Best Protein Shakers – 2024’s Top 10

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Anyone who uses protein shakes as part of a bodybuilding lifestyle needs the best protein shaker, but more importantly they need to be aware of the dangers of bodybuilding and excessive protein intake. These can include horrors such as heart problems, increase in body fat and kidney issues.

Yet, when used in moderation protein shakes provide a huge number of benefits that will help make you to feel stronger and fitter. These drinks are now seeing as being an essential part of a healthy lifestyle by many people, regardless of whether they lift heavy weights or not. For bodybuilders, they help to build lean muscle more rapidly.

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One of the big problems that a lot of people find with these shakes is that when not properly mixed they can be lumpy and clumpy. This makes it nasty to drink and can mean that you don’t get the full benefits of your drink. You might even decide to give up on them if drinking your daily shakes becomes a chore rather than a pleasure.

Of course, some brands of protein shake are easier to mix than others. However, if you really want to ensure a smooth and powerful drink every time then you probably need to invest in one of the best protein shakers on the market.

Best Protein Shaker 2018: The Top 10

1. ProElite V4 Mixable Protein Shaker Bottle, 600 ml, Green

With the ProElite V4 Mixable Protein Shaker Bottle you get a 600 ml container in an attractive green colour. You can use it with confidence, as it is BPA and Phthalate free, so there are no toxins to worry about.

Among the most useful features here you have a blender mixer ball inside, a stay open flip cap that won’t slam shut in your face and gripper bars that make it easy to keep a hold of. This protein shaker come with a big 26 ounce capacity.

The most interesting aspect of all of this is the unique wire blending ball. This feature is kind of like a blender or a whisk, as it efficiently breaks down the powder and makes sure that it is mixed evenly throughout the drink. Another piece of goods news come with the fact that it is dishwasher friendly, so there will be no hassle in getting it thoroughly clean and hygienic after every use.

  • Handy blending ball
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stay open flip cap
  • Can struggle with thicker shakes

2. Simplex Health Shaker Bottle 400ml [BPA Free]

The BPA free Simplex Health Shaker Bottle gives you a decent 400ml capacity for making powerful shakes and supplements very conveniently. It comes with a stainless steel blending whisk ball that works to break up the powder into a smooth, uniform drink in very little time.

The manufacturer says that it can be used even on thick shakes that use milk in them. All you have to do shake it around 5 or 6 times and it will be ready to drink.

If you like to drink your supplements on the move then the fact that this bottle is completely sealable means that you can take it to the gym or anywhere else without the fear of any sort of spillage ruining your day. As with all of best protein shaker bottles, it is easy to grip and can be efficiently cleaned in the dishwasher after use.

  • Easy to use
  • Very fast and efficient
  • Low cost
  • None

3. Hydra Cup 2.0 – 28oz High Performance Dual Shaker Bottle

Wherever and whenever you like to drink tasty protein shakes, this Hydra Cup 2.0 – 28oz High Performance Dual Shaker Bottle is a sound choice. It is advertised as being leak proof and high performance, so right from the start you will be expecting a quality shaker that doesn’t give you an problems at all.

This is the model that comes in the exciting Beast Black colour scheme and it is certainly designed to make an impression in the changing rooms or in the gym. It is a more expensive option than many of the other best protein shakers around jus now but it is clearly a high quality bottle.

Designed and made in the USA, this bottle has a handy dual system that will allow you to save time and avoid any mess while preparing drinks for before and after your exercising. You can prepare two drinks at once and have them both ready for when you need them. As you would expect, it is BPA free and can be carried anywhere without any fuss.

  • Leak proof
  • Dual system for making two drinks at a time
  • Looks fantastic
  • Fairly expensive

4. MATECam 450ml Eleoption Electric Protein Shaker Blender Automatic Movement Vortex Tornado My Water Bottle With USB Charge

If lumpy and nasty protein shakes are the bane of your life then this could be the solution that you need to start using from now on. The MATECam 450ml Eleoption Electric Protein Shaker is all about making smooth and healthy drinks in the fastest and simplest way possible.

It holds up to 450ml/16oz of drinks inside it and is sturdy enough to be fully portable not matter how active your lifestyle is. This protein shake bottle is environmentally friendly and completely BPA free as well, which is always worth taking into account when choosing any plastic bottle like this.

The design incorporates a mixing blower wheel so that all you have to do is press a button and the drinks get mixed without any need to shake it about. It comes complete with a USB charging cable and is incredibly simple to use. This will possibly be the model that best suits you if you love cool gadgets and enjoy doing this the easy way.

  • Automatic stirring
  • Great for a variety of different drinks
  • Extremely fast at dissolving protein powder
  • None

5. Skymore Ultimate Stainless Steel Electric Shaker Blender Bottle Vortex Mixer

With a 450ml capacity and a fast mixing action, the Skymore Ultimate Stainless Steel Electric Shaker will give you the drink you crave in just 30 seconds or so. Its versatility means that it can be used for the likes of juices, coffee and even baby formula as well as for those all-important protein drinks.

All you have to do is empty in the contents of your shake and then press the power button. This protein shake mixer is battery powered and has a powerful motor that makes light work of even thick drinks.

It has a compact design and is non-toxic as well as being BPA free. In addition, this model is impact and odour resistant as well, so it should last you for a long time without giving you any problems or letting you down.

  • Powerful mixing action
  • Handles even very thick shakes
  • Smart design
  • None

6.  PROMiXX iX-R The Shaker Bottle

This very neat and innovative protein shaker is a top-end of the market model, and well worth a look if you want a quality item. It is an electric portable mixer – it is USB rechargeable and therefore very versatile – that is presented in a nice, stylish design and colour scheme, and it meets with favourable reviews from a large number of satisfied customers. It’s made from food-grade BPA-free plastic, so is guaranteed safe for the use it is intended for.

We like the design as it includes a clever storage container for your chosen supplements, which is integrated into the bottle to save space, and the shaker itself is surprisingly easy to use. It’s also light enough to carry without getting in the way – it weighs less than 400g – and it has a 600ml fill capacity, so is capable of providing you with a good protein feed every time. The ‘spinning vortex’ motion is very effective, and you get full instructions on proper use. It’s not the cheapest, but it is very good, well made, and a great device.

7. Vitamix Flip Top Beverage Smoothie Bottle 016061

A big 650ml bottle with a classy design, this is the sort of drinks bottle that is ideal for a range of different drinks and settings. The Vitamix Flip Top Beverage Smoothie Bottle has a useful flip top lid that you can open smoothly with just one hand thanks to the push button system it uses.

Also included is a rotating meter to allow you to track your consumption. This is probably especially important for anyone who is going to use it to try and increase their daily water consumption to the recommended level of 8 glasses with 8 ounces of water in each of them.

In terms of protein shake mixing, this bottle hasn’t been specifically created for that task, so it isn’t going to perform as well as others that have features to help blend the drink effectively. Therefore, it is probably best used as a container for a pre-mixed drink.

  • Classy design
  • Rotating meter for tracking your consumption
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Not designed for mixing shakes

8. Liberate Nutrition Sports Protein Drink Shaker Bottle Mixer

This low cost, clear bottle works well for holding drinks and also as a protein shake mixer. It has a 500ml capacity and has an easy pour spout to make it simple to use in any type of situation, even when you are tired and in desperate need of an energy boost.

The Liberate Nutrition Sports Protein Drink Shaker is classed as being 100% leak proof and is fully dishwasher proof as well. Two integrated measuring scales make it easy to measure out accurately every time, while a removable screen helps to avoid any of those undesirable lumps in your drink.

To prepare the ideal protein shake you need to add the ingredients, replace the screen and then shake for up to a minute. This means that it takes a bit longer than some of the best protein shaker bottles that have a wire ball for easier mixing. However, if you don’t mind making slightly more of an effort it is perfectly fine.

  • Handy measuring scales
  • Easy pour spout
  • Good size
  • None

9. Lock & Lock Round Storage Container – Clear ,690 ml

While it hasn’t been designed specifically with mixing protein shakes in mind, the Lock & Lock Round Storage Container is an interesting option for a big and inexpensive drinks container. It has a four sided lockable lid and is airtight and watertight as well as leak-proof.

It can be used in the microwave or freezer as well as cleaned in the dishwasher, adding greatly to its versatility. When it comes to mixing the drink it won’t be as easy or give as results as good as a protein mixer that has been created to make smooth drinks very simply, though.

The product is BPA free and it is very easy to clean. With a capacity of 690ml it is big enough to store a lot of drink in every time that you get ready for some exercise.

  • Low cost
  • Highly versatile
  • Big capacity
  • Won’t mix as smoothly as models with extra features

10. Relaxdays Universal Mixer Twirl Manual Sauce, Dressing, Juice Shaker 300 ml, Heat-Resistant Hand Smoothie Maker

At an extremely low cost and with a great range of uses, this is a sensible option if you want to make sauces and juices as well as protein shakes. The Relaxdays Universal Mixer has a capacity of 300ml and is also heat resistant at up to 120°C (248°F).

It is green and made out of decent quality plastic and metal materials. This is a hand mixer system that comes with a twirl for easy blending of protein shakes and other drinks.

It is very simple to use and gives good results. Certainly, it is an option to bear in mind for anyone who wants value for money and a lot of versatility.

  • Can be used to blend many different things
  • Very low cost
  • Simple to use
  • None

How It Works

The basic function of any protein shaker is to make it easy to mix your protein powder with water or milk, getting a smooth and uniform drink. However, they all do this in different ways.

For example, some of the simplest models just need to be closed and shaken manually, which is typically the most difficult and time-consuming approach, although it does give a great sense of satisfaction to some people. To aid with this process some of the best protein drink mixers include extras such as a wire ball that disperses the powder a lot more smoothly and efficiently. Other models work on more of an automatic basis, with the power to mix the drink at the push of a button.

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Whatever type of shaker you choose, the end results should always be a smooth and tasty drink with no lumps every single time. Depending upon your lifestyle and how you plan to use it, the time that it takes to mix your drinks could be more or less important to you.

If you plan on taking your bottle of protein shake with you to the gym or elsewhere then you will want a quality bottle that you are proud to show off to the world, as well as being sturdy enough to cope with the travel involved.

Here’s a few tips on how best to use protein powders for muscle growth.

Features That Are Important

Despite the simplicity of these protein shakers, there are a number of features that you should look out for in order to make the best possible decision. As well as making life easier for you, these features will help you to get a quality drink every time.

  • The capacity. If you are going to be drinking a lot of protein shakes then you might want a big capacity mixer. This will allow you to drink as much as you need to without the hassle of having to mix the powder over and over. Of course, if you get one that is too big then it may be too awkward to carry around with you.
  • A wire mixing ball. One of the great new features in some of the best protein shaker bottles is a wire mixing ball. This is a clever little device that makes it a lot easier to disperse the powder fully, ensuring a smooth drink with no lumps.
  • Power mixing option. If you want an easy life then a protein mixing shaker with a power option is a great idea. This will let you get it fully mixed with just the press of the button, even if you choose thicker shakes with milk. The downside of this when compared to a manual shaker is that you need to worry about issues such as battery life or having access to a power point.
  • Easy open lid. Ideally, you will get a protein blender that is easy to open. This means that you can access the shake that you need with just one hand or when you are busy doing something else. This is an especially important factor when you are tired after a hard workout and need to get to your drink easily and swiftly.
  • Non-leaking. Clearly, one of the most important features of any drinks container has to be the non-leaking aspect. If your protein shake ends up all over the floor or the inside of your gym bag then it isn’t going to do you any good at all. Look for one with a no-leaks guarantee, preferably with some form of lockable lid.
  • Dishwasher safe. Those of us who drink protein shakes every day need to be able to very quickly get our bottles and mixers spotlessly clean very quickly. This is why choosing one that is dishwasher safe is such a good idea. In this way, you can be sure that it is hygienic to re-use any time that you need it and without manually washing it out every time.
  • Good grip. A good, solid grip will allow you to grab hold of the bottle with confidence. This is a terrific benefit when you are planning on using it on the move or when you have tired, sweaty hands.
  • Dual system. Some of the top protein shakers now have an interesting dual system. This means that you can make two different shakes to take away with you. Not everyone is likely to need this feature but it can make life easier for you if you drink a lot of these shakes when you are out and about.
    Great looks. Finally, a lot of these products are designed to look fantastic. You can go to the gym with an extra spring in your step when you have a cool protein shaker that you are proud to show off to everyone you meet.

Let’s Wrap It Up

There is no denying that drinking protein shakes is a habit that many people have got into and love. Once you see the amazing results that can be achieved in this way you will probably be keen to get more of this drink into your life.

Since mixing the drinks can be a hassle, getting an inexpensive but effective protein shaker is a clever way of making every shake as tasty and well-shaken as you need it to be. This one accessory can make going to the gym or working out at home a whole lot easier to organise.

With this sorted out, you can simply enjoy drinking protein shakes and getting the benefits of their powerful mix of ingredients. If being able to access a quality shake whenever you need it helps you to achieve your fitness goals then his purchase is likely to be well worth it.

Don’t settle for nasty, lumpy shakes when making the switch to a better approach is so easy. Indeed, many of these shakers and bottles are so versatile that you will be able to use them for making and storing a lot of other drinks too.

With one less worry on your mind you can then enjoy your workouts safe in the knowledge that you have a fantastic drink waiting for you at the end of it or whenever you need it.

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