Top 10 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods 2021

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The art of fishing is one that comes naturally for many, yet for others, only time and patience will allow them to develop the skills needed to enjoy this ancient, invigorating and yet relaxing pastime to the full. Fishing is about taking the time and getting everything just right, in order to lure the fish to the hook, and the combination of a perfect spot – on a riverbank or by the lake, for example – plus the right gear and the ability to wait for long periods of time brings the greatest satisfaction.

Of course, you also need the right gear to fish to perfection. If you are an experienced angler, you are likely reading this review as you want to upgrade your current tackle to a higher standard. If you are a beginner, then we have plenty of advice for you among this review of the best telescopic fishing rods, which are among the most useful and versatile items that you will purchase during your fishing career. You will find we have covered every budget, and included some well-known brand names for added assurance, so there is certain to be something for you among this list of ten.

Why are we focusing on telescopic rods? They offer a wide range of scope in terms of where and how you can fish and are also easy to carry so do not take up great amounts of space in your car or kit bag. They are not expensive, either, and we reckon you will get a lot of value for your money with any of those on our list. So, before we go on to give you the top 10, let’s have a look at what they are all about, how they work and why you need one.

Plusinno Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

[ Our #1 Choice ]

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  • Full Kit with Carrier Case is specially made for novice, including necessary fishing accessories.
  • Perfect elasticity, high density Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass which makes the rod hard & durable.
Lixada Telescopic Rod and Reel

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  • 1 Telescopic Fishing Rod + 1 Spinning Fishing Reel + Fishing Bag Case + Various Fishing Lures + Fishing Hooks + 100-Meter Fishing Line + Some Necessary Fishing Accessories.
  • High density carbon fiber material makes the fishing rod hard and durable.
  • Deluxe spinning fishing reel is left and right interchangeable.
  • Fishing bag is made of anti-scratch nylon and filled with soft EVA sponge, provide your fishing tackle with all-around protection.
Shakespeare Omni RD Tele Travel Rod

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  • Ideal Combo For Carp, pike or Sea Fishing.
  • Carbon Telescopic Rod 3.6m Approx 12ft Rod
  • Lightweight yet strong carbon concept construction.
NGT Mini Travelling Telescopic

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  • Mini Travel Rod & Reel Set.
  • This set is a must for the travelling fisherman.
  • Pieces 1 (6 Sections) Length ft / m 5ft / 1.5m.
  • Closed length 31cm.
Goture Telescopic Fishing Rod

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  • The distribution of carbon filament is well-distributed and fracture will be avoided.
  • Colorful anti bite line ceramic guide ring,it is widely used in high-grade rod.
  • Increase carbon cloth,the fishing rod will more firmly.
  • Suitable a variety of sea fishing, like carp fishing, bass and pike

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

1: Plusinno Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

We begin our review with one that is perfect for somebody who is looking to get into fishing, and perhaps has limited experience but a desire to become more dedicated. This excellent set includes just about everything you could need to get going. You get a nice, simple rod with a carbon-fibre/fibreglass construction for durability and flexibility, and much more besides. It also comes with a quality reel and spool of line, and a handy carry bag into which the rod fits when deconstructed.

You also get a set of lures and hooks – a really neat touch that makes this the perfect starter set for a keen young angler – so all you really need to get going is a chair, a rest and some bait! It’s a clever touch of the maker to include just about everything, and we like this set. Here’s the amazing thing – you get all of this for around £60, which is an absolute bargain, so it would make a handy gift for the angling fan in the family.

  • All the kit
  • Great gift
  • Good quality
  • Not a top-end premium rod but, at that price, does it matter?

2: Lixada Telescopic Rod and Reel

Now, we have a dilemma: we thought the above was good value, but what about this one? It’s another full package that would make a great set for a beginner, and it’s extremely good value – as you will see! You get a nice carbon-fibre detachable rod for ease of carrying and durability, and you also get a carry case, although not as nice a one as that with the above item. It comes with a decent spinning reel which is perfect for beginners who are learning the craft, too.

You also get a set or lures and hooks, plus a spool of line, so you are ready to go pretty much out of the bag. It’s a neat set that is another choice of gift for budding or experienced anglers, and as it all packs away neatly will take up very little space. In short, we like it, and while it is not as comprehensive a set as that above, we remain amazed that you can buy this for not much more than £20!

  • Decent reel
  • Plenty of lures and hooks
  • Carry bag
  • Not quite as nice as the one above, but astonishing value

3: Shakespeare Omni RD Tele Travel Rod

Perhaps the leading name in the world of fishing rods, Shakespeare has a wide variety of options for you to choose from, including this telescopic rod that is designed especially for travelling. It can extend to 12ft in length, which is perfect for most uses, and is multi-purpose so can be used for both carp and sea fishing. When closed, the rod measures just 64cm, so is very compact. It’s a very light and easy to handle rod, as you would expect from this brand.

This is solely a rod and reel – it’s a decent reel, too, a rear drag reel from Shakespeare so you are guaranteed quality – so you don’t get the accessories you get with the two sets above, but we have to say the quality is very much a cut above. Also, it comes already spooled so you can simply settle down and get on with it, and at a shade less than £25, it is very good value from this brand.

  • Shakespeare rod and reel
  • Great price
  • Pre-spooled
  • Just the rod and reel

4: NGT Mini Travelling Telescopic

Another of the leading brands in the fishing equipment world, NGT has a wide variety of rods, reels and more, and this one is one of their telescopic travel range. This truly mini rod closes to a length of just 31cm, and comes with a handy travel bag, and you get a decent reel, too, so you are pretty much ready to go. You can’t fault the quality, but there are a couple of downsides we must mention when talking about this one.

It is a six-piece rod so takes some putting together, and it extends only to around 5ft. As such, it is not suitable for more serious fishing, but would be perfect for the fisherman who simply wants a rod to keep handy in the car, for example, for an occasional spot of angling. It’s good, then, and at under £25 is decent value, but we can’t help thinking the one listed above might be a better choice.

  • Small
  • Light
  • Handy carry bag
  • Only 5ft

5: Goture Telescopic Fishing Rod

We may have been a little harsh on the one reviewed above, as these are meant to be portable – and it is – so let’s see what we can say about this one, from the Goture range. Well, first, it’s a complete range of different sized collapsible rods: you get five options, ranging from 1.8m to 3.6m when extended, so you can choose one that suits your requirements and your desired type of fishing.

This is a 98% carbon fishing pole, so is decent quality, but bear in mind it is just a pole; you don’t get a reel with it, but you do get quality additions such as ceramic guide rings for better results. It’s up to you whether you want to take a closer look at this one – it really is good quality – but we feel it will have a hard time in this company. Nevertheless, at between £15 and £25, for the different lengths, it’s not bad value.

  • Quality pole
  • Quality design
  • Choice of lengths
  • Just a pole

6: Supertrip TM Portable

This one is another quality fishing rod, but again, it is one that comes without a reel or line. It’s suitably portable and, as with the above, is available in a variety of sizes. It’s made from a mix of carbon and alloy, so is strong and durable, and is surprisingly light and easy to carry around. It’s a nice design all-round, and can be fitted with a spinning reel or other type depending upon where and when you are going fishing.

We like the way it is easy to handle with a good grip, and it folds down to a very small size so is handy for keeping in the car, for example, and it is from a quality brand so you have no problems there. It’s simply that we can see better options among the ten featured here, although at between £15 and £20, depending on the length, it’s affordable enough to add to your kit for occasional use, or as a gift.

  • Light
  • Cheap
  • Quality
  • Just a rod

7: Runcl Sport S1

This rod is another that comes without a reel, and we should point out that this is not a rarity as many experienced anglers have their own favoured reels that they have ‘bedded in’ and are familiar and comfortable with. Because of this, we can’t recommend this quality rod for beginners, as that would mean buying the rest of the kit to add to it. It’s a carbon fibre rod and is a quality item, comes with excellent grips, and is very compact when stripped down.

The ceramic guide rings are a feature that experienced and less-experienced anglers will welcome, as they provide seamless and snag-free performance from the line so you get better results. The light weight makes it easy to use and to carry, and you can choose from a series of different lengths. At between £23 and £28 it is not bad value for what is a very nice rod.

  • Good brand
  • Ceramic guide rings
  • Decent price
  • Just a rod

8: Roddarch 2M Telescopic Coarse Rod

Designed for coarse fishing, this one – from Roddarch – is a very nice rod indeed, and comes with a quality reel. We should say, however, that this is designed for the novice, so the quality is just on the level you would expect for a budget rod at an excellent price. It’s 2m long when in use, so not the longest but great for kids, and folds down to a very compact size for ease of carriage. It’s also light, so will be easy for youngsters to carry around.

The soft-grip handle and secure screw mounts for the reel are an excellent touch, and it is a fully adjustable drag reel so the beginner will get a good feel for what that is all about. It is also suitably flexible yet surprisingly durable, and will get any newcomer into the swing of things very quickly. We think if you are looking for a first reel for an enthusiast, or a gift that may spur on their desire to fish, this one is a bargain at not much more than £10.

  • Great for beginners
  • Rod and reel
  • Great gift
  • For beginners only

9: KastKing Black Hawk

This collection of rods from KastKing boast a high level of quality in being made from a combination of carbon fibre and E-glass, which is a composite that provides superb flexibility and durability, plus excellent weight and handling. The guides are designed for easy and safe use of the line and seamless casting and reeling, but you need your own reel as this is a rod on its own.

You do get a choice of sizes, so you can pick one that suits your needs and type of fishing, and it has a nice grip that is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the hand. It is suitable for freshwater and salt water fishing, and folds down to a very compact size for travel purposes. We like this one, but for a beginner there are better options, although it is decent value at between £17 and £33, depending on the size you choose.

  • Quality construction
  • Compact when folded
  • Easy to use
  • Just a rod

10: DoCooler High-End Pole Kit

Aimed at the novice who wants a quality kit to begin with, our final choice includes just about everything you need to get started. The rod itself is a quality carbon-fibre pole that extends to a sensible length and contracts to an amazing 35cm, and is very light so will not be a burden to carry around. You also get a quality reel, one that is designed for handling heavy loads so will last you a long time, and much more besides.

This kit comes with a selection of lures and hooks, a useful belt, a spool of line and a very neat box into which all your gear can be packed, and it really is a perfect beginners rod and reel set that will be much-appreciated and well-used. That you can buy all of this, and be ready to go fishing right away, for under £30 is very impressive, so we have no hesitation in recommending you check out this one as a gift package.

  • Full kit
  • Nice rod and reel
  • All accessories
  • None if you’re looking for a novices fishing kit

That’s our list of the top 10 telescopic fishing rods complete, and we are sure you will agree that we have given you plenty of variety! There is bound to be a package that appeals to you, so before we sum everything up, let’s have a reminder of the things you need to look out for when buying one of these.

Important Features to Consider

Choosing a telescopic fishing rod is not something you do rashly, for this is to be one of the most important items in your collection of tackle. That’s why we offer you the following advice on the important features to consider when buying your fishing rod.

Novice or Experienced – the first thing is to know who you are buying for and, to be fair, most of these are aimed at novices who are looking to get into angling. A few would make a welcome gift for the experienced angler, however, so choose carefully.

Size – each of these folds or breaks down into a very compact length, but the size when constructed is perhaps of more interest. Lengths range from 6ft to much more, so make sure you know what you are buying.

Rod Alone or Full Kit – the above list is split between rods, rods and reels, and full fishing kits that are perfect for beginners. If you are buying for someone who already has their own preferred reel, then a rod-only deal may be for you, but for newcomers and youngsters there are some great deals on full kits with rod, reel, line and all the accessories needed to get going, and at excellent prices.

Quality – while none of the above are truly top of the range rods and reels, you want the best quality you can find, so check for carbon-fibre construction and other specifications indicating quality – and also brand names such as NGT and Shakespeare.

That’s a few of the important things to look for when perusing the above list, and you may have more on your own short list, so for now, all that remains is to wrap things up!

How It Works

The telescopic fishing rod works like any other item that uses this concept; it can be extended from a short pole to increasingly longer lengths, allowing you to reach your chosen spot in the river or other watercourse in which you have chosen to fish. Indeed, most anglers have their own preferred spot, where they pitch their bivvy or set up their chair, so you will probably know just where you are heading when you are browsing our list of telescopic fishing rods!

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It’s hard to tell where the idea for these devices came from, but suffice to say that fishing has been practised since early man realised there was a viable and plentiful food source in the waterways of the planet. Thus, we can thank our ancient ancestors not just for the many delights that fish dinners provide, but also the sport that millions of men and women enjoy across the world – indeed, it is the most popular participation sport of them all!

The best telescopic fishing rod will be light and easy to handle, and will make it easy to cast and reel in when you get that bite. They are usually made from strong yet light materials so will last a long time, and you can choose from one of many different models of various sizes, strengths and styles, so you have the right one for you.

Are you ready to read about our chosen top 10? If so, settle back and enjoy, because we believe we have selected the very best on the market right now, with one for every budget and level of experience. Here is our list of the top 10 best telescopic fishing rods available today.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

So, you want to buy a fishing rod, for yourself or as a gift for someone else. As we said above, your choice will depend upon who you are buying for – an experienced angler, or a novice. For the latter, we strongly recommend you check out the three full-kit options as they come with everything you need to simply set out and go fishing, each with its own bag or box, and all rod, reel, hooks, line and lures. The quality of number one can’t be overlooked, but its two rivals are much cheaper so appeal on that front.

For the experienced angler, one of the stand-alone rods may make an excellent gift, and each is very good, so the choice really is yours. Have another read, and choose a great present for a friend, or get yourself a set and go fishing!

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