Top 10 Best Stunt Scooters 2021

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Land Surfer Stunt Scooter

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  • 360° swivel reinforced gripped deck.
  • Lightweight and robust - weighs only 3.2kg.
  • 100mm polyurethane high rebound wheels give a smooth ride in cruising mode while adding comfort when landing tricks or jumps.
  • 80cm high x 50cm wide 'Y' fluted stunt bar with a 10cm wide x 48cm long deck complete with built in rear stunt heel brake.
Rexco Fixed Bar Pro Stunt

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  • Features: Aluminium Clamp, Deck, Diecut Downtube & Headtube in paint coated finish.
  • Steel: Handle bar, Front fork in paint coated finish.
  • 100mm PU Casted aluminium core wheel with ABEC-7 bearings.
  • For Ages: 8+.
Madd Gear MGP VX8 Team Edition

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  • Bars: 24 inch (H) x 23 inch (W) DDAM 4031 Japanese Chromoly Oversized Chrome Plated.
  • Downtube: Scalloped 83 degree with Cut Out Detail.
  • Fork: DDAM M3 120mm Threadless 3D Forged Alloy.
  • Wheels: 110mm 88a Filth Alloy Cor.

Those of us of a certain age will remember the days when, as kids, we played outside. That’s something many of the current younger generations will fail to understand. What was the attraction? Getting out in the fresh air, meeting your mates on your bikes, hanging around and having a laugh, and going home when the streetlights came on. That was the attraction. We knew our friends personally – they weren’t avatars on screens – and we made our own fun, and we learned from it.

Of course, let’s not put the entire youth of today down. Many do enjoy outdoor fun, and some of the games that you can get for consoles these days are pretty phenomenal when all is said and done. Yet it seems that kids, in general, don’t get out in the street anymore, they stay in their bedrooms, glued to a screen, talking to friends who are doing the same thing. That’s technology for you; it drags them in and keeps them hooked.

Yet, there are some things that we remember that are still fun today and that many kids do enjoy. Take the scooter; for us, it was a simple fun way of getting up some speed and moving about. For the kids today, there are a whole bunch of different types of scooters designed for the ultimate in fun.

Best stunt scooters are today’s subject, and they really are very impressive items indeed. With a vast range to choose from and many different brands, you are spoilt for choice. Before we get into our list of the top 10 best stunt scooters, let’s talk a little more about what the attraction is, and why stung scooters are fast becoming big business.


Best Stunt Scooters (Adults and Children’s)

1: Land Surfer Stunt Scooter

We chose this as our first entry as it is very popular, sensibly priced, and is nicely made in a decent selection of colours. After all, stunt scooting is not just for boys, so the fetching pink camo design will go down very well with the girls who like to show their scooting prowess. It’s a very neat, standard design with the usual platform and two small wheels – made from polyurethane for extra speed and grip – and also a 3.2kg weight which makes it easy to handle.

A requirement of a stunt scooter is that it should have a 360-degree swivel deck. This allows for excellent jumps and turns, and this one is suitably equipped. It also has a reinforced plate on the underside of the deck, which is great for slides. The stunts you can pull with this very affordable little scooter are pretty comprehensive. It has a heel brake for added performance and ability and is very well made, so we recommend you add it to your shortlist.

Key Features
  • Poly wheels
  • Skid plate
  • Lightweight


2: Albott Extreme Stunt Scooter

This is another simple yet effective stunt scooter that would make a great first choice for a youngster looking to get into what is an invigorating and exciting sport and pastime. It comes in a couple of attractive colour schemes, and it’s a fixed handle model so you have added durability and safety. It has 360-degree swivel capability, and a strong deck with undertray, so you can do all the tricks.

This one is nothing special, but that’s no bad thing; what it offers is simplicity and style in one go, and the kids will find it the best way to learn and hone their skills. The PU wheels offer an excellent ride, it has decent bearings, and it weighs only 3.3kg so is easy to get to grips with. If you’re looking for a starter model that does the job, this could be the one, so we recommend you take a second look.

Key Features
  • Basic but capable
  • PU wheels
  • 360-degree swivel

3: Rexco Fixed Bar Pro Stunt

This is another one very much in the mould of that above, and it offers great performance with a little bit of style added in. It’s another fixed handlebar model, so you don’t have to worry about tightening the grips and so forth, and it comes with steel handlebar and front fork for durability. The wheels are good quality PU with cast aluminium cores and decent bearings for added performance.

This one comes in a variety of bright and fun colours, so will be attractive to both boys and girls, and has the required 360-degree swivel action, and is well-made too. It weighs not much more than 3kg, which is easily light enough for stunt use by kids and is very easy to put together when you get it. Overall, we think this one is worth looking at for anyone who has children who are interested in trying out stunt scooters.

Key Features
  • Fixed handle
  • Great colours
  • Very light

4: Madd Gear MGP VX8 Team Edition

We move up a gear with this model, which is a very attractive design and clearly one of a very high quality. It’s finished in a gold and chrome scheme that makes it stand out and is made from forged materials and chrome that add to the strength and ability of what is a very fine stunt scooter. This one is the standard style of design, with its own detail touches, with wheels that have an alloy core for added performance.

The deck is heat treated with a strong resistant plate underneath for rail slides and is designed for stunt use, and the fully rotating deck has a nice movement with great bearings. This is a quality item, mark our words, and it shows in every way. That means, of course, you’ll have to pay a little more for it – you could have three of the above for one of these, for example, but when all is said and done, it’s a great scooter that should be on your shortlist.

Key Features
  • Chrome and gold
  • Rotating deck
  • Reinforced undertray

5: Street Pro Kick Stunt Scooter

The rising popularity of stunt scooting as a pastime has led to many more manufacturers getting in on the game. As with skateboards – the inspiration for the sport – the basic premise remains a simple yet manageable scooter that is light, has all the capabilities, and will stand the bumps and grinds it is going to get from regular stunt use. This model is typical in that it offers entry-level standards, yet is perfectly usable by the experienced scooter.

You get the usual durable steel bars and alloy heat-treated fork, perfect for strength and performance, plus 100mm PU wheels with super rebound and smooth, high-quality bearings for added speed. This one has the reinforced base and platform for riding the rails, and it also comes with a wide selection of excellent colours for added variety. If you’re looking for a scooter to start your kids off, this could be the one, and at the price, it is certainly worth a second look.

Key Features
  • Reinforced platform
  • PU wheels
  • Smooth bearings

6: Adult/Kids Stunt Scooter

As we got into this review we’ve overlooked the fact that stunt scooters are attractive to adults as much as they are to children. This one is a neat and simple model, at a sensible price, that comes with all the features you would expect from one of these. It has fixed handlebars for simple use and added strength, and is available in a full range of interesting and often original colours, so will appeal to boys and girls.

You get the full 360-degree swivel plus a rear brake system for added versatility. It comes with a reinforced undertray for riding rails, and the platform and frame are heavy-duty so should be suitable for any use. 100mm PU wheels and top-quality bearings make for a comfortable and very capable ride, and it is a very nice scooter in every way. We like this one, and it is certainly worth adding to your shortlist.

Key Features
  • PU wheels
  • Quality bearings
  • Suitable for adults and kids

7: Fox Pro Raw Zest

Most of the scooters on this list are designed for people who want to get into the sport; this one is designed for those who are already experienced, and who need a scooter that offers professional-level style, quality and performance. Make no mistake, this is an excellent scooter, and it shows. An aircraft-quality deck and hidden internal compression make this a different beast to your usual kids stunt scooter, and that’s just the start.

100mm alloy core wheels give an excellent ride, grip and performance, while the handlebar grips are top quality and make an excellent addition to the design. The frame is quality made and heat treated for durability, the bearings are just about the best in the business, and the wide bars are perfect for agility. There is no doubt that this is a sports stunt scooter of the very highest order, and the top-quality rear brake means no tricks are beyond reach. A great scooter and one for the shortlist if you are serious.

Key Features
  • Aircraft quality deck
  • Heat-treated frame
  • Superb bearings

8: 1080 Judge Stunt Scooter

Staying in the realms of the top of the range, upmarket scooters, we bring you this one from the 1080 range. The sheer quality of this model is immediately apparent and sets it aside from most of the others on the list. The deck is a brilliant design in itself with many detail touches, and the graphics – for which this brand is famed – are simply as cool as it gets. This is for serious players, although beginners will never need to move up a grade if they start with this!

The lightweight alloy deck with reinforced undertray, top quality bearings and the best wheels you will find anywhere mark this one out as a choice for the shortlist, and it features aluminium core wheels with PU tyres for a smooth and able ride. You also get a professional-standard rear brake, 360-degree swivel, and a stiff alloy fork with sealed bearings in the head. This is one for the discerning player and will mark you out as someone to watch.

Key Features
  • Top brand
  • Great graphics
  • Professional standard

9: Bopster 2-wheeled Folding Kid’s Scooter

Not in the league of the proper stunt scooters on this list, we included this one for anyone who has very young kids who might want to emulate what their bigger brother’s and sisters are doing on their quality stunt machines. This one is compact, simple and stylish, and comes at a very sensible price, and as it folds it would be perfect for taking to the park in the back of the car.

It is very light and the folding mechanism is simple to use and can have it collapsed in a few seconds. It comes in a range of great colours, and you get quality wheels and a good standard of build. However, it’s not a stunt scooter – it does not offer 360-degree swivel for a start – and is designed to introduce kids to the art and enjoyment of scooting at a sensible price. If that’s what you want then there’s no reason this should not be on your list.

Key Features
  • Folding scooter
  • Great colours

That’s our list of the top 10 stunt scooters done, then, so which is for you? There’s plenty of choices, and we reckon that among those above will be one that suits your needs, so before we offer you our choices, let’s have a look at some of the important features to consider.

Features to Consider

What do you need to look for when you are buying a stunt scooter? There are a number of pre-requisite features that you need if you are to get the best out of one of these, so here are a few to look for:

360-degree Swivel – this is an absolute must in a stunt scooter, and all bar one of the above – the one that is a kid’s entry-level scooter – offers this feature. It’s great fun and the basis of most stunts.

Lightweight – any stunt scooter needs to be light enough to be agile; you will be pulling tricks and jumps all over the place, so you need something you can handle. Those on our list are mostly less than 4kg in weight, which makes them perfect for the purpose.

Bearings – the bearings in the wheels are what makes your performance smooth and easy; the higher quality the bearings, the better the ride, so make sure you buy the best you can afford.

Wheels – look for wheels with an aluminium core and PU tyres; these give both the best performance and the most grip and durability, so you get a longer life and more fun.

Strength – overall, you need a strong scooter with a durable platform – some are made from aircraft-grade materials so are worth looking at – and frame, as well as strongly made parts throughout.

Looks – let’s face it, you’re doing stunts not just to have fun but to show off your skills, and you will be seen. That’s why you need a great-looking scooter, and there are plenty on our list with excellent finishes and graphics.

How It Works

Back in the day, a scooter was a simple, straightforward toy. It had a handlebar, a platform, two wheels – and that was about it. You pushed it, it was basic, and it was good fun. Everyone had them, and they are still popular today. It’s not unusual, for example, to see kids scooting to school, parents in tow and dreading having to carry the scooter home (or ride it if they have any sense). Nor are they unusual in parks across the country on sunny days.

The stunt scooter, however, is a different animal entirely. Imagine if someone looked at a simple scooter one day and thought ‘I want a scooter I can do tricks on, one I can look cool riding’. Imagine they saw a skateboard and thought of a scooter that you could do those sort of tricks on. That’s what happened, and that’s why there are so many excellent, affordable and genuinely exciting stunt scooters on the market today.

In general, the stunt scooter is a much more sophisticated piece of kit than your average kid scooter. For example, careful attention will have been paid to how it is made, with the right choice of materials for the strenuous use it will endure. Also, you will find it has better mechanisms in the moving parts, so it is easier to manipulate.

In short, a stung scooter is a high-quality, capable version of a long-serving kids toy and one that will enhance the rider’s ability to perform tricks, and to ride in a way that will impress his or her friends.

Are you ready to find out more? Perhaps you have a child who is forever asking you for one? Or maybe you want one yourself! Let’s have a look at the top 10 stunt scooters, and show you just why these are impressive items to ride.

Let’s Sum It Up!

The scooter you choose will depend entirely upon whether you are buying for an experienced stunt scooter, or someone who is just getting into it.

For the latter, there are several we could recommend out of the 10, but perhaps the one with the best credentials is that at number 6. It’s great for beginners, well-made, has all the features, and is good enough to be used as the rider gets more experienced. At the price, it’s worthy of a second look.

For the experienced scooter, looking for a more up-market model, there are a few possibilities, but we have two favourites. One is the Madd Gear model, number 5 on the list, which we like because it simply looks like a quality model, and it is. It not only looks brilliant in its gold and chrome finish, but it does a great job, is smooth and has top quality fittings.

The other is the 1080 model, at number 9, which is not just a scooter for the expert – with all the features you would expect and more – but looks as cool as it gets with its funky graphics. It will set you aside for your friends, and everything on it is top of the tree.

So, that’s our review for you, now all you need to do is choose the best stunt scooter, and get training to perform those spectacular scooter stunts!

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