Top 10 Best Work Boots 2024

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Blackrock Chukka Boots

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  • Steel toe cap and protective midsole.
  • Leather upper with padded collar.
  • Double density PU shock absorbent, fuel oil resistant sole.
  • Energy absorbing cushioned heel to reduce foot fatigue.
Dickie’s Antrim Men’s Safety Boots

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  • Steel toe-cap to en20345 (200 joules), steel midsole for underfoot protection.
  • Oil resistant, slip resistant, padded tongue.
  • Dual density pu sole.
  • Breathable textile lining.
Lee Cooper Workwear Baseball

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  • A lightweight and flexible ankle boot in a classic retro style.
  • It boasts a steel toe with protection up to 200 joules.
  • The outer sole is anti-slip rubber in a modern low profile style.
  • Padded ankle collar design for wearer comfort.
Groundwork Combat Safety Boots

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  • Outer Material: Smooth Leather.
  • Closure: Lace-Up.
  • Heel Height: 1 inches.
  • Shoe Width: Regular.
Groundwork SK21 Safety Boots

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  • Outer Material: Leather.
  • Sole: Manmade.
  • Closure: Slip-On.
  • Heel Height: 1 inches.

Protecting the parts of our body that we use most frequently is something we tend to do without thinking about, but sometimes we need to go a little bit further, just to make sure. Our feet, for example, are among the essential items for mobility, yet they can also be amongst the most vulnerable. People who walk a lot understand the need to protect the feet and to wear footwear that is protective and comfortable, while those who work in heavy industry, or who may be in areas where unprotected feet could be vulnerable, know there is an increased need to wear boots or shoes that add protection.

This is why safety boots are popular – and in some cases, a necessity – and while many may not be the most attractive designs, some have in fact become fashion accessories in their own right. The popular brands exude quality – safety footwear is always well made and durable – and often make a great addition to a wardrobe, but for many of us, it is the safety aspect that is the important part.

Falling heavy items, a twisted step, a misplaced footing – all of these can cause lasting, painful and serious damage to the feet, with a possible disability as a result. Accidents with such results could also mean liability for the insurer, so it is essential that such things are considered. There are many different types, styles and brands of safety boots on the market right now so, before we take a close look at the top 10, complete with features to look for and our verdict, let’s talk a little more about what they are, and why you need them

Best Work Boots UK

1: Blackrock Chukka Boots

Throughout the review, you will see that we have chosen a variety of different styles. This allows us to cover all the bases, as some people may prefer a different type of boot to others. This pair, from Blackrock – a brand name with a strong reputation – is in the Chukka style, and is finished in black. With an upper made from durable, string leather, with a padded collar for added protection, this is a pair of boots that sets a standard.

Available in a full range of sizes from 3 up to 13 (all UK sizes), these boots are fitted not just with a steel toe-cap – essential for the ultimate on protection – but also with a steel midsole for added safety. The sole is double-density for added shock absorption, and is also oil resistant for working in areas where that may be a problem, and the heel is also specially cushioned for added comfort and ease of use. A good pair of boots, great for many purposes, and well worth a second look.

Key Features
  • Leather upper
  • Padded heel and sole

2: Dickie’s Antrim Men’s Safety Boots

If you prefer a pair of boots that covers the ankle, have a look at this very impressive and surprisingly stylish pair from Dickies, another good name in the world of safety gear. This pair is made from strong leather for the upper, and finished in black, and comes with 14-hole fastening for added comfort. It’s a very nice pair of boots, made specially with protection in mind, but also with an eye on comfort.

An oil and slip-resistant sole is a nice touch that is pretty much a requirement for when working in heavy industry – or indeed anywhere in which a surface may be free from grip – and the steel toe cap and mid-sole is there for added protection and comfort. The padded tongue is also welcome, as when wearing boots for a length of time this can be an area where chafing occurs, and the breathable lining also helps. This is a nice pair of boots if you prefer this style, so worth checking out.

Key Features
  • Ankle length
  • Padded tongue

3: Lee Cooper Workwear Baseball

For those who are fashion-conscious, this pair of safety boots – from the famous Lee Cooper brand – should do the trick. This pair is styled like the traditional baseball boots, and looks the part, with an outer material that is faux-suede and some neat detail touches. We have to admit they look the part, so if you are more into looks – yet need something for added protection – this could be a choice you would make.

The boots do come with a steel toe-cap; this is an essential touch and one that is unusual on this style of boots. The touch laces are also laced through metal hooks for added durability and strength. Comfort is aided by more than adequate padding all around, and an anti-slip and oil-resistant sole is perfect for both industrial use and daily wear. In fact, this is a very stylish pair of safety boots you might buy even if you don’t need the added safety aspects, so attractive they are.

Key Features
  • Baseball style
  • Detail touches
  • Lee Cooper brand

4: Groundwork Combat Safety Boots

There is an underlying trend in traditional safety boots, and that is that they should be styled and built like this pair, from Groundwork. These ones cover the ankle nicely, have a real leather upper and synthetic lining, and come with all the safety aspects and comfort touches you need. They are finished in black, which is the preferred colour for many people for industrial footwear, and they are very nice indeed in a lot of ways.

The lace-up is in two stages, so you can close it around your calf if needed, and the holes are reinforced with durable metal rings. The sole is anti-slip and oil-resistant, there is the required steel toe-cap for added safety, and the tongue is padded for comfort. A cushioned in-sole is another welcome touch, and overall, this is a pair of boots that simply exudes quality. As far as we are concerned, this is one pair that is destined for the short-list if you want serious working boots.

Key Features
  • Leather upper
  • Anti-slip oil-resistant sole

5: Groundwork SK21 Safety Boots

The Groundwork brand has a strong reputation for providing excellent boots at sensible prices, and this is another example from their range (see above for the first). This pair is another ankle-height boot, with full protection for the ankles, a double-lace system for added fit, and a padded collar and tongue for comfort. As such, like the above, it’s what you would expect from traditional work boots, and does the job nicely.

This pair is available in three colours: beige, black and brown, and looks the part in all three choices. It comes with a steel toe cap, leather upper and synthetic inner lining, has an anti-slip and oil-resistant sole, and is very nicely made with strong and durable lacing points. In short, this is a very nice pair of boots that would be great for the workplace, and equally so for daily casual wear, with more than adequate levels of comfort.

Key Features
  • Three colours
  • Usual safety features
  • Leather upper

6: Groundwork GR77 Work Boots

You’ve probably gathered by now that Groundwork is one of the leading brands in terms of work boots, and there are good reasons why that should be. First, they provide quality, well-made boots with all the right features, and at the right price, and second, they have all the safety features. This one is no exception, and is a low-ankle boot that will appeal to those for whom that is the preferred style.

It comes in black as standard, but you can have a range of other colours including dark and light browns and more, and features a strong, quality leather upper with man-made lining for added comfort. A padded cover and tongue add to the deal, the lacing is strong and fortified, and the fully-treaded sole is anti-slip and oil-resistant. You also get the requisite steel toe cap, so really there is a lot to like about what is a quality boot from a great maker.

Key Features
  • Leather upper
  • Fully cushioned

7: Blackrock Dealer SF12B Unisex

Of all the boots reviewed so far, all have been designated as for men, so this one is a little different in that it is a unisex boot. It’s a neat and stylish design, and is a fully slip-on model so you have no laces. However, the fit is very snug so you have no problems with it being tight around the ankles – it’s full ankle height - and it is available in a full range of standard sizes. The moulded and removable insole is a nice touch, too.

Quality shines through in the leather upper, which is nicely finished for long life and durability, while the double-density sole is designed for added comfort. It’s also oil-resistant, making these boots suitable for use in industrial situations and with heavy plant and more. This boot also has the protective steel mid-sole, as well as steel toe-caps, so is well versed when it comes to safety, and it makes for a very comfortable boot all-round. For women 0- or men – in need of quality protective footwear, this could be the choice.

Key Features
  • Slip-on
  • Steel mid-sole and toe caps


8: Black Hammer S3 Work Boots

Make no mistake when we say that these boots, from Black Hammer, are seriously heavy-duty! You can in fact tell that just by looking at them, so you know what you are getting before you take a closer look. These are purely practical, designed for purpose rather than as a fashion product, and as such are a great choice if you are looking for a pair of boots for the most arduous of working conditions, that are guaranteed quality and at a sensible price.

You get a very tough leather upper that is designed to last, steel toe caps and the desired steel mid-sole, oil and slip resistant sole that is cushioned for added comfort, a fully padded collar and tongue, and reinforced lacing points that are very welcome indeed when it comes to boots that will be used such as these. These boots are also safety rated to UK ISO standards, which is an added bonus in anyone’s book. So, if it’s heavy-duty you want and need, this could well be the perfect boot for you.

Key Features
  • heavy-duty
  • leather upper

So, that’s our list of the top 10 best working boots on the market, but which is for you? Before we go on to give our verdict, let’s have a quick summary of what you need to look for.

Important Features to Consider

First, you need to remember that working safety boots are primarily for that purpose, so here are some reminders about what you need to be looking for:

Steel Toe Cap – a must with work boots, and all of those on our list have them so no need to worry there.

Steel Mid Sole – this is a desired safety feature by some people, but is not present on all of these boots, so it pays to check carefully if it ranks high on your list of desirable features.

Type – do you want the full ankle-boot look, or the lower type? There are plenty to choose from across both designs here, so you can pick and choose as you wish.

Style or Function – these are safety boots, primarily, but it is worth knowing that some look great too. The combination of good-looking boots that are practical as well as protective is one that is sometimes the clincher, so make sure you have a good idea of what you want.

Quality – work safety boots need to do a job, and it is an important one, so this really is one item where you need to seriously consider the quality of the item you choose. Some of these are safety rated to the industry standards, which may be worth looking into.

That’s about it for our list of the things to look for, so which of our best work boots is for you?

How It Works

This is another product where the topic should be what it’s for, rather than how it works. After all, a pair of boots works like this: you put them on your feet, and away you go! However, the trick is finding boots that are comfortable, that provide adequate protection for the feet, ankles and toes, and that are not too heavy. Also, different boots serve a different purpose: you wouldn’t choose a pair of dedicated walking boots for your work with heavy plant.

That’s why it needs careful consideration when you are looking for a pair of work boots – whether they are for work or for pleasure – as getting the wrong ones can mean discomfort and a lack of protection. There are boots here with steel toe-caps, boots made from leather and from other materials, and those from both name brands and others. We have made our selection based on what is popular and what fits the description of work boots, although some will serve a more practical purpose than others.

Before we go on to look at the top selections, remember that comfort is easily as important as looks – if not more so when it comes to work boots – and the primary purpose of your choice is to protect your feet. So, to make life easier for you, here are the top 10 best safety boots that you can choose from – let’s hope there’s a pair here for you!

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Let’s Sum It Up!

You need the best work boots; we’ve given you a list of ten that are all perfectly acceptable and in many cases, surprisingly good at sensible prices. Which one is for you? That depends entirely upon what you are looking for.

If you want a genuinely heavy-duty boot, look no further than the Black Hammer boot, at number 9 in our list. It won’t win any fashion contests, but it’s not designed to, as it is function and entirely function – and very good at it.

If you want affordable, quality standard type working boots, the Groundwork range is hard to beat for quality and price, which is why we have included a few of them for you to look at. These are great quality boots, with excellent credentials, and they make for perfect around the garden boots, too.

If you need a touch more style, we can’t get away from the fact that the Mad4Tools range – we’ve included two – go that little bit further in providing great looks alongside impressive safety performance, so they may be the ones for you.

So, that’s our verdict, and you may have your own ideas, but remember, all the boots listed have the requisite safety features, so you are picking quality when you choose from here!

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