Top 10 Best Spice Grinders in 2021

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Andrew James 150W Grinder

[ Our #1 Choice ]

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  • Perfect for grinding your fresh coffee beans, nuts or spices.
  • Large 70g capacity.
  • 150 watt motor.
  • Operated by a single push button.
  • Product size : 11cm (Length) x 11cm (Width) x 18cm (Height).
James Martin by Wahl Mini Grinder

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  • Powerful 150 W motor and durable, stainless steel blade to grind dry goods including coffee beans, nuts and spices.
  • Coffee capacity of 70 g.
  • Safety 'lock in' lid ensures grinder can be activated only when the lid is secured in place.
  • Transparent viewing window allows to monitor grinding.
  • Stainless steel housing and compact design with cable tidy to save space.
LLoytron Stainless Steel Grinder

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  • Brushed Stainless Steel.
  • 150w Max Power.
  • 50g Food Capacity.
  • Easy One Touch pulse operation.
James Martin Grind and Chop 200W

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  • Powerful 200 W motor and durable, stainless steel blades easily grind and chop all kinds of dry and wet foods with a 70 g capacity.
  • Use the Grinder attachment for freshly ground coffee or spices and the Chopper attachment for vegetables, nuts etc.
  • Easy to use one touch push down operation for simple and controlled use.
  • 0.33 Litre container with 0.2 Litre working capacity.
Andrew James Coffee Grinder

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  • 200W mains powered grinder and mini blender for both wet and dry ingredients.
  • 2 different grinder cups: cross blade for wet blending and flat blade for dry grinding.
  • 70g capacity per cup - coffee grinder makes enough ground coffee for 10 cups.
  • Ideal for coffee beans, nuts, spices, herbs, purees, dips and sauces. Compact 9.5cm x 11cm x 20.5cm.l

How many gadgets and appliance have you in your kitchen? We bet you haven’t really thought about it! It’s just one of those things: you see a device you like, and you buy it. Then, you use it once, put it in the cupboard, and forget about it. We all do it, and it’s not a bad thing! But, there are some appliances and kitchen gadgets that we can’t do without, and they are the ones we use all the time. Then, there are some that simply look good, so we leave them on show. Best of all, though, are those that look good and are used often, for they are the ones we feel better about buying.

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Appliances and gadgets that look good are always satisfactory, so that’s why we decided to review the top 10 best spice grinders. Now, let’s get something straight here: we call them spice grinders, but they are much more versatile than that. In fact, you can use these great devices for grinding any dried or fresh foods, and we use one for coffee beans. Is there a more wonderful smell than freshly ground coffee beans? Probably not, and even if you don’t like coffee, it’s an aroma that is unmistakable. But, enough of this rambling; before we go on to look at the spice grinder reviews, let’s have a chat about what they are for, and how they work.


Best Spice Grinders (Our Top 10 Picks)

1: Andrew James 150W Grinder

We begin with one that sets the trend; it’s typical of the breed, and is also an affordable model from a known brand. Andrew James offers a wide variety of quality, affordable kitchen items, and this is a nice design with some neat touches. It is suitable for grinding the full range of products – nuts, coffee, seeds, spices and much more – and does so efficiently. The 150watt motor provides enough grinding power, and it comes with a see-through lid so you can keep an eye on progress.

Easy to use – it’s a one button procedure to get it going – and with stainless steel blades for more effective operation, you can grind up to 70g of coffee, for example, very quickly and to a fine texture. It can also be used to puree small amounts of fruit, and is simple to clean. It’s compact, so will store away in a cupboard, but also looks good so you can leave it on the bench. At around £15 it is not expensive, so it’s worth a look.

  • Cheap
  • Efficient
  • Can’t find any

2: James Martin by Wahl Mini Grinder

It is currently the trend for celebrity TV chefs to put their name to kitchen products; it helps sales, after all, and gives the buyer a connection with the face from the TV! This one is endorsed by James Martin, a well-known UK chef with a high profile, and is made by Wahl, who has a strong reputation for quality products. The design is decidedly modern – it looks almost space-age with its brushed metal exterior and capsule-like styling – and it has a viewing window so you can see what’s happening.

It will grind as much as 70g – that’s enough, they reckon, for about 10 cups of delicious coffee – and it has a 150watt motor for efficient operation. In fact, the specifications are pretty much as that above, even down to the stainless-steel blades. It’s good for nuts, coffee, spices and more, and will deliver in quick time, as you want it. This one has a clever safety-lock lid, so it can only operate when it is safe, and it’s easy to clean. It’s also around £15, so if your choice comes down to this one and the one above, it’s all about looks!

  • Neat design
  • Stainless steal blades
  • Safety lock
  • Difficult to fault, unless you want a bigger one

3: LLoytron Stainless Steel Grinder

Celebrity chefs – they’re everywhere! It seems that every channel I switch to has a cooking show, except Dave; that’s why I watch Dave – no cooking shows! But, enough of that, this grinder doesn’t have a celebrity chef endorsement, but that’s no bad thing. What is a potentially bad thing is that it is a smaller capacity – only 50g – than the above two, so you may want to consider that when you’re assessing your options. It’s a nice – if somewhat ordinary – design, and looks good on the shelf.

With a 150watt motor – which is pretty much the norm for one of these – and the usual stainless-steel blades, it’s a capable model, and it also features one-touch operation for ease of use. It claims to have a very quiet motor – which is a bonus – and the brushed steel finish is attractive. In short, it’s a perfectly decent model, but we feel it is let down by the small capacity, and it is a little more expensive than the above to at around £17.

  • Nice design
  • 150w motor
  • Small capacity
  • Price

4: James Martin Grind and Chop 200W

You see? They get everywhere! We’ve already seen James Martin once, and here he is again! To be fair, he seems like a nice enough bloke, so we’ll let him off! Now, this one is a little different, as it has two functions – grind and chop, hence the name. It can be used to grind and chop pretty much everything: spices, coffee, vegetables, fruit, nuts and more. It does so by way of a 200watt motor – that’s more powerful than those we’ve seen so far – and it comes with different attachments for both functions.

It is a good-looking machine, in a purposeful sort of way, and has a 70g capacity. It works with a simple, one-touch operation, so is very easy to get to grips with, and it is a neat and sensible item that is clearly well-designed. Now, to the price: this one is not much less than £30, so you are paying for the name and the fact it has dual purposes, but it is a quality item.

  • Dual purpose
  • 200w motor
  • Price

5: Andrew James Coffee Grinder

Just to clarify a point here: Andrew James is, believe it or not, NOT a celebrity chef! Andrew James is a well-known company selling a full range of quality kitchen and homeware goods, and has a reputation for excellent design and purposeful appliances. This one is, as the one above, a dual-purpose item, with different blades for grinding and cutting, so you can process both wet and dry foods equally effectively. It’s quite a stylish – if practical – design and looks good on the bench.

You get 70g capacity – which is pretty much the norm with these devices – plus a powerful 200watt motor for effective use, and it is great for coffee, beans and more. It is also a compact device, so won’t take up too much valuable space on your bench, and is finished in a nice brushed steel look. All in all, it is a very effective device, and one that has many uses that you will enjoy. At around £24 we don’t think it too expensive for what it can do, so you might want to check it out further.

  • Neat
  • Known brand
  • Powerful
  • Perhaps the price, although it’s not too expensive

6: Cuisinart SG20U Grinder

Here’s something we don’t understand: why do manufacturers give items such confusing names? What does SG20U stand for? We’re guessing ‘spice grinder’ and then something else! Anyway, what to say about this one? Well, to start with, it comes from a very well-known brand, but we should say it’s a name that carries a premium when it comes to price. It’s a good-looking item, finished in the popular steel look with a see through lid, and it is suitable for grinding spices, nuts, coffee and more, and does so with the usual stainless-steel blades for efficiency.

You get two bowls for dual purpose cutting and grinding, and it has a powerful motor that will handle anything, while the bowls are dishwasher-safe so you can clean it easily. It has a built-in safety lock – it will only operate when the lid is in place correctly – and delivers a ¼ cup capacity which is the equivalent of most of these. All in all, it’s a very nice device to have in your kitchen, but…it’s more than £40, which is a lot more than any of these so far, so you really have to want one to buy this.

  • Quality brand
  • Twin bowls
  • Expensive in comparison

7: Expert Chef Death Star Herb and Spice Grinder

Now for something completely different! If you have a Star Wars fan who is also a chef, this very neat little grinder is the perfect gift. It also comes in a great presentation gift box, and is very cheap at less than a tenner. What do you get? It’s a three-piece grinder in the shape of the iconic Death Star, and it is manually operated so no mains power needed. To be fair, it’s a great looking item that is superbly made, but it’s not as effective as a mains operated grinder.

Make no mistake; this may be a novelty item, but it also serves a purpose. It is held together by magnets, and grinds using a set of carefully designed teeth. The results are actually rather good, if you just want small amounts of herbs, spices or even coffee ground. Would we buy it? As a gift for a Star Wars loving chef, yes, we would, because you get change out of a tenner, and an item that is both fun and practical.

  • Novelty design
  • Quality gift
  • Not mains powered

8: Chef’s Inspirations Electric Coffee Grinder

Back to reality with this one after our trip into outer space! This is a brand with a wide range of kitchen products, and one that has a reputation for decent products at sensible prices. To begin with, we have to say it’s not the most attractive of these; it’s more of a practical design than a stylish one, although it won’t look out of place on your kitchen bench. It has a 70g capacity – which as we have seen is the norm – and it features a powerful motor and easy to clean fittings.

The stainless-steel bowl is as usual, there is the standard one-touch operation, and it comes with a locking lid so it can’t be started until it is set up correctly. This one is suitable for coffee, nuts, beans, spices and more, and delivers a full load in no time at all. Is it a winner? That depends on what you are looking for, but if you want something that is as stylish as it is practical, there are similarly-priced examples elsewhere in this review. However, it does the job, and at under £15 is good value.

  • Capacity
  • Price
  • We’ve seen better ones

9: Savisto High Power Electric Grinder

We like to add a little variety into our reviews – after all, it’s the spice of life (forgive the pun) – so here’s one that is a bit different. This model from Savisto is a rather fetching design, but there is a potential problem: it’s red, so if your kitchen – like many – is predominantly white or features many stainless-steel items, it will stand out. That could either be a good or a bad thing, whichever way inclined you may be! However, we have to say we like it, and that’s precisely because it is different.

The design is utterly unique, with a clear lid so you can see what is going on, and it is good for coffee, spices and all dried items. The stainless-steel blades provide excellent grinding efficiency, and it features the usual safety feature of a locking lid. You operate this model with one touch, and it offers 70g capacity and a 150watt motor. What else is there to say about this one? Not much, but at a little more than a tenner, we think it is good value if you want something that is different and stylish.

  • Neat design
  • Red finish
  • Price
  • Red finish?

10: DCOU Zinc Alloy Grinder

If you thought the above one was different, this one is completely off the map! Actually, we like it – even though it is a manual model – as it is very compact, quite stylish, and would make a very nice and welcome gift for the chef in the family. This is a 4-piece circular design that uses carefully designed teeth to grind coffee, herbs, spices and any dried items, and it works very well indeed. The lid fits magnetically, so there is no spillage, and you rotate it to grind, and the results are impressive.

One interesting feature is the pollen filter; this allows very fine pollen – that may be present on the plants you are grinding – to fall through into a tray at the bottom, while the grounds remain in a central compartment. It’s a neat touch that makes this even more of an impressive design. Would be buy this? As a gift for someone who likes such things – a foodie with discerning taste – yes, we would, and at around a tenner it’s a very neat device to have around.

  • Compact
  • Stylish
  • Cheap
  • Not mains powered

That’s the end of our list, and we’re sure you will agree there are some interesting choices for you to consider. From the practical through the stylish, and even the novelty items, you are sure to find one you like, so before we wrap up, let’s consider some of the features you need to look out for.

How It Works

So, a spice grinder: what’s it for? You might think it is just for grinding spice, but you’d be wrong! You can use if for coffee – as we mentioned above – and even for nuts, and these are very clever little devices that look great on the kitchen worktop. They are not expensive, either, so you’re not spending much even if you don’t use it very often. It’s interesting to know that spices were once a very valuable commodity; most stem from the East, so they took a lot of trouble bringing them to these shores!

Some spices are still expensive, but we have a great tip for you: many cities in the UK feature Chinatown areas, where the Chinese population ply their trade; here, you will find a Chinese supermarket – there are many throughout the UK – where you can buy a variety of spices, herbs and other products at seriously low prices – you heard it here first!

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How does a spice grinder work? It’s very simple: it is a container of some sort, with a lid, and either an electric motor or manual operation (the former is more efficient) that drives a set of blades. The blades grind the produce into a fine powder, such as the coffee you use to make your morning brew. These very neat and simple gadgets are very useful, and once you have one, you’ll wonder why you never had one before! So, to help you choose, here’s our list of the top ten spice grinders on the market today.

Important Features to Consider

So, you have decided you need a spice/coffee grinder – of course you do, as no home should be without one! What do need to look for when making your decision? Let’s recap:

Electric powered spice grinder or manual – of the ten above, eight are mains powered, while two are manual spice grinders. The powered ones are easier to use, but the manual ones are more of a novelty, although still usable.

Capacity – most have a capacity of 70g, which is perfectly adequate, but beware that a few are somewhat less, so consider your options carefully.

Price – cost is always going to be factor, and these range from a few pounds to almost £50, so there is plenty to think about when buying one of these.

That’s about it when considering spice grinders, as fundamentally they are designed to do one job – grind stuff! Now that we’ve convinced you that you really need one – and you won’t regret it – all that remains is to wrap things up!

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Spice grinders – they do coffee and other stuff too – are a great addition to the kitchen, and as you have seen in this review, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on one to have your fresh coffee or herbs and spices ready for use. There are many different models on our list, and whether you are swayed by a celebrity endorsement or not, each of these has fine merits. We believe that a powered model provides the best results – although we would recommend the final one, a manual design, as a perfect gift for a spice or coffee lover – and it’s difficult to pin one down.

What we will say is that the Cuisinart model, although the most expensive by a large margin, is probably the best in terms of performance and ability, but the price is off-putting when there are perfectly good designs for less than half the price. Perhaps the best value is the James Martin at number 2, as it offers decent performance and capacity at a sensible price. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but we will say this – we love the Star Wars one, so if you have a fan in the family, it’s the perfect gift. So, there you go, get yourself a grinder, and have fresh herbs, spices and coffee whenever you wish!

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