Top 10 Best Weed killer UK – 2024 Guide and Reviews

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A beautiful garden is a joy for everyone, and whether you have a flower garden or simply a lawn it will be used regularly. This is especially true in the summer months, when what little sunshine we get brightens up the days! There is a perennial problem with gardens, and it’s one that takes a lot of care and attention to control. We are, of course, talking about weeds, the bane of every gardener’s life! Weeds come in many forms, and while some can be quite pretty, they need controlling as they will spread very quickly. The British climate is perfect for them, so you have to be on your guard to keep them in check.

The problem is, how do you find the time to tend to the ever-increasing weeds when you lead such a busy life? You need to find a way of getting at them easily, with as little effort as possible. The answer lies in weedkiller, and there are many brands on the market. Now, you may have read that some weedkillers include potentially harmful chemicals: it’s true, but it is also a fact that the most harmful ingredients – many pesticides, indeed – that were once widely used have now been banned. It is important to make sure that your chosen product is safe for use with children and animals, too. So let’s take a look at the top 10 best weed killer UK and which one is the strongest weedkiller.

Our #1 Choicebrtbl2-table__image1. Roundup Tough Weedkiller Spray
  • Kills tough weeds to the roots
  • Fast action, results visible in 1-2 days
  • Degraded in soil by micro organisms
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brtbl2-table__image2. Roundup Fast Action Weedkiller
  • Fast action ready to use weed killer
  • Kills most garden weeds with a single application
  • Leaves no harmful residues to allow replanting
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brtbl2-table__image3. Westland Resolva 24H
  • Ready-to-use weedkiller
  • Visible results within 24 hours
  • Kills the weed and the root system
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brtbl2-table__image4. Direct Sales Pro-Kleen Nogrow 5 Litres
  • No glyphosate
  • Fast-action product
  • Safe for children and pets once dry
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brtbl2-table__image5. Roundup Fast Action Weedkiller Spray
  • Known brand
  • Fast action
  • Attacks the roots of most weeds
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Best Weed Killers

1: Roundup Tough Weedkiller Spray

Perhaps the best-known brand of weedkillers, Roundup has a reputation for effective and impressive results from its wide range of products. This one comes in a handy spray bottle, and while only 1litre, will treat 90 square metres. It attacks the weeds from the roots, as do most of the more effective weedkillers, and provides very fast results, with effects seen in a couple of days. It is suitable for more stringent weeds, such as brambles, thistles and nettles.

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Does it contain glyphosate? Yes, it does, but not in as concentrated a form like the one above. It includes safety instructions such as keeping away from children and animals, as do all these products. However, this Roundup product degrades in the soil once it has done its job, so is rendered safe in a very short time. For your usual garden weeds, this could be the one for you, as it is easy to use and a proven product. You can buy it for around a fiver.

  • Known brand
  • Fast action
  • Only 1 litre

2: Roundup Fast Action Weedkiller Spray

A second product from the highly-regarded Roundup brand, this one comes in a larger bottle – 5 litres – and features a clever pump and spray delivery. This involves pressurising the container using a pump, and then you can spray for several minutes with ease. It kills down to the roots and will degrade thanks to micro-organisms once it’s done its job. The importance of this is that it leaves no residue, so the treated area can be replanted when you wish. It’s a fast-action concoction, with results seen in a couple of days.

Like most of these, it contains the dreaded glyphosate, but not in industrial weed killer quantities. In fact, once dry, it is safe for children and animals to use the treated areas, although we strongly advise you examine the area carefully beforehand. It is suitable for all deep-rooted weeds, but is not for use on lawns or plants you want to keep, as it will also kill them. An easy to use item, it’s decent value at around £23.

  • Known brand
  • Handy spray bottle
  • Fast action
  • Glyphosate

3: Westland Resolva 24H

This one, from the known Westland brand, is a popular choice, and is another of the ready to use weedkillers. This means it is already mixed and in liquid form in the bottle, so you simply apply it where you wish. As the name suggests it provides results within 24hours, but there is a downside to this: it contains not only glyphosate, but also another compound known as diquat. This is harmful if ingested, and has become somewhat controversial in some quarters, but is passed as safe for use in weedkillers and other applications. Diquat is the element that disintegrates the leaves, whereas glyphosate does the rest.

However, we don’t mean to put you off with this information, it is simply important for safety reasons. This fast-action weedkiller is popular and effective, comes in an easy to use 3 litre bottle, and biodegrades in the soil so you can replant when ready. The maker has developed its own version of the traditional weedkiller, and claims it to be one of the most effective available. At under £10 it is also good value, so we are happy to recommend it.

  • Fast action
  • Great value
  • Chemical compounds

5: Direct Sales Pro-Kleen Nogrow 5 Litres

This product is the Pro-Kleen NoGrow, in 5 litre bottle form here. This one is marketed as being a non-glyphosate product. There are two sides to this: one is that this makes it safer than some other weed killers, the other is that many people will be adamant that only glyphosate does the job. Nevertheless, this product meets with many satisfied customers, and is designed to kill moss and weeds effectively using a mainly natural concoction, plus detergents.

The No Grow does not come with a spray attachment, so you either need your own sprayer or a watering can, yet it will cover a great area thanks to the large volume. It is not to be used on grass as it will kill it very quickly. This is a fast-action product – the makers claim you will see results in a matter of hours – and one that is safe for children and pets once dry. If you are looking for a product with no potentially harmful ingredients this may be it, and as for price, it’s very much in the ballpark.

  • No glyphosate
  • Kills grass

6: Roundup Fast Action Weedkiller Spray

Another Roundup product, and we’re back to garden use weedkiller now. This comes in ready to use form, so there’s no need to dilute, and is in a handy spray can. Like one of the items above, you pump it until it has enough pressure, and then get several minutes’ spray time. Although it does contain glyphosate, it is not in industrial strength quantities, so this one is rated as safe to use in the garden. It is also safe for children and pets once it is dry, but please remember to examine carefully.

Roundup has a reputation for effectiveness, and this one promises results in as little as two days. It attacks the roots of most weeds, and then biodegrades in the soil so you cab replant the area quickly. You get a 3-litre bottle for a little more than a tenner, so while not the best value, it is not a bad choice. It is, however, from the leading brand and, as we recommend Roundup mainly for its strong customer base, so put this one on the shortlist.

  • Known brand
  • Fast action
  • Not the best value

7: Weedol Fast Acting Weedkiller 3L

The Weedol brand is one of the leading names in this market, and they offer a wide range of weed killers and other garden products. This is a 3-litre bottle – it’s also available in bigger and smaller volumes – of a powerful weed killer that claims to start acting within one hour, and to kill most weeds within 24-hours. As with most products of this type, the manufacturers state that children and pets should be kept away from the areas treated until it is dry.

Make a note, however, that this weed killer will kill all weeds; do not use it on the lawn, as you will end up with brown patched. It is designed for use on flower beds and vegetable patches before you sow, so bear that in mind also. Many satisfied customers have testified to its effectiveness – although there are some who express some disappointment – and it is suitable for spraying around rose bushes and shrubs without damaging them. If you want quick results, this is a proven product from a name brand, and at a decent price.

  • 24-hour action
  • use before sowing
  • 3-litre bottle
  • Will kill grass

8: Weedol Rootkill Plus

Weedol is another highly-regarded brand with a strong reputation for value and results, and this one comes recommended by many satisfied users. It’s a concentrated version so needs to be diluted, and would be best used with a bottle sprayer such as the item above. This is a highly developed product, as all of the brands items are, and is described as ‘next generation’, so is absolutely up to date. It is a fast-action product that promises you will see results within hours, and although you only get 500ml, it can cover a serious amount of ground.

Unlike some weedkillers, this one is approved for use on hard surfaces, which gives it further versatility. It also kills every part of the plant, including down to the roots, so you can be sure that the weeds will not return. It is safe for children and pets once it is dry – although as usual we recommend you check the area carefully before you give the go ahead – and it is a very effective purchase. We recommend that if you buy a concentrated weedkiller such as this one, you also purchase the bottle listed above for ease of use. At around a tenner, this item comes highly recommended.

  • Proven brand
  • Concentrate
  • Great price
  • Only 500ml

9: Premium Iron Sulphate 1kg

This product is designed for use on lawns, and that should be the first thing you consider when looking at Premium Iron Sulphate. It is not, in essence, a weed killer but a fertiliser, and in that it is a very good one. It comes in the form of a 1kg bucket of soluble sulphate. When diluted as required – it dissolves easily in water – you get a massive 500 litres of treatment, which is enough to treat a lawn of up to 1000 square metres.

This solution can also be used to kill moss in more concentrated form; this will give you as much as 500 square metres of moss treatment. The solution is effective – it is used by professionals to keep lawns bright and flourishing – and easy to use. Iron Sulphate will also help keep disease away from the lawn as it strengthens the grass, and it will ensure your lawn areas look the part. If you want a weed killer, this is not it; if you want to get rid of moss and have beautiful, lush grass, this is a great product at a decent price.

  • Very strong
  • Good value
  • Glyphosate product
  • For industrial use

10. Resolve Xtra Tough Ready to Use

Another well-known name in the garden products world, Resolve offers a wide variety of weed killers and other products, of which this is a typical example. It’s worth noting that a few years ago, some of the ingredients used in powerful weed killers were banned. This resulted in certain products becoming less effective, and since then a lot of effort has gone into making weed killers work, but safely. This one contains an active ingredient – glyphosate – that is known to be effective, but it is also the ingredient that means kids and pets should be kept away until dry.

Resolve Xtra Tough comes in a container with a spray attachment that satisfied customers say makes it easy to use. It will show results within 24 hours, but don’t use it on grass unless you want brown patches. This is a 3-litre bottle so you can cover over 100 square metres area, and it is designed to kill even the most resilient weeds, and even bramble. The solution is broken down naturally in the ground so is safe, and it’s a good price too.

  • 24 hour action
  • Spray attachment
  • dangerous to pets and kids

Features to Look Out For When Buying Weed Killers

So, we have given you the details of nine weedkillers from some of the best names on the market, plus one excellent accessory designed to make life easier. As you will have gathered, the main concern with these products is that they all contain glyphosate to some extent. Although ruled as safe for such use, this substance has raised concerns in some quarters, and while it is legally usable in the UK, a few countries in the EU have banned its use. It should be said that, if used correctly, it will not cause harm, and we strongly recommend that you stick strictly to the manufacturers advice on terms of use and concentration.

So, let’s have recap of some of the more important features to look out for, and why:

Glyphosate – Chemical Substance

You can’t get away from it, as it is the active ingredient in all of these weedkiller products. It’s up to you, the individual, to decide whether you are happy to use this chemical on your garden or other areas, but without it, you are going to have a hard time clearing weeds, on your hands and knees with perhaps a trowel. Use it correctly, and no harm will be done.

Safe for Pets and Children

This is an essential point; most of these state the area is safe for use by pets and children once dry, but we always recommend you examine the area carefully in advance. No weedkiller is safe for anyone to ingest, so please be extra careful.

Professional or Domestic

Some of the products reviewed above are designed and recommended for professional, industrial use. These, which tend to be rich glyphosate concentrates, are not to be used by anyone who has not had the relevant training, so may not be suitable for domestic use. Check the instructions before purchase so you don’t buy the wrong product.

Kills the Roots of Weed

Your chosen weedkiller must kill the roots of the plants you are getting rid of, otherwise they will simply grow back. Most of these products guarantee to do so.

That’s the most important things to remember, and we have covered many more in the actual reviews, so make sure you read carefully, and we hope we have helped you find the right product.

How the Best Weed Killer Works

Most weedkillers are a concoction of chemicals designed to attack the weeds. The most effective brands tend to target the roots, as killing the part of the weed above ground does not eradicate it completely. It is vital you read the instructions on weedkiller, as some need to be left to dry before the area is safe for cats, for example. There will also be instructions as to how to apply the weedkiller – and when – so you need to consider them carefully before you choose the right one.

There are some that claim to be chemical-free; it is hard to see how effective these can be, and as many of the more effective brands have been tested and proven safe, you are probably more likely to get the results you need with a chemical compound. Some come in liquid form, others as a powder you need to dilute, and there are many different chemicals that are said to do the job. Below, we have taken a look at ten of the most popular, so let’s talk about the top 10 weedkillers available in 2017.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Let’s summarise what we’ve said above: used correctly, as per the manufacturer’s instructions, weedkillers are safe and effective. Having said that, we can’t recommend the industrial-strength items for garden use, as you are most likely not trained correctly in the use of glyphosate products, and may not be aware of the regulations surrounding its use.

This leaves us with a handful of products that may be the strongest weed killer for your garden weeds, mainly from two of the top names in the world of weedkillers and plant care – Roundup and Weedol. Both have fine credentials in the supply of effective weedkiller products, and it’s difficult to separate the individual products.

All we will add is that if you choose a concentrated product – such as the Weedol one – you should also buy the bottle we featured. This will make your life so much easier and give you more versatility in treating your garden, and is well worth the small investment.

So, get your weedkiller now, and set about getting rid of those pesky weeds, and enjoy your beautiful garden to the full.

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