Top 10 Rabbit Hutches 2024

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In the UK, we are well-known for loving our pets. Whether you are a dog or a cat person we are willing to bet that your little furry friends are among the most-loved members of your household! Pets are a soothing and give us a lot of comfort, and also make a home a home, especially for those who live on their own. It’s always good to come back to a friend, after all. However, many people are allergic to cats, and perhaps don’t have the time to devote to looking after a dog, so what is the alternative?

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The truth is there are many animals that we have domesticated across the centuries, and most of them make great pets. Many people, for example, have an aquarium; this is a great feature in any room, but be honest, you can’t cuddle a fish! Then there is the growing trend for reptiles; fascinating they may be, but they don’t do much and are not much fun! The answer lies in one of the cuddliest, cutest and most enjoyable of all our chosen pets – the rabbit! Who can resist those big floppy ears and cute nose? Nobody, and especially not kids!

Rabbits rank third on the list of popular pets in the UK – behind dogs and cats – and it is estimated that there are almost a million of them kept as pets at any one time. They are excellent pets for children as they are low maintenance, peaceful and fun, and they enjoy interaction with people, too. There are different types, from the smaller dwarf varieties to very large ones that are often kept as house pets, and they are cheap to buy and feed. So, before we have a look at the top 10 best rabbit hutches – and you want the very best for your bunny – a little bit more about rabbits, and the homes we are going to recommend.

FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch

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  • Tongue and Groove construction throughout.
  • Roof is felted and has curved edges to ensure water run off.
  • Hutch can be shut off at night.
  • Includes slide out galvanised tray for easy cleaning.
FeelGoodUK Hutch with Rain Cover

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  • Top floor can be shut off at night..
  • Roof is felted and has curved edges to ensure water run off.
  • Flat packed with all fittings and instructions.
  • Secure wire mesh and latches to help keep pets secure from predators
Bunny Business The Grove

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  • Painted, sanded & screwed - rounded felt edge.
  • The wood is treated using a water based anti fungicidal animal and environment friendly stain.
  • Quality wire used throughout.
Bunny Business Double Hutch Rabbit

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  • Ramp to under run with closeable blank.
  • Hinged opening roof four full opening doors.
  • Slide out tray for easy cleaning.
5: Cozy Pet Pink Rabbit Hutch

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  • Ramp so your pet can move between the safety of its bed and play area.
  • Galvanized fittings including latches bolts and of course the all important tray.
  • Pull-out fully galvanized tray for easy cleaning and of course the tray wont rust and can't be chewed.
  • Heavy duty asphalt roof material to withstand severe weather and keep your pet Cozy!
  • Our hutches come with easy to follow instructions and take about 30 minutes to assemble.

Best Rabbit Hutches

1: FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch

If you still think of a rabbit hutch as a small rectangular wooden box that sits on the floor, prepare to think again! Our first model is a typical design that takes its influence from contemporary chicken coops, and as such is a very fine example of the modern rabbit hutch. Your bunny will love this design with its built-in run and elevated house, and you can site it anywhere you want in the garden. It’s attractive, too, which is a bonus.

It is carefully constructed using wood that is treated to withstand the elements – with animal-friendly treatments – and is sturdily made with strongly attached wire mesh to keep the rabbit in, and predators out! It measures, overall, 150x66x100mm, so offers a sensible amount of space suitable for a couple of rabbits, and you can purchase an extended run if you wish. At around £80 it may not be the cheapest, but neither is it expensive.

Pros: good size, well-made, treated, larger run available

Cons: none, but it isn’t the cheapest


2: FeelGoodUK Hutch with Rain Cover

FeelGoodUK has a range of hutches that are superbly designed and well-made, and this – the second one from them on our list – is typical of the brand. It is a double-deck design, think of it as two hutches one on top of the other, and at 120x50x104mm offers more than adequate space indoors and out for your pet. It’s made from quality treated wood, with strong wire all-round to keep bunny in and Mr Fox at bay, and is a very nice design.

What is neat about this model is that it comes with a rain cover; this not only protects the rabbit – or guinea pig if you prefer, as it is more than suitable for those charming little creatures – from the worst of the British weather, but also protects the hutch itself, so you get longer life from your purchase. It’s a good design, although perhaps not as attractive as the one reviewed above, and at a little less than £100 is one of the more expensive, but the quality shines through.

Pros: top quality, excellent use of space, tough construction

Cons: not cheap, not as attractive as some


3: Bunny Business ‘The Grove’

We sometimes give our homes names, so why shouldn’t the rabbit’s home have a name? This model is ‘The Grove’, and it comes via a leading maker in the shape of Bunny Business. It’s a nice design in the traditional split-level format, and you get an integral run plus living and sleeping area – all the mod cons if you happen to be a rabbit! Unusually, it is finished in grey, but it actually looks very classy and would easily grace any garden.

Indeed, you may wonder why we consider attractiveness an important feature: it’s because this is going to be a garden feature rather than just a home for the pet, so you want it to look good! Made from quality materials and finished to a high standard, this one measures 147x53x85cm with an extra section for the sizeable run. While a rain cover is not included in the price – you will pay around £85 for this one – you can buy one as an addition, so it’s well worth considering.

Pros: good size, attractive, quality wood, excellent finish

Cons: grey finish might not be to everyone’s taste


4: Bunny Business Double Hutch Rabbit

The two-tier design seems to be a popular option for rabbit and guinea pig hutches, and our second choice from Bunny Business is one of these. You get, effectively, a full standard-type hutch on top of a sturdy run – complete with strong wire – which allows for less overall space to be taken up by the construction. It’s a clever way of using available space, and excellent for more compact gardens or yards – or even for indoor use during the colder months.

You get a quality wooden hutch with the same floor space for the run as for the living area – so more than adequate for a couple of rabbits – and it is well-made with excellent finish and strong fittings. The roof opens as well as the doors for ease of access, and a removeable tray is a great addition for cleaning out the hitch easily. Overall, this is an excellent choice for a rabbit or guinea pig home – if not the prettiest – and at not much more than £50 is also very good value.

Pros: great value, quality, use of space, brand

Cons: not the prettiest


5: Cozy Pet Pink Rabbit Hutch

This hutch, from the Cozy Pet range, is one for the little girl in the family, and all little girls love rabbits! We say this because it is finished in a rather fetching pink, rather than the usual wooden finish. It is fun and yet also practical, if not quite at a level of quality of some of the others. It’s designed for indoor or outdoor use, and for the latter you can purchase a rain cover if you want to protect it to the full.

You get a traditional type of hutch on top with a run underneath – very much as with the above – and it comes with strong wire and a sturdy finish. The whole hutch measures 92x45x81cm, and provides plenty of living and play space, and it has opening doors and a coated asphalt roof for added warmth. You also get the slide-out tray for easy cleaning. At around £50 it is good value – if you want a pink hutch!

Pros: good value, pink finish, good size, neat design, slide-out tray

Cons: pink not for everyone


6: BUNNY BUSINESS Double Decker Rabbit Hutch

We have already reviewed a couple of hutches from Bunny Business, who claim to be the leading name in the field in the UK, and this one is very impressive indeed. It offers a very large enclosed run area with the living rooms on top, and measuring 41″ width x 20″ depth x 41″, clearly provides more than adequate space for your beloved pet. With strong and well-fixed wire and quality wood construction, you are also giving your rabbits or other small animals the best protection you can provide.

All the doors and windows open and, as is the norm, the hatch to the ramp can be closed at night for added protection. This is an attractive hutch and run that would look great as an item of garden furniture, and one that we can’t fault when it comes to design. You also get the requisite sliding tray for ease of cleaning, so it’s perfect for the youngsters to look after their pets. At around £80 it’s decent value, too, so one for the shortlist.

Pros: good size, quality brand, good price, all the usual features

Cons: none, unless you have a very small space


7: Pets Imperial Dorchester

Naming a rabbit hutch after an exclusive London hotel gives you an idea of what is to come: this is a high-quality model, and very different. In fact, to be absolutely honest, it is intended as a chicken coop, but we reckon it is entirely suitable for rabbits and other animals, and that it would look great in a garden. It is a rather attractive design, described as an ‘ark’, that looks nothing like any of the others here, and would be an excellent talking point.

However, you need a sensible sized garden for this rather impressive design as it is more than two metres in length and a metre high. The roof opens, it is made from quality timber with strong galvanised wire, and claims to be completely fox-proof. This is a flat-pack model, like some others of these, so you will have to assemble it, but it is not a difficult one to build. It’s great, we love it, but it’s also around £170, so you really have to want one!

Pros: attractive, different, superbly made, big

Cons: big, expensive


8: Cocoon 6FT Rabbit hutch

A recent study into the welfare of pet rabbits concluded that they should have at least a 6ft long run area in order to be happy, and this hutch – from Cocoon – explicitly complies with that requirement. It’s a typical double-decker design, with the living area on top and the run underneath, is well-made and is also quite an attractive design. It is finished in white treated wood that is intended to last a long time, and has all the opening and closing doors for ease of access.

You get the usual slide-out tray for easy cleaning, so it is very low maintenance, and it comes with strongly boded and galvanised wire for maximum protection. It also offers plenty of indoor space for your pets, so they will be comfortable all-year around. We like this one for its size, although you need a good-sized garden if it is to fit, and it is surprisingly good value given the size and quality at around £75.

Pros: good size, quality, price, neat design

Cons: very big, white finish may not be to everyone’s taste


9: PawHut 2-Tier Double Decker Wooden Rabbit Hutch

As we near the end of our review we are clearly seeing trends; this is a two-tier design that, in fact, is actually a chicken coop, but the modern type of rabbit hutch is highly influenced by designs such as this. You get the upper living quarters and the lower run area, so it’s very efficient use of space, and it is made from high quality fir wood that is treated using animal-friendly materials for long life and protection from the wind and rain.

It is a sensible size at around 90L x 45W x 80Hcm, so will easily fit in a smaller garden or yard without looking out of place, and you even get a nesting box for if your rabbit lays eggs! Seriously, that bit is for the hens, but is a useful extra sleeping area for bunnies, too. This is a quality hutch that will need some self-assembly – although it is easy with clear instructions – and one that we feel is not bad value at about £70, but there are perhaps better dedicated rabbit hutches on this list.

Pros: quite compact, quality wood, nicely made, affordable

Cons: simple design


10: Deuba XXL Wooden Rabbit Hutch

Our final choice is one of the most attractive we have seen, and also one of the biggest. Put it this way: if you don’t have space for a hutch that is 2m long, then this one is not for you. Make no mistake, this is a top-quality hutch, and can’t be faulted in that area. In the centre is a split-level hutch area, with runs either side made from top quality timber and with strong wire for maximum protection. It’s a great-looking hutch, but one that will dominate a smaller garden.

A bitumen roof is good for insulation in winter months, and there are many opening doors and windows for ease of access and cleaning. It is quite beautifully made and very impressive, and offers more than adequate space for your pets, whether they are rabbits or other small animals. We love this one, although it is not for everyone, and at about £100 we reckon it is also pretty good value given its size and style.

Pros: big, stylish, plenty of doors, top quality

Cons: too big for some

That’s ten homes for your rabbit or other small animals, each of which has its own attributes, so before we go on to offer you a summary, let’s have a recap of the features you need to look out for.

Important Features to Consider

So, you want the best for your beloved bunny, and you have space in your garden for a quality hutch. What should you be looking for when you choose one for you? Here’s a few tips that you could use to make sure you get everything you need.

Size – rabbits – and other animals – need adequate space in which to live and play, and you also need to choose a hutch that will fit your available space. Some of these are very big, others not so, but all offer sufficient area for a couple of rabbits to exist happily within.

Cleaning – we strongly recommend you choose a hutch with a slide-out tray, as this makes cleaning up the inevitable mess a much easier prospect. Most of these have this feature, so make sure you check before you buy.

Protection – we’re not just talking protection from the weather here – check out those that come with or to which you can add a rain cover – but also from predators, in particular the fox. It is very difficult to guarantee a fox-proof run and hutch, but each of these does its best to keep predators out.

Quality – you want your hutch to last a long time and to look good, so buy the best you can afford and make sure the wood has been treated for withstanding all that the UK weather will throw at it!

Ease of Access – opening doors and windows, and if possible an opening roof, are a major bonus, so have a good look at our descriptions for advice.

That’s our list of useful things to look for, so all that remains now is to sum things up!

How It Works

We have no doubt you will be familiar with rabbit hutches – usually wooden constructions with doors on the front and an enclosed living area for the pet inside – but it should be said that that modern variety has become ever-more sophisticated, and there are some quite excellent models available, as you will see when you read on. It is best to give your rabbit – or rabbits, if you have more than one – plenty of space for exercise, and each of the hutches here offers plenty.

Don’t tell the kids, but rabbits were first domesticated as a means of food; it is thought that the first to do this were monks in 5th century France, who saw the rabbit as an easy source of ready food, and also recognised the value of the fur. They are also said to be the first to breed for colour and other features, so you have a religious group from the Champagne region to thank for your beloved pet. Of course, rabbit is still eaten widely today – and it is delicious, too – but we don’t advise you eat your pet!

A rabbit needs somewhere secluded to sleep and rest, so you will find a hutch has a solid door, and also plenty of space to hop around, as rabbits tend to do! Many of the hutches that follow feature an integral run, which is an excellent feature if you don’t want the hassle of a separate area for when the bunny comes out to play. So, now we know why we have rabbits as pets, let’s take a more detailed look at the best rabbit hutches on the market, so you can choose a wonderful house for your pet.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Choosing the perfect rabbit hutch is about making sure your pet has adequate space, protection and comfort, and each of these offers enough for one rabbit, some for two. Is there a hutch we would recommend above the others? Well, first, we suggest that you look at dedicated hutches, rather than the two on this list that are actually intended as chicken coops.

We would say that the last one on the list – at number 10 – is the best of them all, as it offers unrivalled space and is very attractive – but it is also very large. Choose carefully, and buy to suit your available space and budget, and you have eight fine, quality hutches to choose from, so you and your rabbit can enjoy many years of happiness together!

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