips that you must follow if you are to keep your hot tub clean and in usable condition, so here goes:

  • Clean the filters regularly; this can often be done by attaching a hose to flush them out, and may need to be done every few days if you use the tub all the time.
  • Use the right chemicals; to keep the water clean and fresh you need to add the required chemicals – your supplier or manufacturer will advise you on this point – or you will find you get a build-up of grime which can affect the water or air jets and also the pumps.
  • Check out water chlorination systems if you feel they may be useful, as they produce natural chlorine to keep the water clean and usable.

These are the main, simple routines you need to adhere to if you want to keep your hot tub in working order, but before we go, a final section on two important additional things that will help keep your hot tub in use as long as is possible.

Use the Cover

Your hot tub should come with a cover, and if not you can buy them. This cover will be in one of many forms, but our simple advice is this: use it! It will save you the task of fishing out leaves, twigs, dirt and even birds feathers and other debris if you put the cover on when not in use.

Finally, many people choose to leave their hot tubs out all year, and if you plan on using yours in winter, that’s great. If it won’t get used in the colder months, we strongly recommend you empty and dismantle it and pack it away. The cold and frosty air can, in some cases, make the material very brittle, which will in turn make it susceptible to puncture.


Let’s Wrap It Up!

You now want a hot tub, and you want us to recommend one from the list above, yes? Of course you do, and who wouldn’t? They are great fun and make an excellent party piece, as well as being great fun for all the family. They are not expensive, and you will get plenty of use out of them, whatever the time of year!

Which would we recommend? There are so many excellent models in this review, and we can’t overlook the fact that the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa range is the best selling range of hot tubs in the UK. For the price, and for its fun LED lighting system, we would choose the Paris model, or for its added size, the Monaco luxury model. Having said that, the two models from MSPA are also impressive, and if you’re happy with a more permanent structure, the Intex Bubble Spa is a top quality hot tub with a great range of features.

When it comes down to it, the choice you make will be influenced by the space available, and the budget you have. We advise that you by one that is as big as you can accommodate, as you will find the smaller models to be restrictive, and make sure it has a quick set up and efficient heating system for energy savings.

We guarantee you won’t regret investing in a hot tub – and remember, some of these are suitable for indoor use, too – so have another read of our guide, and pick the one that fits your available space and usage requirements. Happy hot tubbing from us!