Top 10 Best Luxury Bath Pillows 2024

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Kovot Spa Pillow

[ Our #1 Choice ]

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    Suction Cups Securely Attach to Tub Wall.
  • Ultra Soft and Smooth to the Touch Foam Fill for Cushioned Support.
  • Ultra Soft and Smooth to the Touch Foam Fill for Cushioned Support.
  • 2 Sections Cradle Head, Neck and Shoulders.
Comfort Waterproof Bath Pillow

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  • Comfortable support for your neck. Size: 29cm x 19cm.
  • Suction Cups fit easily and securely to your bath for non slip comfort.
  • Cool and airy design - ultimate comfort to heighten the pleasure of a relaxing bath.
2-Pack Premium Quality Bath Pillows

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  • The suction cups on each of our bath pillows are non-toxic and have extra strong grip, which keep the pillow firmly in place on any smooth surface.
  • Exterior is made of top quality microfiber cloth which is ultra-soft and smooth to the touch, the thick interior is filled with white premium EPS beads which will support your neck and mould around your head.
  • There are two top quality, thick pillows in each pack, each in a stylish and premium colour. Measuring 40cm x 20cm (15" x 7"), they can be used on their own or in combination to provide the ultimate in head, shoulder and neck support.
  • The pillow cover can be removed and washed, it dries easily and quickly.
Target Homewares Luxury Bath Pillow

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  • Anti-Bacterial Synthetic Material / Approx Size: 30cm x 19cm.
  • Gives Soothing, Relaxing Bathtub Experience.
  • Soft Surface for Complete Comfort & Safety.
  • Easy Washable.
Top-Max Relaxing Bath Pillow Case

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  • Dimension:300mm(L)*250mm(W),Material:PVC Foam.Waterproof.
  • Easy to clear and washable,giving you a wonderful bath experience.
  • These suction cups stick well to the bathtub wall, making the bath pillow slip-resistant.
  • Soft and comfortable, and it can turn a bath time into a really comfortable and relaxing experience.

A bath is a relaxing experience at the best of times, and has an invigorating effect on the body. We emerge from a long, hot bath feeling refreshed and ready for what comes next, and it is a cleansing experience in more ways than one. It’s much more than a shower, which is a less full-on event, and is a tie where you can spend a little bit of time all to yourself, away from the demands of the family even if just for a few minutes. How you take your bath is a personal choice, but it is always an enjoyable one.

There are many ways that you can enhance your bathing experience; you might like to take a bath with a partner, for example, or perhaps you have preferred bath oils that you like to add to the water for a more soothing effect. Many people, however, find the hard surfaces of a bath tub uncomfortable to rest their head on; the answer is a bath pillow, and we’ve taken a look at the top 10 best luxury bath pillows you can buy right now. What are they all about? Well, before you go on to read about our choices in detail, check out the next couple of paragraphs that tell you all you need to know.


The Top 10 Bath Cushions

1: Kovot Spa Pillow

Our first choice comes from a well-known brand in household items, Kovot, who offer a wide range of products that are regarded for their quality. This luxury bath pillow is typical of the breed, and comes highly recommended by a number of very satisfied users. It is designed with comfort in mind, and comes with no fewer than seven suction cups which will attach it to the side of the bath firmly, so it will never slip when you are resting your head on it.

This one is carefully designed in two sections for added effectiveness; it is specially created to cradle not only the head, but also the neck and shoulders, so you get a full spa-like experience when you take a bath with this. It is filled with foam for even more comfort and support, and is easy to clean and fully waterproof. The material used is odour and chemical resistant, so you get a full life out of your pillow, and it designed to be easy to clean and dry. All in all, a usable and well-made bath pillow, but one of the more expensive at around £20.

  • Well made
  • Two selections
  • Perhaps the price

2: Comfort Waterproof Bath Pillow

This model is in line with the general idea of a bath pillow; in fact, we think we’re going to find it hard to find things to write later on! After all, a bath pillow is a bath pillow, right? Well, yes, but some come with clever design features that make them more interesting. This one, for example, is made with tiny holes throughout, so that air and water can filter through. It’s a clever touch that makes it a worthy consideration for any short list.

It attaches to the bath sides firmly via a series of suction cups – it works very effectively – and is easy to remove when you want to clean it. It’s a neat design and at 19x29cm is big enough for anyone to use. We like this one because of its simplicity, but it may not be as comfortable as some of the more advanced and unique designs. Also, it feels a little cheap – but that’s perhaps because it is, at under seven quid. Have a look at the rest before deciding on this, but it’s still worth considering.

  • Cheap
  • Cheap

3: 2-Pack Premium Quality Bath Pillows

Now, this is an interesting one for couples who like to take a bath together. Oh, come on, you’re not all prudes, are you? Many people bath together, it’s an entirely natural thing to do! This is a twin set; you get two pillows, so it’s perfect for couples. Or, if you like to bath alone, it’s great to have a spare for when one is in the wash. The strong suction cups will keep the pillows firmly in place when in use, but allow them to be detached easily when required. These are genuinely quality items, and a lot of thought has gone into the comfort levels.

The pillows are filled with beads made from a material called EPS, which is known for extra comfort and shaping. The exterior is made from soft and smooth microfibre cloth, so you get a very comfortable feel all the time, and they are easy to clean and dry. The pillows are strong and durable, too, and are odour and mildew resistant, and they can also be used together for double the comfort and support. This is a nice product, and at around £12 for the pair, is a worthy addition to a list of possible purchases.

  • Twin pack
  • Price
  • None

4: Target Homewares Luxury Bath Pillow

As a known brand in the world of household products, Target Homewares merits inclusion on this list on that alone. This is a quality product that features the clever design idea of a number of small holes, so that water and air can get through, and is well-made and soft. The outer material is synthetic and anti-bacterial, so you can rest assured it is a hygienic product, while the filling is a memory foam inner, so it will remain in place for your head next time you use it. If other want to use it, it is easy to put back to standard and will mould to their head, too.

The surface is soft and it provides a great deal of comfort, and the suction cups keep it firmly in place for the entire duration of your soothing, luxurious bath. It is easy to remove and wash, and also easy to detach from the tub for cleaning. It is odour resistant and is a durable, item, so you get great value for your money. At £7.99 it’s also great value, so we recommend you keep this one in mind when making your choice.

  • Good value
  • Memory foam
  • None as far as we can see

5: Top-Max Relaxing Bath Pillow Case

This is a different design to those above, in that it comes in the form of a case. You can use it effectively on its own, or you can put another pillow inside for added comfort. As it is, it is made from soft and durable material, and it is comfortable enough. We feel it would work better, however, with added padding, so perhaps with a cheap pillow inserted inside. It’s not the highest quality item, either, but it is adequate for its intended use.

It comes with a series of suction cups that will attach it to the side of the bath, and it fits quite firmly so will not slip around under your head, and 30x25cm it is suitable large. The material is PVC foam so it is fully washable, and it is easy to dry for future use. All in all, it’s a perfectly decent bath pillow, but we think there are better models to choose from in this list. However, it’s just £5.99, so may be worth another look if you don’t want to spend more.

  • Cheap
  • Not great quality

6: Ezeso Spa Bath Pillows

We said earlier that we thought we’d begin to find it difficult to elaborate on these items as, essentially, they are all pretty similar. We were not wrong, but it’s fair to say this one – from Ezeso, who offer a wide range of homeware products – is a little bit different to the norm. It’s a clever design that is intended to effectively hang over the top of the bath, and down behind your neck. The design means that it will provide adequate support for your head, neck and shoulders, so you are getting a spa-like experience every bath-time. It is effective, and it is well-made, too.

What else can we add? It’s durable and soft, and is made from eco-friendly material that is designed to be odour and chemical free. It fits into place with seven suction cups for a firm non-slip effect, and its natural design means it follows the contours of your upper body perfectly. It provides more than adequate comfort for both adults and children, and is easy to clean and also to dry. What’s not to like? Not a lot, but at around £14 it is one of the more expensive items here, so you might want to read to the end before making a decision.

  • Great design
  • Quality item
  • Perhaps the price

7: Valneo Bath Pillow

A well known brand with many fine home products, Valneo guarantees you are getting a quality and affordable item every time. This one differs from most of the others here in one particular way: it doesn’t come filled with any form of foam, it is an inflatable bath cushion. This is clever in many ways, as it means it is easy to let down, fold up and tuck away in a drawer for the next time. It has a set of good suction pads for attaching to any clean and hard surface, so will not sleep when you are using it, and we found it comfortable to use.

One clever design tip with the Valneo model is that it is designed to be used, if you wish, with long hair tied up so it does not get wet. This is a neat thought, and shows the effort this known brand puts into its product design. The comfort level provided by this one might not match that of, for example, one of the memory foam designs for some people, but we found it adequate. It’s easy to clean, and also to inflate and attach. At around £9 it’s not bad value, but we are not sure it would be our first choice.

  • Clever design
  • Inflatable
  • Perhaps there are better choices

8: Haobase Bathtub Pillow

The general design of bath pillows, with a few exceptions, is that of a rectangular pillow that sits behind your head providing comfort and luxury for bath time. This model, from Haobase, is one of the few exceptions, and is a sort of shell-like shape. It has a series of inflatable segments that allow it to provide a surprising level of cover, and the front is a flocked material for added comfort. The back, with its series of suction cups for a slip-free effect, is heavy-duty vinyl, so you get a long life from this one.

You can inflate it to whatever level you wish, so you can effectively choose your own desired comfort level. It’s easy to use and attach, and just as easy to remove for cleaning. This one is a good size when inflated but not as large as some of the others, and we feel it is rather cheap in quality terms when compared to some of the others. Nevertheless, at less than a fiver it has to be one of the bargains on this list, although we are certain there are better options for just a few quid more.

  • Very cheap
  • Not the best quality

9: Super Soft Luxury Bath Pillow

Two left to do, and we really are running out of things to say! After all, these are not the most complex of items, and the specifications consist of what they are made of, and how comfortable they are! At least this one is a little different, in that it is finished in a pleasant pink, with a nice picture and script on it! It’s also a little different as it is pillow shaped – a traditional pillow, that is – and is a genuine no-frills item, that makes no special claims as to what it can do.

It’s a decent size at 30x25cm, and is comfortable under the head, and it is attached with suction cups on the back so it can be fixed to the bath surface. It is made from 100% polyester microfibre, so is very soft to the touch, and it is surprisingly comfortable when in place. It’s also easy to wash and dry, and is a viable option among these if you just want a plain and simple bath pillow. However, at £11.00 there are cheaper options that we feel make a better choice.

  • Comfortable
  • Attractive design
  • More expensive than some better options

10: Ideaworks 5D Home Bath Spa Pillow

At last, we reach the final one! This one is, make no mistake, one of the better choices among this list, as we would expect from the popular Ideaworks brand. This is a brand with a wide variety of homeware products, and one that is no stranger to quality. And, we have to say, this is a high quality item, with some neat and usable design features. It’s a combination of a flat pillow and a roll, so you get excellent support for head, neck and shoulders, and it is also one of the bigger pillows.

This one is made from a carefully selected open air fibre material, which allows not only for airflow, but for quick drying. This effectively prevents odour and mildew, and is a very clever design feature. It has suction cups for efficient and firm attachment to the sides of the bath, and is easy to remove for washing – you can hand wash it or give it a steam clean. This a very nice bath pillow, offering excellent comfort levels, but be aware that is one of the more expensive, at around £13. Still, it definitely goes on our shortlist.

So, there you have it: ten bath pillows of a variety of styles, all ready for you to use. Before we talk about the best options, let’s have a look at the features you need to look out for.

How It Works

What is a bath pillow? Quite simply, it’s a pillow, for using in the bath! Of course, you could roll up a towel and use that, but you won’t get the full, relaxing effect of a specially designed pillow. They are generally designed to attach to the sides of the bath by way of suction cups, which keep them in place so they don’t slip, and are also waterproof. They really do make having a bath a more pleasurable experience, and are great for adults as well as children. The ones listed here are among the best in the business, and come from some well-known brands.

So, what more can you expect from a luxury bath pillow? You can expect somewhere to rest your head while you enjoy a luxurious break, and you will also find it lends an extra dimension to bath time! They are made from a variety of materials and offer different levels of support and comfort, and they are also designed to be easy to clean for hygiene purposes. So, not that you know all that, you’re ready to read the reviews; here are the top 10 best luxury bath pillows on sale right now.

Important Features to Consider

There may not be a great deal of difference in basic purpose among the ten listed above, but there are certain things you need to consider. Let’s have a recap of the most important features you need to look for when choosing the ideal bath pillow.

Filled or Inflatable – while most of these come with a foam filling, a couple are inflatable. Each has its merits, but we feel the memory foam versions offer a greater level of comfort, so choose carefully.

Easy to wash – you need to make sure your bath pillow can be washed easily, and most of these have been designed with this in mind. Check the manufacturers comments for more information and also for the correct washing method.

Full support – some of these support the head only, while others offer support for the neck and shoulders too. The latter are clearly the more desirable, and you will find they are not much more expensive than basic models.

Air flow – a few of these are designed with an air flow feature – a series of holes where the air can flow through, so making it more hygienic. This is a good feature, and is well worth considering.

As price is not that much of a consideration here – they are all at or around the ten pounds mark – that’s your main features to look out for, and we hope we have helped you decide on the right bath pillow for you. All that remains now is to wrap this up!

Let’s Wrap It Up!

These bath pillows really do transform a simple bath into an altogether more pleasurable experience, and each of these is worthy of being on the list. They make great gifts, too, so you really can wrap them up! Which one do we like best? It’s difficult to say, and as this is a personal product, the chances are your choice will be different to ours.

However, we have to say we much prefer the filled versions rather than the inflatable ones; each is good, but a memory foam filled cushion will provide greater comfort every time. The final entry, number 10, is probably the best quality of all of these, and even though it is a higher price than some, it is still the one we would go for. The twin pack, number 3, is also good value, and each one with memory foam is worth a look.

There you go, that’s this one done for you, so get one of these, settle back in a nice, hot bath, and enjoy your relaxation time to the full!

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